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Note From Ken Adachi to E-Y Forum Members
(And a Call to Engage)

From Ken Adachi, Editor
February 6, 2011

Note From Ken Adachi to E-Y Forum Members (Feb. 6, 2011)

Dear Forum,

My apology to all new members who were waiting a long time to be approved for this forum. I haven't been able to participate in the forum for a long time. I had much more free time when the forum was started, than what I have available today, but my interest in having a forum where people will share CONSTRUCTIVE ideas to help thwart and defeat the NWO takeover of America remains the same.

The latest info from Don Nicoloff about the events that took place at the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem on Jan 28, 2011, have brought renewed efforts by government sponsored smear artists to attempt to debunk the videos captured on Jan 28 by at least 4 different cell phone cameras, and label the event as a "hoax".

Anyone with a brain and a set of eyes can see that the event caught on the cell phone cameras was real and that it is not possible to fake such a scene, especially when captured by 4 different cameras in 4 different locations.

Beyond that effort, other agents working on behalf of the military or other government agencies have assembled articles posted to various blogs purporting to debunk the photos of the planet Balqui that Don Nicoloff had obtained from General Jeremiah in 2009 and to generally paint Don and I as hoaxers who are deceiving people with fantasy accounts of General Jeremiah and the United Galactic Federation.

If you've followed my web site for any number of years, you should know that I'm not interested in deceiving others, nor in deceiving myself. That's not to say that I can't make a mistake and it's also possible that I could be victimized by deception, as was the case with Zeta Talk when I had embraced their information from 1997-2002. But once I realize that I've been snookered, I will make that info known to my readers and I will do whatever needs to be done to set the record straight, as I did when I separated myself from Zeta Talk and Nancy Leider in the winter of 2002-2003.

The info from Don Nicoloff about General Jeremiah and the United Galactic Federation is going to be difficult for a majority of people to accept as real. I understand that and I don't require anyone to believe anything being presented on my site. I've been talking routinely with Don Nicoloff for almost 4 years now and I've been privy to many things that are not made public concerning General Jeremiah and his activities.

I also have a firm conviction in the honesty and veracity of Don Nicoloff. Even if I wasn't privy to the additional info to which I allude, I would still believe and accept Don's word since I know him to be an honest man.

Don Nicoloff has exceptional intuitive abilities, some might call it psychic. His intuitive abilities have allowed him to look behind the public veil of actors like Barack Obama, Dwight Eisenhower, John McCain, Hillary Clinton, the Ft Hood shooter, and many other individuals and stories which he has researched and exposed.

The Illuminati and their intel minions do not want people like Don Nicoloff to reach an ever widening audience with his information, especially his information about General Jeremiah and the United Galactic Federation. I've been posting Don's articles at my web site for a few years and make his interviews with me and ZS Lvingstone avaialble for free download. My web site readership is growing with each passing month, I'm happy to say.

With the recent information provided by ZS Livingstone about the acquisition of Aetheric Coronal Elements by the elemental kingdom, including Sylphs, we expect to see even more dramatic (and positive) developments in the Battle against chemtrails which the Sylphs have been waging vigorously since early 2004.

I've already been sent photos of what may be fire breathing dragon sylphs. We shall see in the months to come how this scenario plays out, but I have the feeling that momentous events will unfold worldwide that will clearly indicate to all members of humanity that the NWO's genocidal agendas, including chemtrails, are going to collapse and be defeated; including the individuals who are resposible for these poisoning operations.

The truth will always win out no matter how many intel minions attempt to mislead you or attempt to discredit me and Don Nicoloff and the information I present at my web site. Your inner intuition is the BEST barometer of truthful events and you should always depend on the feeling you get about people or events to see what feels right to you.

In January 2011, Don Nicoloff played an important role in discerning the placement of 33 nuclear devices in American cities by Israeli Mossad agents. General Jeremiah told Don that his group removed 23 of those suitcase nukes and re-located them to an uninhabitated planet.

Don also played a similar role a year ago January when seven America cities were targeted for nuclear false flag events, but those nukes (and players) were also neutralized before the fact. At the time, Don asked me to post a story warning of the possibility of false flag nuke attacks of ten or more American cities. That list included the seven cities that were known to be targeted. By putting out the information ahead of time and naming the cities, the traitors won't follow through with their plans because that would blow a huge hole in their "Al-CIAda did it" routine.

I realize that this info reads like a superheroes comic book, so you are not required to believe any of it. If Don and General Jeremiah thought that it would be better to not expose any of these stories, then you wouldn't be reading about them on my web site, but it was decided that some public disclosure in some instances was desirable and beneficial. It's clear that the United Galactic Federation wants their presence and activities known to some portion of the human population.

As you know, there is a general push to reveal the presence of extraterrestrials among us, and there was likely an agreement among both negative and positive alien groups, in conjunction with Illuminated governments around the world, to increasingly go public with the alien presence on earth.

There is much to be done in this country to take it back from the NWO takeover wolves. Members of this forum should be thinking about what they can do to assist in that effort. The bulk of people elected to the House and US Senate are NWO sellouts and traitors who are helping to destroy this country. They need to be replaced by patriots with character and moral fiber, who are determined to stop the NWO game plan. That won't happen unless someone with real morality, who can't be bought off with money, sex, or percs, runs for office and wins in 2012.

The Patriot Act needs to be repealed. The DHS, CIA, NSA, and FEMA need to be dissolved and discarded forever. There needs to be a major house cleaning in the FBI, DOD, DOJ, DEA, etc., and every military intel organization to get rid of the NWO fifth columnists steering those organizations and to rid the system of the corrupt individuals whose actions are disloyal to the American people and her Constitution

Obamacare needs to be repealed. Those Chinese Foreign Trade Zones need to be stopped. The food 'Safety" act needs to be repealed. The list is long and is in great need of activist American citizens who are fed up with seeing their country, their kid's lives, and their lives being destroyed by these satanic Illuminated elites who are masquerading as our political "leaders"

So let's ask the question:

What will YOU do to help save America?

And WHEN were you thinking about starting?

Sincerely, Ken Adachi

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