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Setup: Horowitz & Kane Obtain Restraining Order Against Dr A. True Ott Over Alleged "Death Threats"

From Ken Adachi, Editor
June 8, 2011

Setup: Horowitz & Kane Obtain Restraining Order Against Dr A. True Ott Over Alleged "Death Threats"(June 8, 2011)

Horowitz & Kane's Insane Allegations Against Dr. A. True Ott

June 8, 2011. I started writing this story in the interest of defending Ted Gunderson mostly, since he seemed to be the main focus of Len Horowitz and Sherri Kane's over-the-top delirious diatribes expressed in their newsletters and during radio interview shows, but now it's beginning to look like Dr A. True Ott was the top target. Today I got an e-mail from True Ott which included a copy of a temporary restraining order

filed against A. True Ott by Sherri Kane on June 2, 2011 for:

" Death threat(s) from person e-mailed to Sherri Kane in year long harassment and terror campaign linked to journalist murders and recent shootings in Tucson, AZ of Cogresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, Judge John Roll, and several others by Jared Loughner, along with compromise of CIA operative Valerie Plame by White House "reporter" Jeff Gannon (possibe a a.k.a., Johnny Gosch)."

In section 4 of the CH-100, "Request for Orders to Stop Harassment," Sherri checked off two boxes that read:

1) I was hurt (physically or emotionally) by the person in 2 here.

2) Other (specify) "Evidence of death(s) by person links to Judge McCarthy Roll Murder"

When asked in section 6-c: "Did the person in 2 [refers to True Ott] commit any acts of violence or threaten to commit any acts of violence against you?" Sherri checked "yes." It then goes on:

If yes, describe those acts or threats: "Threatened murder, following murder of friend Don Harkins, and terrorizing mailings linking True Ott to the murder of Judge Roll, attempted murder of Gabrielle Giffords, and campaign to compromise U.S. Diplomat Wilson and wife/CIA agent V. Plame."

Section 6-d asks: "Did the person in 2 engage in a course of conduct that harassed you and caused substantial emotional distress?:" Sherri checked "yes." It then goes on:

If yes, describe: " Ongoing series of threatening, anti-semitic e-mails, evidencing a conspiracy to commit political assassinations, hate crimes and MKULTRA-like activities impacting public health and safety, and threatening U.S. National Security."

(Yes, they actually had the Chutzpah to throw in "threatening U.S. National Security.")

(read the entire restraining order at this link:

Beyond the ludicrous "death threats, " Sherri accuses True Ott of having the alias names of David Main and John Smith which she includes next to True Ott's name on the temporary restraining order as "a.k.a." identities. She also lists True's "work address" as PO Box 88, Ponderay, Idaho 83852.

True Ott has no idea who David Main or John Smith is, nor does he own, control or know anything about PO Box 88, in Ponderay, Idaho.

Why Sherri Kane and Len Horowitz believe that True Ott owns these alias names or has a PO Box in Ponderay, Idaho, is beyond me, but it doesn't seem to matter. Apparently, any statement or any fantastical allegation leveled against True Ott is sufficient grounds for Judge Corey S. Cramin, of the Harbor Justice Center, Laguna Hills Facility, Laguna Hills, California, to issue a temporary restraining order against Dr. A. True Ott, effective June 2, 2011 and to further appraise Dr Ott that if he fails to attend the June 22, 2011 hearing at the Laguna Hills Facility, and fails to prove his innocence, that the restraining order will be extended out to three years.

It doesn't seem to matter that the hearing location is a 15 minute drive for Sherri Kane, who lists an address in Laguna Beach, California, while Dr Ott has to travel from Ogden, Utah to attend the California hearing where he has to establish his innocence. It also doesn't seem to matter that Dr Ott has never physically met Sherri Kane and that he lives in a state far removed from her location. It's also extremely strange that Sherri Kane is not required to provide some sort of substantive, verifiable evidence that any of her wild allegations against Dr. Ott are true. I guess just making the allegation is enough to gain a temporary restraining order with Judge Corey S. Cramin of the Laguna Hills Facility, Superior Court of Orange County.

Now here's where it gets really scary. Accompanying the temporary restraining order issued on June 2, 2011 are the follwoing notices:

Warning and Notices to the Restrained Person in 2 [refers to A.True Ott]
You Cannot Have Guns or Firearms

"You cannot own, have, possess, buy, or try to buy, receive or try to receive, or otherwise get a gun while this Order is in effect. If you do, you can go to jail and pay a $1,000 fine. You must sell to a licensed gun dealer or turn in to police any guns or firearms that you have or control in accordance with item 8 above. The court will require you to prove that you did so. If you do not obey this Order, you can be charged with a crime."

Instructions for Law Enforcement

"This Order is effective when made. It is enforceable anywhere in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, all tribal lands, and all U.S. Territories and shall be enforced as if it were an order of that jurisdiction by any law enforcement agency that has received the Order, is shown a copy of the Order, or has verified its existence on the California Law Enforcement Telecommunications System ( CLETS). If the law enforcement agency has not received proof of service on the restrained person, and the restrained person was not present at the court hearing, the agency shall advise the restrained person of the terms of the Order and then shall enforce it. Violations of this Order are subject to criminal penalties."

What this means is that effective the moment that Dr Ott was given service of the above restraining order, that any guns that he might have in his possession at home in Utah are now subject to immediate confiscation unless he immediately sells them to a licensed gun dealer or turns them over to the police. Failure to do so, will put him in jeopardy of being arrested, charged with a crime, and forced to pay a $1,000 fine.

This is the immediate effect of having this restraining order issued by Superior Court Judge Corey S. Cramin based solely on the ALLEGATIONS made by Sherri Kane.

There is a serious issue of constitutional abuse taking place here. The U. S. Constitution guarantees American citizens the right of due process. That means that you are entitled to face your accusers in a court of law and compel the accuser to provide reasonable evidence and proof that their allegations are true--before any sort of judgment is rendered against you.

With this restraining order signed by Judge Cramin, there is no due process.

Unbeknownst to Dr. A.True Ott living in Ogden, Utah, Sherri Kane enters a courtroom in Laguna Hills, California, fills out a form that includes the most outlandish and bizarre allegations under the sun, signs it and submits it to the judge - who then grants a temporary restraining order - which now forces True Ott to immediately dispose of any firearms he may own - a right guaranteed under the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution - or face arrest and imprisonment for "failing" to obey a court order. On top of that, he has to travel 900 or 1,000 miles to appear in a California courtroom in order to "prove" his innocence of Kane's allegations, when there was no proof presented by her of his guilt!

This is not justice, this is tyranny.

No different than the tyranny suffered under the Star Chamber system of old England. The abuses suffered under the Star Chamber system was one of the big reasons we fought the British in the American Revolutionary War.

It's crazy enough that Len Horowitz and Sherri Kane have undertaken this outlandish smear campaign against True Ott and others, but to now go to an Orange County Superior Court judge and make these preposterous charges and then get a temporary restraining order issued without having any way to substantiate their insane allegations tells me that True Ott is being set up by hidden manipulators who are scheming in league with Horowitz and Kane in an attempt to get True arrested and indicted on trumped up charges. Nothing else makes sense.

Normal, rational people don't do things like this. Ordinary people would be too concerned about the legal backlash that would ensue from making such wild and bizarre allegations in Superior Court without any way to substantiate them. Horowitz and Kane are behaving so crazily, brazenly, and boldly because undoubtedly they've been assured by government operatives that they will not face any legal consequences. The "fix" is in.

I'm only speculating, of course, but this whole affair is a setup to put True Ott in prison on trumped up charges (like Edgar Steele) and to stop Dr. Ott from writing and doing his daily radio show. He's apparently hitting too many nerves.

Now the craziness of Horowitz and Kane's illogical behavior for the past few months is beginning to make sense.

To be continued...

Ken Adachi


If anyone thinks that I'm exaggerating about Len Horowitz's messianic, egomaniacal views of himself, then please read his words and tell me if I exaggerate:

You can read Len and Sherri's utterly insane allegations against True Ott, Ted Gunderson, etc at this link:

"A. True Ott Exposed" he says.

" Death Threats Expose Bush Family Nemeses Linked to Judge Roll Murder and CIA Black-op"

Holy cow, just read what this man is saying! Len Horowitz has lost his mind. Notice that he creates a url that says "" so that anybody who enters that into a url browser will automatically land on his page, instead of True Ott's web site. What sort of people think along those lines?

True Ott's web site is

and you will find an article at the top of his blog which is an open letter to Len and Sherri in which True shows the proof that he got a doctorate degree in Naturopathy from the Benedict Lust Foundation and the Knipp Institute in Germany where the course was brokered by The American College in Washington. He provides a copy of his transcript with his marks and a listing of all the courses he had taken. It was a two year program. He started in 1994 and graduated in 1996. Len had accused True of having a "phony" doctorate, like the type you might get in the mail from a diploma mill.

Len Horowitz, while being an elitist at heart, likes to pretend that he's a "regular" guy; a poor boy from rough and tumble Camden, New Jersey who made good. However, when it comes to school credentials, only the Board of Regents - approved schools with "proper" accredidation get the Horokane Seal of Approval.

Len & Sherri always like to remind their readers that Len went to Harvard, the creme de la creme of academia among the Swells and Elites. He repeats it over and over again, like a mantra. But if you read his own bio, he says that he went to Dental school at Tufts in Philidelphia and took a graduate program in Public Health Education from Harvard. Not exactly the same thing as boasting "I went to Harvard."

Ken Adachi


Subject: Dr. A True Ott
From: Lisa
Date: Thu, June 9, 2011
To: Ken Adachi

Hi Ken,

I am extremely saddened and nauseated to hear of the ongoing slander and set up of True A. Ott. If there ever was a time for people to stand up and show their support for a truth seeker/teller and patriot, now is the time. We need to support True Ott in massive numbers, people can not afford to sit back any longer and let these operatives succeed. As I see it, Dr. Ott may be the first of many targets that they will try to "shut down".

Massive numbers need to show up outside the court on June 22 and voice their concerns in a constructive manner. If I could I would be one of them but unfortunately, I live in another country and REFUSE to cross the border into the USA.

I pray for Dr. Ott and his family and would like to do more to assist in ending this nightmare he now finds himself in. Any suggestions would be most appreciated.

God Bless,



Subject: True Ott slander
From: Brian
Date: Thu, June 9, 2011
To: Ken Adachi

Hi Ken,

In the restraining order 'section 6-d' the box 'if yes describe' was checked. In the ensuing description it really shows how transparent a
set-up this is, not to mention how sloppy it is in it's transparency. It has all the earmarks of this Sherri Kane character being coached to the hilt in what is obviously a scripted reply by 'her'.

"...and MKULTRA-like activities impacting public health and safety, and threatening National Security." Just who is this judge who had to have looked at this 'MK-Ultra' reference and what, actually understood the implications therein? Who is this guy, Roland Freisler of the infamous Nazi Germany Peoples Court? (a Big Brother oxymoron if ever there was one).

This is one serious infiltration and breach of the judicial system. I'm glad that you're keeping up a dogged pursuit of this story. Yet another perfect example of the Constitution being trampled on in total disregard. And you're right, the scary part is that you can't even chalk it up to some typically lame interpretation of the Constitution. Even if we were to give this judge the benefit of the doubt it would show how addled and corrupted the American mindset has become through these despicable Patriot acts.



Subject: Len Horowitz mind controlled ??
From: Stacey
Date: Thu, June 9, 2011
To: Ken Adachi

Dear Ken,

It was with dismay that I just read your current news about Len Horowitz, and frankly I am disheartened. I thought he was one of the good guys...what happened to him ?

He seems to be under the spell of Ms. Kane, that's for sure, but other than the powerful drug of a manipulative attractive woman, what could account for his behavior? I would think he has been targeted by voice-to-skull remote microwave subliminal type programming or something similar perhaps ?

Something's not right about him, and I wouldn't be surprised if he has been the target of a lengthy campaign of "behavior modification"
brought to us courtesy of the scuzzy secret government. I attended the 2001 Conspiracy Con in Ca. of which he was a featured speaker, (also
featured David Icke, Jordan Maxwell and Will Thomas, an excellent presentation) and I also spoke with Mr Horowitz briefly one to one,
and was left with a positive impression of a man who radiated strength, compassion for humanity and sincerety... what could account for this radical departure from decency ?

This is so sad and serves no good purpose.... no wonder the bad guys get away with so much when the good guys are being attacked
by another perceived good guy !

Anyway, I have been a reader of your wonderful and thought provoking website for about 8 yrs now, and I just wanted to reach out and share my feelings on this .

Take care Ken and keep up the good work !

best regards,



Subject: Len Horowitz
From: Jane
Date: Thu, June 9, 2011
To: Ken Adachi

Dear Ken,

Here is a comment I posted on I hope it is helpful to Ted and all those being falsely accused in the truth movement. I was very upset at the, conference to see the conflict created by Len and Sherrie. Last year I felt abused by them when I watched their movie Pharmawhores. Thank you for what you are doing to expose their lies.


June 8, 2011

I was at conference this weekend, 6/5/2011. Len Horowitz said negative things about Ted Gundersen and Anthony J Hilder. Unfortunately at the last session, Brian Hall encouraged Len, Sherrie and Anthony to verbally fight it out on stage in front of the audience.

It was finally stopped by a note from the audience to please stop this and then when they tried to go on the audience yelled NO so you could not hear any further arguing. Follow the fruit of these men and you would not vote for Horowitz and Sherrie who last year at this conference offered a free premiere viewing of their film Pharmawhores. A BIG waste of my time, thinking it was about health I find out it really was an ad for Penn and Teller, with #$*$ [foul] words throughout. I walked out disgusted part way through, kept hoping some sign of intelligence would show, but no luck on that one.

WHY are these two trying to create conflict in the truth movement?


[Note from Ken Adachi: Penn & Teller are Illuminated mouth pieces. Their promotion of satanic symbolism is unmistakable.]


Subject: Attack on Dr. Ott
From: Karl
Date: Thu, June 9, 2011
To: Ken Adachi

Dear Ken,

Just read the Builderburgers, meeting in Switzerland, are addressing in their agenda the control of the free and open internet news sites in their meeting. Several bills have been introduced in congress to do just that. I believe the attack on Dr. Ott is an attack on the freedom of every internet site. They are using him as an example because, as you said, he is exposing their corrupt agenda, especially information about General Jeremiah and his work.

A wonderful site called [see for current site] was taken down recently. While I don't know the particulars, I expect that the globalist agenda was the cause. I depend on your site for the truth and would REALLY miss not being able to find it on the net. Keeping you and Dr. Ott and Don Nicoloff in my prayers.

Karl S


Subject: A.True Ott's court nightmare
From: Lady P (England)
Date: Thu, June 9, 2011
To: Ken Adachi

Dear Ken;

I am furious. MY *DAD* graduated from Tufts. As did, I believe, HIS Dad. I appreciated Dr. Horowitz' writing, and his book on codes for the
apocalypse was good, verifiable information. Dr. Ott is on my prayer list.

Fumingly Yours, Lady P


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