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Visual Proof: Chemtrails Transformed into Sylph Forms
(this photo essay is a work in progress)

From Ken Adachi <Editor>
July 23, 2008

Visual Proof: Chemtrails Transformed into Sylph Forms by Ken Adachi (July 23, 2008)

The photos seen below were all taken on July 22, 2008 in Irvine California. I always take my digital camera with me whenever I go out for a walk because I want to keep a photographic record of whatever I see in the sky: chemtrails, Sylphs, normal clouds, or just clear blue skies; I like to keep a record of the Sylph's handiwork. I started to snap pictures a little after noon. The sun was shining straight overhead.

At first, I mainly noticed small Sylphs scattered around, a few short, stubby chemtrails, and bands of transmuted clouds, so I knew they were spraying for a while before I got out there. After shooting 4 or 5 pictures, I noticed a fresh chemtrail line being laid down and thought it was a good opportunity to study the effects that the Sylphs would have on it and see how long it took the Sylphs to transmute it. So I photographed the same chemtrail line every minute or so for the next for 30 minutes in order to have a moment by moment record of any changes that might take place.

The chemtrail line that I chose to study was one of those deals where they turn the sprayer off for a short segment and then turn it back on again. So I'll label the two sections of that single chemtrail line as "right" chemtrail and "left" chemtrail to match their appearance from my point of view.

I expected the chemtrails to begin to spread out with the typical "hanging curtain" look and then fan out into an ever wider and thinner chemtrail, but I "expected" wrong. The transformation process seems to have started almost immediately. I couldn't believe it! Within the space of 10 minutes or less, those chemtrails were totally transformed into Sylph forms which were loaded with etheric images, some of which you'll see below.

Don Nicoloff told me a wonderful anecdote during a radio interview I did with him on July 17. He said that he had attended a football game (in Ohio) on the previous weekend and that they were just plastering the sky over the stadium with chemtrails. He explained to about a dozen people sitting in the bleachers next to him just what was going on in the sky and told them that he knew a way to get rid of those chemtrails and bring back the blue! At this point, he had their undivided attention.

He told them about Sylphs and that you simply had to call of them for their help in cleaning up the sky, and they would oblige. So Don Nicoloff and 12 amused football fans joined in together to mentally call on the Sylphs and Viola! In a matter of a couple of minutes, huge Sylphs begin to manifest over their heads and start gorging themselves on Chemtrail Twinkies-yum, yum.

Don said that he wished he had a camera because he would have loved to get it all on film, however, he seemed to have made a tremendous impression on his stadium cohorts and gained at least 12 converts to the cause.

I did have my camera with me on July 22, and what you will see below will prove beyond any doubt that Sylphs are real and that chemtrail transmutation/transformation is also real.

There are actually two important stories being presented here. One is the rapid transformation/transmutation of chemtrails by Sylphs and the second is the amazing variety and volume of etheric images that manifest into third dimensional visibility within Sylph forms.

This is a mind boggling phenomenon that we are witnessing here.

Realize that these photographs are revealing astral entities, which normally reside in the fourth dimension, bleeding through into the third dimension encased within these cloud forms that we are labeling as "Sylphs." I was amazed a few years ago when "DB", also known as 'cbswork', would publish photos taken around his home revealing tree elementals and other etheric entities manifesting into semi-transparent visibility among his trees and backyard vegetation. I never imagined that I would be cropping out etheric images of my own from photographs of Sylphs and transmuted cloud banks.

I again remind readers that Barbara Crouse Brown of was my inspiration for using Photoshop in the first place. The trick is to sufficiently magnify and then contrast adjust these photos, so that the etheric images can be more readily seen. Anybody can do this if you have Photoshop installed on your computer.

I'll mark the time that I took each photo below so you can get an idea just how rapidly the 'takeover' process occurred. Photo 1 shows the exact scene that I saw while looking through the view finder. Photo 1B is the same photo but with "Auto Level" from Photoshop applied. Auto Level shifts the contrast differential to a sharper range which causes many elements, barely seen in the untouched photo, to stand out much more clearly-as you can seen from the photos below. You'll notice I've labeled a stand alone Sylph, a short chemtrail, and a larger bank of transmuted clouds which have now themselves assumed Sylph forms. You can see what I call a tiger's head in the upper right section, while a horse's head is located at the lower left. There's another large etheric form manifesting just below the tiger's face, but I have no idea what to call it. The tiger head Sylph is easier to see when enlarged, rotated , and contrast adjusted to bring out the detail as seen in Photo 2.

In Photo 2B, I've circled only three of what appears to be dozens of etheric faces which make up the tiger's head. I enlarged and contrast adjusted each of the circled faces seen below Photo 2B. I'm seeing this characteristic in all of the etheric images I've been isolating. You have images, within images, within images. Jane Tripp told me she noticed the same thing when I talked to her on the phone a year or two ago.

(All photos by Ken Adachi Copyright 2008 All Rights Reserved. No reproduction without permission. )

Photo 1 (12:14 pm)                                                              Photo 1B

Sylph July 22 2008 12:14PM Auto Level with text

Photo 2 tiger face enlarged and rotated straight up and down          Photo 2B with three etheric images circled

Sylph rotated Contrast adjuster Sylph tiger circled faces

The three circled etheric images:

You need to study these photos carefully and give your mind a chance to "lock" onto the image being described. If you don't see it at first, just wait and keep looking. It will "pop" into view and then you will have no trouble recognizing what I'm describing.

#1 crop includes more than one face: the upright human face looking straight ahead is more dominant, but there is an additional human face in profile intruding from the right and yet another long nosed creature (or two) with large round eyes intruding from above and partially bleeding into the forehead of the profile face. It's amazing that the skin color tone seems to remain faithful to the human or animal creature manifesting. Mind you, these faces are being extracted from what- on the surface- appear to be white clouds.

#2 crop is another case of images superimposed within images. Initially, I saw the profile of a hooked nose man in need of a haircut, but as I looked at his "hair" more closely, I could see a cartoonish brown dog head just above the left ear. I then saw another profile head (with a helmet) facing to the rear at the back part of the hook nose man's hair. There's yet another small, brown looking face staring at you from the "neck" area.

#3 crop At first, you see the left profile of a human face with dark circled eyes, but as you look at the top of his head more closely, you will see 4 or 5 smaller head images on top of his hair. Also, on the cheek, you see a perfectly circular whitish cartoon face staring back at you. There's another semi-transparent human face bleeding through on the right side of the circular white face.

#1 crop                                          #2 crop                                                  #3 crop

Subcrop face 1 Subcrop face 2 Subcrop face 3

Phopto 3 shows transmuted chemtrails which gather into transmuted cloud banks. Transmuted clouds have a charasteristic molted appearance.                   

Photo 3 (12:14 pm)                                                              Photo 3B with 'Equalize' applied

Anytime I see "banding" or "tire track" clouds as seen in Photo 4B , I assume that it's due to HAARP transmitters. Tom Bearden was talking about this electro-magnetic influence on cloud appearance as far back as 1986, but he assigned blame to the Soviet Union exclusively. Notice the etheric animal shape with the open mouth manifesting from the cloud bank. If you zoomed in and magnified the areas which make up that animal form, you would see etheric images similar to those seen in the crops from Photo 2.

Photo 4 (12:15 pm)                                                                Photo 4B Auto Level applied

Sylph 12:15pm Photo 4B Auto Level

(12:21 pm) transforming chemtrails and transmuted cloud banks    'Equalize' applied

TRansmuted clouds and transforming chemtrails Equalize applied

Photo 3 shows a stand alone Sylph, which I distinguish as separate from Sylphs that emerge from within tansmuted chemtrails. If you magnify and adjust the contrast, you will notice different etheric animal forms.

Photo 3 (12:23 pm)                                                                Photo 3B Auto Level applied

Sylph  12:23pm Sylph contrast inverted 12:23 pm

I'll continue this tomorrow. It's going to take me a few days to get all of this up. I have a lot of surprising photos in store for you! Much more to come.

Ken Adachi

© Copyright 2008  All Rights Reserved.

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