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Tim Hicks on the Power of Thought as the Ultimate Forge of Reality

From Tim Hicks
December 14, 2013

Tim Hicks on the Power of Thought as the Ultimate Forge of Reality (Dec. 14, 2013)


This first paragraph is most important. If the reader does not wade on through the remainder of this writing, this is what needs to be gleaned and clearly understood.

Undreamed of powers are spoken of here. As I have written in the years past, we create our reality, both personal and as a community. No matter if the size of that community is the family unit, or city, or country, or the global community. Every member contributes their beliefs and expectations through their thought habits. Those thought habits then create that which we experience. This is Universal Law.

The Universe is a big copying machine. The Universe copies our thoughts into physical manifestation. This is the paramount Truth that "the powers that were (TPTW)" have known and kept from the rest of humanity. They have used this Truth to their own advantage by giving the people enough false freedom to create their beliefs and expectations from a carefully manipulated false "observation" such that we would create our own reality to their scripted play. Their script would have us believe that if we work hard enough - and long enough - we can pay all the gatekeepers along the way and make security for ourselves. If we fall short of that goal, then we blame ourself and think of ourself as unworthy and assume our fate as own fault; never looking for the thief we never realized was behind the curtain of our own belief system. And in the process of living this frightful existence, we teach our children, the next generation of slaves, to do the same with their lives.

Humanity is well on the path to stopping this insanity! Each individual of humanity is the Creator of what he experiences. Even Jesus Christ quoted the Ancients in pointing out that we all are creators. This is what we have failed to realize up until very recently.

A few of us humans have really begun to observe our thoughts and then control them such that they are only of what we want to experience as opposed to swallowing (and then wallowing in) what is handed to us to believe as our reality. Most of humanity is in the process of awakening to this; while some still refuse to perceive outside of these self-constructed prison walls. This is the key to finishing the death blows to the powers that were.

For example, in September the world leaders were ready to follow orders to ignite another Middle East war, most likely spreading into a full blown World War III. But the people of the world could see beyond the skewed and manipulated observations offered to us by the controlled media and just accept this war as reality. As we insisted on our own choices, the wheels came off of that speeding locomotive. Make no mistake, more attempts have been, and will be made to start a new conflict by introducing new sanctions against Iran, or the territorial disputes around China, or wildcard North Korea, or false flag events anywhere in the world, but we must remain vigilant to these staged provocations. We must remain aware of our desires and insist that our minds create only those thoughts that support our desired reality.

I intuit strongly that great changes will unfold in 2014. The reason is that more and more of humanity is daily awakening to their own creative abilities. The people of humanity want peace, truth and equal access to the wheel of prosperity. We will Create that reality. The first half of 2014, and especially the first 3 months, will be full of change. The old societal systems are collapsing and they will continue to collapse from within by their own corrupted weight. During these times, it is essential to be the commander of our thoughts and therefore our creations. It will be so tempting to settle into the old patterns of letting someone else (TPTW) guide that process. It is essential to not fall into fear, but remain at the helm, in the captains' chair, creating as we want things to be.

We can do this. We are already doing this. We will succeed. The corruption is being exposed daily because we have created with the desire to not live under it any longer. As long as we insist on creating for ourselves, anything else has to leave our reality.

Now, to a different slice of the same cake. During the eons of time in which the creations that humanity has experienced have been based on lies, hatred, abuse, war, greed, and capturing wealth by any means, great energies of anger have been stored on Mother Earth. These energies are stored in Her atmosphere, in Her oceans and in the crust on Her surface. They are also stored in the emotional bodies of Earth's inhabitants, also known as the heart-space of humanity. These energies are being released. Again, it is essential to create according to our will. Let us focus our creative thoughts on a smooth and safe release of these powerful energies. Mother Earth in Her divine ways is already releasing, gently through many mild earthquakes in the middle of the US.

Fracking must stop, but for now, Mother Earth is utilizing this activity to distribute the quakes relatively gently. Let us create with the focused thought that this Wisdom will continue to be what we experience, not just in the USA, but as the whole of humanity in the whole of our life experience.

Blessed are we All by the One God that has given to us the Creative Abilities in His Image. May we use His Wisdom to create forward and upward.

Tim Hicks

You are at all times precisely where God and you intend. Relax into the truth of that, and enjoy your journey.

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