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The Vaccine Industry vs Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

By Mark Sircus Ac., OMD <>
June 22, 2005

Original Title
Robert F. Kennedy Jr. VS the Medical Elite
International Medical Veritas Assocation

In reality doctors and the medical elite are lying to the public. Without a scientific leg to stand on they go on insisting there is no problem injecting the deadly nerve poison thimerosal into children. At this point parents know more about medicine than the doctors and the doctors just cannot stand the humiliation. They would rather hang onto their pride and let kids be injected with thimerosal, which is fifty percent mercury by weight, then humble themselves before their patients. They would rather see families destroyed and lives lived in misery, pain and disease than just admit they are wrong.

When it comes to thimerosal science is now totally against the medical elite and the pharmaceutical companies as well as your local friendly doctor. But with their money and power the pharmaceutical companies have maintained a long list of medical officials who sustain a medical horror that has neurologically damaged millions of children. Robert F. Kennedy Jr., speaking on national radio this week on the Imus show,[i] expressed this graphically, indicating those medical officials, when they speak about thimerosal in vaccines, use “high sounding language, but under questioning they fall apart because the science is so clear that thimerosal is deadly. The scientific evidence is now so overwhelming (that thimerosal is toxic) that it’s almost bizarre the way medical officials defend its safety. They have no defense and they know it. It’s an institutional bureaucratic cover-up.” On the Scarborough Country show Kennedy went on to say, "One in every 166 children has autism. Plus one in six have other kinds of learning disorders, other kinds of neurological disorders, speech delay, language disorders, ADD, hyperactivity, that all seem to be connected to autism -- to Thimerosal. There are literally hundreds and hundreds of studies that connect Thimerosal to these disastrous neurological disorders."

These words from Kennedy strike a note of doom for the medical elite in governmental agencies like the CDC and the FDA as well as other organizations like the Institute of Medicine who have turned their backs on basic science. All you have to do is look at the Calvary University video of mercury destroying nerve sheaths to know that there is no question that mercury is a horridly devastating substance.

Mercury exposure is bad for the health of our children no matter what one believes about the link to autism. Sara Ellman

Kennedy was astounded when he reviewed transcripts of the Simpsonwood secret meetings that the CDC had with the pharmaceutical industry. Kennedy said, “It was clear from those meetings that the bureaucrats and regulators who are in charge of protecting Americans from poor health and from contamination were actually in cahoots with the pharmaceutical industry and trying to hide the information from the public. Talking to the people who participated in that meeting, questioning them, it became quickly clear that their defense of thimerosal, their efforts to exonerate thimerosal were not based on real science. The studies they sited were these patently phony studies.” Kennedy made it clear about the United States government, principally about the people at the CDC, “These people have literally poisoned an entire generation of children, from 1989 to 2003 injecting mercury into the children during the most vulnerable periods of their lives.”

Isn't it common sense that mercury should not be in anything injected into children?
Betsy Burtner

Kennedy went on saying, “You should see what autism does to people’s lives. It shatters the entire family, it destroys them. It’s the saddest thing, because these perfectly healthy wonderful children are taken into their pediatrician’s office, the wonderful family doctors that they trust and are given the shots because they are told its going to save your life, its good for you, and they come out of that pediatricians office and by the late afternoon they are having seizures. The parents bring them to the hospital and then the kid just disappears. This child who was a complete human being, he stops talking, he starts banging his head against the wall, he starts biting himself, stops interacting with his siblings and it costs 70,000 dollars a year to take care of this child for the rest of their lives. And these people (Officials at the CDC) know this and they are continuing to inject children with this horrible toxin. It’s like out of George Orwell.”

“The worst thing is we are now shipping it abroad. They are giving this to kids all over the third world. In China autism was unknown five years ago. In 1999 they started giving them American vaccines containing thimerosal. Our companies are over there administering these to the Chinese children there and now there are 1.8 million cases of autism. Autism is exploding; we are exporting this stuff all over the third world. Autism is exploding in Argentina, Nigeria, in India.”

“What is going to happen when our enemies around the world, America’s enemies, realize that the United States most heralded foreign policy, which is to vaccinate the children of the world, one of the best things we do, that we are actually using that policy to poison the brains of developing world children. This is a disaster.”

Imus, who interviewed Kennedy said, “I have had the most powerful people in the media tell me that its hopeless to go up against the pharmaceutical lobby.” The major news networks are in bed with pharmaceutical money abandoning their major responsibilities to inform and protect the public. The handwriting is on the wall for doctors and government officials around the world, who continue on with what can only be described as a brutal ignorance about the thimerosal issue. Meanwhile the mainstream press, for fear of losing advertising money, would see a generation poisoned rather than do their jobs.

The pharmaceutical companies are so appalling that they do not stop with their attacks on these children. This week the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia said that 19% of newly diagnosed Type 2 diabetic children also have neurological diseases. Many of these children are being treated with psychiatric medications Zyprexa, Risperdal, Geodon, Seroquel, Clozaril, and Abilify. Many of these drugs carry black box warning to alert MD's about the dangers of diabetes. The most studied adverse effect of the newer generation of antipsychotics is their association with hyperglycemia, in some cases leading to ketoacidosis, coma, or death. Risperdal was recently refused approval for use in autism by the FDA yet is being increasingly used to treat behavior problems that arise for children on the autism spectrum. This month U.S. drug maker Eli Lilly, the company that unleashed thimerosal on the world’s children 70 years ago, said it will record a pretax charge of at least $700 million in its second quarter to settle claims that it did not warn consumers that their drug Zyprexa could cause diabetes-like symptoms.[ii]

It is incredible that parents continue to trust doctors who add insult to injury to autistic children by continuing to administer dangerous and harmful drugs. The pharmaceutical companies, and those who believe in the safety of their medicines, have shown clearly that they cannot be trusted with the lives of these children. It is a good thing to trust others, when we have not been given reason to distrust. But to trust the untrustworthy, when clearly we are being given every opportunity to see that trust is not deserved, is supremely dangerous to our children’s lives.

It should be clear who the real terrorists are in our world and who should be put behind bars. But the human race has been put so deeply to sleep by television that we have not lifted a finger to protect the young from what can only be called medical terrorists who manipulate our trust and use it against our children. What can we expect from people who believe that the public health crisis we could all face if everyone decided to stop vaccinating is much worse than what we face in the fight against autism?

It should be nothing for each of us to print out this or any informative essay about these issues and hand them out to our neighbors. It is time to seize the moment and get on the bandwagon and support this door Kennedy is opening. Jennifer McInerney, a mother of an autistic child commented on this saying “This is one of the biggest news stories in recent history (the media just doesn’t realize it yet). Let's get the story to the forefront so we can soon have the entire nation focused on our children, and their plight. We finally have the tools to educate people about the cause of Autism (Rolling Stone article, and coverage by national TV shows). Though many of you have been talking about this for years…often to deaf ears…you now have the power of print and a massive grass-roots effort behind you. We can do this!”

The walls of ignorance have to be parted by all of our efforts. The job is clear. We have to save millions of kids’ brains out there in the world. Save them and their families from a fate no family should have to face. This is a crucial battle we must win. We cannot let the world’s highest officials get away with the chemical rape of an entire generation of children. We have to hope and act as if it’s the beginning of the end of an era of medical terror, an age when medical reason was lost to medical fascism promoted by the money and muscle of pharmaceutical companies.

Associated Comments
Craig Westover, reporting from the Twin City area said several interesting things in response to Kennedy’s recent statements on autism and thimerosal. “I have been afraid of this for some time now — the politicizing of the medical controversy over the mercury-based vaccine additive thimerosal and its connection to autism. Kennedy's inflammatory prose degrades the thimerosal discussion. The autism discussion must first and foremost focus on science. Instead of making the scientific case, Kennedy goes for the political jugular.”

Obviously many are going to step out and attack Kennedy on this issue by confusing the issue. Barbara Fisher from the National Vaccine Information Center responded to Westover saying, “This journalist is right about the need for good science to answer all the outstanding questions about the connection between mercury preservatives in vaccines and autism. Trouble right now is, nobody can trust the methodologically flawed science conducted by researchers with financial ties to industry and government who have a vested interest in coming up with the wrong answer. NVIC has always said "Show us the science and give us a choice." Show us the good science, that is. In the meantime, parents of vaccine injured children are left to deal with the reality of what we call "political immunology."

In his essay Westover went on to say, “Having virtually wiped out deadly childhood diseases, the National Immunization Program is such a sacred cow that it is inconceivable it might have damaged a generation of American children on an epidemic scale.” And he said, “No responsible media outlet wants to be perceived on the wrong side of universal immunization — even if that's where good science leads.” It is not clear what Westwood really wants to say here but this goes to the heart of the issue and what the resistance is. It is also here where religion and blind belief comes in more than science and politics. The pharmaceutical companies and the medical elite certainly want us to believe that child hood immunizations have wiped out deadly childhood diseases but science is not so sure because many of the diseases were declining before the vaccines for the diseases were brought to the public. It is the religion of medicine that has a hard time conceiving that childhood vaccines might have damaged a generation of American children. Science though is getting closer and closer to being absolutely sure that the vaccines containing thimerosal have seriously harmed our children.

The politics of the thimerosal issue is not being raised by Kennedy but by Westover when he says, “Bush's family has close personal and financial ties to thimerosal patent originator Eli Lilly & Co. A number of people with strong pharmaceutical industry connections hold key Bush administration positions.” Bush has broken his promises about thimerosal and the federal government is against the states banning thimerosal for political and financial reasons. Hundreds of billions if not a trillion dollars of liability is on the line. The potential for such huge loss speaks louder than anything else when it comes to the thimerosal issue. Bush was on TV today making a point about the junk lawsuits and the need to stop them, the need to limit liability before we don't have any doctors. The falseness here is so great that it makes it hard to believe in the terrible truth. It's the doctors and the pharmaceutical companies that must be stopped and it is the families of this lost generation of kids that need to be completly compensated for their losses, pain and certainly for the full cost of treatments that will recover these children.

Mark Sircus Ac., OMD
Director International Medical Veritas Association
+55-83-3252-2195 ID: marksircus





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