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Through The Eyes Of An Ant

By Red Elk
December 3, 2008

Through The Eyes Of An Ant by Red Elk (Dec. 3, 2008)

Many seek the 'Spiritual' side of the Native American, a true people. This may help....(even them) :-)

As I've shared, Nature has Creator Awareness. That one can learn much by observing....yet few do.

Take, for instance, the simple ant. Ever contemplate on these aware beings?

Here are a "people" who work as ONE, for the SAKE of ALL. No "single" (Self) thought with these little ones. They are more then willing to sacrifice their very life (one) for the good of all. Ever consider that?

Aren't we of God-Oness to be as that as well? Consider THAT for awhile.

See? You are already learning from Nature.

Now see "through the 'eyes' on an ant";

As we, when we stand in the presence of an Elephant, we realize how small we are. Now use THAT to consider how BIG we are,.. to an ANT!

We're GIANTS! Aho?

Their eyes are small ...therefore, limited as to distance. We are as EARTH SHAKING (our feet shaking the earth about them as we pass by) "CLOUDS". They are unable to see us for our HEIGHT. Aho?

Even when one walks on us, they can see only so far... inches. So though they may walk from our feet to our head...even then, they are unable to over-view our completeness. Aho? So to them we are but a natural 'something' in their life. They accept as "that's the way of it". Aho?

And in that thought, go on about their quests little thought to we and REFUSING TO RUN in FEAR!

A noble 'breed', ants.

Spend a few hours observeing these little ones. Are you aware that they THINK? Are you aware that they PLOT? THINKING, so they can TEAM UP on other "beings" who are causing problems to the Whole...and overcome the adversity.

Yes, spend a few hours OBSERVING...then "see" YOU "following" THEIR TEACHINGS!

This will allow you to become more AWARE...and thus more "In Tune", as are our Native Americans.

In this you TOO can learn to be "Spiritual".....SPIRITUALITY is AWARNESS!

Today, though, even most of our Native Americans don't take the time...and thus are fast losing this "touch". Others ("whites"), haven't done so for thousands of YEARS,so long, long ago, that they "forgot".


"Observing" is NOT DEEP ENOUGH! See...and CONTEMPLATE!

Take TIME "considering".

KNOW "The ways of the Ant"...SEE as if you are the Ant. LEARN!
THEN you will begin to KNOW "Oneness with ALL"...and the WONDER of our MAKER who GAVE THESE LITTLE ANTS as a TEACHER to and for YOU!

Folks, TAKE THE TIME and you will finally start "TOUCHING" HIM!


We live in a WONDEROUS place....GOD MADE THIS FOR US! To See. To ENJOY! To be in Awareness of His LOVE! In AWARENESS of HIM!


You have let your everyday life 'cloud-up" your sight, and thus, snuff the SPIRITUAL EYES in "life's needs". And now you seek.

You will NOT FIND "SPIRITUALITY"....the Native American "sight"...driving a car!

Take off your shoes and 'SMELL THE ROSES'! Be a KID again! GROW!

Go, Study the ant....

Red Elk

A Patch of Sunlight

Folks, as most know by now, I see through "different eyes".

On my way home a few minutes ago, with my youngest grandson, he suddenly exclaimed "WOW! Look at THAT"!

He was pointing towards a field of Sunlit ground...while all around it, except that area, was covered in "shadowy" overcast... MILES of it!

I said: "He smiles in the darkness".

"What do you mean, grandpa"?

"Son, it is as if He has given light in a world of sadness and dispair. All the shadow area, to me, is like the world all about us. Only a few see the Smiling Light of His Greatness and Love. That small patch of sunlight is like His wonderous Smile in this dark world. That is what I "see". Do you understand"?

He thought, then quietly replied ....."Yes, grandpa, I do".

Friends,this sharing is for instantly COMPARE God's WORD with All the "events" about you. Do YOU understand?

ho, Red Elk


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