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Rob Olson Frames 00:14 & 02:34

From Ken Adachi <Editor>
October 28, 2007

Note that the arch projecting from the building seen in the background -in either frame shown here- displays no visual distortions similar to those seen in Olson's face in frame 02:34. This shows that the distortions seen in Olson's face are only occuring in his face and nowhere else in this photograph, and thus dismissing the notion proferred by one critic that the "trellis" seen next to Olson's head is 'causing' the gross abberations in Olson's face. If digital photography was plagued with such defective abberrations, no one would buy or use a digital camera!

Frame 00:14  

Rob Olson frame 00:14 arch and building

Frame 02:34

Rob Olson frame 02:34 arch and building in background

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