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Is Russia Beta Testing Project Blue Beam?

From Ken Adachi
March 12, 2009

Is Russia Beta Testing Project Blue Beam? (Mar. 12, 2009)

A man named Keith sent me a link this morning to the following Youtube video which shows a Christ-like figure on a cross in the sky (with a second cross bar above his head, perhaps to signify the cross as seen in the Russian Orthodox church) unreal

and a few weeks ago, a Russian lady living in Canada sent me a video link which shows what looks like two eyes staring back at you from the clouds.

Unbelievably! Eyes in the Sky!!! - Watch more funny videos here

That video was likely taken with a cell phone camera, judging from the quality of the video. In both cases, I think we can assume that these are holographic inserts, of the type described by the late Serge Monast in his brilliant expose of Project Blue Beam and its multi faceted high-tech deceptions intended to snooker a gullible public into thinking that great and wondrous things are about to befall us such as the Second Coming of Christ, The Great Tribulation, The End Times, the Rapture, Armagedon, and of course, the reutrn of Jesus to rule for a Millenium from his throne in the very center of Chabad-Lubavitch Land , Jerusalem.

If you're anxious to learn more about Wondrous Things To Come before they happen, then you should spend a little time reading Serge Monast's Project Blue Beam and from there, take a look at British Israel to learn all about who was resposible in the 18th and 19th centuries for setting up this swell idea for mass, world-wide Entertainment of a Fourth Type.

Project Blue Beam:

British Israel:

I'll have to assume that these "sightings' will first be seen in eastern Europe, South America, Mexico, India, etc. before they run them over America or western Europe to gauge how readily they are swallowed as divine 'visions' or whatever they wind up calling them. I can only hope that the presence of the internet and word of mouth will outrun the Illuminati planners and the whole shibang falls flat on its face. Time will tell.

Ken Adachi

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