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Police No Longer Serve and Protect the Public

by Brent Johnson:
February 23, 2008

Police No Longer Serve or Protect the Public (May 4, 2008)

Original Title: Soldiers of Evil

Source: The Voice of Freedom

Thomas Paine, one of America’s most influential Founding Fathers, wrote in his brilliant essay, Common Sense, that government at its very best, when it is doing everything right and nothing wrong, is a necessary evil. In other words, Thomas Paine and those (like myself) who share his views on government believe that all governments are inherently evil.

This means that those who work for government are supporting, by their efforts, something evil, and are therefore perpetrating evil. In other words, all bureaucrats, that is, all elected and appointed officials, whether federal, state, city, county or otherwise, are supporting a government that is fundamentally evil. This includes the police.

Did you know that police officers are actually government corporation security guards? It’s true. As a matter of fact, many police uniforms contain the words, “Corporate Police” [COP] on the hat or jacket. Police officers work for evil governments. They support evil. They are evil.

I know that many of you will react unfavorably to my characterization of police as evil. That is because your belief systems have become so entrenched that you likely find it difficult to look at the issue honestly and with clarity. I have lost count of the number of times I have heard someone say, “Most police are good. There are a few bad apples.” I used to agree. However, I no longer believe it to be true.

Police officers, like anyone and everyone who works for any branch or level of government, are bureaucrats. As a bureaucrat, each police officer is the exact product of his or her training - nothing more and nothing less.

The news media are filled with a growing number of incidents of and complaints about police brutality, official misconduct, and outright criminal acts perpetrated by the same people who are supposed to protect and defend the general public from precisely these kinds of crimes.

I submit that the reason police break into the homes of innocent citizens and often kill them is because they have been trained to do so. Today, police are trained to regard all citizens as criminals! They are trained that they should shoot first and ask questions later.

Recently, it was reported that Blackwater USA, the organization that supplies mercenary soldiers to conflict areas like Iraq and Afghanistan, has been training personnel from American law enforcement agencies! That’s right. Your local sheriff or police department has received training from a bunch of mercenaries who are used to being in war zones. The tactics they teach to and the techniques they employ with police officers who are going to interact with you and your fellow Americans, are draconian at best, and reminiscent of the tactics and techniques used by Hitler’s Gestapo and Stalin’s secret police.

Several years ago, the U.S. Supreme Court issued a ruling in which they declared that “police safety is more important than personal liberty”. Today’s police training reflects that reprehensible statement.

Police no longer consider their responsibilities to include “protecting and defending” the rights of the people. They are no longer officers whose jobs are to keep the peace. Rather, they have become “law enforcement officers”. Consider the words, “law enforcement”. The police force you to obey the laws imposed by the non-constitutional, corporate governments to which they owe their allegiance.

Frequently, I hear about “good police officers” who really try to do a good job. I do not doubt the veracity of such reports, but they do not change my earlier characterization of all police officers. I am sure that some of the soldiers who served in Hitler’s Army were good people who were just trying to get through troubling times, many of them with families and friends, just like you. But they served evil and therefore the acts they performed were evil. Perhaps they were not fundamentally or inherently evil, but they nevertheless gave their support to evil. We are known by our deeds. Hitler’s soldiers perpetrated evil and so they were evil.

The exact same thing must be said about police officers who use their official powers to enslave, intimidate, falsely accuse, extort, threaten, assault, and murder people. It is not possible to do these things for good reasons. These are inherently evil acts and they are performed by evil people.

Several years back, a retired police officer turned journalist traveled throughout the Pacific Northwest, asking police officers, sheriffs and sheriff’s deputies whether they would obey an order by the Governor to confiscate firearms from law-abiding citizens. An uncomfortably large percentage said they would. Oh, they claimed they understood that the Second Amendment prohibited government from doing such a thing, but they nevertheless whined about how after all, they have mortgages and families to support and need the money, so in the end they would obey such an order.

It was during the Nuremberg Trials of Nazi war criminals that it was established for all time that following unjust and evil orders is no excuse for perpetrating evil acts. Have we forgotten the lessons of Nuremberg so soon?

I consider these matters to be black and white. I believe there is good in this world and there is evil in this world. The police are soldiers of evil, regardless of any good deeds that individual officers may perform. Remember that the Devil speaks with a silver tongue and performs all kinds of good deeds in order to further his evil designs. If a police officer really is a good person, then he or she should quit the police force immediately, and use his or her skills and talents to protect and defend the people from the evil police and the evil government.

Each of you is known by your deeds, not your words. If there are good police out there, then let them perform good deeds rather than destroying people’s lives and property in pursuit of drugs or in order to generate revenue to support an evil government.

Don’t try helping the police, either. If you report a crime, they are trained to suspect you. If you try to do your duty as a citizen, they are trained to assume that you are nevertheless guilty of something and they will therefore investigate you. Don’t expect to receive a promised reward, either. They are evil and evildoers tend to lie. Don’t trust the police!

So the next time you see a policeman on the corner, don’t treat him like some good guy. Remember that he works for a government that is fundamentally evil, that he supports evil, that he perpetrates evil every day he is on the job. He is not your friend. He is your enemy and the enemy of all freedom-loving Americans and all people who love Good. Remember that he is a soldier of evil.

"Game On"

Look out your window, see what is being allowed in the name of "security" by the sheeple of this country. We have been under martial law since the civil war, another one is being designed right under our noses, by the same people that speak equality. They divide and conquer. This storm has just begun, tornados, mass murders, increasing prices and decreasing wages, all a nice tight design of enslavement they are bringing society to a breaking point, while at the same time testing how easily you will obey being monitored, being huddled into security check points. WAKE UP this is Nazi Germany all over, except this time they will try to enslave or destroy the entire populace of the globe. Do not believe CNN, or any other mainstream media source. Do not be a sheep, read Thomas Paine and fight for your country. This is EVIL and it is being wielded right in the direction of "We The People". Talk to your pastor, your kids principals and better yet your local sheriff, because they CAN stop the fed's and stand with the people, they just have to remember it is not about the paycheck first and family second, it used to be about GOD, Country and Family, well we will have NO FAMILY LEFT UNLESS WE STAND TOGETHER AS ONE NATION OF PEOPLE UNDIVIDED by government!


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