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New York Nurses to Lead Resistance Against Mandatory Vaccination for Healthcare Workers?

From Rick Stearns <>
October 6, 2009

New York Nurses to Lead Resistance Against Mandatory Vaccination for Healthcare Workers? (Oct. 6, 2009)

Subject: Letter sent to NY State Nurses' Association District Presidents

Hi Ken,

On 9/28/09 I sent the following letter to as many district presidents of the New York State Nurses' Association (NYSNA) as I could find emails for. Thus far I have received no response from NYSNA, but in 48 hours my wife told me a co-worker at her hospital had received a forwarded copy with at least 50 others on the send list. (Hotmail has now flagged my IP address for spam.) We are peacefully pushing the hospitals to back off, based on losing too many employees. If they do not back off, my wife will leave her job anyway. As further trial balloons pop up around the country, this letter may also serve as a template for others to modify for a particular locale or target audience.


Rick Stearns
Red Hook, NY

Subject: Stopping the forced "H1N1 vaccination"

To current and recent NYSNA District Presidents:

As the husband of a New York State RN, I recently learned of the state “requirement” for a seasonal flu shot, as well as the H1N1 vaccine, for NY health care workers. News reports indicate that the NYSNA and similar organizations were duly opposed to this but were overruled, effectively ignored, by the NY health board.

Well-informed individuals such as Dr. Gary Null are rallying to our cause. However, various polls and blogs reveal a frequent attitude among health care workers that might be summarized as follows: “They shouldn't be forcing anyone, it's unethical, but people should be encouraged to voluntarily consent to these shots.”

The unwritten postscript is: “We may need the shots anyway, so I won't make too much noise about it.”

This attitude reflects a completely misinformed assessment of vaccines and a serious ignorance of the purpose of Constitutional law.

The NYSNA web site outlines many cogent points against the state's egregious violation of human rights ( However, the comments carry the underlying presumption that vaccines in general actually prevent disease. This claim has been in extreme dispute by physicians and scientists for more than a century, whom we rarely if ever see in popular (i.e. highly funded) media. More importantly, no mention is made of the known harmful, often deadly contents of most vaccines (e.g. thimerosal, squalene, live viruses) and especially this particular vaccine.

The historical point we should stick in the state's veins is this: Vaccines are far more likely to cause pandemics. Put another way: mass acceptance of the H1N1 vaccine, and quite possibly the seasonal flu shot (this year), will be the only way a real H1N1 pandemic can actually occur.

Even if there were a true pandemic of deadly, rapidly spreading disease killing millions worldwide (a virtual impossibility today without deliberate human interference), under no circumstance would such a toxic concoction as the “H1N1 vaccine” save us – it would be like pouring gasoline on a fire. Natural supplements are always the safest, most effective solution, certainly where influenza is concerned, and it is our fundamental right to choose them. Vitamin D3, among others, is a logical (and cheap) choice in this case.

As many researchers have concluded, disease eradication came primarily from modern living conditions and nutrition, not vaccines. No matter what statistics the multi-billion dollar health industry cites to support the effectiveness of vaccines, the evidence exposing their danger, not to mention their financiers' ulterior motives, is legion – especially recently. Vaccines are debilitating to the immune system and in many cases, fatally harmful. Religious and philosophical objections are legitimate enough, but the scientific and legal objections are paramount.

Legally, forced vaccination (and forced quarantine relocation) violates the First Amendment, Fourth Amendment, Fifth Amendment, Fourteenth Amendment, the Geneva Accords, and the Nuremberg code, at minimum. Calling it a “regulation” in the context of state health care makes it no less illegal than if Congress had passed it and called it “law.” The primary purpose of human rights laws is to protect the individual against force and fraud on the part of the state. (It is not about"personal preference," Commissioner Daines.) When we couple this arbitrary violation of fundamental rights with federal liability protection for vaccine makers, and when we consider the pharmaceutical cartel dominance of funding for all major media, alarm bells should be going off in everyone's mind.

When someone on a major news network actually tells viewers, “Get your damn vaccine,” alarm bells should be going off in everyone's mind.

Even if they intended to inject us with saline, they cannot be allowed to set the precedent of dictatorial “medicine” from an unaccountable global body, the WHO, financed by admitted eugenicists such as the Rockefellers and “advised” by pharmaceutical bosses.

I have included several web references at the closing of this letter. It is heavy information, and each individual must process it at his or her own pace. But all health care professionals deserve to know this information exists. Not everything on the web is true, but most truth is on the web. Vast numbers of honest online reporters have little to no financial motivation and often a great deal to lose by exposing scams like this one. For certain, nothing blasted in unison across the hyper-funded major media, particularly “declared emergencies,” is scientifically reliable. The major news media is a corporate and government funded product, owned and agenda driven by powerful interests, singing from controlled song sheets, not to mention dumbed down to an elementary school level. There is no law requiring them to tell the truth – and they don't. You cannot find enough accurate information without wading through the Internet.

I will expand on a few highlights. I apologize if I am preaching to the choir, but I would rather err on that side. As mentioned, the general health care worker population could use some stronger informational weapons in its peaceful-protest arsenal.

“Swine flu” is a composite of swine flu, avian flu, and human flu strains from around the globe. The chance of this combination occurring naturally is so remote it defies consideration. In fact both the virus (Medimmune) and the alleged vaccine (Novartis) were patented prior to the “new virus” outbreak in April 2009 (see source under References). Yet this particular virus has failed to kill in large numbers, forcing the media to hype it to maintain the illusion of real danger. The laws of nature weaken viruses as they spread, Hollywood fantasies like “Outbreak” notwithstanding. Under modernized, sanitary conditions, as mentioned, only deliberate human action can kill millions via disease.

Never in recent history has there been a major “pandemic” except those caused by vaccines. Typhus vaccinations in conjunction with unsanitary conditions caused the 1918 “flu” pandemic. Smallpox vaccinations caused the 1920s resurgence of smallpox, complete with media lies driving the panic then as now. The AIDS explosion in Africa had vaccinations written all over it. The explosion in autism (a pandemic the media labels a "hoax") has been shown in laboratory experiments to be directly related to thimerosal in MMR vaccines. Gulf War Syndrome (another denied pandemic) has been conclusively traced to squalene in anthrax vaccines. Lymerix (a response to the man-made Lyme Disease) led to a class-action lawsuit for its debilitating effects (I know one sufferer personally). Gardasil is now causing all sorts of terrible “side effects” in young girls while failing to protect against HPV.

Do vaccines really have the kind of track record that warrants the blanket presumptions of safety and effectiveness we see from so-called experts today? No they don't, and word is getting out despite the pathetic talking heads on TV. Little wonder, then, that vaccine makers suddenly need compliant government officials to force people to take their poisons.

This particular “H1N1 vaccine” contains more squalene than is found in those anthrax shots responsible for Gulf War Syndrome, as well as the thimerosal of MMR-autism fame. It boasts a laundry list of other toxins, not the least of which is the live engineered, patented virus itself. Even among vaccine supporters, does anyone seriously believe that such an apparently novel, mysterious virus can lead to hundreds of millions of “effective vaccine” doses within a few months (or years)? To make matters worse, the first version of “H1N1 vaccine” will reportedly be a nasal spray. This harkens back to the disaster of the oral polio vaccine and is a perfect formula for spreading the live virus contents all over schools, offices and hospitals – thus justifying the injectable, even more poisonous incarnation. If this goes forward, no one will be safe around anyone who has been vaccinated.

In 1976 we experienced Swine Flu Take One, replete with TV media propaganda advising the population to “Get a shot of protection. The swine flu shot.” Many who took the shot suffered irreparable harm to their bodies (such as developing Guillain-Barre Syndrome) or died. The government became embroiled in million-dollar lawsuits, while this “swine flu” was never conclusively shown to exist beyond a single military base.

The current media hype is equally devoid of substance. Most “swine flu” deaths have turned out to be caused by some other complication, one or two paragraphs beneath the screaming headline. People have even died from other diseases as a direct result of misdiagnosis with this misnamed disease. Probably more convincing “swine flu” death reports will surface in the coming weeks to ratchet up the fear. There is a worldwide trend toward labeling any cold-like sickness “swine flu” without any testing. The worst wave to date will likely occur once people start taking the live virus nasal vaccine, but this too will be reported as “naturally occurring swine flu.” The point here is that the dishonest and sloppy reporting to date, coupled with the arrogant dismissal of scientifically proven vaccine dangers, alternative natural therapies, and the manufactured nature of this virus, is clear evidence of an agenda.

In early 2009, Baxter Corporation was caught mixing live avian flu virus with regular seasonal flu shots, thanks to diligent testers in the Czech Republic. The subject ferrets dropped like flies, which strongly suggested this was a form of weaponized flu virus. Baxter admitted it, claimed it was a mistake and refused to allow an investigation. Such a lethal “mistake” is virtually impossible given the normal safety measures that separate such “research” from “seasonal flu” vaccine tests (see and many other sources). These tainted vaccines had already shipped to over a dozen countries. That such a company even remains in business shows how much alphabet-soup agencies like WHO are really out to protect us.

No, the FDA, CDC and WHO (and CNN) do not exist for our best interests, despite well-meaning individuals working at the lower levels of these organizations. At the points of actual power, they form revolving doors with pharmaceutical corporations and even worse powers-that-be who have no concern for ordinary people, to put it mildly. Populations are waking up to the unified tyranny and eugenics programs of governments worldwide. This awakening is a huge factor in why we now see such extraordinary coordination across different countries (France, Greece, China, Canada, USA) rolling out this “mandatory vaccination” insanity. However, here in the USA they are doing it more by stealth and increment than by outright declaration. One suspects they are testing us and know full well they lack the physical means to enforce this unless a majority of the people acquiesce.

This is why I am raising hell about it. Health care workers are among the first lines of defense and possibly the last. It is essentially impossible to educate the millions of TV-mesmerized, terrorized Americans already brainwashed into believing a pandemic exists and vaccines are the only solution. But even the ignorant will intuitively take cues from doctors and nurses. In the post-9/11 smallpox scare, the federal government attempted to declare that inoculation mandatory as well, but after several health care workers sickened or died from it and an overwhelming majority refused, the media hype died and their magic word “mandatory” lost all its power. Of course there was never a threat in the first place. This time around is no different; the powers-that-be are simply more meticulous in their manipulation, more outrageous in their lies, and more extensive in their military preparations.

New York is one of the worst offenders so far in terms of actual policy passed. But again, the state has no way to physically force all health care workers to do this. We cannot let this stand under any circumstances. We must reject their poison vaccines and refuse their illegal fines. We must engage in civil disobedience, a statewide strike, lawsuits, and whatever practical measures we can devise to stop this murderous, bullying agenda in its tracks. Rallies in Albany by a small minority of nurses may help to wake more people up, if there is any press coverage, but these centralized approaches essentially consist of begging a criminal government to suddenly turn lawful. Mass awareness and civil disobedience at the individual level
will be far more effective.

Feel free to distribute this letter and the below references to as many medical personnel as possible. Many will reflexively dismiss the information as "conspiracy theory" or worse, but this sadly programmed attitude is largely how we got into this mess in the first place. A lot of people are getting hungry for the truth in today's climate of perpetual deception masquerading as news. We should have 90% opposition to this deadly farce, not 30%. And a critical mass could form well below that percentage. I appreciate your prompt attention to this matter.


Rick Stearns
Red Hook, NY



Sept. 25, 2009

Forced Vaccines Refused By Nurses In New York









September 25, 2009

Protest in Albany NY Tuesday September 29th.
Click Here For Info.

This year, the New York State Health Department is requiring all health care workers who come into contact with patients to get the flu vaccine, and will also require the H1N1 or swine flu vaccine as well. It's something the department says is for everyone's safety, but a number of workers are concerned about being forced to get the shot. Steve Ference has more on why some hospital workers say the mandate is flat out wrong.


Sept. 7, 2009

Mandatory swine flu vaccination for all NY health care workers

September 07, 2009

I am re-uploading this because the first upload was recorded by camera off the TV. The sound and audio is much better with this upload.

From YNN News, Rochester, NY (9/06/09)

A vaccine for the H1N1 virus, or swine flu, is still a month away at best. But health care workers are already being bumped to the front of the line.

Those who work in health care are being strongly urged by the federal government to get immunized once the swine flu vaccine is available. The state of New York is taking it one step further by making vaccination a requirement.

Health care professionals do have an obligation to protect their patients, but at what cost? For one health care worker the new state directive intended to stop the spread of H1N1 goes too far.

Just a word like pandemic is enough to scare anyone in the health care field. For registered nurse Deborah Gerhardt, there are words even scarier.

"Whenever you hear mandatory required, you start to get a little bit anxious," says Gerhardt.

She's been a nurse for 15 years and has never had a flu shot.

"I feel that everyone should have a choice," says Gerhardt.

She recently learned she doesnt have a choice.

"It was just one day we were told you will receive the flu injection," says Gerhardt.

The New York State Department of Health is ordering tens of thousands of health workers be immunized against seasonal and swine flu.

"As a parent, as a doctor, as a public health professional please get your vaccine," New York State Commissioner of Health Dr. Richard Daines asked during a news conference last week.

The commissioner says refusal to be immunized against H1N1 could increase the spread of the virus and stress and already overwhelmed medical system. He says when a vaccine is approved, there's no reason to believe it won't be safe.

"It goes through that same system and the testing so I'll have every confidence the Food and Drug Administration and the Centers for Disease Control put in it," says Daines.

After her own research, Gerhardt isn't as confident in a potential vaccine.

"It's left a lot of questions for me," she says.

Questions that have left her with one final decision.

"I so strongly don't want a vaccine that I'm not comfortable having injected into my body," says Gerhardt. "If I refuse I can' work in nursing."

It's a choice she wishes she didn't have to make.

"This is just so surreal right now," says Gerhardt. "I don't know what I will do."

Gerhardt says she's never had the flu and practices simple preventative measures like hand washing and simple sanitation techniques. She believes that's even more effective.

She realizes she could lose her job for speaking out, but says it's important since she knows others in the health care field have the same concerns.

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