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Fox 9 News Reporter Rob Olson Radically Shape Shifts During Live Broadcast

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By Ken Adachi <Editor>
October 25, 2007

Fox 9 News Reporter Rob Olson Radically Shape Shifts During Live Broadcast (Oct. 25, 2007)


I first became aware that an extraterrestrial alien group that we identify as 'reptilians' can assume the appearance of a human being after reading David Icke's 1999 book, The Biggest Secret, and seeing his video interview with Arizona Wilder, Revelations of a Mother Goddess, which came out the same year. Icke included drawings of various types of reptilians in his book based on descriptions provided by people who had witnessed the transformation, while Arizona Wilder's first hand description of members of the British royal family and other famous people shape shifting into reptilian form while together in attendance at satanic rituals, was fascinating to say the least. Cathy O'Brien also describes in her 1994 book, TranceFormation of America, seeing George Bush Sr, Robert Bennet (Clinton attorney), and his brother William Bennet (Reagan's Secretary of Education from 1985) change into reptilian form, which at the time she thought was due to holographic technology.

Substantially more information about the nature and physical description of reptilians was provided by Credo Muttwa in his 8 hour video interview with David Icke recorded in 2000.  Credo felt certain that the increasing incidence of sighted shape shifting, reptilian cartoon characters, video games, "Barney" the friendly dinosaur, the proliferation of children's books about dinosaurs, etc., was all part of a planned campaign to acclimate the public to the reptilian form so the the public would not recoil with horror when our "leaders"  come out of the closet and reveal their true form. Phil Schneider, responding to a question from the audience in his 1995 Seattle lecture video, said that "the Alien agenda and the New World Order agenda are one and the same" That sameness is becoming more apparent with each passing year.

Credo says that the reptilians are divided into a royal caste (who usually have a tail and/or wings) and a more ordinary caste (without tails). He agrees with David Icke that the reptilian presence on earth goes back many tens of thousands of years and they are likely the same "serpent" race described by the ancient Sumerians in their drawings and clay tablets and are elaborated upon in the books of Zecharia Sitchen..

Based on what I've read, you either have 100% reptilian entities who can cloak themselves in human form or you have the reptilian alien-human hybrid who can also manifest into the reptilian form. Arizona Wilder said in her 1999 interview with David Icke that the royal caste of reptilians are having more and more difficulty in holding the human form and are forced to engage in blood drinking human sacrifice more often in order to replenish a blood-derived chemical called "adrenalchrome" from the sacrificed victim. It's possible, I suppose, that the reported increase in the earth's resonant frequency {Schumann frequency) may also be playing a role in the unintentional shape shifting into reptilian form as dramatically demonstrated in the following series of photographs. Anger on the part of the cloaked individual apparently can also trigger some degree of shape shifting, as seen in photos of Clinton and Gore posted on the internet a few years ago.

Rob Olson: Fox 9 News Reporter & Shape Shifter

I obtained the still photos seen below from a 2 minute and 34 second news clip posted at of Rob Olson, a reporter with Fox 9 News out of Twin Cities, Minnesota. He was reporting on 911 anniversary events taking place near Harriet Lake, Minnesota on September 11, 2007. I used my digital camera to photograph each second of the news clip in order to capture as clearly as possible the second by second change in Olson's appearance. I identified and labeled each frame with a time stamp in the upper right hand corner. Some shots are more sharply focused than others due to the fact that I was pausing the video second by second to photograph it and the video scene may have been in slight transition at that moment

You can extract much more detail from a digital photo by using PhotoShop to enlarge and amplify shape, form, color, or texture. Enlargement and contrast adjustment will often bring forth detail that is not at all apparent in the normal sized photo. Beside the whole scene photos shown below, I also assembled a series of shots in which I cropped and enlarged Olson's head, so you could see the detail of the incredible changes taking place. Applying various filters and inverting the image will also reveal detail not readily apparent. I'll post those photos at the links found above the smaller images seen below.

Shape Shifts Before & After Cut-Away Video

The two studio anchors set up the segment and introduce Olson in the first 13 seconds of the clip. Olson looks completely normal as he makes his appearance at the 14 second frame (00:14), however, he begins to noticeably change appearance at about the 30 second frame. The changes become more acute and radical with each passing second before he cuts away at the 50 second frame (00:50) to show video of the event he's covering. Olson reappears once again at the 2 minute, 6 second frame of the news clip, looking perfectly normal, but soon begins to shape shift again. Frames 02:20 through 02:34 reveal the most dramatic shifting I've ever seen. The cropped enlargement links placed above those frames offer even greater detail for study (I can only imagine what the cameraman is thinking while he's video taping Olson, but he's probably fully aware of Olson's shifting ways, otherwise he wouldn't be working with him).

Note that the green color tingeing seen along the periphery of Olson's face and adjacent to his neck are not artificial artifacts, but are part of the shape shifting phenomenon and reveal the greenish, molted brown appearance that reptilian entities reportedly possess. Also notice that all of the distortions caught on video are only taking place on Olson's face, and not on the building seen in the background or on Olson's clothing.

Other Shape Shifters Posted at

There's another Fox 11 News reporter out of LA by the name of Michael Brownlee who is found on numerous video clips shape shifting into reptilian form. The first one I saw has Michael reporting from Palmdale California about a young black female student who was arrested for the crime of not cleaning up properly a piece of  cake that she had accidentally dropped on the floor. While reporting this story, Michael walks off camera not once, but twice, as he shifts more acutely into reptilian form.

Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House, is also found on shifting to a remarkable degree, but not nearly as acutely as Rob Olson or Michael Brownlee George Bush Sr. and Hillary's eye pupils are easily seen morphing into vertical slits as zoom-in close ups of their eyes reveal the reality of their 'inner being'. There are other well known personalities, such as John Edwards, who are also seen shape shifting in video clips posted at youTube.

Do not assume that these amazing video clips now seen at are there by chance or happenstance. The studio personnel at Fox News who are monitoring these broadcasts from the field can see the same thing you are seeing in the video clip, so obviously yet they are allowing these clips to go out over the air. .These intentional "leaks" are part of the planned agenda of acclimation to the reptilian form that Credo Muttwa mentioned in his 2000 interview with David Icke. That's the only thing that makes sense to me. Like everything else we see in the 'news', it planned and scripted to manipulate and influence you towards a desired goal. .

Ken Adachi

Addendum Notes, Oct. 28, 2007

A reader interested in sending this story around to colleagues, sent me a copy today of the e-mail responses he received back from two individuals. In both cases, the reality starring back at you from these photos was dismissed out of hand, while substituted in its place were the most unthinking, illogical  and scientifically unsound 'explanations' that you could possibly imagine. One person initially decided that I was employing trickery with something called "green screens", which I know nothing about in any case. And then later decided that the digital photography itself was to blame, since the "trellis" in the background was causing (in their estimation) the gross distortions seen in Olson's face - and this is from a person who has dozens and dozens of articles posted at their web site on reptilians! Both critics decided that contrast changes in the reporter's suit was the tell-tale key which would justify their denials of the shape shifting in Olson's face (I'll explain what's going on with the suit in a moment).

I was surprised to see a similar case of knee-jerk denial at the youTube web site where the Olson video is posted. About 75% of the people who posted comments there also said that the video was either faked or harumped some variation on that theme. Frankly, I find it incomprehensible that so many people will go to such lengths to justify the flimsiest of vacuous notions in lieu of the obvious. I can only imagine the consternation and resentment felt by people who had witnessed reptilian shape shifting in earlier times and were only met with ridicule from friends and relatives to whom they had tried to verbally relay what they had witnessed. Here we have a second by second series of digital photographs of a man grossly shape shifting into reptilian form - and yet, we still have people saying "no, it can't be". That is classic Freudian denial if I've ever seen it.

I was talking with a man on the phone about 2 years ago and he told me that he was sitting in a restaurant in the 1980's  alone with Illuminati front man and 33 degree Freemason Pat Robertson when Robertson suddenly shape shifted into full reptilian form. Robertson was trying to coerce the man into signing a contract that he didn't wish to sign, so Robertson thought he could frighten him into cooperating. The tactic didn't work, but it shook the man so deeply that he never told a soul about it -including his wife- until he relayed the story to me in 2005. At least that's what he told me. and I have no reason  to doubt him. Such is the difficulty in attempting to ventilate the subject of reptilian shape shifters infiltrated within the human community.

For those who immediately flee into the Hinterlands of Denial, here are a few facts to bear in mind concerning these photographs:

1. A digital camera is a superior recorder of visual data than is film camera using emulsion. Digital cameras DO NOT PRODUCE extraneous artifacts in a digital photograph. Quite the opposite, they only record  a FAITHFUL rendition of the vibratory energies captured within the frame. If we see green tingeing, it means that the specific frequency of the color green was vibrating at that location in the frame. It is NOT a faux artifact. A digital camera does not produce any of the optical aberrations that require correction in conventional film photography. The reason we discover more unusual phenomenon like UFOs in a digital picture is because a digital camera can capture a wider band of frequencies than can film emulsion. When a UFO is cloaked, it is vibrating in a higher frequency band than our eyes can detect, so we see nothing, but the UFO still exists - outside the range of our vision. Based on what I've read, reptilian aliens normally prefer the higher frequency band of the 4th dimension, but are capable of lowering their frequency and operating (and be seen) in the 3rd dimension. When we see a person shape shift, we are seeing the reptilian form -which normally vibrates in the 4th dimension- momentarily downshifting and bleeding into the 3rd dimension where our eyes can detect the form. This is exactly what is taking place in these photographs and on the Olson video. If he wasn't wearing clothes, we might have witnessed other parts of his body shifting into the reptilian form as well.

2. Olson's black suit, which seems to be a shiny fabric like silk, appears to have a slightly different contrast in some frames. This is due to the fact that I was trying to reveal as much detail as possible in Olson's FACE, so I applied a feature called "auto level" from PhotoShop to SOME frames and did not apply auto level to other frames. Therefore, the suit looks darker in the frames where I applied "auto level" and lighter in the frames where I didn't apply auto level. If you look at the very first frame where Olson appears, frame 00:14, you will notice that Olson's face appears a little too bright and washed out. Since he wasn't shifting at that moment, I didn't try to pull out more detail from his face. However, in those frames where I thought I could detect the beginning stages of his shift, I applied the "auto level" feature to even out the contrast, brightness, and color and draw out more detail from his face. You can appreciate the "auto level" enhancements much more when you see the full face enlargements of Olson's head. I only had time to assemble 5 or 6 head crop enlargements so far, but plan to post more over the next few days. "Auto level" does NOT add data as much as it enhances data already in the picture.

3. There is no "trellis" next to Olson's head. The structure being called a trellis by our critic is a high arch projecting from the windowed building seen in the background to the left of Olson's head. He's probably standing 50 or 60 yards from that building. If you look at this enlargement of that building and its arch in frame 00:14 where Olson is showing no signs of shifting, and then view the same arch and building from frame 02:34 where Olson has shifted to the greatest degree, the building and arch look exactly the same in both frames: no changes, no distortions, and perfectly normal in every way. How can the "trellis" be inducing the aberrations seen in Olson's face when the "trellis" itself remains unaltered in every frame?

4. I took the time to photograph each frame of the Olson video and assemble these pages with the thought that many, many more people would view these photos than would otherwise view the video. Since the photos can be studied at length, saved and printed out, I felt that photographic documentation would be of more historical value than just depending on the video to remain at youTube.

Anybody can do what I've done with a digital camera and a tripod. There are many videos of Fox 11 News reporter Michael Brownlee shape shifting which are posted at youTube that would make for a great weekend project to capture in digital photos, frame by frame. Anyone who wants to volunteer for this exciting new opportunity to expose the reptilian infiltrators within our midst, please jump in with both feet and contact me immediately. I'll happily give you full credit for your efforts. I need a few good assistance out there, as I'm overloaded as it is.

I'd love to post a photo gallery of all our reptilian political figures found shape shifting to varying degrees in video clips posted at youTube..

"Wanna take a ride?"

(see Reader Comments at the bottom of this page for further discussion )

September 11, 2007

Rob Olson Fox News 9 Sep 11, 2007Rob Olson Fox News 9 Sep 11, 2007Rob Olson Fox News 9 Sep 11, 2007









           Enlarged image frame 00:14                                       Enlarged image frame 00:16                                    Enlarged image frame 00:18

Rob Olson Fox 9 News Sep 11, 2007Rob Olson Fox 9 News Sep 11, 2007 Rob Olson Fox 9 News Sep 11, 2007

Rob Olson Sep. 11, 2007Rob Olson Fox 9 News Sep. 11, 2007Rob Olson Fox 9 News Sep. 11, 2007

             Enlarged image frame 00:25

Rob Olson Fox 9 News Sep. 11, 2007Rob Olson Fox 9 News Sep. 11, 2007Rob Olson

Rob Olson Fox 9 News sep 11, 2007Rob Olson Fox 9 News Sep 11, 2007Rob Olson

Rob Olson Fox 9 News Sep 11, 2007Rob Olson Fox 9 News Sep 11, 2007Rob Olson Fox 9 News Sep 11, 2007

Rob Olson Fox 9 News Sep 11, 2007Rob OlsonRob Olson

Rob Olson Fox 9 News Sep 11, 2007Rob Olson Fox 9 News Sep 11, 2007Rob Olson Fox 9 News Sep 11, 2007Rob Olson Fox 9 News Sep 11, 2007

Rob Olson Fox 9 News Sep 11, 2007Rob Olson Rob Olson Fox 9 News Sep 11, 2007

          Enlarged image frame 00:48

Rob Olson Fox 9 News Sep 11, 2007Rob Olson Fox 9 News Sep 11, 2007Rob Olson frame 00:50


Concert attendees Lake Harriet Sep 11 , 2007Lake Harriet MN Sep 11, 2007911 Film Producer Sep 11, 2007


Rob OPlson frame 02:06Rob Olson Fox 9 News Sep 11, 2007Rob Olson Fox 9 News Sep 11, 2007


Rob Olson Fox 9 News Sep 11, 2007 Rob Olson Fox 9 News Sep 11, 2007 Rob Olson Sep 11 2007









Rob Olson frame 02:18 Rob Olson Fox 9 News Sep 11, 2007 Rob Olson Fox 9 News Sep 11, 2007

                 Enlaged image frame 02:23

 Rob Olson Fox 9 News Sep 11, 2007Rob Olson Fox 9 News Sep 11, 2007
Rob Olson Fox 9 News Sep 11, 2007 

         Enlarged image frame 02:28

Rob Olson Fox 9 News Sep 11, 2007 Rob Olson Fox 9 News Sep 11, 2007 Rob Olson Fox 9 News Sep 11, 2007

Rob OlsonRob Olson Rob Olson

                                                                                          Enlarged image frame 02:33                                 Enlarged image frame 02:34

Rob OlsonRob Olson Fox 9 News Sep 11, 2007Rob Olson frame 02:34 (Oct. 25, 2007)















Here is the original video clip posted at YouTube:

(If any of the embedded video screens seen below cannot play the video and say "an error has occurred", simply click the YouTube link seen above the video screen and go directly to Youtube where the video clip will play OK. ...Ken)

Below, Michael Brownlee of Fox News shapeshifts on camera during a news report. He inexplicably steps off camera while doing his report in the first part of the clip. Obviously, his camera man was signalling him that he was shifting.


Lisa Breckenridge of Good Day LA begins to severely shapeshift at the 1:35 minute mark. As the shapeshifting proceeds, the people in the control are yelling into her ear piece that she's shifting and host Steve Edwards (also a reptilian shapeshifter) tries to smooth it over with a non-sequitur ad lib: "Give her a break..She didn't read the story earlier" etc., pretending that "she's OK".

(I saw another video a year or two ago of Lisa shapeshifting at a "Strawberry Festival". The shapeshifting was off the chart. Perhaps someone can find that Youtube link and send it to me so I can add it to this page)


Ken Adachi

Reader Comments

Questions Authenticity of Rob Olson Video & Photographs (Oct. 29, 2007)

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