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Stew Webb, Yet Again
August 9, 2014

Stew Webb, Yet Again (August 9, 2014)

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On 8/8/2014 , Don Nicoloff wrote:


I recorded Stew Webb’s Hr. 3 appearance on John Stokes’ “The Edge” radio show yesterday on

Roughly 20 minutes into the show, Webb described his 1995 disclosure to a judge and Grand Jury in Denver, CO.

You, Ted Gunderson, and Tim White are mentioned in the context of Webb’s “declared” testimony in 1995. To me, anything Webb said in that regard is out of context, particularly because he referenced the Silverado Savings and Loan scandal as the reason for the Grand Jury investigation. That would have been during the late-1980s, so Webb would have been lying about the specific dates, etc..

I have the majority of the 3rd hour broadcast, though I’m missing a minute or so at the beginning. I recorded the rebroadcast early this morning (the 8th).

Just thought you might be interested in what Webb claimed. It’s obvious he’s trying to frame you & Ted. Attached is a 5:08 minute clip of the roughly one-hour broadcast.

Webb also claims that this will be a veterans article in 2 parts. Note his recent reference to “the Ebola virus."



Thanks Don.

I've often mentioned that Stew Webb is a nut job. He proves it time and again. He has a vendetta against me because my articles exposed him for the lying, thieving, demonically possessed, psychotic snake that he is and now that's he slithered into Veterans Today as a "contributor," he feels he's going to set the record straight with his newly found "stature."

As you've noted, Webb never even heard of me in 1995. Although I saw Ted at a 1997 Freedom Forum talk and talked to him briefly afterwards, Ted didn't know who I was until late 1999 when he was going to do a talk with Brice Taylor in Pasadena on October 26, 1999. Brian Desborough called me up and I got involved with the people who were planning that event and Ted and I got to talk from that point forward. I spent two weeks with Ted and Brice in late November of 1999 helping to take care of Brice's daughter, Kelly and we talked a lot during that trip. At the time, Webb was living off Ted's generosity and staying at his condo. Webb acted as sort of an aide for Ted, I guess to repay him for providing him with room and board.

Webb's betrayal of Ted began in July of 2000. Ted had been on the road for 3 or 4 weeks doing talks at many different locations. He drove from place to place in his truck. When Ted got back to his Las Vegas condo, he discovered that Webb had taken at least 35 of his large cardboard file boxes from his condo (later, discovered to be 70 boxes) that were filled with investigative records, Brice Taylor's books, long term storage food, etc. He went to the Las Vegas police and identified Webb as the prime suspect, since his house keeper, May, told Ted that Webb had stacked the boxes in the hall the previous evening. The cops raided the trailer that Webb had moved into but naturally none of Ted's boxes were there, so they did not arrest Webb. Five yeas later, Pam Shuffert sent me and Ted an email telling us that Webb had called her on the very evening that he was stealing the boxes from Ted's condo and boasted to her that he's taking Ted's most valuable research and investigative records and was going to screw Ted Big Time. Pam provided a written affidavit, but the Las Vegas police would not act against Webb, claiming that the statute of limitations had run out. That never made sense to me since Ted reported Webb to the police as the prime suspect in July of 2000, within a few days of the crime. It seems to me that the statute of limitations applies mostly to people who FAIL to report a crime within a certain time frame. Webb was a protected FBI informant by that point (which Ted proved), so I'm confidant that the Las Vegas PD knew that and that's why they told Ted what they did.

I reviewed the whole thing in 2012 after Stew was a guest on Project Camelot and falsely claimed that he co-investigated The Inslaw case with Ted in the late 1980s. He shows investigative documents stolen from Ted's condo as "proof" of his involvement in the investigation.

Stew Webb (Sep. 22, 2012)

Webb didn't even meet Ted until roughly 1990 when Ted was running for office and Webb introduced himself at Ted's campaign headquarters. Webb was then interviewed on Ted's short wave radio show a few times after that with his story about marrying into the Millman family etc.

Of course, today we know that Webb was sent in (probably by the FBI) as a ringer to get close to Ted and do the very things that he did to discredit and smear Ted's name and to steal his 30+ years of research material that would have gone into Ted's books. Ted told me he was planning on writing at least three books (he completed the manuscript of one book).

Newbies (like Jim Fetzer) just don't realize what a psychotic and chronic liar that Webb is. He will rearrange the facts, dates, location, circumstances, people involved, etc. to an extraordinary degree in order to make himself appear as some sort of "whistle blower/ hero" instead of the Low Life, drug & alcohol addicted dirt bag that he actually is.

I just took a quick look at Jim Fetzer's blog concerning an interview in May 2013 he did with Webb and was delighted to see that just about everyone who commented was chastising Fetzer for being suckered into believing Webb's BS about Ted. Take a look:

The "Real Deal" with Jim Fetzer:


motorfot May 6, 2013 at 2:14 PM

Congratulations dr Fetzer, psyoped again.
More subtle than Santilli or Wood, but transparent.
Sunstein has a whole bunch of "troofers" in his troll-army. Thet even give it away in the names Wood-dummy, Webb-Webtroll, get it?

Joseph Episcopo May 6, 2013 at 2:59 PM

Perhaps the greatest amount of nonsense packed into one show since interviewing Gordon Duff

ggallin May 6, 2013 at 8:40 PM

why has jim interviewed this former fbi snitch and informant stew webb again........ google his name or to this link he was exposed by ted gunderson while he was alive,and stew and people like Barbara Hartwell are still on the net slandering his good name.......

motorfotMay 7, 2013 at 10:31 AM

Stu Webb, Jeff Hill, Morgan Reynolds, Judy Wood, Pete Santilli, Dallas Goldbug they are all obvious examples of Sunstein operatives, they know exactly what they are doing. Gordon Duff Im not sure he knows what he is doing, he may very well believe in the fairytales he tells. But come on, does anyone NOT think the names I listed are saboteurs?

I don't know if Gordon Duff will ever wake up when it comes to Webb, but Jim Fetzer has a lot more reputation to lose by not looking into Stew Webb's well worn track record of deceit and lies and cutting the cord.

Regards, Ken

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