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Vedic Astrologer Sees Possibilities of Obama September Assassination

[Editor's Note: I had originally intended to put this article up on Sep. 9, but got side tracked with other issues. I had already posted a warning from an unnamed "inside source" of information that there was a plan in motion to take out Obama during a September 18-20 "window". The FBI and Secret Service had already been informed of this information by the inside source, but they decided to discount it. A dowser also told me of strong indications of plans to either pull off a false flag event or make an attempt on Obama's life in September. He said he feels that the plans were made, but those plans have since been "reconsidered" as ill advised. I post this information from Janos to add to the total information pool so we might all FOCUS our thoughts and intentions on mitigating destructive outcomes. Note the astrological indications for September 18 are powerful. .Ken Adachi]

From Janos Melocco <>
September 6, 2009

Vedic Astrologer Sees Possibilities of Obama September Assasination (Sep. 17, 2009)

Dear Ken,

I am writing to you to confirm the possibility of an Obama assasination event from a Vedic astrologer's viewpoint. You published my analysis of GWB in 2004. My website was established in 2006 and there my email is given publicly. I published a dire warning in the News section of my site (Hírek, url: English translation is there if you scroll down. I have not mentioned a possible assassination event there originally, but the thought has certainly crossed my mind. I would add it to my text but the editing program does not work today even though our web site is up and functioning. September 9 is the date when Saturn changes signs (into Virgo, 2:32 p.m. Washington time). I have doubts whether Obama was indeed born at the place and time indicated on his published birth certificate (August 4, 1961, 7:24 p.m. Honolulu, HI), but astrologically speaking, if he was born on that date in whatever country, it still remains a dangerous period for him - and it actually remains dangerous up to mid-October.

Another possibility is that an attempt is made later but the order to carry it out starts on Sept. 9, 2009. So even if he survives that date, he remains in danger for a while to come, especially for the coming month. I should add that the number 9 is considered the number for Mars in Vedic astrology, therefore asssassinations or starting wars, riots etc. are well possible. My article focuses on the Sept. 18 New Moon, which is bad astrologically, and come to think of it, 18 also adds up to 9, what is more, Sun is 1 in VA, 8 is Saturn, and the New Moon (Sun and Moon standing together exactly) will take place in close proximity to Saturn. Therefore that date is also dangerous.

You are free to link my page or re-publish the English text, with my letter (parts or the whole text). I would be happier if assassination attempts would turn out to be unsuccessful, but my astrology does warn about a catastrophic world event that would have repercussions in many countries and this may be an event that catalyses a catastrophe (race riots etc.). Western astrology as far as I know does not (see monthly predictions in TMA, The Mountain Astrologer). Vedic astrologer Joni Patry (, though, has also confirmed in private email correspondance
to me that in her view Obama's life might be in danger during these weeks which start today, although she did not publish this at her web site.

Sincerely yours,

Janos Melocco
vedic astrologer
P.S. in vedic astrological circles I also go under the nickname Kartikeya.

Dangerous transit coming - English translation:

September 2009 may bring dangerous challenges for the entire world. It is not out of the question that we experience a worldwide upheaval, or a great natural catastrophe (earthquake or another tsunami), as well as a sudden deterioration of the economy, and/or a worldwide return of the inflluenza pandemic - in a much more destructive form than heretofore. This is especially true to certain denser periods of time, for example Sept. 9, as well as the New Moon of Sept. 18 - and the days following these two. There may be political catastrophies, sedition, breakout of a war, since we wil still be in the area ruled by the Sun (which also means political power). Opposing groups will talk over each other's heads with no hope for reconciliation or compromise, as if the members of the other group weren't human. The collective energy may be anything like the peasant uprisings (16th century) or those of sectarian religious or political maniacs. The situation is challenged until the very end of the month - many people should again ask for the protection of higher powers, each in the form fitting its karma, and some of us must learn to face the unacceptable. Although the greater part of the problems go with mass sacrifices, will involve the sphere of the relationship with the earth and nature, health and the economy. Worldwide clashes are expected around pure water and food, natural, unadulterated seeds, waste and the questions of alternative treatments. The outcome of these events will have its effects felt for a longer time - as long as Saturn stays in Virgo, that is, until 2011 December.

Explanation: As Saturn enters Virgo - on September 9, local time - it immediately opposes Uranus retrograde from Pisces exactly. Mercury, ruler of Virgo, will be retrograde in the same sign. At the same time, Mars will stand in Mercury's sign Gemini, roughly opposing Pluto (according to Vedic rules). At the time of the New Moon, the Suna and the Moon will be on the same degree with retrograde Mercury, in the nakshatra (lunar mansion) owned by the Sun, while Uranus is opposiing from a Jupiterian nakshatra. Jupiter itself is still retrograde - towards Sagittarius (where Pluto is), and Uranus in its nakshatra is retrograde as well. Therefore these events may involve large groups , may go with sacrifices, but change is inescapable. All this time Ketu - the South lunar Node - is throwing an aspect on Pisces and therefore on Uranus from the nakshatra of Saturn, and from the 15th, from the nakshatra of Jupiter. Punarvasu Cancer is noted for flood effects.

From the point of modern Hungary, this month is still more problematic, since one of the msot important charts of the nation is that if the 1946 Republic (as the borders of inhabited areas did not change since that time), thus we have Pisces (Meena) ascendant. I think events may be graver in Hungary, and may lead to a sudden change of government in a brief period of time. Looking at the elements (Earth versus Water) and the chart of Hungary (February 1, 1946, Budapest, shortly after 9:00 a.m.) money, water, seeds for planting may equally be sources of risk. (I would not be surprised if a "privatization" of the water supply would lead to similar reactions with many as they did in South America.)

Looking at other countries, the Virgo-Pisces axis is at risk for catastrophes: especially Switzerland (which may rather be an economic disaster - it is likely that support is pulled from underneath the feet of the central bank of central banks in Basel, which could create a crisi reverberating all across Europe). Japan may experience an earthquake or a tsunami. (I am praying they do not, as I am rather fond of Japanese culture.) Other areas that may be at risk are Brasil, Indonesia and Thailand.

It is not out of the question that the vaccinating campaing planned for hundreds of millions of people will backfire somehow - I have a skeptical outlook on that in the light of homeopathy. Whether you are a Christian, Buddhist, Jewish or following Indian faiths, or perhaps an ancient Hungarian "táltos" (similar to a shaman), please pray or meditate in your own way to pacify forces and to reestablish harmony with nature - especially on the day of the New Moon (September 18 - this is the beginning of the New Year, Rosh Hashanah in the Jewish calendar). That night the transit will peak.

If you have remarks or questions, please feel free to mail them to me at

Janos Melocco

vedic astrologer

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