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Electric Utilities and Government Lie About the Adverse Health Effects of "Smart Grid" and "Smart Meter" Radiation

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From Tom McCarey
July 30, 2014

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Electric Utilities and Government Lie About the Adverse Health Effects of "Smart Grid" and "Smart Meter" Radiation (July 30, 20140

There is a media blackout on Smart Meter information other than utility and industry PR releases. "Take Back Your Power" is a film you should watch:

Join the fight to Stop Smart Meters in PA:

The utilities and the government are lying about the adverse health effects of "Smart Grid" and "Smart Meter" radiation.
Contact your Pennsylvania State Representative and demand that HB 899, HB 902, and HB 906 be reported out of the Comsumer Affairs Committee for a full vote by the House. Below is information about Texas and Canada, but it applies to Pennsylvania, as well.

...even though safety standards on wireless exposure is based on decades of scientific literature, science was missing linking the frequencies to adverse health effects.

The FCC and other international governing bodies adopted the Specific Absorption Rate(SAR) for limits of human exposure. You will see at the link it is a plastic model of a head with a temperature probe in the top. The SAR test didn't consider the smart meter routers, relays, collectors, antennas or that humans are bio electric.

As a result of the missing science in the SAR test, the Texas PUC only addressed the smart meter as an end use device and state in their safety sheet that a short distance from the meter keeps you safe. Oncor admitted through their lawyer the average coverage area of the smart meter router is 5 sq. miles and one collector 125 sq. miles. If you are in the coverage area, a short distance from the meter is irrelevant.

As soon as you see the wireless goal is to blanket the state, it creates a complexity of problems with literally everything the wireless frequencies touch. These RF EMFs go through walls, roofs, people, infrastructure, everything in ecosystems and will bring unrealized consequencies including liabilities. The meter program is well intended stimulus money but will not address Texas's energy problems. I have linked a file to a Utility Commission where we outline the energy issues including infrared images of energy waste. Texas building exposure to solar EMFs are causing the buildings to generate extreme heat and the utilities are responding to the symptoms with massive energy waste reacting to the symptoms.

Health Canada is presently revising safety standards and a draft bill was introduced by a U.S. Member of Congress to update the Specific Absorption Rate. As soon as they add the errors or omissions in the SAR test, the frequencies will be illegal as applied.

Texas dealing with their building solar exposure with paints, finishes or shade will immediately knock massive energy waste off the challenged electrical grids without re-inventing the wheel. Air conditioning is really refrigeration being used because the building has become a source of extreme heat.

A smart meter opt out program will not address the true radiation coverage or the real liabilities and costs to all industries. Here is the last link where a Texas utility explains to their customer's inquiry as to how they read their analog meter through the power lines from a central location.

Tom McCarey

"...necessity is the plea for every infringement of human freedom." - Sir William Pitt (1759-1806)


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