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Tom DeWesse of Stop Agenda 21 Reports Media Smear Campaign Launched
June 10, 2014

Tom DeWesse of Stop Agenda 21 Reports Media Smear Campaign Launched (June 10, 2014)

[Editor's Note: I don't know Tom, but I'm posting his stuff because he's fighting Agenda 21 and he seems to be drawing fire from standard Illuminated Attack & Discredit outlets, so it looks like he's over the target. I'm a little put off by pitches for donations, but it's not unexpected.The fight to stop Agenda 21 ideally should be taking place in towns across America by ordinary citizens and not be focused on a "leader" type personality. A movement leader is the easiest target for the Illuminati to take down as Tom's attention from the well known Illuminated Hatchet Machine known as the Southern Poverty Law Center will attest. The idea is to learn from the Youtube leaders and then get involved yourself, with your awakened neighbors, on the local level to go after the sellouts in your town who are promoting and installing Agenda 21 control mechanisms. We don't need leaders. We need Minutemen who will form ad-hoc political resistance groups locally to take down Agenda 21 sellouts and keep them from turning America into a Marxist gulag. However, I still recognize the courage and determination of those who stand up as leaders and take the heat. ]

Dear K. Adachi,

My battle to stop Agenda 21 is really heating up – and the other side has called out the big guns to stop me.
That’s why, this past Sunday night I did something I have never done before.
And it proved to be extremely successful.
I presented the first of a series of internet training webinars. These are designed to  train activists across the nation in new tactics to stop the outrageous UN’s Agenda 21/sustainable development strategy.
I’m fighting back against these powerful forces like ICLEI and the American Planning Association and the UN who are trying to change our system of government and our American way of life.  
So, to help train property rights activists across the nation on how to stop Agenda 21, my American Policy Center (APC) is presenting these training webinars for free so that we can get as many activists as possible to take  part. 
And it’s working. I had over 1,200 activists sign up and participate in this vitally important event. The recorded event can be watched by clicking here.
(166 views registered as of 6/10/14)

[This is an excellent presentation and includes all the proof you need that this conspiracy is REAL and is being implemented across America....Ken]

I’m teaching these freedom loving Americans all the details that I’ve learned in twenty years of fighting Agenda 21. I’m instructing them on how to fight back and finally stop this monster before it destroys our nation.
The Planners know how dangerous I and APC are to their schemes. That’s why they are doing everything possible to stop me.
 Let me show you how desperate they are to stop me.
In just the last six weeks those who are enforcing Agenda 21 in every city in America have launched a viscous, coordinated  attack to discredit our movement and stop our successes against them.
And I am the target  in almost every one of the attacks.
1.It started in March with a special report issued by the American Planning Association (APA) entitled “The Actions of Discontent.” That report was directed to Sustainable Development planners working in communities across the nation. The purpose of the report was to teach the planners how to counter and silence our opposition against them. 
Said the APA report, “Less studied is the fierce opposition mounted by Tea Party and property rights activists against city and regional planning efforts.”
That’s us!!
The report went on to discuss tactics to be used to neutralize our attacks. 
2.A few weeks later, the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) launched a major attack against us - particularly against ME! Their report was entitled “Agenda 21, The UN, Sustainability, and Right-Wing Conspiracy Theory.”          
In a 23 page report – I am cited 23 times, and, according to the SPLC report, all attacks against Agenda 21 are directly linked to me!
That, of course, is very flattering, but what it really proves is that I and the American Policy Center (APC) are having a major impact across the nation in the fight to stop Agenda 21. So much so, they need to discredit me through vicious attacks and lies.     
But as the month went on, the attacks escalated.
3.In April, the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) launched another attack entitled “Agenda 21 Conspiracy Theorists Threaten Cities’ Sustainability Efforts. “
This attack tries to tie our efforts against Agenda 21 with big oil companies. A charge that is blatantly untrue. That is one of the main tactics now of the Left – vilify us as lackeys of Big Oil – even though none of the grassroots organizations working against Agenda  21, including APC have received a dime of support from big oil companies.
But that is a tactic they are using to discredit us.
4.Then, a day after the NRDC report, yet another, more vicious attack  was launched by “” Yep, there really is a website called that! And they are widely read by environmental activists and the news media. They’ve attacked me several times before.
This report again centered on me, labeling me the “conspiracy king.”
5.All of these attacks finally led to the main attack – a cover story in Newsweek magazine, entitled “The Plots to Destroy America.”
This article was based completely on the Southern Poverty Law Center attack and their new approach is to say our opposition is endangering America because we are stopping their schemes to control our lives.
The purpose of all of these coordinated attacks is to discredit our movement and persuade government officials to pay no attention to our opposition to Agenda 21.
Worse, in these reports, they are telling Americans that they shouldn’t listen to us and that we shouldn’t even have the right to speak out with our Constitutionally-guaranteed right to free speech.     
In fact, the Southern Poverty law Center said in its attack: “The media needs to stop reporting on Agenda 21 as it it were a bona fide controversy and plainly state the facts about the plan. And communities around the country, some of which have abandoned work on sustainability plans because of the heat, need to be encouraged to return to or start to develop such plans in tandem with responsible groups like the American Planning Association.
The SPLC is really saying  – stop debate – stop discussion – stop free speech and ideas – Just shut up and do it!!
They are out to destroy our ability to oppose them.
They are scared of us and they want to silence our movement.
That’s why I’ve started this series of Internet webinar training sessions to teach local citizens, property owners and freedom-loving activists how to fight back.  I will teach them every detail of Agenda 21.

  • How Agenda 21 steals private property
  • How Agenda 21 destroys our economy
  • How it Agenda 21 is destroying our public education system
  • How Agenda 21 is designed to destroy the free market system and our system of limited government
That is the fight I have dedicated my life to winning. If America is to survive – we must stop Agenda 21.
This tyranny cannot stand.
Will you help me and my American Policy Center expose those working to enforce Agenda 21/Sustainable Development policy? They are operating in every single community in America – yours included. 
Will you help me by making a contribution to APC right now?
Concerned Americans are standing up in an attempt to fight these planning groups all over the country. And they are having some success. We have even managed to get some legislation passed in a few state legislatures.
And that’s why these massive forces pushing Agenda 21 are so afraid of APC and our efforts. And that’s why they have launched such a powerful counter attack to stop us.
They have near unlimited war chests with which to fight. They use that money to buy power in local and state governments.
I have only the voluntary contributions from dedicated Americans like you.
But even with those limited funds, I have managed to build a national movement to stop Agenda 21. I have scored enough success to cause the Planners to attack and try to stop me.
To stand up to these new, coordinated attacks that are designed to stop me once and for all - I need your financial support – and I need it right now. 
I have created powerful new tools like my Stop Agenda 21 Action Kit – designed to help local activists with the information they so desperately need. 
And I continue to travel the nation to speak to larger and large audiences, teaching local citizens of the dangers in their own town. 
And I appear on numerous local and national radio programs ever week.
Now I have started the most powerful effort ever created for the fight to stop Agenda 21 - APC’s monthly Internet webinar training sessions. It’s never been done before. But now I can reach thousands of activists and teach them one on one.
I told the participants Sunday night that my goal is to build an army of well trained activists to finally defeat Agenda 21 once and for all.
With your financial support I can and will do that.
Please, right now, make your most generous contribution to APC. I’m counting on you.

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Tom DeWeese
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