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German Reader Asserts Bormann Died While Escaping the Berlin Bunker
August 14, 2008

German Reader Asserts Bormann Died While Escaping the Berlin Bunker (Aug. 21, 2008)

Subject: Otto Skorzeny
From: Paul
Date: Thu, August 14, 2008
To: Editor

re: The Revelations of Otto Skorzeny, Part 1: Martin Bormann, Reichsleiter in Exile & American Retiree (July 6, 2007)

Dear Sir,

The whole story Revelations of OTTO SKORZENY is rubbish. I personally know the SS man who had Martin Borman riding on the back of his tank, trying to escape from Berlin when they got hit by fire from Russian Infantry..Borman was killed instantly. Skorzeny was no where near any of this.

Yours sincerely

Paul (I must remain anonymous because of German laws)
Hamburg Germany


Hello Paul,

Thank you for writing. I'm surprised and fascinated to hear from a man who is acquainted with an SS man who was with Bormann as he was escaping from the bunker. Remarkable. How many living Germans could lay claim to that? He must be a man in his eighties or perhaps early nineties today. .

I'm sure, however, beyond any shadow of a doubt that the real Martin Bormann survived the war because the evidence prior to the acquisition of the 100+ Skorzeny photos (which CONFIRM Bormann's continued existence) was sufficiently strong and compelling that it was common knowledge among serious researchers of the Third Reich that both Bormann and Hitler survived. That's why a highly respected journalist and Third Reich historian of the caliber of Paul Manning published a book in 1981 titled Martin Bormann, Nazi in Exile.

In the preface to the book (, Manning said:

"There are also those who know he is not dead, and I am among those who hold this belief. When I penetrated the silence cloaking this story, after countless interviews and laborious research in German and American archives for revealing documents of World War II, I knew that the Bormann saga of flight capital and his escape to South America was really true. It had been covered up by an unparalleled manipulation of public opinion and the media. The closer I got to the truth, the more quiet attention I received from the forces surrounding and protecting Martin Bormann, and also from those who had a direct interest in halting my investigation. Over the period of years it took to research this book, I was the object of diligent observation by squads of Gestapo agents dispatched from South America by General "Gestapo" Mueller, who directs all security matters for Martin Bormann, Nazi in exile, and his organization, the most remarkable business group anywhere in the secret world of today. Mueller's interest in me, an American journalist, confirmed the truth of my many interviews and my on­going investigation: Bormann is alive, they don't want waves, so they have been willing to expend immense time and money in tracking me and my progress."

It is mainly the casual reader of Third Reich history and the general public who are deluded into believing the contrived hoaxes about Hitler's suicide and Martin Bormann's supposed death from Russian fire in the streets of Berlin. If the SS man you refer to truly believes his statement, then it's possible that the man on the tank (or crouching behind the tank according to many accounts) with your SS friend was a Bormann double, as Bormann was exceedingly careful to cover all his bets. Arranging for his faked death was undoubtedly high on his list of priorities at the time. He may have used a concentration camp inmate whose appearance and dental work were adjusted to look like Bormann's (Hitler used his cousin, who was sometimes his chauffeur, to pose as a double for him in the bunker in the last two weeks of April '45 prior to the cousin being assassinated on April 30 with a bullet to the center of the forehead. Naturally, the man would have been drugged beforehand).

The "evidence" of a skull (with a cyanide capsule no less!) and skeletal remains found in a street excavation in 1972 near the Lehrter railway station in Berlin and used by the West German government to officially declare Bormann dead in 1973 was again published in newspapers in May 1998 when we were told that DNA samples from the skull "proved" that the skull was that of Bormann. Beyond the convenient and contrived nature of the story, you can see from the published picture of the "Bormann skull" that while there are gaps between the upper teeth, they lack a sufficient degree of separation between the two front teeth as was the case with the real Bormann. You should also note that they used a 1940s era photo of Bormann in which the pronounced gap between his two front teeth was filled in by doctoring the photograph with white to obscure the gap. Notice in the photo on the right of Bormann, standing next to Hitler at Berchtesgarden, the gap is still visible, despite the low angle of view.

Alleged Skull of Martin Bormann and Bormann PhotoMarin Bormann at Berchtesgarden with Hitler

More photos of Bormann revealing the pronounced gap between his front teeth

Bormann at age 10 or 11 (Skorzeny photo)   ca. 1950s (Skorzeny photo)                       ca. 1950s (Skorzeny photo)             

Martin Bormann at age 10 or 11 Martin Bormann ca 1950s Martin Bormann ca 1950s

All three photos: ca. late 1990s (Skorzeny photos)      

Martin Bromann Martin Bormann Martin Bormann


Before Skorzeny's shoe box full of photos, there were precious few photographs of Bormann available to the public, as Bormann was careful to avoid the limelight during the Nazi era. However, I soon discovered that attempts to misidentify Bormann among Internet photo archives was probably not accidental. Here is a link to five photos purporting to be Bormann. However, only three of these photos are actually Bormann.

The first misidentified photo shows a Reich Party Day ceremony in September in Nuremberg 1935. The caption below the photo says that Martin Bormann is sitting in the front row on the right, next to Himmler, but that's not Martin Bormann, it's actually Julius Streicher. Is it likely that a one thousand photo archive maintained by Nazi era photo archivists can't tell the difference between Julius Streicher and Martin Bormann?

Photo and caption below seen at:

Document 4 of 5

Heinrich Himmler sits in the audience during a Reichsparteitag (Reich Party Day) ceremony in Nuremberg. [Photograph #60445]

Heinrich Himmler sits in the audience during a Reichsparteitag (Reich Party Day) ceremony in Nuremberg.

Also pictured is Martin Bormann (front row, right) and Wilhem Keitel (second row, fourth from the left, behind and to the left of Himmler). [snip]

Date: Sep 10, 1935 - Sep 16, 1935
Locale: Nuremberg, [Bavaria] Germany
Credit: USHMM, courtesy of James Blevins
Copyright: USHMM

The second misidentified photo of Bormann shows Hitler descending stairs to the Zeppelinfeld during the same week-long Reich Party Day ceremonies in September 10-16, 1935 Nuremberg. The caption below the photo says that Bormann is behind Hitler on the left side of the photo (next to Hess), but again, it's not Martin Bormann--- it's Julius Streicher.

Photo seen at:

Document 5 of 5

With his hand raised in a salute, Chancellor Adolf Hitler walks down the steps to the Zeppelinfeld during Reichsparteitag (Reich Party Day) ceremonies in Nuremberg. [Photograph #58554]

Hitler w Streicher 1935 Sep Nuremberg

With his hand raised in a salute, Chancellor Adolf Hitler walks down the steps to the Zeppelinfeld during Reichsparteitag (Reich Party Day) ceremonies in Nuremberg.

Behind him stands Martin Bormann (left), Rudolf Hess (center), and Heinrich Himmler (behind Hess). [snip]


When you compare the cropped head shots from the above photos from 1935 with an accurately identified photo of Streicher (on the right) from yet another photo posted in them same archive collection from 1938, you see that's it's the same Julius Streicher in every case.

Julius Strericher Julius Streicher Julius Streciher

Below is an accurately identified photo of Julius Streicher from 1938.

Photo seen at:

Document 18 of 1000

Nazi officials attend the opening ceremonies of the 1938 Party congress in Nuremberg. [Photograph #38596]

1938 Nazi Party congress opening ceremonies  Nuremberg

Nazi officials attend the opening ceremonies of the 1938 Party congress in Nuremberg.

Pictured from left to right are Joseph Goebbels, Robert Ley, Heinrich Himmler, Victor Lutze, Rudolf Hess, Adolf Hitler and Julius Streicher. [snip]


Official Nazi era photos of Martin Bormann

Martin Bormann Martin Bromann Martin Bormann

As the late Paul Manning stated in the preface to his book quoted above, there is an "unparalleled manipulation of public opinion and the media" to obscure the existence, whereabouts, and photographic identity of Reichsleiter Martin Bormann since the close of World War II up to the present day.

However, Otto Skorzeny changed all that in the late Fall of 1999 when he handed over to Eric Bermen a shoe box filled with approximately 120 photographs of the most incriminating and explosive pictures to have surfaced in modern times. The Skorzeny photos prove beyond all doubt that the faked "evidence", misdirection, obfuscation, and 63 years of subterfuge by the Nazi-controlled CIA and the Bormann organization to conceal Martin Bormann's existence and activities had irrefutably fallen flat on its face.

Staring out to us from the surface of those amazing photographs are the smiling faces of Martin Bormann, Reinhard Gehlen, Josef Mengele, Alois Brunner, Walter Rauff, Hanna Reitsch, Otto Skorzeny and their wives and children. No amount of 1945 Berlin bunker failed escapes, cyanide capsule "suicides", faked 1979 drowning in Brazil (Josef Mengele's cover story), faked 'funerals' in 1975 Madrid (Skorzeny's cover story), a decrepit, aged old man at a 1972 funeral for Col Franz Halder (Gehlen's cover story), rumored death in Damascus in 1996 (Brunner's story), or Walter Rauff's YouTube video of his "funeral" on May 14, 1984 in Santiago Chile can deny what is plainly seen on those Skorzeny photographs: all of these men were alive and well in photos taken as late as October 1998 at Skorzeny family gatherings (see the two photos below).

The photo seen below was taken on August 11, 1979 at the wedding of Reinhard Gehlen's son. I've blocked out the face of Skorzeny's wife in deference to Eric Bermen's wish to not have the face of Skorzeny's wife or that of his children revealed. Compare the relatively youthful appearance of Gehlen in this 1979 photo, to that of his CIA-arranged photo release of a very aged-looking Reinhard Gehlen in 1972.

August 11 , 1979 wedding of Reinhard GEhlen's son seen with Third Reich associates

The photo below was taken in October 1998 showing Skorzeny in a wheelchair, one year and 3 months before his reported death on December 31, 1999 . The faces of Skorzeny's wife, son and daughter-in-law have been blocked out in deference to Bermen. Josef Mengele is also in this photograph standing to the left of Walter Rauff, but you can only see the top of black hair as he was looking down while the photo was being taken, so I didn't attempt to identify his position in the picture.

October 1998 Otoot Skorzeny family celebration with Nazi era cohorts identified

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. How many words are the Skorzeny photographs worth in light of their obliteration of 63 years of Nazi/CIA-manufactured lies and deceit surrounding the lives of the men seen in these two photographs?

Sincerely, Ken Adachi


The Revelations of Otto Skorzeny, Part 1: Martin Bormann, Reichsleiter in Exile & American Retiree (July 6, 2007)

Revelations of Otto Skorzeny, Part 2: The Family That Preys Together...(August 24, 2007)

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