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UCLA Student Repeatedly Tasered in Library

[Editor Notes: The reports of the excessive and lethal use of Tasers by Police began almost as soon as they were issued these heinous weapons about two yeas ago. If you ever got a jolt from touching an electric wire from your wall outlet, then you know how it feels to be zapped with 120 volts AC. How do you think it would feel if you got hit with 30,000, 40,000 or 50,000 volts AC, the voltage range of a Taser gun? The damage inflicted on your nervous system could remain with you for the rest of your life. Far, far too many people have been killed by police using Taser guns. And for what? Most of the time- the vast majority of the time- for not "complying" with  an 'order' to "stand up!" or "get out of the car!" or "put your hands behind your back" or "show me your ID" or "stop fighting us (when you aren't fighting anyone" or "come out from under the bed", or "get out of that closet", etc.

The slightest refusal to comply fully and immediately, to WHATEVER the police tell you to do, is now justification for administering to you the greatest bludgeoning of pain that you're likely ever to endure in a lifetime. And not just once, as this student learned first hand, but repeatedly by men who behave like thugs while weaning a uniform and a badge. The citizens of this country MUST force their local legislators to BAN the use of these instruments of torture. There is NO justification for having them, as the amble evidence of misuse and abuse by police makes it clear that the caliber of humanity wearing police uniforms today are incapable of using them judiciously and when only, and truly necessary. ..Ken]
November 19, 2006

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Student Tasing
UCLA Student Tasing Enrages Iranian Community

Mary Sparrowdancer

For those who are unable to see or download videos, this is a description of what happened in the UCLA tasing.

The police repeatedly tased an American UCLA student, and after tasing him the first time, the police screamed at him repeatedly to "GET UP, GET UP, STAND UP, STAND UP, STAND UP, STAND UP, STAND UP, OR YOU WILL BE TASED AGAIN!"

The student was incapacitated, and was unable to stand up. He was, in fact, crying. This all appeared to be happening in the UCLA library.

After screaming while being tased, the student shouted, "Here is your patriot act, here is your f**king abuse of power," and the other UCLA students in the library began to gather around. The students had been alerted of this situation by the young man's screams and the screaming police.

The police then shouted, "Stop fighting us!" The tased student stated he was not fighting them. (He appeared to be on the floor.)

Some of the students, after seeing what was being done to the other student, then said to police, "We want your badge numbers." Some began phoning others to tell them what was happening, and some began making tapes on cellphones.

The student was told again to, "STAND UP, STAND UP, STAND UP, STAND UP," but he appeared unable to stand up. The police screamed, "OK, YOU WILL BE TASED AGAIN," and the student was tased again. This time, one of his feet could be seen flying up over his head as he was sent into convulsions, and the sound of tasing can be heard on the clilp. The student screamed throughout this tasing, again.

After this tasing, the rest of the students then moved forward in order to protest and to protect their fellow student (most students appeared to have been sitting in cubicles working on computers before the police action occurred), and one voice can be heard in the now outraged crowd of students asking the police, "What is wrong with you?"

It appears that the students are all unarmed and are simply asking questions. The police appear to be the only ones armed - tasers, guns, clubs, etc.

At this point, the students continued challenging the police and there are many voices now shouting in the hallways where the police have now dragged the tased student.

It is not clear how many more times he was tased, and as the police dragged him from the room, he appeared to be unable to walk.

Comment by Mary:

After forcing myself to watch this video three times in order to report what it showed for those not able to view it, I have some comments to make.

This same sort of screaming activity on the part of enraged police can be seen in other videos following their tasings of American citizens.

They have been shown to repeatedly demand that the person stand up or put their arms behind their backs, or raise their arms or put their arms up, but the victim cannot do so after being tased. This results in the second tasing for those who dare to "disbehave" the orders of the police.

It is my belief, after watching this and other tasing videos, that the use of tasing is torture, and it should be stopped immediately. It has no place in the United States. It has no place ANYWHERE. It is torture.

This is torture being carried out by individuals who, by simply wearing a badge or a blue suit, have decided that they are now the judge, the jury and unfortunately, the executioner of American citizens.

Many, many people have now died from being tasered.

This is completely illegal. Nothing that violates the U.S. Constitution is legal. No one in the US has the legal right to torture anyone. No one.

We, as Citizens of the united states, have an obligation to defend and uphold the U.S. Constitution. The students in this video did so whether they knew it or not. They tried to defend the rights of another human being.

The rest of the American people need to begin doing the same, immediately. This is what we are all about. Human rights. Civil liberties. Any person who has the right to vote, has an obligation to defend and uphold the Constitution of the United States. It will protect us from further disturbing acts such as the above.

Alton Raines

Far too often the horrible Catch-22 of being ordered to do something while experiencing or recovering from 30,000-50,000 volts of electricity pumped into the body is most definitely a sickening, vile form of torture. It's telling a legless man to stand, or a blind man to see and the jackbooted swine who stand around shouting commands at the person they have electrically incapacitated are at that point nothing but sadistic torturers, no matter what scenarios got them "to" that point.

This is getting out of hand. Our need for security must be intelligently balanced against the overwhelming knowledge of inherently flawed human compassion and respect for human dignity and rights. Far too many people in security and enforcement professions seem to have "issues" with brutality and inhumanity. That is not to indict them all, of course, but to remind that we ARE dealing with fallible and sometimes psychologically and spiritually uncentered, maladjusted people who seek positions of power and authority over others in order to work out and/or exercise freely their frustrated, tormented or damaged psyches on others under their control. We cannot wait for the police state to be absolutely upon us before we act. We cannot slumber in complacency or wait for it to become a personalized injustice. We must feel that injustice for all our fellowmen and women and in the name of compassion and human dignity strike a blow against even the tiniest forms of tyranny.


Police with Tasers: Sanctioned Torture & Summary Execution In America

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