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Stop Spraying Us Now!
March 27, 2010

Stop Spraying Us Now! (March 27, 2010)

From: Susan A <>
Date: Wed, March 24, 2010
To: Ken Adachi l

Hi Ken,

We’ve watched chem-trail planes spraying us for years. They fly quietly over our homes as they come in to land at the Boise Airport. The white un-marked planes have no windows and each wing has two spray spigots.

Many of us [myself, my daughter and her Kindergarten class, 50 relatives and friends, two Channel 7 news anchors, and many patients in two medical clinics [that I know of] have been sick since last November with allergy like symptoms.

The illness presents like an allergy, then head cold then chest cold turning into bronchitis and pneumonia. We start to feel better then it comes back again. Five continuous months of an energy draining illness for so many people is highly uncommon.




My request is to help me find out who is responsible and make them accountable.

Please help me,

Susan A
Boise, Idaho


Hi Susan,

The United States Air Force is the principle military organization coordinating chemtrail spraying operations in North America. The chemtrail genocide agenda is world wide of course, and there are separate regional "spheres" of operational oversight and control including China, Russia, Germany, Britain, and a joint Australian/British/American operation out of Pine Gap, Australia.

The upper command of the US Air Force has long ago been thoroughly infiltrated and taken over by NWO sell-outs and satanists. The Air Force came into being in 1947. It originated as the Army Air Corps. The Dark Side of the US Air Force is unknown and usually unseen by the ordinary rank and file Air Force enlistees and officers who are not involved in secret NWO operations. Air Force bases (above and below ground) are used for mind control programming, satanic sacrifices, high tech electronic mind control/influencing operations, counter intelligence operations, remote viewing, surveillance, and internet monitoring and hacking activities.

The Air Force also coordinates NWO takeover activities with negative extraterrestrials and is thoroughly involved in cloning operations, flying saucers, anti-gravity technology, Star-gate and "jump-gate" dimensional shift technologies, and time travel. The US Air Force, like the US Navy, is TOTALLY in bed with the New World Order crowd. The upper command brass of both the Air Force and Navy (in earlier years) who did not go along with the NWO takeover crowd, were either suicided, mind controlled into compliance, or forced into early retirement. Today, the upper command structures of both Navy and Air Force are all NWO sell-outs (This is not to say that the Army is not in bed with the NWO, they are).

If you take the time to search on Google, you will find that it's the US Air Force, more than any other governmental organization, has decried and debunked the existence of chemtrails with the loudest and most strident voice. They came out with one lengthy "report" after another which "proved" that chemtrails are nothing more than "persistent contrails" and that people who were making claims that chemtrails are noxious substances being spraying into the atmosphere are lunatics and "conspiracy theorists", etc.

Recall it was the Air Force who was telling the American public for 20 or 30 years or more that flying saucers are nothing more than balloons and swamp gas, while simultaneously pretending to be interested in gathering genuine sightings info into a preposterous white-wash and PR psyops called Project Blue Book.

Anyone who joins any branch of the US military is aiding in the destruction of their own country and countrymen. Until the day comes when the NWO sell-outs are removed from positons of command in our military organizations,and we once again have a military structure which is serving the best interests of the American people and humanity as a whole, we need to starve them of unwitting minions.

Regards, Ken

(PS. We owe a great debt of gratitude to certain team members of the Etheric Resisteance who have played an important role in helping us understand who and how the chemtrail spraying agenda is being carried out. More revelations to follow...)

Reader Comments

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From: Georgia J
To:  Ken Adachi
Sent: Monday, March 29, 2010
Subject: Networking

Ken -

For 36 years I have been a practicing alternative nutrition counselor, and have visited your site often. I have always tried to keep an open mind so that I don't ever stop learning. I am also a political activist. That came about when I discovered all the deceit in the health field years ago.

I would like to network with those of like mind, as I have discovered much of what you write about to be absolutely true. I was motivated to contact you after reading your response regarding a question about the source of the chemtrail operations - "Stop the Spraying." I work with an individual who does energy work, and we have been aware of the harmful effects of chemtrail toxins on the public for quite some time.

Do you ever have meetings of like minds: seminars, conferences or conference calls, get-togethers, etc? If so, I'd be there in a heartbeat!

Georgia J
Janesville, WI


Hi Georgia,

No, but you can organize something and I'll post your info on my web site. Chemtrails have been discussed at various venues for over 10 years. Enough already. What's needed is an organized effort to bring POLITCAL PRESSURE on state and federal government to stop pretending it isn't happening and to push for its termination.

After you organize a group of people, go after local legislators and the mayor to come on board and take an official stand and they in turn can pressure state legislators to either show their colors as NWO sell-outs (most are) or to get on board and OFFICIALLY recognize it and fight it. Most politicians will RUN from this. That's what you need to show to VOTERS in your city and your state.

Help identify who are the NWO sell-outs and who are still working for the People.

It's real simple. .

There's an election in 2010 for the House and 1/3 of the Senate. It's time to get rid of these cowardly. self-serving traitors and put some loyal pro-Contitution American patriots in their stead. And I do mean American! The dual citizen scum bags can find a rock to crawl under in Israel and GET OUT OF MY COUNTRY. .

.Let me know what you're going to do.

Best Regards, Ken

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