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Tim Hick's Update on Staged Obama 'Assassination': Hit Date Moved up to July 8th?

[Editor's Note: Update D, July 20, 2009 12:30PM. I'm glad to report that we've gotten through the 19th of July OK without our beloved Rockefeller Imposter biting the dust, so we look forward to clearing July 22 without a hitch. If all goes well, we can expect to keep our Rockefeller puppet around for the planned 'bank holidays' (stage one of crashing the US dollar) that they may attempt to pull off in late September or early October of this year, and of then course, the "mandatory" Swine flu vaccination ploy which should keep the Sheeple sufficiently agitated and DIVERTED while the domestic traitors install the next staging of the Destroy America agenda...Ken Adachi

Update C, July 8, 2009 11PM. Thankfully, we got through July 8 OK without the Imposter being bumped off while the G8 traitors coordinate the next phase of their enslavement and genocide agendas (which undoubtedly is focused on the phony "Swine Flu pandemic' and their all-out push {this Fall} to force people to take mandatory vaccinations, which you MUST AVOID AT ALL COSTS)..The next dates to be wary of are July 11. July 19, and July 22, as these Illuminated satanists ALWAYS coordinate their "shock and awe" operations around ritualistic numerology. . Ken Adachi.

Update B, July 7, 2009. 4:00 PM. Don Nicoloff sent me the following note this afternoon affirming Tim Hick's dowse that a staged assassination attempt (possibly staged as a plane crash) may be in the offing as a prelude to anti-white Race Wars/Riots erupting across America in the wake of an Obama (clone) "assassination"...Ken Adachi.

From: Don Nicoloff July 7, 2009. [2:49:48 PM]

Hi, Ken....

I've done a 'read' on what I see as an impending, planned attack of a false-flag nature on New York City and Los Angeles this month. I see the event(s) leading up to these 'attacks' directly related to something that would spark race wars across the U.S., resulting in a declaration of martial law.

What would cause a race war to develop? The assassination of the country's "first black president," for example? That would be the reason for 'assassinating' Obama (or some person [clone] of 'color').

I concur with Tim and Phil's read on the situation. While everyone in the Patriot community is focusing on the possibility of war in Iran, Korea, or Honduras, the perfect setup is to pull another 9/11-type stunt, though it will be carried out by the 'alphabet agencies', A-Z, and the Pentagon. The BIG trouble will erupt out of the illusion that someone has been eliminated by 'conservative political forces'. Of course, the sheeple will have absolutely no clue as to what will have really happened.

Obama's current trip for talks with Russian President Dimitri Medvedev may be the pretext for pulling some kind of stunt, particularly where there is an airplane involved. We've had a rash of airplane crashes since Obama's inauguration, and the impeccable research of David Hawkins and Field McConnell concludes that secret insurance policies (called Tontines) -which reap millions, even billions of dollars per "accident" incident- are the real reason for the intentional downing of these planes. Those contracts are carried out by the law firm Sidley Austin, for whom Michelle Obama (Michelle Lavonne Robinson) worked and trained Barack Obama and others (primarily under the direction of Bernadine Dorn, the Weather Underground terrorist currently, teaching at Northwestern University) in this and similar scams.

The OVERPLAY of Michael Jackson's death is merely a lab (psy-op) experiment to see how people will react to the passing of a "black" / "white" celebrity and endless propaganda. They're testing to see how EMOTIONAL people will become. Have you ever seen so much adulation and pageantry for an accused child molester and paedophile?

Even President John F. Kennedy's assassination and funeral did not receive 11 straight days of the media attention Jackson has received so far (and will continue to receive) in order to keep the 'vibes' going in the consciousness of the masses. People have allegedly paid as much as $100,000 to attend his memorial service at Los Angeles' Staples Center. This level of societal depravity is appalling, yet the Zionist media is likely rubbing their palms together, in glee, at the obviously dysfunctional behavior and ignorance of the idol worshippers they have so deftly created. Mourning is one thing — making a spectacle of one's death is another thing entirely.

I agree with Tim Hicks, Phil Ledoux and others that something —perhaps widespread (riot-related) fires — is being planned for July 11, 2009. Remember that I've stated this in conversations and made the prediction on several of my radio shows. July 22, 2009 is also a significant date. New York City and LA are included in the impressions which I've picked up, though I anticipate that ANY city in this country with a large black population can be affected.

People being killed by nuclear weapons will not generate conditions for declaring martial law, but race riots will!

That is what they intend to do -- create RACE RIOTS.

This will cause some people to stop paying attention to Obama's fraud/corruption issues. It's also an indication that we're pushing their 'hot' buttons, and they don't like it one bit. Let us not ignore their well known, ritualistic 'killing' date of the 19th of the month, so July 19, 2009 is another date to watch closely. .

Right now, my intuition and my dowsing are following a parallel path. The timing allows for 3 days of mourning (or other propaganda) before artificially instigating race riots by intelligence stooges, just like what occurred after the Rodney King verdict in Simi Valley. You may recall that the four police officers on trial were all acquitted, despite their having been recorded beating King on video tape. Like in the Rodney King case, they will implore the media to foster racial hatred by interviewing the Jesse Jacksons, Al Sharptons, and Jeremiah Wrights of the world. Think about it. It makes a lot of sense, no?

Best regards,

~ Don [Nicoloff]


Update A July 7, 2009. 7:00 AM. We're getting a strong indication from psychics and dowsers that a staged "assassination" of an Obama clone is being planned for early July, 2009 to be followed by "outbreaks" of electronically-induced of race rioting across America, in order to create the pretext for declaring martial law. By posting our concerns about the possibility of such an event, we hope to force the traitors to abandon their plans and carry on with their "normal" level of subversion and treason...Ken Adachi]

[Editor's Note: Update, July 4, 2009. Tim Hicks called me today to say that he has verified the dowse posted below with our resident dowser Phil Ledoux yesterday and that Phil agreed it was 100% accurate. Tim also told me that he was being hit with satellite-based and possibly ground-based microwave or beam psychotronic weapons while driving his car back from Phil's home in New Hampshire (that's usually a pretty good indication that they're upset with you). Tim wanted me to know that the planners of this staged 'assassination' of an Obama CLONE, had decided to move the hit date up to July 8, 2009. Tim said that his dowsing is telling him that the attempt will probably be staged in the evening of July 8 and will involve the Obama clone with the media in some media-related event. We post this information in the interest of forcing the domestic traitors to ABORT their plans. Interested readers can assist this process by holding the thought that no staged assassination will take place and the Obama Imposter can continue to carry on with his illegitimate and fraudulent occupation of the White House with unconcerned abandon, bless his soul...Ken Adachi]

Tim Hicks Dowse: Obama 'Assassination' to be Staged in late July?

[Editor's Note. June 28, 2009. As with previous warning dowses posted to this web site from ZS Livingstone, Phil Ledoux, or Tim Hicks, the purpose of posting the information is to ABORT the event, as a 2-3 week prior announcement of Imposter Obama's supposed 'assassination' is not going to fly well with the military or the public under the heading of 'plausible deniability'. Dowsing and dowsers are not infallible, but skilled dowsers tend to get it right more often than not, and that's why I pay attention to people like Tim Hicks. I certainly expect the Illuminati to attempt to pull off false flag or 'national emergency' black operations this year in an attempt to impose martial law, as their credibility is plummeting with each passing day and their grand scheme to destroy America and its citizens seems to be encountering dangerous shoals and may soon flounder as more and more people wake up to the deception. I mentioned in previous introductory comments, both before the Imposter's Inaugeration and afterwards, that the attempt to build up the Imposter's image in the national media as some sort of knockoff of Lincoln was done in order to prep the sheeple for a possible staged 'assassination' in order to create a national psychological trauma similar to the JFK and Martin Luther King assassinations. Also recall, that Tim McVeigh was the set-up patsy to take the hit for the OKC Bombing in order to bring discredit upon U.S. militia groups, especially their favorite target, the Montana militiamen.

Skeptical readers need to understand that the Illuminati has had access to human cloning technology since the early 1950s and all major political figures (around the world) have not one, but multiple clones of themselves ready to be used whenever and wherever the need arises. Since a large body of domestic traitors are apparently privy to this staged event, it shouldn't be too difficult to cause them to experience 'spontaneous amnesia' as this "rumor' becomes spread across the internet and the plan is called off. We still need many readers to FOCUS their intent and DETERMINDED WILL that this event will NOT take place....Ken Adachi]

By Tim Hicks
June 28, 2009

Tim Hicks Dowse: Obama 'Assassination' to be Staged in late July? (June 28, 2009)

Hi Ken,

It has been written by many different contributors that we can, with focused intent and passionate desire, shape the outcome of events that effect us as a whole. This letter has the same message and information derived by dowse detailing just such an opportunity to rewrite for the better the outcome that some event planners have designed. Until the day arrives when all beings here are respectful of each sovereign beings' Creator-Given right to be free of parasitic infection, we will have to remain vigilant and active in creating a better outcome. Let us work together to expose and eliminate this evil.

06/28/2009 dowse:

1) There is a plan, that has been approved at the highest levels, to present the illusion of an attempt on the life of the U.S. president? yes

2) "Go permission" and "schedule permission" have been given to those charged with the responsibility to execute the plan? yes

3) Those responsible to execute the plan are waiting for all essential elements to be in place to give the "go order"? yes

4) Preferred target timing is mid to late July? yes

5) The stage-prop Obama target will be a disposable clone at time of the illusion attempt show? yes

6) The real Obama will be safe and nowhere near the staged event action? yes

7) Expected results of this staged event include rioting across the nation? yes

8) Rioting will justify military response to restore clam and remove freedom of movement? yes

9) This staged event will justify a military attack on a Montana Militia to be blamed and labeled as a Homegrown Terrorist group? yes

10) Remote viewing has revealed troops moving in trucks near Whitefish, Montana positioning for attack? yes

11) The reason for targeting this group is the mutually respectful contact and association with highly evolved humans from Inner Earth? yes

12) There is a doorway to the Inner Earth societies near Whitefish, Montana? yes

13) The real objective is to capture the doorway into the Inner Earth? yes

14) These troops in Montana are unmarked Russians and are under the command of Washington? yes

15) The real Obama is of Draco origin and this is the source of his hypnotic charisma? yes

16) A partial list of those who are aware of this plan (in part or in total) includes the following.

some cabinet members? yes

almost all of Congress? yes

some city mayors? yes

some law enforcement at all levels? yes

some judges expected to process the Homegrown Terrorist? yes

some U. S. military? yes

20 State governors include those listed here: Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, California, Georgia, Hawaii, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota

(this plan is the real root reason behind the removal of the Governor of South Carolina, Sanford)

17) The urgent effort to complete the GPS marking of residential addresses by the Census Bureau is related to this event? yes

18) These events demonstrate that there is only one political team in American politics and government made up of both Democrats and Republicans who are serving others, rather than the interests of the American people? yes

19) The root cause for our miseries must be recognized and dealt with decisively and effectively and permanently by eliminating, on a personal and global basis, our willingness to accept these miseries as normal uncontrollable circumstances of life? yes

20) We must cleanse ourselves of those treasonous individuals from positions of power over us? yes

21) These plans could be turned around by honest individuals to expose the entire dark network that has been created to execute these plans? yes

end of dowse

Let us join together and create a reality that uses the very plan designed to further enslave us as a means to expose, convict and remove those from power who conceived and participated in its implementation. No violence is required or called for here. Just a willingness to take responsibility for the reality in which we live in and to create it to our liking.

Timothy W. Hicks, dowser


Subject: Tom Hicks Dowse/FEMA exercise
From: Charles
Date: Mon, June 29, 2009
To: Editor

Ken, This FEMA nationwide exercise is planned during the same period mentiond in Tim's dowse.



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