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Recognizing the Strawman on Credit Applications

By Constantin Ochescu
April 23, 2006

This is something I had to clarify awhile ago, but I was busy.... I had to wash the car, etc, basically excuses, the truth is, I was lazy. Many people don't know about the strawman, or if they do, they don't have enough knowledge or evidence to believe there is a difference between the all caps name and the upper and lower case name.

Indeed, there are TWO different things. Before we get to it, let's define straw man. According to Webster dictionary, strawman is "a bundle of straw made to look like a man...", " a nonentity "

So, there is no doubt a strawman is not the same with a man. Now, where we look to see if all caps , or upper and lower case is one and the same ?

I believe whoever controls the promissory notes (AKA money) you use, it controls your life. They are the ones who created the game. The banks.

So, I looked at the banks to find the answer to the all caps dilemma, more precisely, a citibank credit card application.

Here is what I found out. Due to technical aspect of scanning, I scanned the relevant part of it.


Look what I circled on the upper left corner. The offer is always made to the real man/woman, upper and lower case. They even address me with Dear Constantin Ochescu, again upper and lower case.

Now look what I circled on the lower right corner, the application part of it (acceptance form). It’s all upper case. Oh, well one might say, it doesn't make any difference. Sure it does. There are two distinct entities, two different ones, the banks do not make mistakes, they know exactly what they are doing....we don't.

You don't have to take my word for face value, here is the evidence, the bank tells you. With the application for the credit card, it comes, an initial disclosure statement. They are not hiding it, they put it in writing for you. Oh, you don't read it, or you don't understand it, hmm... that's your problem, they told you. Here is only part of it, the rest is irrelevant to prove this point.


Read the underlined part. Got it ? No , perhaps, maybe... Read it again. Ok, let's do it together.

The words you, your and yours mean all persons (persons could be real or artificial) responsible( now they make you the liable party) for complying with this Statement or the Card Agreement (this means you have a contract the moment you sign the card and/or use it), is the interesting part....INCLUDING THE PERSON WHO APPLIES TO OPEN THE ACCOUNT AND THE PERSON TO WHOM WE ADDRESS BILLING STATEMENTS.

Bingo there you have it. AND the person to whom we address the billing statements. It doesn't say OR. TWO different entities. One person applies, the real man/woman, that's who they make the offer to, AND the other person gets billed, the upper case, the debtor.

Watch the credit card bill, it will always, always be in all caps.


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