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The Clouds Parted for Me and the Sylph Procession Began

by Dieter Braun
August 26, 2007

Cloudship and Sylph Parade in the Netherlands August 26, 2007 It was another day at cranberry flats today after a week of grey skies. Sunshine, beer and mushrooms, what more could a sylph buddy like me need on a day like today?

I was walking with my friend Don, when I noticed the sky come alive. Yes it's true, when I walk, sometimes the clouds part. It seems I had a dozen or so sylphs, a dozen or so spirits and a dozen or so cloudships, and they all wanted to say "hello".

I did my best to represent humanity and myself, when they allowed me to comunicate telepathically with them.

As went the shore and lay there and watched all of them create a runway over my head, as large sweeping sylphs ended the  procession. It has become easy for me to communicate with the other's a relief actually and a great source of comfort.

As I lay there watching the greatest parade of my life, a group of 25 people in small rubber boats tied together came floating down the river. I turned around and they were all laughing drinking beer and waiting for me to notice them. 5 minutes later a very small oriental fellow gave me a back massage. I drifted out of consciousness as a fleet of cloudship ufos flew over the town I was born.

As a rather large circular cloudship formed in the north, I said to a
friend, "that is the universe and they want to communicate with the
artists of this area including you".

He said,"tell the universe, not right now......"

I told myself that the universe wanted me to buy a digital camera
tommorrow....with video capabilities!

Deerboy Dieter
Amazing sky photography and video, and music inspired by other dimensions.

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