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Sorcha Faal... Internet Hoax Queen Courtesy of One David Booth
March 15, 2008

Sorcha Faal... Internet Hoax Queen Courtesy of One David Booth (March 17, 2008)

Subject: Are you still "Faal-ing" for the disinfo of Sorcha Faal?
From: "RadicalPress" <>
Date: Sat, March 15, 2008

Dear Radical Reader:

I continue to get mail from internet readers who come across my article Sorcha Faal: Light Bringer or Faallen Angel? which I posted to the net on September 17, 2006, (see: ). At that time I had come to the conclusion that this person was blowing smoke in the ears of internet readers and thus I critiqued one of the more outrageous pieces that had then recently come across my screen.

Since that time I still find certain sites who continue to publish these ongoing hoaxes. I have tried to convince them that all they are doing is spreading more disinformation but beyond offering my two cents worth I cannot do more than rely upon their own good judgment to figure out how they are being scammed and, inadvertently, scammming others.

A recent enquiry from yet another reader who was puzzled by these writings and who had "Faal-en" for the scam and written to me for my opinion prompted me to do a bit of googling on this entity. Some of the immediate findings I've posted below for your attention. There are likely more on the net.

Personally, as I stated in my original critique of this writer, I think they are part of the Zionist disinfo team that pumps out misinformation and confusing constructs as part of the overall agenda of "DECEPTION" which is the hallmark of Zionism¹s modus operandi. I would therefore ask that you reconsider posting this ³information² to your associates without some disclaimer or note of caution (at the very least). It would be best of course if you just deleted the junk writings but that is your call not mine.

For Truth, Peace & Justice for All,

Arthur Topham
The Radical Press
Canada¹s Radical News Network
³Digging to the root of the issues since 1998²

Sorcha Faal... Internet Hoax Queen Courtesy of David Booth...

By Mirthful Me
Sept. 24, 2007

On almost a weekly basis some outrageous claim is made in an ATS thread, and usually the topic is centered on the demise of civilization as we know it. Here are some recent threads that are based on Sorcha Faal's "research" and "insight."

US President Orders Military To Begin Jailing All Civilian Protestors To War

Putin Orders Russian Military Forces To Attack US Forces During Iran Invasion????

Russia, China Order Forces To Highest Alert As US Forces Mass On Iranian Border

Pravda: Imus Fired After He Threatened to Reveal 9/11 secrets

Massive ULF 'Blast' Detected In US Bridge Collapse Catastrophe

US 'Shoot on Site' Order Issued For Escaping Americans

Australia To Imprison All Muslims In Concentration Camps

American Spy Satellite Downed In Peru

‘Ship of Giants’ Said Attacked By Israel in Strike on Syria

The above is a sliver of the threads available on ATS.

There is a common element to these "reports," the "author" Sorcha Faal. Who is "Sorcha Faal" and what is "her" agenda?

Here is some insight:

Reader Asks - 'Who Is Sorcha Faal?'

Sorcha Faal

FreedomCrowsNest Forum Index :: Out In The Cosmos :: Who is Sorcha Faal

Who is ŒSorcha Faal? A Posterboy for Mental Health

Our own inquiry:

Sorcha Faal: What's her story?

And my favorite disclaimer regarding Sorcha Faal being used by a website:

Note:. There is no such person as "Sorcha Faal, Russian academic" "Sorcha Faal" is actually David Booth, an American computer programmer "Sorcha" is alleged to be a Russian academic but there is absolutely no record of anyone with such a name in Russian academia. These periodic eruptions have absolutely no basis in any kind of fact or reality and are typical of the nonsense bespangling the internet. These reports, however, have a good deal of entertainment value. This idiocy is almost as funny as the Scientology cult babblings. Ed.

Catastrophic Atmospheric Blast in Southern Hemisphere Continues Global Weather Chaos as North American Plate Instability Increases and US President Orders Massive Troop Withdrawal from New Madrid Fault Zone Region

So why does David Booth/Sorcha Faal perpetrate this fraud? Apparently it is an excellent way to solicit money, and to promote his/her/its book:

'Pick Your Doomsday Scenario Here!" An Analysis of the David Booth Affair

THE DAVID BOOTH AFFAIR - Psyop Extraordinaire!!

David Booth

Sorcha Faal Strikes Again!

David Booth - Plagiarist?

And he should be dead now:

As agreed upon by the congregation this final message to humanity would be released only pon the death of David Booth, the last in the line of the Œmessengers¹ for the family.

And as our Dear Brother David Booth lies tonight before that doorway of death we release to the world tonight this Final Message from him.

But he's not... He's still coming up with hoax after hoax... Most likely using the "Sorcha Faal" moniker because his name has been tied to hoax's, plagiarism and other unsavory undertakings. Why feed David Booth's need to yank on the collective internet user's chain? Why do people drink the Kool-aid and hang on to a particular story's veracity? Is it because it reflects their personal world view, or beliefs? I'm not sure... But I am sure that every time I see a Sorcha Faal article referenced the possibility of "Deny Ignorance" has been greatly reduced regarding that particular topic.

I hope this helps some of the members and guests of ATS understand the true nature of the Sorcha Faal/David Booth viral hoax campaign...

[edit on 24/9/2007 by Mirthful Me]

Sorcha Faal

Posturing as a scientists associated with the Russian Academy of Science, this newcomer raised many eyebrows:

Who is Sorcha Faal? It seems this person has appeared out of nowhere and is now issuing all of this information forth from David Booth's web site. ( Who is he/she? Has he/she been around for a while and I just missed it? Is he/she connected with

And from another:

A search of the Russian Academy of Sciences website for Sorcha Faal brings up "not found".

And from another:

This quote below is from the WhatDoesItMean web site. I e-mailed her a couple of weeks ago for her credentials and requested links to previous articles that she supposedly wrote ... never heard back. I have searched high and low on the web for over two weeks and can't find anything about her...

Sorcha Faal is an International Researcher and Author who goes beyond the simple explanations used to explain today¹s issues. ³Life is meant to be more than accepting our world as separate pieces; everyone must see the interconnectedness of everything.² She is fond of saying. As a child growing up in St. Petersburg, Russia, Sorcha¹s life mirrored others of her generation in experiencing in education and life an experience of freedom, thought and religion not known to her parents or grandparents. Seeing that many prominent, and esteemed, Russian researchers, and their works, are not only undervalued in Western countries but also practically unknown, Sorcha has devoted herself to providing a bridge to the world for those ideas and thoughts previously unknown. Utilizing her skills in engineering and intelligence analysis she provides to the reader a unique approach to understanding this world of ours in the areas of current political, astronomical, earth sciences and medical events. To enable this effort of education leading to greater understanding between all the peoples of the world she has acquired the management position of the American, Canadian and British website, WhatDoesItMean.Com. As the head editor Sorcha will continue to bring forward the news of the day in a context that shows the interconnectedness of all the worlds¹ peoples. Momentous changes are occurring on almost a daily basis to our world and what is missing the most
for true comprehension are the contexts to put them into. Without context news stories are just words, and soon forgotten. Sorcha and many others believe that we are entering a Century of great change, not only for our hearts and minds, but perhaps for our very souls also. Like many others also around the world, and from many countries, Sorcha joins the effort to educate as many as possible towards these events so that they will not become surprised, or be led into despair. We thank you for visiting her new website and encourage your thoughts and opinions on any issue of concern. You may write Sorcha directly by sending your comments to her at:

And from another:

In the world of academia, in particular the sciences, the cliche is: Publish or perish. If Sorcha has a doctorate, as her title alludes, where is her thesis? Where are any other works that one would normally expect from a"scholar?" Why is there absolutely no evidence of her existence, prior to and aside from the crap at the Booth site?

December 22, 2004
Unknown Energy Surges Continue to Hit Planet, Global Weather Systems in Chaos

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to the Russian Academy of Sciences


There is a rather long list of info posted on this piece regarding the writers authenticity and duplicity. I haven¹t posted it all. Go to the url
and read it yourself.


Reader Asks -
'Who Is Sorcha Faal?'

Dear Jeff,

Does anybody know who Sorcha Faal is? There are many of her writings posted on most of which are very, very anti-American. I wonder how that website stays on board the internet. I purchased a "book" called "Vanya's Journey", which took 3 months to arrive. I expected it to be a fiction/about a woman's spiritual journey, instead it was a hand/plastic spiral bound "manual" containing only a collection of articles that are posted on the website. Really disappointing.

I then started getting emails from "Sorcha" asking for money:

From: "Sorcha Faal" <>
To :
Content-Disposition: inline
Subject : Your Invitation

[Ed. Note: Translated from Russian to English]

For you to be reading these words of mine today has the meaning of you being chosen because we have called to you and you have answered back.


Sorcha Faal: Promoting Fear & Anxiety, A True Servant of the Illuminati

Sorcha Faal: Light Bringer or Faallen Angel?

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