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Muzzling Stacy Lynne:
Colorado Agenda 21 Promoters Use Embedded Judge to Take Away Local Opponent's Only Child

By Dave Hodges, , The Common Sense Show
September 28, 2012

Muzzling Stacy Lynne:Colorado Agenda 21 Promoters Use Embedded Judge to Take Away Local Opponent's Only Child (Oct. 3, 2012)

…current lifestyles and consumption patterns of the affluent middle class – involving high meat intake use of fossil fuels, appliances, home and work-place air-conditioning, and suburban housing – are not sustainable. A shift is necessary which will require a vast strengthening of the multilateral system, including the United Nations…”

Maurice Strong: Opening speech at the 1992 UN Conference on Environment and Development

Bad things happen when Agenda 21/ICLEI [International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives] advocates come to your hometown. Most aware people know that the Agenda 21 advocates are dedicated to the demise of the family and in Larimer County, Colorado, this philosophy is being lived out. Therefore, should it be any surprise that when fully implemented, ICLEI regulations will not only severely limit access to electricity and transportation, but will deny the common citizenry noninvasive access to beautiful wilderness areas, destroy private business, impose unsustainable tax rates, arbitrarily seize private property for personal gain, promote corruption at the highest levels of industry and government, and have endorsed and implemented extreme population reduction methods. Now, the ICLEI advocates have added child theft to their list of heinous crimes against humanity which is perpetrated against those who would dare to oppose these fascist, anti-humanity policies.

Stacy Lynne


For the past four years, Stacy Lynne of Larimer County (Ft. Collins), Colorado, through a series of public presentations, has been desperately alerting her community to the Agenda 21/ICLEI form of totalitarianism which has been systematically invading her community for the past 17 years. Now, she finds herself the victim of political retaliation in which her child has been stolen from her for daring to reveal the truth.



As Stacy Lynne began making public presentations regarding the dangers of Agenda/ICLEI,

U.N. Taking Over City Councils Across America!


and garnered much public support. For example, Lynne opposed the insane plan of “the greening” of downtown Ft. Collins, CO. in which only “eco friendly cars” would be permitted to park in downtown parking spaces. Local businesses estimated that each parking spot was worth $300,000 per year. This reckless Agenda/ICLEI proposal would have bankrupted several local small business owners. However, Lynne was successful in harnessing community opposition and defeated the proposal. Lynne also fought against her local government’s attempt to only employ Waste Management, a financial contributor to ICLEI, which would have bankrupted two locally owned trash businesses.  Lynne was somewhat successful in defeating this measure as well.

Patricia Stryker                    

Patricia StrykerDespite her successes, Lynne was making very powerful enemies including the Colorado “poster child” of Agenda 21/ICLEI, Patricia Stryker [Forbes put her net worth at 1.4 Billion] , whose business interests were intertwined with a group of Agenda 21 engineers, The Brendle Group, as well as Waste Management. This placed Lynne in the crosshairs of Stryker’s ICLEI allies, and they came after Lynne with a vengeance.

At this point, it is relevant to note that this is the same Pat Stryker who donated  $50,000 for Obama’s inauguration and contributed another $87,000 for the event. Stryker also donated $35,800 to the Obama Victory Fund. In return, Stryker’s Abound Solar Company, in a scenario reminiscent to the Solyndra solar scandal, in which Stryker’s Abound Solar Company was touted by President Obama and subsequently the Department of Energy doled out 400million dollars to Stryker’s energy love child only to have the company go bankrupt only months later. Stryker’s business interests told the Department of Energy that the donated taxpayer’s money was projected to create 1200 permanent jobs. Yet, as early as last March, Abound Solar had already laid off 280 employees. And by this past summer, only months after receiving a massive amount of taxpayer money, Abound Solar filed for bankruptcy. This was the type of corruption and ineptitude that Stacy Lynne was attempting to fight against in Larimer County, and for daring to exercise her right First Amendment protected free speech rights, the Agenda 21 forces of her community turned her life upside down.

[Pat Stryker and former Congresswoman Betsy Markey worked together to push for a 400 million government secured loan for Abound Solar Company, a company that would soon declare bankruptcy with a few months of receiving the tax payer subsidized "loan," following the same pattern of fraud exhibited by the Solyndra solar panel company, another Obama administratioon arranged rip-off of the American taxpayer. ]

Abound Solar , Pat Stryker and Betsy Markey

Over nine years ago, Stacy Lynne and Jeff Pappenheim parented Jaden. According to Lynne, the biological father chose to not play a prominent role in his son’s life leaving the responsibility for raising the child to his mother. Then, without warning in January of 2011, the biological father filed a court action which sought the sole custody of Jaden.

Judge Julie FieldFormer one term Colorado Govenor Bill RitterThe triumvirate consisting of former [Democrat] Colorado Governor Bill Ritter [Jan 2007- Jan. 2011], Judge Julie Field and Patricia Stryker’s ICLEI interests, subsequently became involved in a series of “amazing coincidences”, which culminated in the neutralization of Stacy Lynne as their main ICLEI/Agenda 21 opponent in the Fort Collins area.

This neutralization was accomplished by the stealing of Lynne’s son in one of the biggest miscarriages of justice ever witnessed in a family court.





All three parties are inextricably tied to ICLEI/Agenda 21 interests. The conflicts of interests between Ritter, Field, Stryker interests, and ultimately the 8th District Court of Larimer County, in this case, are numerous and a matter of public record.

Briefly, Ritter appoints Field to the Bench of the 8th District Court in January of 2011 which was the same month as the custody action filed by Pappenheim. Stryker began a professional relationship with Field in 1987 when her law firm represented Stryker interests. Upon leaving office in January of 2011, and after having appointed the judge who will steal Lynne’s child, [former Colorado Govenor] Ritter goes to work for Stryker interests. The newly appointed Judge Field subsequently conducts a Kangaroo court trial in which Stacy, not accused of any wrongdoing, has her child awarded to Pappenheim with a 100% transfer of custody.

Adding insult to injury, Stacy Lynne and her followers have formally alleged that Pappenheim has not allowed Stacy to see Jaden, as prescribed by the court, in violation of the court order. Judge Field has consistently refused to rule in this matter.

There are so many disturbing aspects of this case that it is hard to know where to begin.  However, the issue related to the blatant conflicts of interests which have served to undermine the integrity of the Larimer County Court system seems like a prudent place to begin. Therefore, the documentation used to support the abovementioned allegations against Ritter, Stryker and Fields, is listed below.

On December 21, 2011, Stacy’s son was removed from her custody by Field without any explanation and without any evidence presented which proved Lynne was guilty of neglect, abuse or any other parental misbehavior that would warrant such an action by any court.

In the trial, Field refused to allow Lynne to call witnesses on her behalf and when the citizens in the court gasped with amazement, Field cleared the courtroom so this miscarriage of justice could continue away from the watchful eye of the public. Field’s custody ruling allowed Stacy one supervised visit, every two weeks, with Jaden at the Harmony House, located in Fort Collins, where Pat Stryker’s Bohemian Foundation, in a direct conflict of interest, is listed as a financial contributor. In order to see her child at a supervised visit, Lynne must pay hundreds of dollars to visit her child for two hours at the Harmony House and this egregious conflict of interest is ignored by the courts. In my days as a mental health counselor, I have seen more lenient parental rights granted to convicted pedophiles!

Why would Field misuse her judicial authority and judicially abuse a woman whose only “crime” was to oppose the insidious invasion of her community by ICLEI interests?

Simple, Julie Field is also an Agenda 21/ICLEI advocate as evidenced by her employment history in which she claims on her judicial application that she was a special consultant to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank, from January 2007-December 2009. “Both are institutions in the United Nations system” and are beholding to Agenda 21/ICLEI interests. So not only was Lynne a political opponent of Stryker interests because of her anti-Agenda 21/ICLEI stance, Field was also an Agenda 21/ICLEI foe of Lynne as well. If Field had an ounce of judicial integrity, she would have recused herself from the case. However, it also appears that Field had her own financial interest to protect. Judge Field was serving as both an Attorney Mediator and board member for the Crossroads Safehouse, a refuge for neglected children and battered women. According to the Crossroads website, the Brendle Group is a major contributor to the their institution and is also connected to Stryker business interests. The Brendle Group is a self-admitted collection of “Agenda 21 engineers” who are a driving force behind the Agenda 21/ICLEI projects in Larimer County and across the nation. Judge Field badly needs to explain this blatant conflict of interest.

Field’s conflicts of interests are not limited to her ICLEI interests; On page one of Field’s Judicial application for the 8th Judicial District, she lists her work address as 123 N. College Avenue, Suite 200, Ft. Collins, Colorado. West Mountain Asset Management, a Pat Stryker company, shows the same address on Federal Corporate Filings and websites, for the same time period. This means that the good Judge was a suitemate of Pat Stryker and since Stacy Lynne was a political opponent of Field’s good friend, this judge should have had the integrity to not preside over this judicial travesty.

Just when the conflicts of interest could not get any worse, The Common Sense Show staff discovered Fields’ blatant disregard for the need to demonstrate judicial impartiality is further evidenced by the fact that from July 1987 to July 1989, Julie Field worked as a litigation associate with the Nutter, McLennen & Fish, a Boston law firm. The same law firm represented Stryker Biotech, a subsidiary of Stryker Corporation, in a felony trial in the U.S. District Court of Massachusetts (United States of America v. Stryker Biotech, LLC, et al., No. 1:09-cr-10330, D. Mass.).  

What are the odds that a long-time Stryker ally would become the judge of record of in the Lynne divorce action? Field was appointed to the 8th District by outgoing Colorado Governor Bill Ritter, effective January 1, 2011. When Ritter left the Governor’s Office, his new $300,000 position was entitled “Director of the Center for the New Energy Economy” at Colorado State University. As reported by State Bill Colorado , “CSU provided a job description for Ritter’s position, which is being financed for three years by foundations, including that belonging to medical-device heiress Patricia Stryker, a Fort Collins resident and a prominent player in Colorado politics”. The Denver Business Journal also reported “Ritter said funding for the center and his position will come from private sources: the San Francisco-based Energy Foundation; the Fort Collins-based Bohemian Foundation founded in 2001 by Fort Collins heiress and Democratic Party supporter Pat Stryker; and other donors”. Therefore, Bill Ritter, the Governor who appointed Julie Field to a judgeship, now works for Stacy Lynne’s political opponent, Pat Stryker, and the public is left to believe that this is all one great big set of coincidences.

Governor Ritter also had an Agenda 21/ICLEI ax to grind against Lynne as Ritter is a board member with Energy Foundation of San Francisco. In 2010- 2011 the Energy Foundation contributed $600,000 to ICLEI. Readers can view the running list of  donations to ICLEI here.

It is important to mention, at this point, that the entire legal apparatus and political system in Fort Collins, Colorado, is fully vested in the Agenda 21 policies of ICLEI as evidenced by the removal of Jaden which was the first of a series of heinous and harassing actions perpetrated by the officials located in Fort Collins (Larimer County), Colorado against Stacy Lynne for her political advocacy against Agenda 21.

Immediately following the trial in which Jaden was removed from his mother’s custody, Lynne went to a nearby Kinkos/FEDEX to type an injunction against Field’s custody order. Shortly thereafter, Lynne was arrested by Larimer County Sheriffs on kidnapping charges and attempted criminal flight with a child even though Jaden was not in her care at the time. When the deputies were asked to produce the arrest warrant and the court order to transfer custody of Jaden, these law enforcement officials replied they did not have to produce either document prior to arresting Lynne (violation of CRS 16-3-02). Lynne was denied a subsequent Contempt Hearing, nor was she was arrested with probable cause (violation of CRS 16-3-108). Yet, when Lynne appeared in court following her release, the Larimer County District Attorney’s Office stated that no charges were being preferred. If there ever was a case for false imprisonment, this is the text book case. Lynne is suing Larimer County for these and other alleged violations against Larimer County Sheriffs.

Courtesy of the Larimer County Sheriff’s brazen disregard for the constitutional rights of its citizens, Stacy Lynne has also become the victim of an illegal wire tap of her cell phone AFTER the loss of her son to Pappenheim. In addition, Stacy Lynne discovered a Larimer County Sheriffs tracking device attached to her SUV on May 3, 2012. The device was confirmed as a tracking device by nearby the Weld County Sheriff’s office as belonging to Larimer County Sheriffs. The device was subsequently removed by Weld County officials and returned to Larimer County officials. There is no court order which legally justifies the installation and use of such a surveillance device on Stacy Lynne’s vehicle. This makes no sense, unless the Larimer County Sheriff Department is fearful that Lynne may have uncovered and will reveal even more criminal corruption involving the parties mentioned in this article and that the information may subsequently be revealed to journalists such as myself. For the life of me, I cannot imagine another set of motivations which could underlie these repeated and reprehensible violations of the public trust and the people of Larimer County need to be asking questions.

In completing this clean sweep of judicial abuse, Field has ordered that Lynne pay 100% of Pappenheim’s $14,000 of attorney fees. Lynne is not employed and does not have the money and subsequently faces a Contempt of Court action for which she will be sent to jail for 120 days if she fails to comply with the payment order by Field. This rookie judge has reinvented the medieval practice of putting debtors in prison. Meanwhile, Stacy has seen her son twice in nearly 5 months and her contempt actions filed with the court, related to this matter have been ignored by this same judge.

On September 13, 2012, Stacy appeared in the kangaroo courtroom of Judge Julie Field where she faced the total termination of her parental rights as well as the enforcement of the order to pay $14,000 in legal fees. Stacy shared with me that she felt that it was entirely possible that the she was going to be sent to jail and she also faced the possibility of never seeing her son again. However, the judicial Gods intervened and Judge Field was not able to act upon these two issues on this particular day. According to several witnesses, Stacy attempted to read an opening statement and have it entered into the court record as she was attempting to get on to the record the outrageous judicial conflicts of interest in this case. In a blatant violation of Lynne’s due process rights, Judge Field would not permit Stacy to read her statement.

There was an outcry from the overflow crowd in the courtroom in which one man demanded that Judge Field respect Stacy’s legal right to present evidence on her behalf. The Judge had the protestor removed from the court but his removal did not totally silence the buzz in the courtroom. In a scene reminiscent of the Keystone Cops, the judge overreacted and pushed the emergency panic button and quickly departed out the backdoor of the courtroom along with Pappenheim and his attorney.

Some witnesses reported that the chaos that ensued was both comical and frightening. Fort Collins police were dispatched to the scene and entered the court house with guns drawn. Not everyone saw the officers with guns drawn, but everyone that I spoke with thought it was quite comical that the both the judge and local law enforcement overreacted to a relatively benign situation.

As an interesting side note, I was told by a couple of witnesses, at the latest judicial fiasco, that while they were being herded by local law enforcement into a commons area, they encountered parents who, like Stacy Lynne, were unjustly having their parental right severed as well. In fact, as I am discovering from my investigation, that there exists sufficient evidence to investigate both the entire CPS apparatus and the Larimer County Court system for judicial impropriety when it comes to the removal of children from their parents. Some local residents suspect a more sinister set of motivations which underlies why Larimer County has such a high rate of child removals compared to other counties its size. And given the actions of the Larimer County Sheriff’s, it seems reasonable to investigate this law enforcement agency from top to bottom for corruption.

It is notable that at this point in time, there is a documentary crew as well as a couple of well-known journalists who have expressed interest in various aspects of this case. It is also notable that this is the same legal apparatus who intentionally framed Timothy Masters for murder by intentionally tampering with evidence. Master’s was eventually freed but not until he spent almost a decade in prison for a crime he did not commit.

It should also be noted that one of the reasons that Judge Field is considering a motion to terminate Lynne’s rights to visitation with Jaden is because the boy is reportedly “frightened of his mother.” This begs the question, how does a boy who has seen his mother twice in five months, in a supervised setting, in a public location, become afraid of his mother, a mother, who up until late December of 2011, was the only custodial parent that this child had ever known? A fair judge and virtuous court system would be seeking alternative answers to this common sense question. However, there is nothing fair and virtuous about the legal system in the People’s Republic of Larimer County.

At the end of the day, and setting aside all of the corruption associated in this case, there is a lesson for all Americans with regard to the court-sponsored Stacy Lynne child abduction case. When well-meaning citizens stand up to the insidious forces of Agenda 21, bad things, very bad things can happen to them and to their families. This abuse can only exist in a vacuum of courage and knowledge. And any knowledgeable person knows that Agenda 21 seeks to undermine the authority of the parent and seeks to destroy the family unit. If you are reading these words and you are hearing about Agenda 21 for the first time, you have an obligation to humanity, and for the welfare of your family, to educate yourself and share what you have learned with ignorant persons within your sphere of influence.

For Stacy and Jaden, this tragedy is the poster child case of the horrible things that can happen to people who dare to oppose the forces of ICLEI and Agenda 21. It is safe to say that if Stacy Lynne had not successfully opposed the Agenda 21/ICLEI forces in Larimer County, Stacy would still be Jaden’s primary custodial parent in the fall of 2012.

America, you cannot let the Stacy Lynne case fade from the public’s attention. For if this injustice is allowed to stand, then none of us are safe. Please help Stacy spread the word about this travesty of justice by making this tragic written account go viral.

Stacy Lynne’s supporters have set up a legal relief fund and contributions may be sent to:

The Benefit of Stacy Lynne-
P.O. Box 1211
Arvada, Co. 80001-1211

The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don’t do anything about it.”
Albert Einstein

Dave Hodges

Phony 'Environmentalists' & Agenda 21: Corrupt Wolves in Sheep Clothing

Nature Cons

Come join Americans who are outraged with the eco-terrorists and the green revolution threatening to take over this country. We will not stay silent as faux environmental groups threaten our way of life, with their outrageous conservation proposals to dominate America through U.N. Agenda 21. Who is responsible for this unconstitutional act? In 1992 George H.W. Bush signed the document at the Earth Summit, committing the United States to the U.N. regulations of Agenda 21, which will effectively end our national sovereignty, property rights and our current way of life.

With Executive order # 12852 President Clinton created the Presidents Council on Sustainable Development to integrate U.S. environmental policy with the U.N. regulations. Among the signing members of this council were former President and CEO of Nature Conservancy, John Sawhill, Michele Perrault, International VP - Sierra Club, John Adams, Natural Resources Defense Council and Ken Lay former head of Enron Corp.

For all of the corrupt bankers, corporations, scientists, academicians, legislators and members of the local, state and federal government, who are involved in this scheme - you have seriously underestimated the resolve of the American people. We are mad as hell - and taking it no longer.

You've successfully hidden your plan for years, but 'We The People' are becoming more aware with each passing day and as Admiral Yamamoto (Commander-in-Chief of Japanese fleet who attacked Pearl Harbor) stated over 60 years ago - "We have awakened a sleeping giant". So to The Nature Conservancy (TNC) - World Wildlife Fund (WWF), Sierra Club, Natural Resources Defense Council and all other conservation groups and non-governmental organizations who comprise the eco/fascist communitarian enemies of America we know your intentions and will expose you at every level.
We are not the controlled main stream media and we will not stay silent. We will not go quietly into the night.

The constant propaganda we are forced to endure, on a daily basis, insinuating we are too ignorant to take care of our earth is not only insulting and condescending, is it blatantly untrue.

Nature Conservancy and World Wildlife fund have arrogantly presented themselves as the only hope for saving the earth, from the false crisis they have introduced. They conveniently forget to mention they have surrounded themselves with some of the worst polluters in the world. Sixteen of the twenty six members of the The Nature Conservaancy International Leadership Council have made the Political Economic Research Institute (PERI) top 100 worst polluters list and 12 of them are multiple offenders.

Former President of World Wildlife Fund International is the trophy hunting, eugenist Prince Philip of England. His son, Prince Charles, now holds the title and is well documented for his love of fox hunting, private jets, vast land holdings, and lavish life style. Yet hypocrite Prince Charles constantly informs us our 'age of convenience must be over'.

We also have Queen Elizabeth, who is subtly pressuring the world to adapt to the false environmental crisis. Interestingly, what is not made public is Queen Elizabeth's $6 billion interest in her Rio Tinto uranium mines.
The Queen is also complicit in the use of 'depleted uranium' through her connections with the Bush family, Cheney and Halliburton. The use of depleted uranium has been called "The Worst Environmental Disaster in the World" and was unleashed on an unknowing public in the First Gulf War, by George H. W. Bush and supported by England's Queen Elizabeth. With a half shelf life of 4 billion years, both the U.S. and U.K. military have contaminated the entire earth with this heinous material.

There are also the nuclear toxins released from the Fukishima disaster to poison our atmosphere - but The silence we hear from the environmental groups on these 'real threats' is deafening.

The Green Agenda -

135 pages detailing the mindless and dangerous plan known as 'environmentalism'


 Global Revolution
 The Turning Point
 Gaia's Gurus
 The Green Web
 Global Consciousness
 The Great Shift
 Sustainable Development
 Agenda 21
 The Earth Charter
 A United World
 The Gaia Hypothesis
 Deep Ecology
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 A United Faith
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 What about Greenland?
 The Carbon Currency
 A New Economy

Here's the intro from

Paul EhrlichIn the last week of April 2012, via the likes of Professor Paul Ehrlich (1) and The Royal Society (2) in The Guardian newspaper, Malthusian (3) collectivist elites began to more openly show their true anti-free-human ‘common purpose’: the end of national economic freedom and sovereignty, decimation of population numbers to a fraction of present levels, and the strict draconian control of those who remain. In that same week, THE GREEN AGENDA (, one of the best websites on the internet that had been helping to expose such disturbing plans for many years (by citing elites' own words) disappeared from some web browsers. The information on The Green Agenda website is so important that it is therefore reproduced here and available for download as a pdf at: The-Green-Agenda PDF DOWNLOAD | Sovereign Independent UK
In case the original Green Agenda weblinks in the text no-longer work, references have been added in square brackets and original web-pages are set out in sections pertaining to the original homepage index/contents list.

Stacy Lynne – Field report from Courtroom 3B Larimer, County Colorado

September 15, 2012

by Jeanne Hines

Thursday, September 13th was a very interesting day in Courtroom 3B of the 8th Judicial District. It was supposed to be about "Child Support", and reviewing the restricted parenting time Stacy had with Jaden.  Stacy's attorneys had filed an appeal and the Appeals Court kicked it back stipulating that "Child Support" be addressed by the 8th District.  This was a surprise as neither of the parties had requested Child Support in any of the previous proceedings.  Earlier this week Stacy’s attorney had withdrawn from her case.  My understanding was that Judge Field refused to have them withdraw and Tracy Christie was to have been at the hearing.  However, she had not appeared by the time the hearing started.  (This was the second time her "counsel" pulled this ploy and I have no respect whatsoever for the dismal disregard she and her firm have had in advocating for Stacy. 

Prior to the Judge entering several of us joined hands and asked God to be with us, right there in the courtroom.

The opposing attorney did not have any opening statements. When the Judge asked Stacy if she did she replied yes.  At that time Stacy served the Judge with an Emergency Order to Void Judgment and commenced reading the order. Field did not like that and told Stacy she'd read it out of court but that the purpose of the hearing was to address child support and the restrictions on parenting time. Stacy was having none of that.  She was prepared, knowing that an Order to Void Judgment was allowed at ANY proceeding pertaining to the matter at hand, despite what Judge Field said. Her intent was to have the Order read into the record. However, Field attempted to silence Stacy and once again, deny her due process under the Law (Family Court is "Administrative Law" and according to the Constitution does NOT SUPERSEDE CONSTITUTIONAL LAW.) 

In the Order, Stacy cited another case where the Colorado Court of Appeals vacated a Judgment by Voiding it due to multiple errors the Court had made in denying the litigant due process.  Ironically, the original case was heard in the 8th District, Family Court and the Judge was none other than Terence Gilmore who was ousted from the bench by vote after Tim Masters finally achieved justice.  Julie Field replaced Gilmore when Pat Styker's other buddy Bill Ritter appointed her just before leaving the Governorship and taking a job that was paid for by Stryker. 

When Field continued her attempt to bully Stacy into submission one of the spectators spoke out in a loud voice saying "ORDER IN THE COURT!” The Deputy standing at the back of the courtroom grabbed him and shoved him out the doors.  Another spectator then rose and stated his name and that he was bearing witness to treason by the court.  I also rose and stated the same, but at that time the original man who spoke returned to the courtroom (after demanding the Deputy "stand down" as he was one of the People) and asked if there were any other witnesses to the Treason.  I don't know how many rose, but there seemed to be 10 or more and then all hell broke loose.  The Deputy ushered the Judge, the opposing attorney and the biological father all out the same door by the Bench and then 6 of 7 other deputies showed up. 

When the Judge left, no one heard her call for Recess or Adjournment.  She simple left, ABANDONING THE COURTROOM!  No one made any threats, there was no aggression involved, but apparently law enforcement was afraid of a riot or something because they showed up in droves.  

By the time I got outside there were three different Ft. Collins Police cars that came roaring up at excessive speed on Howe’s Ave, with light and sirens.  We have been trained to accept the overreaction of Law Enforcement as an indication of danger.  I can assure EVERYONE that those of us who stood up for Truth and Justice in the courtroom NEVER POSED A THREAT TO ANYONE OR ANYTHING except the lies and deception that have been perpetrated ad nauseam against Stacy and Jaden. 

We do not know what transpire in the courtroom once the deputies cleared the court and foyer. Convenient, eh?

I am aware that some of Stacy's staunch supporters are somewhat alarmed at what happened.  One person felt she was confrontational and wasn't helpful to her own cause.  I understand that many are uncomfortable when things like this happen, but the writing was on the wall and Stacy needs to get Jaden back, safely at her side.  When the Court REPEATEDLY demonstrates she will get no justice or due process and that it is capable of lying and showing utter disregard for its own laws and rules of procedure the time arrives that it must be stopped.  When there is no hope that Justice will be served one has to choose the time to take a stand.  That is what happened yesterday.

Some might say because I have no legal training I don’t know the law, it doesn’t take legal training to know lies, corruption, coercion and dishonesty when one sees it up close and personal.

If I were not intimately aware of the FACTS of this case, if I had not been in the courtroom and witnessed proceedings firsthand then read the Judge's rulings that omitted, twisted and laid, I WOULD NOT BELIEVE THIS COULD HAPPEN IN AMERICA.  If we do not take a stand, as The People, and demand this corruption cease, all will be lost.  Drastic times call for drastic measures.

We do not know, at this time, what will happen.  I believe Stacy did what she had to do.  The Court has to make a decision as to whether or not it will continue this diabolical vendetta against Stacy or finally cave to TRUTH AND JUSTICE.  If we've mis-stepped or done something wrong, we will let God be the Judge. 

The events as I have described them are how I witnessed them.  I may have missed some of the details as it became a confusing event with a lot happening at one time.  I have done my best to be truthful and correct.  Please read this as such.

In closing it is important to state that Stacy Lynne had never had one single complaint lodged against her regarding child neglect or abuse. She is an exemplary mother. Prior to December 21, 2011 her son was a happy, well-adjusted child. He got good grades at a rigorous academy and had many friends and was very close to many members of his extended family. He was very connected to the community. Since Julie Field ruled it was in Jaden’s best interest to have his relationship with his mother severed, his grades hover around failing and a psychologist has declared he needs intervention. After being denied access to see her son for months somehow the court wants to put forth it is Stacy who is the problem. So, in absentia Stacy has somehow caused Jaden problems? Reasonable people should wonder what is being said and done to Jaden in her absence. Reasonable people should be alarmed at what is happening. Reasonable people should join us, stand up, and say ENOUGH!

Respectfully submitted,
Jeanne Hines

Additional Notes

Jeff Pappenheim

CEO of 21st Development Solutions ("The Mountain Region's Premier Provider of Custom Farm Development, Agricultural Construction and Water Services.")!about-us

"Jeff was born and raised in the front range of Northern Colorado. His entire childhood was spent on his families 10,000+ acre farm. With his father's guidance and encouragement, Jeff learned at an early age to analyze, plan an dmake decisions on his own. He quickly mastered the operation and maintenance of a wide range of agricultural equipment and the management of land and livestock. Early on, Jeff knew that the land would always be his passion and inspiration.

He is the founder and CEO of 21st Development Solutions, LLC.

Prior to 21st Development Solutions, Jeff invested over 15 years developing and expanding his repertoire of skills. During this state, he transformed 900 acres of non-productive grassland into valuable, irrigated crop farms. Also, Jeff greatly elevated productivity of another 1,600 acres of land by designing and installing highly efficient pivot irrigation systems. Further, he personally owned and farmed over 500 acres of prime land. In addition to his extensive feeder cattle operation, Jeff farmed corn, hay, beans, sugar beets and wheat. Jeff's management expertise allowed him to leverage his talented crew and vast, state-of-the-art equipment inventory to crop share another 2,000 acres. During that same period, Jeff custom farmed 3,000 acres of privately owned land. His custom contract services included disking, plowing, mulching, leveling, planting, herbicide spraying and harvesting.

Jeff's stellar work and accomplishments have been showcased in Valley Magazine. In 1996, he was named in the Top 10 Beet Growers in Colorado. He resides in Eaton, Colorado."

A Zaba seach of of the name Jeff Pappenheim of Colorado ( listed four locations for the same 42 year old Jeff Pappenheim in Loveland, Eaton, Windsor, and Greeley, Colorado.

Name City State Age Address/Phone/Background
Jeff Pappenheim Loveland CO 42 Get Address HistoryplusGet Phone Number RecordsplusRun a Background View Details
Jeff Pappenheim Windsor CO 42 Get Address HistoryplusGet Phone Number RecordsplusRun a Background View Details
Jeff Pappenheim Eaton CO 42 Get Address HistoryplusGet Phone Number RecordsplusRun a Background View Details
Jeff Pappenheim Greeley CO 42 Get Address HistoryplusGet Phone Number RecordsplusRun a Background View Details

Clicking the first link for Jeff Pappenheim of Loveland, produced the following information:

Jeff Pappenheim
Loveland, CO
Get the full report on
Jeff Pappenheim

Address History

3 in Loveland, CO
3 in Windsor, CO
9 in Eaton, CO


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[ Is it typical for a middle aged CEO of a farm equipment/construction company to be so fascinated with the history and photo of a 16 year old boy, the son of one of his employees, that he would place his picture and work experience side by side with his own on his company's "About Us" web page? And how does a 16 year old boy gain "3.5 year tenure" at 21st Development Solutions when the legal age to begin work is 16 years old?]

Alex Cruz!about-us

Alex Cruz


At the young age of 16, Alex Cruz has become a very valuable member of the 21st Development Solutions operations and construction team.

Most of Alexs early years were spent on a mid-size dairy farm in the Platteville-Gilcrest area. He and his father, Zenon Cruz, grew large-scale crops, such as silage corn, alfalfa, milo, and triticale. Under his dads watchful eye, Alex was driving farm equipment by age five (5). Reaching eight (8) years of age and with the continued supervision and instruction of his father, Alex was capably operating practically every piece of equipment on the farm.

After moving to Greeley, Colorado, Alex joined his father in working for Jeff Pappenheim, 21st Development Solutions President & CEO. This decision yielded greater opportunity and a better life for them both. Demonstrating a rare blend of maturity, focus, and determination, Alex balances both work and school. He is involved in soccer and Future Farmers of America (FFA) at Valley High School in Gilcrest. Possessing work skills, knowledge and experience far beyond his years, his impressive level of agricultural and construction expertise has been accrued and honed during his 3.5 year tenure at 21st Development Solutions.

Alex is highly proficient at operating backhoes, excavators, and the 9420 John Deere tractor and scraper to create ponds and lagoons to exacting client specifications. He clearly understands that total customer satisfaction is the key to long lasting relationships and success.

If Stacy Lynne’s child can be taken from her, so can yours…

Jeffrey R. Pappenheim
Stacy Lynne and Jaden

Case Number 11 dr 444 3 B Division Courtroom November 15, 2011 District Court Larimer County, Ft. Collins Colorado

November 15, 2011 Judge Julie Kunce Field (8th District Court Judge – Larimer County Colorado) awarded custody of Stacy Lynne’s child Jaden, to the bio-dad "Petitioner" Jeffrey Pappenheim.

Because Stacy Lynne didn’t have the means to hire an attorney, or time to search for representation, she represented herself.
Stacy Lynne was ordered to not leave Larimer County, so this stripped her ability to work (which required travel outside Larimer County) and opportunity to generate income.

Chuck and I were present November 15th, until Judge Field “cleared the courtroom.” One may read the entire court transcript. There they’ll learn the hearing had nothing to do with the child Jaden, and everything to do with Stacy Lynne’s job as an investigative reporter.

It was the first most confusing hearing we’d ever witnessed. For although Pappenheim and Lynne had never been married, through his attorney Ms. Antommaria, Pappenheim filed for dissolution of marriage. This was followed by his request for custody of Stacy Lynne’s son Jaden. We heard testimonies that claimed Pappenheim was a largely absentee bio-dad who had threatened to kill Stacy Lynne and Jaden.
We heard testimonies that claimed Stacy Lynne was an active engaged full time Mom for the 8 years of Jaden’s life. She was illustrated as a person of sterling character; a loving Mom who never neglected, abused or engaged in any behavior that could have been construed as justifiable cause to warrant loosing custody of Jaden.

December 21, 2011, Judge Field ordered Jaden be removed from his home (of eight years) with his Mom Stacy Lynne, and placed in custody of his bio-dad; a man he’d never even spent one night with, and who’d threatened to kill him.

The second most confusing hearing we’d ever witnessed was April 30, 2012: Same judge (Field), petitioner (Pappenheim) and defendant (Lynne), where – and through his attorney Ms. Antommaria - Pappenheim requested Stacy pay him $14,000 in attorney fees, or serve 120 days in jail.

I will explain this hearing with questions:

1) At both hearings, there were three deputy sheriffs and other security present. Is this common for child custody hearings?

2) Atty. Antommaria and client Jeffrey Pappenheim painted Stacy’s “ask for help” on legal fees, as bad, wrong, lacking credibility. Question: When you are stripped opportunity to generate income, and have your son taken from you for no just cause, is asking for help wrong? If yes, is it more or less wrong than Pappenheim’s “suing” to get money?

3) There has never been a “gag order” placed on Stacy Lynne. Yet Antommaria and Pappenheim accused Lynne of wrong doing and admonished her (seemed more like character assassination to us) for communicating with close friends – sometimes via emails…regarding her situation. Because I solicited answers from Stacy regarding the confusing November hearing, she responded via email. But in doing so, Ms. Lynne was very clear about it being private and politely requested none be publicly posted.
Most of what I’ve read about this matter is public record. The rest are author opinions, not Stacy’s. Besides, what could her confiding in friends have to do with Judge Field’s decision as to whether or not she should pay or do jail time?

4) Flyers handed out at the court house were brought into evidence…again strongly suggesting Stacy Lynne had a hand in them, and therefore was a person who lacked credibility and was trying to prejudice the case. What could flyers have to do with Judge Field’s decision as to whether or not Stacy should pay or do jail time?

5) Stacy Lynne was demanded to release the names of individuals who were helping her. What could they have to do with Judge Field’s decision as to whether or not Stacy should pay or do jail time?

6) Pappenheim – and I think his counsel Antommaria – kept bringing up Agenda 21, Pat Stryker, David Hodges and Stan Monteith. We still can’t figure out what purpose this served. While I’ve heard these people I fail to see any relevance they may or may not have with the Judge Field’s decision as to whether or not Stacy should pay or do jail time?

Afterwards, I asked several people if they knew the genesis of this whole deal, as in “What did Stacy Lynne did to generate Pappenheim’s demand for and the court’s subsequent granting of custody?”

No one had an answer, for her status as a parent has never been brought up.

Some did offer, “Anything goes in family court!” Does it? If so, then maybe at least here in Colorado, A.G. John Suthers should take a serious look into this, for seizure of ones child without just cause is the gravest taking of all.

Photos of Jaden show the lad withering away to a wisp.

When I saw Ms. Lynne, it was startlingly evident she’s lost considerable weight between November 15, 2011 and April 30th.

What does all this mean? I have no idea. Other than it appears that Larimer County residents should know that if Stacy Lynne’s child can be taken from her, for no reason what-so-ever, so can yours.

Roni Bell Sylvester

Dear Roni,
Tuesday April 10, 2012
First, thank you for organizing and/or advertising such a valuable event. I am surprised that Lord Monckton has been allowed into the state of Colorado and I am grateful for Representative McKinley's courage to host such a controversial forum.

Almost one year ago, I was invited to speak at an international conference at UCLA where Lord Monckton was the featured speaker. Coincidentally, or not, Larimer County officials arbitrarily and illegally placed travel restrictions on me so that I was unable to fulfill my commitment to speak there.

Tomorrow (April 11) is Jaden's ninth birthday. I am traumatized and shocked that I will not be with my own son to celebrate the day he was born. Each day that passes is more deeply painful than the day before.

I am attending the event at the Capitol tomorrow in honor of my son. Speaking out against fraudulent climate change and the related rights-smashing legislation at the local, state and national level is what ultimately cost me Jaden. Of course, over the past four years I had no idea that the price I would pay would be so precious. And now, I will not stop fighting until I have saved Jaden and I will not cease until all of the corrupt officials who did this to us have been legally and lawfully held accountable.

Thank you again for all of your effort. Shining lights of truth will eventually restore justice, peace and safety.


Dear Stacy,
Thursday April 12, 2012
Had it not been so terribly disorganized at the capital yesterday - I would have made my way over to you.
Wanted to introduce you to Monckton - but that minute I had opportunity, I turned around and you were gone.
We need to get together in person - and visit. Just visit.
I'd just received your note as I was walking to Monckton's room to meet him and pick him up Tuesday. So I held on to your message - introduced myself, and immediately said, "please read this."
He wanted me to print off a copy for him to read at the capital, but - as I said simply got crazy - AND - your message disappeared off my cell phone????
I was frankly, relieved to now find it still on my computer, as I know my emails are being hacked.

Hello Roni, Thursday April 12, 2012

I would very much wish for Lord Monckton to have the email message from me to you. I was so moved by his presentation, especially the scientific comparisons and then his finale with the "Moral Questions" section. I sat there at the Capitol, ironically in the old Supreme Court Chambers, and I wondered how in the world this tragedy has happened to Jaden and me. At the same time, I feel such responsibility to continue to expose all of the many-faceted sides of corruption.

I look forward to sitting down and visiting with you. Please let me know how your schedule looks for the next couple weeks.


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Abound Solar Company, Bill Ritter, & the Obama Administration

[Editor's Note: The Abound Solar logo, the infinity sign, was identified in the 1990s by Fritz Springmeier as an Illuminati/Satanic symbol, used by other Illuminati companies to signal their NWO allegiance to insiders.Many Illuminati/Satanic/Occult symbols can be found at: , , , ]

by: ColoradoPeakPolitics

Fri Jul 06, 2012 at 09:49 04 MST

With Congress investigating how Abound Solar got a $400 million taxpayer-backed loan, only to go bankrupt less than two years later, it is useful to look back at how tightly connected Colorado's Democrats were with the company.

As we noted yesterday, former one-term governor Bill Ritter hand delivered two letters of support for Abound Solar to Obama's Energy Secretary Steven Chu. After leaving office, Ritter had a $300,000 a year salary partially bankrolled by Pat Stryker, whose Bohemian Companies had invested heavily in the failed solar panel manufacturer.

If Abound ends up being a full-blown pay-to-play scandal, these are the folks that will have some serious questions to answer.

Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar gets the Abound Solar Deluxe Tour

ABound Solar tour with Ken Salazar

Bill Ritter cutting ribbon at Abound Solar promotion

Bill Ritter cutting ribbon for Abound Solar

Bill Ritter listens to Abound Solar CEO

Bill Ritter at ABound Solar speakers platform

"I'd like you to meet our good friend, Bill Ritter"

Bill Ritter introduction by Abound Solar

STRYKER ON THE STAND? Congress To Investigate Abound Solar Loan

Published on July 5, 2012 by

Bankrupt solar panel manufacturer Abound Solar's troubles are about to get a whole lot worse. The Washington Examiner is reporting that U.S. House investigators are asking executives and former executives of Abound Solar to testify before Congress regarding its $400 million taxpayer-backed loan.

Reports The Examiner:


The House Subcommittee on Regulatory Affairs, Stimulus Oversight and Government Spending invited the Abound Solar CEO and former CEO to testify, along with some Energy Department officials after the company announced it is filing for bankruptcy, despite drawing about $70 million of the $400 million available from the DOE loan guarantee.

The bankruptcy announcement comes after Abound laid off 280 employees in March. The DOE loan guarantee was projected to create 1200 permanent jobs.  

As in the case of Solyndra, which declared bankruptcy last year, a bundler for President Obama’s campaign has a financial stake in the solar company.  

Bohemian Companies, founded by Democratic mega-donor Pat Stryker, invested in Abound Solar in 2008. A year after the investment, but a year before Abound received a loan guarantee, Stryker apparently visited the White House.  “The White House did not confirm that the visitor was the Pat Stryker in question and did not provide details about the meeting,” the Sunlight Foundation reported.

Stryker has still not confirmed publicly that she met with the White House, or what might have been discussed. Now that Congress is investigating the defunct deal, it’s something worth unraveling.

As Todd Shepherd has exhaustively reported, Abound Solar had major problems before they got the loan, leading many to question how political connections helped the ailing company secure the loan.

If Congress is looking for a suggestion of people to subpoena, we might also suggest former one-term Governor Bill Ritter. According to The Denver Post, Ritter "hand delivered two letters of support" for Abound Solar directly to Obama's Secretary of Energy, Steven Chu. After Ritter left office, Stryker's Bohemian Companies helped fund a $300,000 salary for Ritter at a new renewable energy center at CSU.

The more that comes out about Abound Solar the more it reeks of pay-to-play. It sure would be nice to put Pat Stryker and Bill Ritter under oath to find out exactly how taxpayers were put in a position to cover a $400 million loan to a politically connected company.  

(Photo Credit: NREL)

Abound Solar Files for Bankruptcy After Receiving 400 Million Taxpayer Secured Loan from Obama Energy Department

On the day that Obamacare was upheld by the Supreme Court, Colorado's Abound Solar announced it is closing and filing for bankruptcy after receiving a $400 million taxpayer-backed loan from Obama's Energy Department. While the High Court may have allowed one form of social engineering to continue, the free market decisively declared the green energy scam dead-in-the-water.

News of Abound's permanent demise comes after the solar panel company laid off 70% of its staff, or 280 workers, back in February. The company insisted at the time that it had no plans to shut down.   

Sure is a sweet and sour day for Pat Stryker.

Stryker, the Ft. Collins billionaire who earned her money the old-fashioned way — she inherited it — invested heavily in Abound and may have had a role in helping Abound get the Obama administration loan as well.

The Sunlight Foundation reported that Stryker's name appeared in White House visitor logs in October 2009, though Stryker has refused to speak publically about what she discussed with the White House. In July 2010, Obama personally announced the $400 million loan to Abound Solar. 

Stryker has been a big backer of Obama — raising $87,500 for his inauguration alone — and served as the personal sugar momma for Colorado Democrats for years, donating millions for attack ads and liberal front groups. 

While Obama's social engineering went 1 for 2 today, Stryker's investment strategy may ultimately go 0 for 2. Her solar company investment just went belly up, and with Obama now having to defend Obamacare as the single largest tax increase on the middle class in history, her investment in Obama is looking equally as shaky. 

Give it to the Obama administration, though. They suck at governing, but they are as good as it gets at spinning, hiding and covering the massive failures that define their administration. Dumping this bit of really bad news today is one more example.



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