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OJ Simpson "Finally" Sentenced to 18 Years: Just Desserts?

By Ken Adachi <Editor>
December 5, 2008

OJ Simpson "Finally" Sentenced to 18 Years: Just Desserts? (Dec. 5, 2008)

I followed the Simpson case on TV from the beginning, starting with the ridiculous below-the-speed-limit "chase" by a phalanx of cop cars down the 405 Freeway. While I didn't see every minute of the trial played out on TV, I did see enough of it to become convinced-like everyone else in the country -that OJ was guilty as sin. About a year later, I was surprised when Brian Desborough told me that Simpson was set up to look like the guilty party. He said that Ron Goldman and Nicole were not only lovers, but were involved with a drug ring and were killed on the orders of a drug dealer by the name of Joey Esposito. He said there were two killers involved, not one. He also mentioned that Simpson's mother was part of the Jim Jones cult that committed mass suicide in Guyana in 1978. The Jones cult was a CIA experiment in mass hypnosis and mind control. That told me that Simpson is likely a victim of mind control-as are a very large proportion of Hollywood type celebrities. A mind control victim is the perfect vehicle for a patsy.

In a phone conversation with Don Nicoloff last year, Don told me that he received very distinct psychic impressions about Simpson and LA detective Mark Fuhrman during the trial and he passed that information on to Attorney F. Lee Bailey, who was part of the Simpson defence team. Bailey used Don's information to embarrass Fuhrman on the stand and cast Fuhrman's credibility in doubt before the jurors. Don said that Simpson didn't do it and that Fuhrman was dirty as hell.

Simpson was set up to go to the hotel room in Las Vegas to "get back his stuff". The room was bugged and Simpson was essentially entrapped. The police regularly use small time drug dealers or users to either act as informants or to aid them in setting up someone like Simpson for entrapment. This is how Fayetteville, North Carolina police used Helena Stoeckley in the late sixties, prior to her involvement with the satanic drug cult who murdered Dr. Jeffrey MacDonald's family in February, 1970, the so-called "Green Beret Murders."

When I heard the TV reporter following the sentencing, interview Ron Goldman's father, Fred, he and his lawyer were gloating over Simpson "finally" being shackled and placed behind bars "where the SOB belongs." Fred Goldman said he wouldn't be satisfied until he got his hands on Simpson's remaining memorabilia assets and sold them to a Las Vegas hotel "where Simpson can be on display behind a glass case for years to come."

Brian Desborough already wrote about Simpson's set up as a patsy in a book he published a few years ago, and I'm sure other books will come out over time telling the true story behind the murders of Nicole and Ron Goldman, but it won't help Simpson. He'll either be killed in prison or if he lives long enough to be released, he'll only be the shell of the man who went in.

I never did care much for Simpson's cockiness or his sense of self importance, but he didn't kill his wife and her boyfriend. Only a tiny fraction of the general public, however, will ever come to realize that; now or in the future.

The biggest surprise of all? The mostly condemned black jurors at his original trial had it right all along.

Ken Adachi


Writer Corroborates OJ Simpson's Frame Up in Original Trial (Dec. 18, 2008)


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From: Rhonda H
To: Editor
Sent: Friday, December 05, 2008
Subject: Re: OJ Simpson

Dearest Ken-

Good evening and thank you for your quick post regarding O.J. Simpson's' sentencing in court. I wanted to respond. Thank you for your time here.
I listened to Nancy Grace tonight where she repeatedly aired the court room video . The statement of O.J. Simpson speaking to the judge and asking for leniency.

N. Grace kept showing her "sympathy" by pretending to cry and holding her nose ( this stinks). I got the impression she has NO concern for O.J. - whatsoever.

As I watched these scenes play out, I kept thinking about O.J., feeling complete sympathy for him and not understanding why so many have utter hate for this man and the flip side - much adoration.

I keep wondering why the MOB mentality of hatred has no affect on each person. i.e. reflection of ones own imperfections. Humbling- I would think, if we look at ourselves, too..

Why is it so easy to think O.J. actually KNEW what he was doing the night of the murders? Did he kill or was he drugged (his choice-no choice?) that night. Was he even there?

The trial did not clear up any questions for me. I have had these questions for years but, I wasn't able to discuss this with ANYone . Folks I knew had their minds made up. And RACE also was a major thorn issue with all it's typical blah blah blahs.

My point to this is: to thank you for the history of his mother/ Jonestown and ALL it's implications, too. This settles my mind now for Mr. Simpson - it has made a cohesive picture of the whole.

I am very happy I listened to my heart instead of the mob. TY TY TY :-)

Kindly- Rhonda H.


Hi Rhonda,

Yes, the combination of OJ having a cocky personality and going for a white trophy wife created racial animosity from both blacks and whites when it came to the trial. That animosity and desire for revenge lingers today because most of the public has been deceived into believing that he was guilty of Nicole's and Ron Goldman's murders.

You have to bear in mind that LA police, working in league with carefully chosen prosecutors, who are SHIELDING hidden players in this drama, can shape the evidence and their "investigation" in any direction desired. This is exactly what happened to Dr. Jeffrey MacDonald in the Green Beret Murder trail held in Raleigh, North Carolina in 1979. MacDonald was railroaded by a total collusion of FBI, Army CID, Justice Department prosecutors placed there by the Army, a corrupt local prosecutor and a corrupt judge who was the one and ONLY judge to ever preside over all the court proceedings that MacDonald underwent from 1970 - 1979.

They were intent on framing MacDonald for the crime because the real killers of MacDonald's wife and two small girls, a satanic drug group, needed to be shielded at all cost. The CIA was running a drug pipeline into the United States from Southeast Asia using the body cavities of dead solders being returned home. One of the drop off points on the East coast was Pope Air Force base which is right next to Fort Bragg, North Carolina where Macdonald worked and lived with his family. The members of the satanic group who killed MacDonald's family in the early morning hours of Feb. 17, 1970, were part of the CIA's drug distribution network along the East coast.

Let's consider a few famous cases in the past that were handled by LA Police:

1. The Black Dahlia "unsolved" murder of Elizabeth Short in Hollywood in the 1940s. Her body was found cut in half. The woman was likely the victim of a satanic ritual murder by well connected Hollywood insiders who probably had sufficient clout and ranking within the masonic good ole boy networks who control big city politicians, police, and judges, that the "investigation" would only go so high and then go "cold."

2. Marilyn Monroe's "suicide" by an overdose of prescription drugs. I think most people know by now that Marilyn Monroe was murdered and that her body and bedroom were set up, sanitized, and arranged to make it look like a suicide; that Bobby Kennedy and Peter Lawford were both in her home after she was killed and before her body was officially discovered by her house keeper the next morning. Obviously, the LA police hierarchy knew what happened and who did what, yet participated in the cover up of her murder.

3. Robert Kennedy was killed by a person standing behind him who held the gun just a few inches from the back of his head. While Sirhan had a gun in his hand at the moment that the event unfolded, this mind controlled person probably didn't fire even one bullet at Kennedy. The LA police know what really happened because they are the ones who collected the evidence and examined the body which PROVED the existence of the gunman behind Kennedy, but what came out of the commission's final report on the shooting represented a cover-up that was INTENDED to come out.

And we all know that the Ramparts scandal represented cops planting evidence and falsifying reports etc., to fleece drug dealers of their money AND drugs and then frame up (or kill) anyone who got in the way.

So there's nothing new under the sun when it comes to LA police and setting up a murder "investigation".

Yep, always listen to that "inner voice" when in doubt.

Sincerely, Ken


Subject: succor punch car cable replacement
From: Dee
Date: Wed, December 17, 2008
To: Editor

Hi Ken,


While I am at it, I am glad that other people thought that O.J. Simpson's wife was not murdered by him. My first thought when I saw the news was
that she and/or her boyfriend were involved with drugs. My impression of her was of a 'gold-digger', not being judgemental just an impression.

Thank you and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!



Hi Dee,


On OJ. She liked the glamor and publicity and I assumed that she loved him in the beginning. He was rough on her; they grew apart, so she turned to someone else. She was doing drugs and having an affair with Goldman. They were dealing. They owed a lot of money and didn't pay when due. Getting involved with drug dealers can be a very dangerous thing indeed. You get reckless when you're doing drugs, married to a big name, and living in a high end neighborhood. You think you're safe because it looks safe. It doesn't work that way. .

Merry Christmas, Ken

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