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Who's Trying to Save the Constitution?
May 23, 2007

Subject: Defending Constitution
Date: Wed, May 23, 2007 4:23 pm
To:   Editor

Do you have an email contact list of state groups who are working on this issue? I would appreciate any information and contact emails. The things happening in the US is a major concern. Consentration camps, Chinese, Russian & German troups here? Scary.



Hello J,

Good question. I read of the lawyers who organized to help defend the detainees at Guantanamo and achieved some results some months ago. One hears of the ACLU in this regard to some extent.

I see a lot of articles by NWO wolves-in-sheep clothing like Sen. Robert Byrd who feign grave concern about our eroding constitutional guarantees, but I don't see any organized effort to stop that erosion. I also see gatekeepers like Devvy Kidd write lots of hard hitting articles about the loss of constitutional guarantees, but I see no effort beyond talk.

I'll post your note.

Let me know what you come up with.

Regards, Ken

P.S.  The above link to Robert Byrd's phony patriotism act posted at alternet yesterday ( included a telling observation about Byrd's feigned concern with these comments:

Mr. Byrd...
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Posted by: aussidawg on May 22, 2007 1

If you are serious. If you really mean what you say... then GODDAMNIT!!! IMPEACH THESE CRIMINALS IN THE EXECUTIVE BRANCH!!! I am sick and tired of politicians' (democrats) whinning and moaning about what criminals the Bu$h Administration is made of and how bad they are. Look...WE ALREADY KNOW THAT!!! Do something to demonstrate your sincerity, get off your collectively cowardly asses and do something of substance. Actually, my request isn't for you to do anything other than your job. You know....the one you took an oath protecting and defending the Constitution from enemys both foreign and DOMESTIC!

Please...forgive me if I sound frustrated, it's only because I am!!!

The reader is frustrated because he's being BAMBOOZLED by actors who are pretending to be American patriots, but are in fact, card carrying members of the NWO elite..Read Brice Taylor's book Thanks for the Memories if you want to get a peek at the REAL Senator Robert Byrd (also, Cathy O'Brien's book, TranceFormation of America will reveal the other face of that One-Eyed Jack)...Ken Adachi


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