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Sandy Hook Massacre: Trying to Distinguish Legitimate Facts of the Staged Shooting From Internet Hoaxers Confusing Our Perceptions

From Ken Adachi, Editor
December 22, 2012

Sandy Hook Massacre: Trying to Distinguish Legitimate Facts of the Staged Killings From Internet Hoaxers Confusing Our Perceptions (Dec. 22, 2012)

There are so many irregularities about the individuals involved in the Sandy Hook shooting and their behavior that we can't be certain of anything at this point and we shouldn't assume anything to be true or untrue just because it seems too outlandish to consider. However, some allegations seen on Youtube and on some web sites, don't bear up under scrutiny.

That being said, I am firmly convinced that Sandy Hook was a staged shooting and that there is a cover-up in play which surely must involve the police and other 'official' participants; both those named and unnamed.

I studied the photos which I first noticed posted to Henry Makow's web site alleging to show photos of a possibly 'deceased' Emilie Parker sitting on Obama's lap when he visited Newtown, Connecticut, and the allegation that Robbie Parker, the father, is an actor. At first look, I thought that the Emilie Parker claim might be legit, but the more I studied the photo, the more my skepticism grew. The youngest Parker child looks older in the photo taken with Obama, so naturally, the second oldest daughter has grown a year or two since the family portrait used for comparison. It doesn't strike me as odd that the mother would use the same dress for the second child that was used by Emilie for the family portrait. Assuming that the mother and father are legit, it's common for mothers to use the same clothing for children who are close in age to each other, especially if she's looking for the best dress available for a photo with the Usurper President.

I watched a number of Youtube videos on different aspects of the Sandy Hook massacre, and I found many comments link to Ed Chiarini's web site,, or they point to Jim Stone's web site,, who mirrors the same story that Ed is making: e.g., no one died at Sandy Hook and that the parents and others seen on TV are all actors, including the Connecticut Chief Medical Examiner, Dr H. Wayne Carver II.

I went to and I have to say that many of Ed's photo comparison are impressive and initially appear to be on the money, but look closer and think about what Ed is saying -- then investigate on your own -- and you'll discover piles, and piles, and piles of 100% genuine horse manure fertilizer spread all over Ed Chiarini's web site.

Ed Chiarini is simply reckless and wildly irresponsible in his allegations, and you can't trust anything he says or alleges (Ed's bizarre allegation that Father Charles Couglin of 1930's radio broadcast fame, Walt Disney, Kermit Roosevelt, and Adolf Hitler are all the same person is absurdity on steroids. Other psychopathic delusional claims by Ed Chiarini include: Bing Crosby, Maurice Strong, and Adolf Eichmann are the same person: Paul Newman and King Juan Carlos of Spain are the same person; Governor Jerry Brown and Noam Chomsky are the same person. I could go on, but you get the idea).

Ed, however, does have a knack for finding photos of different people who, in fact, look very similar to each other (which creates suspicion in my mind that Ed Chiarini may be a set up, just like I believe "Jim Stone" is a set up. The fact that Ed used to work for Robert J. Groden, identified by Bill Cooper as an inner government disinformation spin artist of JFK assassination photos, throws up a huge red flag for me).

Ed claims that Robbie Parker (and wife) is actually a professional skateboarder seen on FaceBook named Tony Hawk (wife, Lhotse). But look at the photos and videos of Robbie Parker carefully and you can see that he appears to be a younger man than Tony Hawk. Tony Hawk has dark circles and slightly puffy bags under his eyes and Robbie does not. Upon initial examination, there is a superficial, and perhaps strong resemblance between Robbie Parker and Tony Hawk. However, look closely and you will see that Ed is choosing photos which accentuate the similarity in their respective appearance. The same precaution goes for the respective wives and the little girl of Tony Hawk. Superficially, there is a resemblance, but look close and hard and you will see they are not the same people.

Ed claims that the Connecticut Chief Medical Examiner, Dr. H. Wayne Carver II, has also portrayed himself as a wrestler named Christopher Alan "Chris" Pallies, and a mafia hit man who died in prison in 2006 named Richard Kuklinski (born 1935). The two photos of Chris Pallies look very similar to a young H. Wayne Carver and I was taken aback by the similarity of appearance, but the 1940's era police mug shot photo of Kuklinski (and other photos) used by Chiarini are less convincing. The fact that Kuklinski was sentenced to five life prison terms in 1988 and died in prison in 2006 should also tell you that he can't possibly be the 56 year old Dr. H. Wayne Carver whose official web site says he's been on the job since 1983 and became chief medical examiner in 1989.

I raise these objections because I believe people like Ed Chiarini and Jim Stone are intentionally muddying the waters with exaggerated, extreme, or untenable claims in order to further obfuscate and dilute an accurate perception of what's taking place at these staged shooting/psyop events, and thus leave the public with so many possible choices of what might have taken, that the public arrives at no firm conviction of what happened and remain indecisive and uncertain of what course of action to pursue.

Ken Adachi

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