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Ted L. Gunderson, Former FBI Bureau Chief, Passed Away on Sunday, July 31, 2011 at Age 82

From Ken Adachi, Editor
August 1, 2011

Ted L. Gunderson, Former FBI Bureau Chief, Passed Away on Sunday, July 31, 2011 at Age 82 (Aug. 1, 2011)

Ted L GundersonI received an e-mail from a person named Linda this morning informing me that Ted Gunderson had passed away yesterday, Sunday, July 31, 2011. I called Ted's daughter Lori and she confirmed that her father died yesterday. Ted had been hospitalized at Cedar-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles for the past couple of weeks. Ted was receiving treatment for cancer from an alternative health clinic in Costa Mesa, California in recent months, but he encountered a difficulty that required hospitalization. What followed after that is a long story which I won't go into here, but suffice it to say that his demise was more a consequence of kidney failure rather than cancer. Ted would have turned 83 had he lived until November 7 of this year.

When I find out details of Ted's funeral and/or wake arrangements, I will post them immediately.

Ted Gunderson was a wonderful, caring, and giving person. Since his retirement from the FBI in 1979, he had devoted his life to helping those least able to fend for themselves and get out their stories of satanic ritual abuse and government-sponsored secret operations including mind control, child abduction, sexual abuse of children, sexual enslavement, human trafficking, auctioning of children and the use of kidnapped children for secret experimentation and ritual murder.

I'll write a separate article detailing Ted's post-retirement efforts to alert the public to the dark underside of our government intelligence agencies, especially the CIA, and their hat in glove relationship with powerful politicians and elite family bloodlines to victimize and abuse the most vulnerable and least capable of defending themselves: women and children.

Because Ted had risen to such a high position of prominence with the FBI, and because he was not shy about appearing on television or at conferences, always willing to name names, Ted was targeted for a multi-pronged smear & discredit campaign over the internet that was launched roughly in the early Spring of 2000 with the Art Bell case and continued until the very end with the ludicrous statements and accusations leveled by a redoubtable dentist who decided to throw away his reputation, career, and respectability over a leggy blonde.

Those who were on the receiving end of Ted's caring nature know full well the measure of his character and will never forget the comfort and sense of security delivered by Ted Gunderson at a time when they were most in need of a helping hand.

God bless Ted Gunderson. He had done a wonderful job in serving the cause of humanity and his name will be recalled for many years to come as a champion of justice and defender of the weak and defenseless.

Ken Adachi

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