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Tuesday Lobsang Rampa
Posted October 12, 2010


"This Earth is just a speck of dust existing for the twinkle of an eye in what is real time"

~ ~ ~

Throughout time many people have peacefully visited our little blue planet; watching mankind as we try to evolve. Some have integrated into our society in the hope they could assist and guide mankind, others came as religious leaders; but a small few arrive for a very difficult task, conducted in the face of mass bigotry and jealousy. Dr Rampa has done more for this planet and it's inhabitants than anyone else ever has throughout history.

Mankind has a destructive desire to do anything regardless of the consequences to all other living creatures and the planet as a whole; sadly all for the sake of power and materialistic possessions. Dr. Rampa was here to discover this serious flaw in humans which causes mankind to continuously self-destruct, as we are the third cycle of sentient beings placed on this planet because the previous two races instigated their own self-destruction; even thought they were far more advanced then we are today. If you find this hard to believe, various anthropologists and paleontologists in our time have since confirmed this to be true.

Dr. Tuesday Lobsang Rampa was a recognised incarnated Tibetan Abbot and fully qualified medical Lama with a special task in life. He did not - as many believe - come to this planet to write books or even to attempt to disseminate occult knowledge. He came to this earth to do a special task which was to clarify faults of human beings to others in the astral planes. They wanted to know why we humans have gone wrong yet again - human beings are a failed species. Other people before him have come for the same purpose as he came for, but had failed; he succeeded.

Dr. Rampa only wrote the nineteen books to make money to do his research work, the work he was here for. The fact that these books have helped millions of people in various ways is of course extremely good, but that was not his primary purpose. Another achievement from his books was that he managed to inform the earth’s inhabitants about the “REAL” you, why you are here, what you should and shouldn't be doing - and finally how to progress spiritually, as we all must.

Another special task was to build a unit which would enable any non-clairvoyant to view the Aura; and by using sounds and coloured lights repairs could be made before the body experiences the effects of any failing organs. People who have never read his material will find much enlightenment in his books; some may find it very strange and even contradictory to their current beliefs, but don't be put off. Dr. Rampa provides answers to many of life's questions; especially the really awkward questions.

What Dr. Rampa wrote was not “HIS” unique knowledge - it is universal knowledge which is freely available to all. He did have the unique ability and compelling desire to make it simple and understandable - because he wanted everyone to know and understand - unlike many others who possess knowledge and sadly try to keep it exclusive. It is a great mistake to talk about Dr. Rampa's teaching as though it were his own exclusively - and he would be the first to deny it was. Knowledge is power; but only if openly shared and used wisely and not kept exclusively for the sanctimonious few. Dr. Rampa was a true Adept, a Master of metaphysics. The way he wrote his books was masterly as it explained hugely complicated concepts with utmost simplicity. Also what Dr. Rampa wrote in his books was from actual personal experiences learnt from his teachings - so he physically and spiritually knows all this to be true.

Tuesday Lobsang Rampa was a prince born into one of the high-ranking families of Tibet; specifically Tibet because it was the centre of spirituality being; as it was, inaccessible to the rest of the world and as custom in Tibet at that time, on his seventh birthday the senior Oracle would read his horoscope. Huge celebrations were planned by his mother, this took weeks to arrange as invites had to be sent, protocols observed and much food imported from India. Finally the special day arrived and the Oracle spent over two hours reciting the horoscope of Tuesday Lobsang Rampa. Unfortunately the family were distraught; as it was foretold that Lobsang was to join the Chakpori lamasery - since been totally destroyed by the Chinese during their invasion - and not become heir to the family estate, to this end he was rejected by his family; as told in his first bestseller book “The Third Eye” and his youth story continues in “As it Was”.

Dr. Rampa only ever wrote 19 books; highlighting much valued physical and spiritual information, and every bit very true as you will discover if you remain open minded. You may find some topics hard to believe or comprehend at first but, don't let this put you off; remember the English saying “Rome wasn't built in a day” therefore you won't comprehend metaphysics just after reading one book, like all important things in life it takes time, dedication and continuous practice. How much time and practice depends on you; and only you! There does have to be some sacrifices if you are especially serious in mastering metaphysics; e.g. no alcohol, no drugs, no stealing; no casual sex, no gambling, to name a few. On a positive side, the spiritual gains outweigh the physical a hundred fold, if not greater.

Consider this: All these mundane everyday things we do are completely trivial. Will it matter in fifty years time that your local superstores were selling “high definition flat screen televisions” at below cost today? Or will it matter that you haven't got the latest “designer clothing” or “mobile phone”? On the other hand, it will matter to you in fifty years time how you progress now - for keep this very thought in mind - no man or woman has ever succeeded in taking a single penny beyond this life, yet every man and woman does take all the knowledge which they have gained in this life to the next life. That is one purpose why people are here. So are you are going to take worthwhile knowledge to the other side or just a useless clutter of unrelated thoughts? This is a matter which you should engage your earnest attention; it can affect your whole future and future incarnations!

Dr. Rampa was, without any doubt, a world leader in Metaphysics as he could perform all of the metaphysical skills. When we mention the word Metaphysics, most people swiftly think of the Occult, rapidly followed by Black Magic, because they fear that which they don't understand; as most people do and have done throughout history. Metaphysics refers to the understanding and fundamentals of nature in all its realities, whether visible or invisible; more so of the latter. The Occult is concerned with the knowledge of things which are beyond the ordinary mundane senses of the body; both evil and good, as one cannot exist without the other.

Metaphysics is a very real thing which cannot be measured by “concrete” methods because it's dealing with matters beyond the ordinary everyday senses of the body; that is, until one has evolved spiritually enough to perceive and comprehend such matters. It's all as natural as breathing or walking and yet it's overlook by the masses unless it's been “made interesting” in a heartbreaking way: otherwise it's regarded as some ancient mystical “mumbo-jumbo”. Much knowledge which is currently available; sadly, has been “dressed-up” to the point it's inferred today as “make-believe”. Lobsang strips away the superfluous “fancy-frills” and tells it as it is, in simple terms that anyone with an ounce of common sense can recognize, understand and study.

Everything Dr. Rampa wrote is 100% true - don't just dismiss it because your beliefs differ or because you've never heard about the topics he covers - and we've since had confirmation from the “other side” that they considered his life a success. We who believe him continue to strive in keeping his “works” alive as they contain very important messages, and failure to heed can result in consequences greater than you can imagine. The only thing in life to fear is fear itself, which is just something we don't understand yet - as you don't fear that which you fully comprehend; do you?

We are still in the age of Kali - the age of destruction and final quadrant of the cycle, brought on by the First World War - but it might not be over in our lifetime as the pendulum of life hasn't quite reached its zenith yet. The Earth is still in a negative phase - and like all cycles it must end one day - as soon as mankind changes their ways and then we will venture forward towards a Golden age. Things won't be getting any better unless mankind seriously changes their ways - we have a choice - so choose wisely. Mankind's worse enemy is themselves and no one else.

Feel free to browse this site and enjoy it's offerings, because it's been created for those who wish to start opening their minds, know and understand the truth with much valuable “Research Material”. I may be repeating and expanding on many things which Dr. Rampa has stated in his books, but repetition never hurt anyone as it only helps to drive the point home. One point to keep in mind - after his death, his books were shamelessly plagiarised by countless other authors - if all Dr. Rampa’s books were false why plagiarise his material? They plagiarised his material becuase it WAS all true!

The translation on the Tibetan prayer wheel shown on the left-hand side below the menu is “Om! Mani Padme Hum!” that actually means “Hail to Man's Overself!” - Man as in mankind - the part of you that you should be praying to, via your subconscious. It does NOT mean "Hail the jewel in the lotus" as many think, that was just made up to keep the tourists happy.




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