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Smartphone Users at a Higher Risk of Radiation Exposure

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September 16, 2014

Smartphone Users at a Higher Risk of Radiation Exposure (Set. 16, 2014)

smartphoneThis is not a good news for the smartphone lovers. An expert has said that the radiation exposure from smartphones is much higher because of data traffic. Even though one may not be using the phone all the time, there is continuous data flowing from Facebook and other apps such as weather, news update and so on that people have on their phones,’ Dariusz Leszczynski said.

The member of the expert committee at World Health Organization/International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), 2011, was speaking at an event here Monday evening. Speaking about ‘Mobile tower and cell phone radiation – its threat and perception’ at India International Centre (IIC) organised by Syenergy Environics, Leszcznski said there was lot of ‘misinformation’ about health risk of cellphone radiation.

‘I was a part of the 31 scientists committee (IARC) constituted by the WHO and 26 scientists among them classified radiofrequency electromagnetic fields as possibly carcinogenic to humans (Group 2B), causing brain cancer with its long term use,’ he said. Urging people to not talk on phone for more than half an hour in day, he also discouraged them from keeping phones closer to the body.

‘It is very important that safety standards are revised and users should be informed of current scientific uncertainty and better research needed in this field,’ added Leszcznski. According to the expert, ‘current safety standards are insufficient’. ‘India needs to change and position the towers in places which are inaccessible to people and check the emission levels,’ he said. Reiterating the expert view, Ajay Poddar, managing director of Syenergy Environics, said that the telecom industry has to be responsive to people’s concern about health and should indulge in research.

Source: IANS

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re. iphone6

Greetings Ken,

Your Iphone6 topic reference did not include the ability of these devices to string out some data through Bluetooth or IR channel that can inhibit someone in his heartbeat, neural centers for balance, etc. These capabilities were already available in Nokia's devices from as early as 1998 by means ofa special composed text in SMS messages (which then could be re-emited through the local wireless port on the device).

The old satanist hive of that era was already very active with targeting Christians in there direct neighbourhood with all sorts of microwave devices first used by the Russians on targeting the US embassy in Moscow (1950-70).

Nowdays, the LCD monitors are an easy device to be used as a mental and health disturber just by means of the remote control of the electronics within the monitor thru the mains powercord; nothing to do with a computer attached to it! I cannot say if it can cause a cardiac arrest, but I have some people that dropped dead behind the screen so doubt is there. I have witnessed myself that the camera function used by the darkside has been used on my EIZO LED screen from the late 90's of the past century, so as long as that, it has been possible.

Ken hope you can find some truth in my writings maybe it is part of your own experiences with health issues.

The Netherlands

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