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The Persecution & Imprisonment of German Lawyer Sylvia Stolz for the Zionist-Created 'Thought Crime' of Holocaust Denial

[Editor's Note: The term "holocaust denier" was invented by the Zionists to castigate anyone who questions any aspect of the World War II Nazi "death camp" narrative, other than the official story line promoted by Zionists. There is no question that large numbers of European Jews and non Jews, including Catholic clergy, both nuns and priests, gypsies, and other no Jewish Europeans, were rounded up and delivered to these camps. A very large number of innocent people died, but the total number of Jewish victims appears to be substantially less than the absurd "Six Million" usually quoted by Jewish controlled media as the Jewish death toll, even in the 1930s, long before World War II had even begun. German concentration camps were used to house people who had to work in German factories producing materials needed for the German war effort. They were not "Extermination camps" dedicated to the purpose of simply liquidating Jewish people as movies like Schindler's List or Sophie's Choice would have you believe. If you examine the evidence presented at the Ernst Zundel trials in Toronto, Canada in 1985 and again in 1988, you will find that the top echelon of Jewish "experts" such as Jewish Holocaust historian, Raul Hilderberg, could NOT substantiate ONE IOTA of credible evidence that the Nazis murdered people in shower rooms purportedly converted into homicidal "gas chambers." It's a complete fabrication by Zionist propagandists. It never happened. The practical matter of disposing of such large number of bodies daily via the purported gas chambers and crematoriums at Auschwitz don't match logical and critical analysis of the available evidence.

To make it a "crime" for reasonable people to even discuss or write about this topic is an unacceptable outrage to civilized society everywhere and must be repudiated and struck down in every country where it has been installed (41 counties so far). I do not concur with simple minded people who blame all Jews for the actions of Zionists. Nor do I give a pass to the Third Reich Nazis who were responsible for rounding up those innocent people and delivering them to those concentration camps. At the same time, we cannot assign blame to the German people in general, either during the war or after, for the conduct of those dedicated to the Nazi cause, no more than we can properly assign blame to American citizens for the murderous conduct of the Pentagon in the Middle East, or for that matter, in Germany itself in the immediate aftermath of World War II where General Eisenhower allowed more than TWO MILLION German soldiers to starve to death in American concentration camps following the war.

Reason must prevail among people of good will who care about justice, and the only way for reason and fair treatment to prevail, is to insure the paramount right to free speech ~ everywhere, without abridgement or censorship or conditionality.]
May 13, 2013 (Forward courtesy of Jerry M)

The Persecution & Imprisonment of German Lawyer Sylvia Stolz for the Zionist-Created Thought "Crime" of Holocaust Denial (May 13, 2013)

Steve F says:
January 17, 2013


Sylvia Stolz, Ernst Zundel's Lawyer, the German Joan of Arc, gave a speech, and then She was charged with Holocaust Denial; and so was the speech organizer. Here is Her speech followed by a standing ovation!

AZK - Sylvia Stolz - Lawyer Who Was Jailed for Presenting Evidence in the Zundel Trial (full) [In German with English subtitles]

Published on Jan 18, 2013

(English Subs) Sylvia Stolz, a German Lawyer who was jailed for presenting evidence in the defence of her client in the criminal court trial in Germany of so-called holocaust denier Ernst Zundel, tells her story at the AZK (Anti-Zensor-Koalition) Conference in Switzerland, in November 2012. In 2008, she was banned from speaking during the trial, barred from presenting evidence, and criminally charged with contempt of court, and with inciting contempt, and charged under the same section of the German Criminal Code as her client, and subsequently imprisoned for 3 years. She is also barred from practising law.. After giving this presentation in Switzerland, she is now again facing criminal charges, as is the host and organizer of the AZK, Mr. Ivo Sasek.

NOTE: For a translation of the short interview at the very end, please go here (contains C.C.Engl. Subs) [New charges against Sylvia Stolz]

AKZ Website:

Selected comments

jetset808 2 days ago
we can't disagree with the Holocaust in Canada by law?
· in reply to 8Asmodai8 (Show the comment)

8Asmodai8 1 week ago

Unfortunately, as I live in Canada, it is a criminal offense to comment on this video. We live under harsh "Thought Crime" legislation. Therefore, to give an opinion of a certain type may lead to persecution by the Royal Corrupt Mounted Police [RCMP], which is Canada's federal police force. They are a corrupt police force engaged in many criminal activities within Canada, and its many members are continuously being charged with various criminal offenses [E.g. murder, drugs, sexual harassment].

SPEZIO27 2 weeks ago


vushi1000 3 weeks ago

Thank you Sylvia!!! There is more and more of us everyday . We are getting stronger and the truth will out soon.
Chris Duane 3 weeks ago

Wow! Sylvia Stolz, you are a global hero. Parts of your speech were harrowing to listen to though because you came so close to the line of Germany's kangaroo Holocaust laws and may have even stepped over it. As a lawyer, I'm sure you know where that line is better than I do though. Keep speaking out, Sylvia. You, Horst Mahler and others have a growing fan base in the USA.


and here is the article about the charges against her: [ is a Jewish weekly in Switzerland]
[This article has been taken down and cannot be found on the Wayback Machine, but fortunately, it was saved and re-posted by this blogger. English translation is seen below the German version...Ken]

Strafanzeige gegen Stolz und Sasek
17. Januar 2013

Der Auftritt der deutschen Nationalsozialistin und Holocaust-Leugnerin Sylvia Stolz in der Churer Stadthalle führt zu einem Strafverfahren. Der Berner Anwalt Daniel Kettiger hat nach Medienberichten (vlg. tachles, 11. Januar 2013) Anzeige wegen Widerhandlung gegen die Rassismus-Strafnorm bei der Staatsanwaltschaft Graubünden eingereicht.

Rechtsanwalt Kettiger richtet seine Strafanzeige sowohl gegen die Rednerin Stolz wie auch gegen Ivo Sasek, Organisator der Konferenz der Anti-Zensur-Koalition. Dies weil dieser „als verantwortlicher Moderator“ es unterlassen habe, „Frau Stolz das Wort zu entziehen“, als diese über längere Dauer „offensichtlich Leugnung des Holocaust“ betrieben habe.

In seiner Anzeige verweist Kettiger auf jene Vortragspassage, in der Stolz kritisiert, der Holocaust sei noch nie vor Gericht bewiesen worden. Was wegen der Offensichtlichkeit auch nicht notwendig ist. Stolz fährt dann fort: es würden „die Feststellungen über die Tatorte, Tötungsmethoden, Anzahl der Toten, Tatzeiträume, Täter, Leichen oder Spuren eines Mordes“ fehlen. Weiter auch über„Zeugenaussagen, Dokumente oder sonstige Beweismittel“. Und es gäbe auch keine Beweise für eine nationalsozialistische „Absicht, die Judenheit ganz oder teilweise zu zerstören“, ebenso für „Beweise, Pläne und Befehle“. Es ist schwer vorstellbar, dass der Holocaust noch umfassender geleugnet werden kann. [TA]


Lawsuit against Stolz and Sasek
17th January 2013

The appearance of the German National Socialist and Holocaust denier Sylvia Stolz in Chur City Hall leads to a criminal prosecution.

The Bernese lawyer Daniel Kettiger filed after media reports difficulty (see tachles, January 11, 2013) complaint for a criminal offense liable to racism criminal provision to the prosecutor Graubnden. Lawyer Kettiger directs his lawsuit against both, the speaker Stolz and Ivo Sasek, conference organizer of anti-censorship coalition founder. This is because he has failed, as a responsible moderatorto cut off the speech of Stolz, as they have lingered for a longer period of time in obviously a Holocaust denial  mode.

In his ad, Kettiger refers to those lecture passage criticized by Stolz “ that the Holocaust was never proven in court, which because of the obviousness of the HC is also really not necessary. Stolz continues: there is much lack of evidence, for instance: the findings of the crime scenes, killing methods, number of deaths, crimes committed spaces perpetrators corpses or traces of a murder (raise questions). Next also testimony, documents or other evidence are missing. And there is lack of evidence of a Nazi intention to destroy Jews in whole or in part, in evidence, plans and orders. It is hard to believe that the Holocaust can not be denied even more comprehensive. [TA]offline

She doesn't mind being called a Nazi, as a matter of fact, She considers it an honor:

[Stolz expalins in this video that being called a "Nazi" in modern Germany is a Zionist tool of censorship and intimidation, much as the words "anti-semite" are used by Zionists in North America to shut down debate and criticism of Zionist machinations and subterfuge.


German lawyer may face prosecution for denying Holocaust

Sylvia Stolz at AntiCensorship conf. in Switzerland Nov. 2012

(Sylvia Stolz (R) and Ivo Sasek address a conference of the Anti-Censorship Coalition in November 2012).

A German lawyer may face prosecution for questioning the Holocaust and making an argument that there is ‘no evidence’ to prove the event.

Sylvia Stolz [misspelled Schultz in original article, corrected here] denied the Holocaust during a conference of the Anti-Censorship Coalition held in the canton of Graubunden, Switzerland, in November 2012.

According to reports, Daniel Kettiger, a Bernese lawyer, has filed a criminal complaint against Stolz at the Graubunden Prosecutors Office.

The German lawyer had said during the conference that the Holocaust had never been proven in court as it would have lacked the findings of the crime scenes and killing methods and the number of deaths, perpetrators, corpses or traces of a murder.

Stolz had also argued that there was also no “testimony, documents or other evidence.”

Stolz is not the only person for whom a criminal complaint has been filed. Ivo Sasek, the organizer of the Anti-Censorship Coalition conference also faces similar prosecution.


Selected Comments

Jan 30, 2013 7:6 PM
Typical holofascist persecution. It's people like Daniel Kettiger who need to be prosecuted for criminal intimidation and wasting taxpayers' money on fraudulent litigation. Stand up to these disgusting, anti-intellectual bullies.


Jan 26, 2013 7:10 AM
Modern Germany is Just an utter DISGRACE to what a great and cultured Nation it used to be during the National Socialist Regime!Modern Germany is nothing more than a Jewish Banana Republic!

Sylvia Stolz may face prosecution again

Published by carolyn on Sun, 2013-01-20

Slyvia Stolz only a little over a year ago completed serving a 3 and 1/2 year prison term in Germany for "holocaust denial." Her "crime" took place while, as his lawyer, she was defending another "holocaust denier" (Ernst Zundel) in court. Now 'the Jews' (yes, it's them for sure) are after her for daring to speak up once again. Her voice is too legally accurate, too reasonable, and too persuasive for their comfort. You can see and read Stolz' speech here. Please do so to educate yourself on the legal questions involved.

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