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Tower Busters and Radionics
A Budding Success Story

[Editor's Note: I have other messages from Chris that talk about combining orgone generators and radionics that I'll be posting here. Ellis Peterson also has sent me a lot of material, going back two years ago about combining orgone and radionics. We will explore this subject in greater detail in the near future...Ken Adachi]

Chris Callahan
Aug. 1, 2004

Hello Ken:

Been a while since your last correspondence. Just wanted to thank you for the advice... I built my first TB's and the results were definite. I made mine in 3 oz muffin pans with bb's, one quartz crystal each, and epoxy resin from ACE hardware. Everything went well except for the 'no stick' pan I used... I couldn't get them out of the tins and ended up just removing them with the metal cups on the outside. I planted plenty in and around my house, first. Then I busted two nearby towers in my neighborhood.

I'm bulding some every other paycheck, and will concentrate on towers and water sources first, then gridding my neighborhood and the rest of the city. Since my first batch has been planted, the environment around my house has improved: the air is 'fresher' and squirrls and birds are hanging out more without the incentive for food. Attitudes around the house have been more relaxed as well. If this wasn't enough proof, my energy sensitive mother (who use to read cards with 100% accuracy in northern idaho in the 80's)was floored when she saw the seven I made for her home. She had not read of them on your website, but started breaking out into a sweat... she definitely saw the energy and described it flaring up from the middle and spreading around the TB.

This energy signature has been described before and further proved their reality. She has organized them in a Star of David configuration and is using it with her radionic equipment to protect her home and start purifying the town she lives in. In addition, I performed the radionic experiment I described in my last letter. I measured the energy output of my 3 oz TB's with radionic boxes and a pendulum, setting a clock for one minute and counting the spins of the pendulum in that time. My pendulum spun 57 times (a 360 degree circle) in one minute. Then I took a rate for the TB, removed it from the room and just used the dials on my box to represent the TB. Again, the pendulum held over the witness can spun 57 times per minute. Then I added my magnetic 'radio box' and the output jumped to 64 spins/minute. This is the most accurate way of measuring the energy I've used, so if you've heard of better methods, please let me know.

What this proved was my radionic box was functioning as a TB. I placed the witness for my city on the stick plate, let the dials sit, plugged the box into the wall and waited, picturing sheets of blue orgone circling above the city. Two days later, my wife saw a black military helicopter flying a circle near our house.. no markings and obviously looking for something. The dreary grey clouds and oppressive mugginess we've had for a month is gone and we've had largely blue skies, with scattered puffy white clouds, occasional gentle rains, and 'wispy' white clouds I've never seen before. Occasional black/grey clouds try to form, but they never 'hang' in the air for long before the blue skies return. Also at this time, I receive five to ten emails a day in my yahoo inbox, all containing viruses. The most dramatic sign something was amiss was the mood of my family going from happy pleasant to bickering, arguing and general discord in almost an hour.

This was definitely not natural, so I pulled myself to the bedroom, closed my eyes and felt a definite pressure in my mind from a certain direction. Like my remote viewing practice, I could see an instant image in my mind and I 'felt' it present in the room. An older man with short grey hair was sitting at a table with machines with lots of knobs and seemed enthusiastic at his success. Angrily, my blue dragon of pure energy came streaking out of the darkness, biting, clawing and rending the now very scared man, and his fear made me press the attack until I 'felt' it was enough and returned to my 'waking' state. As fast as it came upon us, the angry emotions were gone and everybody 'cooled' down and apologized to each other, wondering why they felt so irritable. I felt happy and elated at how easy it was to repel this assault.

A psychic acquaintence told me feeling my presence there, in that room with the man, was the verification of its reality. Anybody reading this can take it as they will, but this is my story and (at the risk of sounding like a corny country song) I'm sticking to it. I've been studying different magick systems and radionics for quite sometime, but if you have any doubts about personal defense, use the Succor Punches and Powerwands until you feel comfortable doing it on your own. For anybody doubting the reality of the hidden govt and effects of tower busters, I tell them to do the work and see for themselves. I'm not profiting by revealing what happened... get involved and you WILL see the proof, not only in the skies and environment, but the NWO's notice of major activity.

Better still, you feel how good it is to piss the Illuminati's Cheerios.

Chris Callahan

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