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Ron Paul Releases the ONLY Presidential Candidate Balanced Budget Proposal

[Editor's Note: In forwarding this article link, Steve Campbell asks: "How can anyone not understand that Dr. Ron Paul is the best candidate for President? " And anyone with a brain who listened to the Republican debate on the radio last night (or the previous Republican debate) would pose the same question.

I don't think that Ron Paul will run as an independent candidate, but the possibility exists. If enough people in this country let the Ron Paul election committee know that they're going to put Ron Paul into the presidency no matter what party name he runs under, Ron Paul might run as an independent in 2012. If that happens, despite the well known election rigging capabilities posed by electronic voting machines, I have the feeling that Ron Paul could pull it off. And wouldn't that be something.

The likelihood of the Indonesian Usurper, fraudulently and criminally occupying the office of president of the United States, losing the next election is high, so this is Ron Paul's last and best chance of winning the presidency. But will he run as an independent? That's the question...Ken Adachi]
October 19, 2011

Forward courtesy of Steve Campbell

Ron Paul Releases the ONLY Presidential Candidate Balanced Budget Proposal (Oct. 19, 2011)

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New American [1]
October 18, 2011

Representative Ron Paul (R-Texas) unveiled a balanced budget proposal, Plan to Restore America [2], October 17 that would cut nearly $1 trillion — $981 billion — from the President’s budget proposal in the single fiscal year of 2013 and eliminate the annual deficits completely two years later.

No other presidential candidate has revealed a balanced budget in any number of years, including the incumbent President Barack Obama. And no sitting congressman or senator has proposed a budget plan that would balance the budget in less than 30 years other than Congressman Paul’s son, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul (whose proposal [3] would balance the budget within five years).

“A lot of people will say that cutting a trillion dollars in one year, that sounds radical,” the Texas congressman and obstetrician quipped [4] at a press conference announcing the proposal. “But you know, I operate on the assumption that the radicals have been in charge way too long. Both from left and right, we have heard the arguments that deficits don’t really matter. And they really haven’t mattered for a very long time or we wouldn’t have this debt.”

President Barack Obama has proposed [5] “spending cuts” of  $3.1 trillion in recent months, but those cuts would be cuts from expected spending increases in the budget “baseline,” and Obama’s cuts are phased in over 10 years (and mostly on the back end of the 10 years). Paul’s cuts would be in a single budget year and cut real dollar spending [2] by more than $800 billion from fiscal 2012 to fiscal 2013.

Paul’s program would eliminate the Transportation Security Agency and all foreign aid, abolish five cabinet-level agencies, and freeze most mandatory spending at fiscal 2006 levels. “We get rid of five departments, and that’s a start,” he joked [4] in his October 17 press conference. The Paul proposal would eliminate the Departments of Energy, Housing and Urban Development, Commerce, Interior, and Education, but would transfer some operations — such as Pell Grants and management of national parks — to other cabinet-level agencies. Paul said he would accomplish the cuts without federal employee layoffs, noting that “nobody gets laid off immediately, they get laid off through attrition.”

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Ron Paul Talks Restore America on CNN/MSNBC

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