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FL Student Arrested & Tazed for Confronting Kerry with Tough Questions

From Ken Adachi <Editor>
September 18, 2007

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From: Don
Sent: Tuesday, September 18, 2007 12:08 PM
Subject: Student tasered for asking John Kerry question

Hello Ken,

I'm sure you have gotten emails about this, but in case you didn't, I thought I'd let you know about a student in Florida was tasered recently just for asking Kerry a question. If you can, please put this on your website. Here is the youtube video of the incident:

Thank you,
Don, MI

An ugly incident took place yesterday at the University of Florida following Senator John Kerry's talk before a group of students. During the question and answer period, a courageous 21 year old student named Andrew Meyer confronted Kerry with stinging questions and accusations that went to the heart of Kerry's complicit and treasonous behavior in the wake of the 2004 election. For anyone paying attention, it's common knowledge that Kerry had simply rolled over and conceded victory to Bush in 2004 when there was massive evidence of electronic voter machine cheating and suppression of the vote in Florida and Ohio. Had Kerry been a genuine Democratic candidate for the presidency, instead of an Illuminati shill, he would have fought tooth and nail to contest the election. So we witnessed something on amateur video that we never get to see in America on national TV- we saw an Illuminati front man confronted with the TRUTH of his complicity in treason.

It didn't take long for a squad of police to surround Meyer, cut off his microphone, and proceed to force him to the back of the room. Meyer tried to pull away from the cops, complaining loudly that he had a right to ask questions and that he was doing "nothing wrong"

The police threw him down on the floor, pinned him face down, handcuffed him and then Tasered him with 50,000 volts FOUR times-after Meyer had pleaded with the cops to NOT Taser him. With the exception of a single female student who protested the outrage, members of the audience meekly sat in their chairs while a fellow student was barbarously tortured for exercising a right guaranteed under the First Amendment of the United States Constitution. .

While this act of unspeakable barbarity is taking place at the rear of the room, Senator John Kerry -in what can only be described as Kafkaesque-continues to address the audience and pretends to be "answering" the questions which a student named Andrew Meyer winds up being arrested and tortured by police in the rear of the room for having the temerity to ask.

The video taped scene spoke volumes to multiple themes. First and foremost, Kerry's contemptible cowardice marked the character of a man that 10,000 public relation firms couldn't mask with a billion dollar budget. Kerry should have vigorously insisted that the police leave Meyer alone and allow him to speak his mind, regardless of how "pushy" or impolite Meyer may have presented his comments. That would have been the constitutionally correct thing to do and also the most intelligent thing to do because Kerry's political career - whether he knows it or not - had just experienced a "Macaca" moment that will haunt him, I believe, straight out of political office. .

The police had no business being in that room. If the cops were campus police, then the University president, the Board of Trustees, the University Security chief and the supervisor in charge, all need to be held accountable for inserting 'enforcement goons' into a university forum and location that did not require a police presence. The police broke the law themselves by accosting and arresting a man who was doing nothing illegal or threatening to justify removal or arrest. The First Amendment doesn't just apply to people who remain polite and passive in their political discourse.

The use of a device of torture, a Taser gun, was wholly unjustified and applied for no other reason than to inflict excruciating pain upon a handcuffed student by police personnel-including women police- who can only be described as having the mentality of thugs. We need to address the issue of escalating police barbarity, militarization, and brutality and we need to make the use of Taser guns illegal. The only way we will ever see an end to the insanity of Taser gun torture is for ordinary citizens to force 'compliance' of their City Council members, mayors, and police chiefs to get rid or them-or get rid of the politicos who endorse their use.

Abuse of power is NEVER tempered, limited, or restrained by those who exercise the power, but rather by the ordinary citizen who refuses to allow the abuse to continue. The time is long overdue for a national debate and grassroots campaign to outlaw the use of Taser guns.

Below are the video links for the Meyer confrontation itself and taped responses by mostly young people that address the essential issues of his abuse. Below the video links, I've pasted in some comments taken from the video link pages. I'm amazed and stunned by the willingness of so many foolish people to willingly embrace the "orderliness" of a fascist state. They have no idea what's in store for them when that state is fully installed.

Ken Adachi

A) Andrew Meyer Confronts Kerry with hard questions

B) Reporter presents an honest assesment of the attack on Meyer (note in the video shown here that a police woman pulls her gun on Meyer and backs away out of camera view)

Video Tape Response to the Andrew Meyer Tazing and arrest












Some Posted Comments

snapcrackleangela (2 minutes ago)
they only have tasers if they themselves have been tased... [tazed? tased? I dunno] They know what if feels like. My dad's an officer and he said that it was the worst pain he'd ever been in, but only for a second. The pain only exists while you're being tased. That's why it's regarded as the most humane method...

Sett0673 (3 minutes ago)
In the same way the white house is public. The state can set any laws and or guidlines they like.If not you would be able to say carry a gun there or say pray in class.!

angelwolf958 (5 minutes ago)
Thank You for this video. The cops should be protecting us against others attempting to violate our constitutional rights. THEY are the ones who need to be arrested for how they treated this man.

snapcrackleangela (6 minutes ago)
private property... This was a forum, I believe on the university campus [don't quote me on this]. Public university campuses are public property. While I agreed that this guy was out of line, I think you might be taking the wrong route in saying so.

snapcrackleangela (9 minutes ago)
He was flailing his arms around and pushing the officers. If you were the one with your arms   around that guy's waist, his fists would be only a few inches from your face. Giving a fair WARNING for tazing when the police aren't able to put handcuffs on someone to arrest them?? That is reasonable force.

Wasubi04 (11 minutes ago)
He got tasered because he resisted arrest. I respect freedom of speech and it sounded like he was asking ok questions, but unfortunately he is not in control. I think from the way he was acting I am not surprised something like this happened. When he pushed the officer away you knew he was screwed. DON'T EVER PUSH AN OFFICER AWAY :) They have tasers!

oceanset12 (11 minutes ago)
The thing is, you can say tazering was harsh all you like, but any other option they would have used wouldn't have worked. Wrestling him didn't work, he kept trying to get free. Punching him would have been cruel. Mace would have been cruel. The cop isn't going to just hold him all day. He resisted, they warned, and followed protocol.


Tasered Student, Waving Greg Palast Book, Asked Kerry About Conceding 2004 Presidential Election

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