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Steve Quayle ~ Selling Doom & Gloom
Promoting End Times Programming and British Israel

By Ken Adachi <>
January 7, 2006

I heard Steve Quayle interviewed on George Noory's Coast to Coast AM radio show last night (Jan. 6, 2006). I last heard Steve on Noory's show many months ago (or perhaps a year ago) as part of a four person 'roundtable' interview with George Noory. The other guests were Alex Jones, Jim Marrs, and Linda Moulton Howe. I was mainly interested in hearing what Alex Jones and Jim Marrs had to say in that roundtable discussion because they don't pull punches and rightly identify the crew of Illuminati front men who are now in control of this government and who are daily steering this republic's ship of state straight into annihilation- as traitors to the Constitution and Luciferians. Linda Howe made more than a few cogent and on-target observations on how the NWO plays the disinfo game. Steve Quayle's comments were generally in alignment with Alex as far as the Luciferians in government are concerned, BUT as a Christian fundamentalist, he occasionally strayed into the Tevistock orchestrated psyops called the End Times scenario.

However, on last night's radio show with George Noory, Steve Quayle pulled out all the stops in his promotion of End Times hysteria. I'm not going to accuse Quayle of being a knowing agent for the Dark Side, but he's certainly playing into their hands--completely-- with his Doom & Gloom Road Show which he emcees so very well.

Anyone who listened to that show- and didn't know the background behind the orchestrated British Israel deception- would have thought that "it's all over now, except for a bunch of screaming and crying" as Phil Schneider used to say in his lectures. If you didn't get depressed and feel hopeless after listening to that show, then you weren't really listening. Steve Quayle is doing what all End Times promoters do: he's selling Fear and Want. He wants you to focus on basic survival and that's exactly what the Illuminati wants you to focus on.

That's why they orchestrated the Y2K scare. That's why they put Major Ed Dames, Gordon Michael Scallion, Lorie Toye, Robert Ghostwolf, and a host of other Doom and Gloomers on the Art Bell show in order to keep you locked down in fear and focusing on survival. Survival is a lower frequency, limbic ('reptilian') brain stem activity for both mind and body. Our lowest chakra, the first chakra, is red in color and concerned with the energy flow for survival. The Illuminati likes red. You might say it's their color. It's the color of Mars, the warrior. They use it for their Red Rose (of Rosicrucians) as a lapel pin, or the red pentagram star that you see on Chinese military uniforms. Satanists also seem to be attracted to the color red (along with black and purple) as they certainly spill enough of it as human and animal blood from sacrificed victims.

Keeping your frequency low is the surest way to keep you from gaining higher consciousness, awareness, and keener insights. It also makes you much more susceptible to microwave  and scalar wave mind control influences. Higher consciousness allows you to connect the dots within the matrix and it helps you to realize who's pulling your strings-and why. Once you catch on that you're being manipulated left and right, you begin to see that "they" don't want you to know something. It's this: :

You are a multi-dimensional Light Being housed within a human body and you are capable of changing (creating) reality with your mind.

You have latent psychic capabilities that far exceed those of the negative reptilian aliens who are pulling the strings from behind the curtain and you have-most importantly- the capacity to give and receive LOVE -which is a far greater 'weapon' than anything that the Illuminated Luciferians or their reptilian overlords have in their arsenals. It seems that we humans can CREATE reality with our mind while the negative Orion aliens CAN'T, and that's why they need to embed all of their destructive themes into movies, TV shows, etc. in order to to get humans to create their desired reality FOR them. Arizona Wilder corroborated this very point in her 1999 video interview with David Icke, Revelations of a Mother Goddess. Arizona said that the shape shifting, human/reptilian Illuminati must train 100% human mind controlled slaves to function as intermediaries to "pull down the old ones " (demonic beings from the astral plane) within the perimeter of the satanic Pentagram during their high level satanic rituals because the "reptilians don't have the ability to do it".

You are a multi-dimensional Light Being capable of creating reality with your mind.

That's the Big One that you're not suppose to know about. That's the reason why Christian dogma was shaped at Constantinople and other ecclesiastic councils to reflect the idea that you're a lowly, little sinner; a nobody who has to plead with God, who is outside and detached from you, to allow you to come in from the cold and grant you salvation. If you got the silly notion that the spark of God was burning within you, and not exterior to you, you might start to think that, as a part of and an extension of the Creator, you might be able to do some creating yourself. But then you might pose a serious threat to the control paradigm that these Brotherhood clowns and their Orion alien overlords have worked so long to set you up for: their enslavement scenario (and you know that we can't have any of that, now can we?).

So how does the Brotherhood keep you from musing about such things? Well, one way is to get the Steve Quayles of the world and those TV evangelical Side Show barkers to keep you focused on the End Times, doom and gloom scenario (with the 'Jesus-is-coming-back-to-rule-from-Jerusalem-for-a-thouisand-years' kicker at the end, of course).

As the Illuminati planners keep orchestrating each 'predicted' End Times event into place, the evangelical shouters keep saying:"You see! We told you this was going to happen-just like it says in the Bible!". " Repent before it's too late!" "Get straight with the Lord!" "The Day of the Lord's mighty Tribulation is at Hand-Hallelujah!" (or something along those lines... a la Jack Van Impe, Jesse Duplantis, Kenneth Copeland, John Hagee, Charles Capps, Benny Hinn, etc., etc.)

I put Steve Quayle in a different category than the bulk of TV and radio fundamentalist con men who not only pitch the British Israel End Times scenario, but have steadily functioned as apologists for the satanic Bush cabal. At least Steve isn't aiding the Illuminati in that regard. He can recognize the satanic players in government. I was also pleased to hear him disavow a belief in the Rapture when one woman caller asked him his views about it. I'm paraphrasing his words, but he essentially said that it was so much nonsense and people shouldn't be deceived about it. I couldn't agree more, however, I need to remind my fundamentalist readers that I believe, when the time is right, that there will be a staged Rapture. For those who desire to be 'beamed up', they will wind up in alien spacecraft and their destiny from that point forward will be tenuous at best. My advice is-if and when the opportunity arises-don't go.

My main complaint with Steve Quayle is his unabashed endorsement of the End Times deception and his wholesale installment of fear and anxiety in those listeners who are dumb enough to accept his duped view (Stan Deyo is another Art Bell alumni seen at Quayle's web site who is working the same End Times, British Israel mojo and has been stroking the doomsday byline for about eleven years now over the internet).

I'll give Steve the benefit of doubt and assume that he truly believes that the so-called End Times, apparently unfolding before us, is due to God's righteous wrath and the need to fulfill the prophesies laid down in Revelations and all that, but I've got news for Steve: the whole thing is an engineered set up-including the apocalyptic 'visions' outlined in the book of Revelations.

Let me start with Steve's dire warnings in his interview concerning the devastating earthquakes that may hit the New Madrid fault and possibly the west coast sometimes soon.

We already know that earthquakes have been planned by the Illuminati for the New Madrid fault and along the west coast, as Phil Ledoux has already laid out that scenario in a dowse published at this web site in October 2005, but those earthquakes will have no connection with God's wrath, but rather will have everything to do with Tesla earthquake technology which the domestic traitors will apply to intentionally precipitate those earthquakes in order to bring on the chaos that will justify the pretext for declaring martial law. With the imposition of martial law across the nation, all of our constitutional rights, our freedoms, and our democracy will be gone-permanently; as their is no provision in those treasonous Presidential Executive Orders and Directives to return to a constitutional government, except for a 'review' of the situation by congress six months after the fact (yea, that ought to help a lot). If martial law is declared, FEMA will take over everything and our problems will have only just begun. We got our first little taste of FEMA with Hurricane Andrew and a bigger demonstration with Katrina, but if and when l martial law is declared nationally, we'll then get a chance to see what FEMA is really all about and we don't want to wait for that to happen.

Depending on our collective will and determination to defeat the agenda, the unhappy scenario described above may not unfold exactly as the Illuminated planners have intended. It's more than possible that-given enough informed, enlightened, and discerning souls-we might be able to collectively stymie or even abort many of these diabolical aspirations. Let's recall that Hurricane Katrina was steered with HAARP technology (yes Steve, I'm afraid that God had nothing to do with that one either) straight into New Orleans in order to give the FEMA goons and their military/Blackwater cohorts a chance to play Invasion Force with defenseless American citizens. However, things didn't work out quite so well for the manipulators when it came to Hurricane Rita, Ophelia, and Wilma as those of us who were awake enough to see the Game, went into collective action and were able to tame those hurricanes down to manageable levels and prevent a repeat of the disgusting betrayal of trust heaped upon the citizens of Louisiana and surrounding states.

Predictably, during his interview with Noory, Steve gravely warned of the soon-to-break-out Bird Flu/ 1918 Spanish Flu 'pandemic' which "might have" smallpox disease "piggybacked" on top of it and wipe out untold millions of Americans. Well, considering that our immune systems have been steadily assaulted by chemtrails for the past seven years, it was certainly intended for millions of people to quickly succumb to a large scale release of those engineered pathogens, but maybe- just maybe- it's not going to be such a slam dunk deal for the NWO.

I can't say with certainty that we won't have some sort of biological outbreak set into motion by our domestic corps of traitor/terrorists, as they certainly have invested a lot of effort to create those little weaponized buggers in their deep underground labs at Fort Dietrick (Maryland) or Plum Island (New York) , but I strongly doubt that the Bird Flu 'pandemic' is ever going to get off the ground. After all, they have added up a TOTAL of 70 people, WORLDWIDE-going back 3 or 4 YEARS, whom they CLAIM have died from Bird Flu. Even "they" would have to admit that there's quite a disconnect between the hysteria being promoted in the media and the actual toll of this 'new' disease. It's beginning to look very much like a rerun of the SARS 'epidemic'.

SARS, if you remember, was suppose to be a devastating "epidemic" that was going to sweep down into the US from Canada in 2003 requiring the shutting down of airports, the imposition of curfews, mandatory vaccinations, and forced quarantines as staged in Toronto for a week or two-but the SARS epidemic never flew. It fizzled miserably. Why? Because unseen forces (friendly aliens, savvy humans, and spiritual helpers) were at work to alter the toxicity of that bug and enhance the immune response of humans, so that their stupid little lab-created SARS bug was no longer infectious or lethal, and it became a non-issue- quickly forgotten and ignored by the press.

Thanks to Don & Carol Croft and their discovery that a large orgone generator called a Chembuster could disperse chemtrails and allow blue skies to reappear, we now realize that we can adversely upset any of their destructive plans if we have the will and firm intention to do so. The deployment of thousands of chembusters and small orgone generators 'gifted' near cell phone towers around the country have had a significant and powerful impact on the electronic mind control agenda that was suppose to be fully in place by 2004. Another positive effect of deploying orgone generators was the tremendous influx of Sylphs which became apparent in the early Spring of 2004. ZS Livingstone has posted numerous essays at this web site about Sylphs and how they can transmute and transform deadly chemtrail toxins into benign, harmless elements. I posted over 90 digital pictures taken on May 13, 2005 which presented a morning-to-dusk photo essay on how Sylphs can overtake chemtrails and literally 'digest' their contents and spit out real, "transmuted" clouds in their wake. I realize this sounds fantastic to the new reader and perhaps hard to believe, but the evidence is there if you are willing to examine it.

I'm reminding you of these accomplishment in order to drive home the point that people like Don and Carol Croft succeed because they have the determination and drive to resist the dark agenda. If they listened to Doom & Gloomers like Steve Quayle, they would have spent all of their time hunkering down in preparation for survival in some distant and remote location. They would have never have driven all over America 'gifting' cell phone towers, underground bases, vortex power spots, and reptilian hives/portals in America and abroad. If they listened to the End Times promoters they would have never discovered just how inept, dumb, impotent, and vulnerable the alphabet agents who work for the Dark Side are -even though they control everything to their advantage: high tech, secret technology, unlimited funding, unlimited access to anything, immunity from arrest, etc., etc.

Remember the story of that little boy called David with a sling throw and a giant warrior called Goliath? The odds were impossible weren't they? How can it be that a small boy with a slingshot could slay a 10 or 12 foot tall battle-hardened warrior (a human/alien hybrid)? He did it because he had the determination to do it and he had the assistance of unseen helpers that aided him. Nothing has changed today. We're dealing with the sort of intimidation, facing the same forces of evil and the same apparently impossible odds, but we can overcome the minions of evil if we possess the will to fight, however, you're not going to develop the determination to blow your nose if you allow yourself to be influenced by doom & gloom promoters like Quayle, Sorcha Faal, or the End Times crowd.

Ken Adachi

© Copyright 2006  All Rights Reserved.

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