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Possible False Flag Nuke at Today's Super Bowl?

[Editor's Note: It's better to post this warning, rather than worry about looking foolish because it didn't happen. Today would be a perfect day to pull off a false flag and get their martial law plans underway, but our hope is that posting a notice such as this will thwart the attempt. Ken}
February 1, 2009

Possible False Flag Nuke at Today's Super Bowl? (Feb. 1, 2009)

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From: A. True Ott PhD
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Dear List ,

If you did not hear my show yesterday with Dr True Ott, please listen to the archive at:

Radio show January 31, 2009 with Dr Carley adn Dr Ott

On the show yesterday, Dr Ott discussed the fact that in an interview with Al Bielick he did approximately 20 years ago, Mr. Bielick told him that there was going to be a suitcase nuke exploded during halftime of the super bowl today. This morning, one of my listeners called me to tell me that there was also a show on www.scripturesforamericacom on January 27th where "Superbowl Steve" was interviewed and revealed that he was also told 20 YEARS AGO by a tenant of his who claimed to be an Illuminati member that there would be a "suitcase nuke" exploded during haltime of the superbowl game when the Steelers played their 6th superbowl game (which is today), and that the bird flu pandemic would be released at that time. That interview can be accessed at

Thus, we have 2 different sources, both 20 YEARS AGO, stating that this would happen today.

I ask all of you to pray that our Creator intervene and stop this from happening. We are in a spiritual war, and I know that if enough people join together in prayer, our prayers will be answered. As Dr Ott and I discussed yesterday (and has been proven by scientific experiments), there are parallel universes. There are alternate possibilities of what will be; and when enough people realize who the controllers are, and what they are doing...their plans can be thwarted.

Please spread the word...

Dr. Rebecca Carley

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