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Sylphs Over Sante Fe, New Mexico
Video & Stills from Zeph Daniel

From Ken Adachi <>
March 18, 2005

Zeph Daniel <> has a 3.5 minute video clip (with sound) posted at his web site which shows Sylphs virtually filling the sky over Sante Fe, New Mexico. I believe these shots were taken in August of 2004. Zeph, who can telepathically communicate with the Sylphs, told me over the phone the next day that the Sylphs were repeating "Praise to YahWah" as a chorus the entire time he was filming them. He was amazed and overjoyed with the appearance of this huge armada of Sylphs over his neighborhood. If you have Windows Media Player installed on your computer, you can see this clip and save it to your hard drive if you wish.

In some scenes where Zeph is panning the camera, you can catch a quick glimpse of some really stunning looking Sylphs. When you see something that interests you, just hit the 'pause' button on the Windows Media task bar and you can study the shot in freeze frame. Some Sylphs will assume shapes that represent animals or birds. Sometimes, you can see a Sylph assume a face-like appearance.

Of course, to the uneducated eye, these shots might look like ordinary clouds, but there are no 'ordinary' clouds that look like this. The wispy, chevron-like (or wing-like) appearance-at low altitudes- is a big tip-off that it's a Sylph. There are other characteristics that can also be discerned with careful observation. I'm hoping to find the time in the future, to put together a set of Sylph shots and point out the various characteristics seen. Once you begin to recognize Sylphs, it becomes easier and easier to spot them.

Click the link below to go to Zeph's web site and view the Sylph Show.


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