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Ted Gunderson Is Not Doing Well

From Ken Adachi, Editor
July 9, 2011

Ted Gunderson Is Not Doing Well (July 9, 2011)

[Update July 10, 2011. Ted's condition is stabilizing somewhat. Pray for his recovery; it can make all the difference. ]

Ted Gunderson is currently hospitalized. His situation is quite dire and he may not make it. He was being treated for cancer at an alternative health clinic in Costa Mesa, California for a number of weeks, but his current difficulties evolved from other problems unrelated to the cancer (which was being successfully treated). Those problems included swelling of his lower extremities and so much difficulty and pain in walking that he went to a local hospital a few weeks ago. That's always a mistake.

The misdiagnosis and inadequate treatment (along with an unnecessary liver biopsy) he received from his first visit to the hospital set the stage for later problems which created further complications--and led to subsequent 'emergency' visits to the hospital--which in turn led to his current predicament. I won't go into the details here, but modern hospitals in America-married as they are to orthodox medicine, orthodox 'protocols', the pharmaceutical industry, the profit motive, and their overwhelming concern to shield themselves from medical malpractice lawsuits, are killing far more people than they are saving. The welfare of the patient is the last thing that concerns your typical, for-profit hospital.

Overlook this observation at your own peril.

Your best defense against hospital misdiagnosis and mistreatment is to avoid ever going into a hospital --if at all possible. If you invest the time to understand how the body works and how disease conditions develop, you can keep your body functioning reasonably well without the need for pharmaceuticals or orthodox medical treatment of any kind.

Someday, we may have hospitals staffed with alternative medicine physicians and caregivers who actually understand how the body works and treat it according to the rules of Nature, but until that happy day arrives, stay out of hospitals, if you can.

There are a lot of good books on Nature based medicine, but I find the books of Dr. Hulda Clark to explain the how and why of disease etiology better than most. Her astute observations and understandings of how the body works are based on her use of a simple --but extremely powerful--diagnostic tool called the Syncrometer (anyone can build their own Syncrometer or buy one ready made. The info to make your own is found in the books of Hulda Clark).

The Syncrometer is a simple electronic circuit that uses an audio oscillator as a feedback mechanism to establish a phenomenon called resonance between some substance found in your body and the same substance contained in a small glass sample vial, or a plastic bag with the tissue sample, or a biological slide sitting on one of the two test plates found on a Syncrometer. You can watch Hulda demonstrate on video how she uses the Syncrometer to test for the presence of substances found in two different locations at this link:

A written explanation of a demonstration of the Syncrometer with Hulda Clark and Carmen Myers is found at this link:

The sound signature of a positive resonance tone is hard to recognize in the beginning when first learning about the Syncrometer. You have to listen carefully-a number of times- to begin to recognize the difference between a "standard" tone and a "positive" resonant tone. In addition, Hulda performs the test so quickly-from years of doing this sort of testing-that the newbie will find it hard to hear it the tell-tale difference in the beginning, but re-listening will gradually sensitize your ears to the resonant sound versus the standard tone.

Another excellent book that I'm currently reading (and everyone should consider buying) is Voltage is Healing by Dr. Jerry L. Tennant MD

This book contains many of the same cogent observations found in the books of Hulda Clark , but it also offers new, additional information that is very useful in understanding how the body works and how to get out from under the current epidemic of obesity and low thyroid functioning which plagues most people in America. This is an excellent tutorial on how the body REALLY works versus the mechanical-analogy nonsense presented by the orthodoxy.

I hope everyone who is reading this will pray for Ted Gunderson to pull through his current dire straights and be able to return to his cancer treatment at the alternative clinic in Costa Mesa. I'll update his condition whenever I find out the latest news.

Ken Adachi


Homeography~ An Important Scientific Discovery with Profound Implications for Self Healing by Ken Adachi (Aug. 15, 2010)


Subject: Ted Gunderson
From: Doctor Louise
Date: Sat, July 9, 2011
To: Ken Adachi


My prayers and best wishes go out to Ted Gunderson, a true American hero.

Your advice about staying out of hospitals is right on and sad to say, I'm sorry about what has happened to Ted. Most people are not aware of the iatrogenic situations which kill thousands every year and it's unfortunate that Ted is in a life-threatening predicament because he relied on the hospital to help him.

Many people are very concerned about their health and worried about their health insurance, be it medicare, work-provided or individual. I know people who are on as many as 15 or 16 prescription drugs. It starts with one or two and goes up from there until they are drugged out, dumbed out and broke.

Instead of focusing so much time, attention and money on our health insurance and reliance on the allopathic medical community to take care of us, we, as a nation, need to focus on our health and learn to take care of ourselves, demand healthy food or grow our own, exercise and keep a good mental attitude. Years ago I realized my health was going downhill and I had to do something about it because the medical community left much to be desired. I read, I went to lectures, I took courses and later I got a degree as Doctor of Naturopathy. Today, at 75, I'm working full time, walking 2 to 3 miles a day, growing my own food, and having the time of my life. I take no prescriptions. Once a year, I have some lab work and the results are always optimal. I once had an MD ask me, 'You're over 70, how come you're not on some prescriptions? And how are you getting this kind of a lab report?' She didn't understand me when I told her what I did and how simple it was.

True, we need some health care reform, but the president, the congress, and the insurance, medical and pharmaceutical industries should have nothing to do with it. (That system is in chaos.) It has to do with each and every one of us being responsible for ourselves and our families. Like so many other freedoms which we, as a nation, have given away, we have surrendered our individual rights to be responsible for our own health and placed it in the hands of an uncaring, souless mega-conglomerate. The turnaround is as close as the information on your website (thank you).

I'll get off my soapbox now, but I hope I have opened a doorway for some of your readers.


Dr. Louise

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