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Satanism, Military, Reptilians and Aliens:
Kara's Story

[Editor's Note: Stephanie Relfe brought this article to my attention. You see a similar pattern of circumstances and experiences from family members whose father or mother (or both) are involved with the military or government intelligence agencies. Raping the daughter, often from a very early age, is standard operating procedure with satanism and government mind control techniques which, in previous decades, was always trauma based. Today, most mind control programs (Montauk programming) are induced electronically and the need to inflict trauma, as a necessary part of programming, has been largely eliminated. Al Bielek has remarked that it is more difficult to detect those who have been programmed electronically because you don't see the same tell tale signs of traumatic abuse in the aura. It's important for people, who have been subjected to these experiences, to know that you can free yourself of these negative experiences and regain some semblance of peace and control in your life. Stephanie Relfe employs an effective cleaning technique to deprogram a person who has been mind controlled by discharging negative energy that registers in the human aura when that person discusses certain words or ideas that are linked to mind control programming. Stephanie, and husband Michael Relfe, outline this process in great depth in their (free) on-line books, The Mars Record Book 1 and Mars Record Book 2. The information presented in the Mars Record (and other on-line books available free from the Relfes) is nothing short of astounding. Please read these books to understand just how far the covert manipulation of humanity has progressed and how deeply the government and the military are involved with the (reptilian) alien enslavement agenda...Ken]

By Kara Mildenhall
Original posting 2004

Original title
Satanism, Military, Reptilians and Aliens linked by One Person's Life Story

Per your request [by Stephanie Relfe] I have prayed about whether or not I should post my experiences on your website, and I'm being told that I should. Kara Mildenhall.

So, I've tried to compile the experiences in as concise a manner as possible. Hopefully this isn't too long. The experiences are listed below. Stephanie, I'm very well aware that some of my experiences may brand me as, to say the least, whacked out. Sometimes, I seriously feel that way. But as I've attested at the end of the entries I've listed here, everything that I've written HAS happened to the best of my knowledge. Too many things both my parents told my siblings and myself seem to corroborate much of what has happened to me. As for whether or not any of these same things have happened to any of my other brothers and sisters, I don't know. While we DO talk about UFO's and abductions, and they do know of my claims, none have admitted to having the same experiences.

Also, I must tell you that I was also sexually abused by my father and 4 other men by the time I was 18. Actually, my life has been much more... 'active' than these experiences might indicate. However, I sincerely do NOT feel that the incest or sexual abuse had anything to do with the abductions. Or rather, I wasn't so traumatized (though I WAS, certainly, traumatized by these experiences with my father and the others) that I blocked everything out. I was dissociative to an extent, but not to the point of having MPD or alters. Therefore, I do not feel as though I was trying to convince myself or anyone else that I'd been abducted by aliens when in actuality I'd been raped by my father. The fact is, both things happened.


By Kara Mildenhall

Without going into lengthy detail of my life history, I feel that there are a few details which the reader might find relevant to the following material.

1) My parents met in approximately 1953/54 while in the Navy and attending a training school at Patuxant River, Maryland. I found out several years ago that the Naval base that is located here is a top secret base, and that the ‘schooling’ is of a top secret nature.

2) Although my father claims he was ‘merely’ a pilot, my mother, who was a certified genius (and, I believe, an abductee, herself), was a cryptographer.

3) My father, after being discharged from the Navy in 1954/55, enlisted in the Air Force. From this point he/we were stationed at numerous AFB’s around the country and one in Great Britain. All of the bases to which he was assigned had/have some level of top secret clearance, and, in fact, it has been noted that there were UFO sitings at each of bases for which he received orders.

4) There is some (circumstantial) evidence that indicates that my father may not be my biological father and that I may have a ... different parentage. Although, to my knowledge I have human blood. However, the manner in which this knowledge came to me suggests that there is something unusual about my conception and/or origins.

5) My mother, who was a cryptographer, implied (though she never stated this outright) that she worked with the Navy's Intelligence division deciphering alien text, such as that found at Roswell; she was also an avid UFO/paranormal researcher, though this last bit was not something I learned until I was in my early 20's

6) While in Albuquerque, just before my dad retired from the USAF in 1965, my mother and I would frequently sit on the back porch of our on-base house which abutted the military portion of the Albuquerque International Airport (Sunport) and watched strange light patterns and vehicles navigate the night skies at the foot of the Manzano Mountains. She would often state that these vehicles weren't airplanes, as most people believed.

7) At one point in the early 80's my father and mother told my siblings and me that they were wanting to get all of us together and tell us about what they did in the military. My father had intimated for many years that his role had something to do with top secret activities; we jokingly referred to this as his "Secret Agent" persona. However, before they could bring us together to do this, we were told that the government/military rescinded the clearance and they were not allowed to tell us what they did. We snickered at him behind his back, whispering to each other that it was all probably just a joke anyway. My mother, who was always very serious and whom we could always trust to tell us the truth, told us that he was telling the truth. That she, too, had been informed at one point that she could divulge her 'secret' past to her family, then just as quickly told that she couldn't.

1961 Age 6: Braintree, Essex, Great Britain; My younger brother, whom I had been watching, disappeared. My mother called the police who found him in an orchard that abutted ourproperty. However, according to the Bobbies, there was no way my brother could have gotten into the orchard from our property, since our backyard was enclosed by a 6 foot high cement wall. The police also stated that there was only one other way into the orchard – but the entrance was 5 miles from where my brother slipped away from me and because of his age they didn’t think it possible that he could have managed that distance in that short a period of time by himself. Although my brother and I were not together, I, too, disappeared for a two hour period while searching for him. When I returned home I was unable to account for where I had been. When I asked my mother about this event many years later, she stated that my brother had either fallen through a time warp, or been abducted by aliens.

1962 Age 7: Braintree, Essex, Great Britain; (Although this event seems to be a well formed memory, something about it feels not quite right. In other words, I’m not quite sure that it’s an accurate memory.) Went to a nearby field/forest with my 15 year old brother. My brother ‘lost’ me for nearly an hour. He told my parents that one minute I was there, and the next I was gone. He also indicated that he had searched in every direction in and around the area in which he had last seen me, but was unable to locate me. He returned to the area where I had disappeared a little over an hour later when I mysteriously ‘reappeared’. He stated that although he did not see me reappear, he knew that I had not been there before...and then I was.

1963 Age 8: Mountain Home, Idaho, USA; Disappeared from my bed late one night according to my mother who had checked on me. Although she checked the entire house, she could not find me. She thought that, because I was known to sleepwalk, I might have wandered outside. She checked around the house, but could not locate me. When she went back into the house and into my room, she found me in my bed, asleep. She swears that I had not been in the bed before, and that she had checked the entire house thoroughly, including under the bed, the bathroom and other areas, but I was no where to be found.

1964 Age 9: Bossier City, Louisiana, USA; Began hemorrhaging and was unconscious after a tonsillectomy. Although I should have been taken to the hospital at Barksdale in Shreveport, my father took me to an office in the secured area of Bossier City AFB. The ‘doctor’ examined me. I left my body briefly and was told I had to return. I watched from above my body as the doctor seemed to pull something out of my nose and my ears, then reinsert the objects.

1965 Age 10, Albuquerque, New Mexico, Manzano AFB, USA; My father, who was in the Air Force in the Special Forces or Special Ops unit (I’ve gotten two different stories on just which of these he was attached to), took me up to a high level security area at the foot of the Manzanos. We passed through a guard post. The guard checked my father’s ID card, then after looking in at me he waved us through.

My father took me to a quonset hut that abutted the Manzanos, and left me sitting at a table in the front of the hut. There was no one else there. The hut had a wooden gym-type floor, with no other furniture, besides a metal folding table and chair, where my father told me to sit. I noticed that there was a door in the northeast corner of the hut, to my left. (As of this date I have yet to remember exactly what was behind the door, but I strongly feel that I was taken through the door and was either forced to block out the memory, or voluntarily blocked the memory, although I have a very strong sense that there were reptilians and greys behind the door.)

My father left me there in mid-afternoon, and did not return until late that same night. I remember nothing more about the hut, nor about what might have happened during the approximately 5-8 hours I was there.

1966 - 1967: This time period is hazy.. I feel that something DID happen, but I can’t quite graspthe memories during this time.

1968 Age 13: Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA; Disappeared from the Washington Jr. High baseball field one night while with a friend. My friend said he looked all over for me, but was unable to locate me. About 2 hours later he said that I reappeared in the same area in which he had last seen me. I was not aware of having left the area.

1969-1973: Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA; Had at least two other missing time episodes during this time period, but was/am unable to recall the specifics.

1974 Age 18, Albuquerque, New Mexico USA; my then boyfriend asked me to go to Elephant Butte Lake with him for the weekend, in March/April. My father stated that I could not go. The next thing I remember, I was leaving the house with my boyfriend later that night (a Friday). That was the last thing I remember until I returned on Monday morning. I ‘came to’ sitting on the front porch of my house. I also seem to recall vague memories of a blue-skinned race of people...although they seem to have been benevolent.

1975 Age 19, Idar Oberstein, West Germany; my then husband and two of our friends had gone on a picnic in a meadow near where my husband was stationed in Baumholder, West Germany. Suddenly I had the urge to explore a nearby cave. I went into the cave alone.. and saw two Greys and a nearly 7' tall Reptilian. The reptilian was kneeling on the ground drawing a strange symbol in the dirt when I walked into the cave, but stood up as we made eye contact. They were not a figment of my imagination. I saw the evidence of their having been there after they turned and faded away through the rock.

1975 Age 19, Mettweiler, West Germany; my husband, who I had recently found had been a Satanic high priest while in high school, attempted to convince me to ‘join’ a coven to which he belonged with his Sergeant and several other army buddies. I declined. He insisted. One night he forced me to go with him to the field where I’d seen the greys and the reptilian. I remember going into the cave and seeing the symbol on the floor of the cave. I don’t remember anything more of that night until I awoke the next morning.

1975 Age 19, Mettweiler, West Germany; About two months after the preceding incident I discovered that I was pregnant. Went to the doctor and had a pregnancy test, which confirmed that I was pregnant. I saw the doctor for 3 more my 6th month I went to the doctor once again, only to find that the doctor I had seen was no longer there, and that my case had been given to another doctor. The new doctor, after examining me and having me take another urinalysis, stated that I was not pregnant. Not only had I been having morning sickness, but my stomach grew as though I had a child growing inside me...AND, I felt the child kicking. The doctor also informed me that because of a malformation in my uterus and the fact that my uterus was tipped, I could not have any more children.

1975 Age 19, Mettweiler, West Germany; was then studying the Bible with Jehovah’s Witnesses. Was sitting at the kitchen table of our apartment. Neither the windows nor the door was open. Suddenly I felt a strong breeze ruffle my hair...then the kitchen window opened, the wind seemed to blow outside, then the window closed itself.

1978 Age 22, Orlando, Florida, USA; Regained ‘consciousness’ one night, naked, in the swimming pool of the apartment complex at which I lived. I do not remember having left the apartment, nor do I remember having gotten into the pool. Since I have also been known to sleepwalk, it’s very possible that this even may have another source.

1978 Age 23: Orlando, Florida, USA; Awakened one night to find myself standing over my husband with a butcher knife in my hand...I remember having heard a voice that told me to kill my husband.

1986 Age 31, Fairhope, Alabama, USA; December; Was on my way home from a Christmas party around the 22nd or so.... and, although I had had a drink, I had no more than that. I took a wrong turn on a rural farm road I didn’t know well, and suddenly ran into a fog bank, or blanket of fog. I slowed significantly, but not before I ran into an earthen embankment and crashed into a lake. My car was totally submerged. I managed to get out of the car and swam to the top. I looked at my watch just before I got out of the was 12:30 a.m. The next thing I remember I was in the front foyer of a farm house I later determined to be about 3 blocks from where my car went into the lake; I was looking at a grandfather clock that read 3:00 am. I don’t remember the walk from the lake to the house, nor what happened in between, but I was unable to recall nearly 2 ½ hours of my life.

1987 Age 31, Fairhope, Alabama, USA, February; When I was examined by my doctor, she informed me that I was at least 2 months pregnant. I had not been sexually active for several months previous to that time period, as well as approximately two months afterwards. So in 1987 Age 32, Mobile, Alabama, USA, October I gave birth to a daughter whose paternal parentage is highly questionable. My daughter is quite a talented, intelligent and beautiful young lady.

1998 Age 43, Robertsdale, Alabama, USA, June; my youngest daughter and I witnessed a low flying barge-type UFO over our apartment. Not aware of having lost any time.

1998 Age 43, Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA; July, my youngest daughter and I witnessed a phalanx of UFO’s (approximately 9) flying in formation over the Los Lunas area as we drove into Albuquerque. I checked my watch and saw that it was 6:30 ... we were not too far from my oldest daughter’s apartment, and it should have taken us, at the most, another hour to reach her apartment. We didn’t arrive at her apartment until 9:00.

2000 Age 45; Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA, August; had discovered I was approximately 3 months pregnant in June, 2000; had not had sex in at least 3 months; had an abortion.

2000 Age 46, Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA, November; had a tubal ligation.

2003 Age 47/48, Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA, January, 2003 - October, 2003; Last period occurred in December, 2002. My doctor and myself believed that I was going into menopause. Also began experiencing morning sickness, enlargement of the stomach area (though I gained weight in no other parts of my body), and felt... movement. Had another period in November, December and period since January. Believe it is possible that I was pregnant during this time, though there is no evidence of a child.

2004 Age 48, Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA, March; have been experiencing insomnia, fear of sleeping, and a seeming phobia around being asleep around 3:00 in the morning. Have seen shadows and figures flitting through the apartment. My cat acts as though she sees things as well, even reacting violently when forced to remain with me if I attempt to retain her after I’ve seen something. She continues to wake me up either right at or right around 3:00 in the morning. She’ll scratch on my door and yowl until I open it. But she won’t come into the bedroom, nor does she seem to want to be fed.

2004 Age 48, Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA, April; girlfriend took digital pictures of me in our apartment. All of the pictures had either balls of light in them or large diffuse areas of light spread throughout the pictures. Two of the pictures showed what seemed to be diffuse light which covered me completely, though I could be seen in the background. She checked the camera each time before using it to make sure that the light, aperture and other settings were appropriate for inside nighttime shots. They were. Pictures taken before and after these – without me as the subject – were fine.

Unusual Occurrences

1) I quite often ‘see’ – in my mind’s eye – what seem to be the eyes of a reptilian: yellowish, elongated pupils and scaly skin surrounding the eyes.

2) Have seen shadows and balls of light, not related to anything ‘normal,’ that is, not dust motes, not sunlight, not artificial light.

3) Have been feeling very light, as if my mass is lessening, not as though I’m losing weight, but as if I’m fading away. Feel as if I’m losing my hair, though it seems to be the same. Have been sensing people’s thoughts/desires more accurately. Have several times walked into a room and spoken, only to be ignored by whomever I’m addressing. They say they didn’t know I was there. Almost as if I’m invisible.

4) I hear ‘voices’ calling my name, when there is no one around.

5) Have been experiencing a tremendous sense of dread, as if I know something very bad is going to happen, but I don’t know what.

The majority of these experiences may cause me to sound crazy, and sometimes I can’t help but feel the same thing myself. However, to the best of my knowledge, I attest to the veracity of these statements.

If you have any questions for me, please post them on the MarsForce egroup at

Kara Mildenhall

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