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Veteran/Songwriter Tom Chelston Strives to Awaken Military Families
December 29, 2005

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Season's Greetings,

I'm a Veteran turned songwriter . Last month I released "BushWhacked" in an effort to assist in the massive American wake-up call currently gaining momentum. My latest effort "I Miss You" began as a 2005 retrospective. Originally written for the WTC [World Trade Center] commemoration in September, a handful of "Military Families" heard the song and contacted me.

In spite of the many tragic events of 2005, I focused the majority of this project on our Soldiers and their Families. With all of the recent attention received for "BushWhacked", my hope is that "I Miss You" will serve to remind a few Americans about the daily sacrifices that seem to wind up on page 16 in the morning paper. If you agree, please share this with a friend or two.

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In case you missed it: "BushWhacked"

Tom Chelston

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