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Amazing Wolf & British Lion Sylphs ..& More

From Ken Adachi
July 18, 2008

Amazing Wolf & British Lion Sylphs...& More (July 18, 2008)

Roland Rigg is a cross country truck driver who must be the equivalent of The Sylph Whisperer because Sylphs literally 'ride" along with him whenever he gets on the highway. When he stops at a truck stop to eat or rest, they stop with him--and wait for him to get back into his truck before getting 'on the road agin' (sing it Willie !). To newbies, this may sound unbelievable, but Roland has been recounting his on-road Sylph shotgun-riding team to me for the past 8 or 9 months. And he has the photos to back up his statements.

Roland has been sending me some of the most fascinating shots I've ever seen of Sylphs and other unusual phenomena, going back to October of last year. I'm going to write a more thorough story about his adventures and begin to post his photos, which should take some time because he's has a LOT of remarkable photos.


While uploading the seven images that I initially had worked on, I noticed that the 'cloud' above the wolf's head, near the top of the photo, had many faces staring back at me which I didn't notice when first scanning the photo, so I enlarged that section and cropped out an additional 12 faces and posted them below under Addendum photos. You can probably find more if you hunt around.

If you want to play with the same size .jpg file in Photoshop that I was using, you can download the original here (3.33mb).

Let's start with the original photo, which Roland sent me today, July 18, 2008.

(All photos by Roland Rigg. Copyright 2008 All Rights Reserved)

Wolf & Lion Sylphs  from roand Rigg July 17, 2008

I see two main Sylphs here: The long nose white wolf (or dog) and the British Herald "Lion" nibbling near his left "ear". I also see a short winged white plane in the blue sky above the wolf's left ear. There are also whispy Sylph forms to the left of the Wolf's head and to the right of the British Lion. There is an additional Sylph face looking down located along the lower margin of the wolf's left side snout near the nose.

The wolf is more pronounced when I apply "Auto Level"   ........................  The plane enlarged

Wolf Head Sylph with Auto Level applied July 17, 2008Crop plane

The British Herald "Lion"  (or Flying Dragon)                            With inversion, the "teeth" are more obvious

British Herald Lion sylph with Teeth! July 17, 2008 British Lion Inverted

The "face" looking downward without adjustments                                        Same photo with contrast enhancement

Downward looking Sylph face July 17, 2008 Downward looking Sylph face contrast enhanced

Interesting, n'est pa?

More to come...

Ken Adachi

Addendum photos

Here's the cropped section, top of photo                                                           "Auto Level" brings out more detail

Sylph cloud at top of originalcropped section with Auto Level applied

Once you enlarge the Auto Level crop, you can begin to spot the faces more quickly

Cropped section Auto Level applied


        Here are a dozen faces that I spotted. You may find more.


            Deer?                                                             'Ghost Busters" extra ?                                 Bear?

Crop D  Crop CCrop C

        Profile of man blowing air upwards?                        Ehhh..... ?                                       Ehhhh 2...........

?     Crop ACrop ECrop F


      Ernest Hemmingway?                                                  Ernest Borgnine?                         Phantom of the Opera without the mask     

Crop HCrop ICrop L


  3/4 profile, distinct eyes                         Round face                                                                           'Alien' extra?

Crop ICrop Crop


Post Addendum

I completely missed the two cows on top of the wolf's head.............Closer view, contrast enhanced

Crop PCrop P contrast enhanced


All Photos Copyright 2008 All Rights Reserved

 Having fun with Photoshop. Try it yourself.

Ken Adachi

© Copyright 2008  All Rights Reserved.

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