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Tuning Into Sylphs
November 4, 2005

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From: Joseph Derer <>
Sent: 10/4/2005 2:09:45 PM
Subject: Got a question.....

Dear Ken....

Love your site... God bless you. Yesterday I viewed and listened to a clip called "Sylphs Over Santa Fe"... was amazing... There had been a lot of aerial spraying going on of what would be just east-south east of Bryan-Collage Station TX..(11/02/05 mid day).... saw 4 planes at one time... going back and forth...

Today when I went outside... in what was a pretty clear sky... there it was!... It looked very much like (a smaller version) what I had viewed in the video from "Sylphs Over Santa Fe"... It just hung over my area for more than an hour... I recalled yesterday that while out fishing (over a year ago) 75 miles in the Gulf of Mexico, south of Galveston... on our return... there was a dolphin that swam almost in front of our boat just off to the side... and keep looking at me with it's left eye... this seemed to go on for the longest time.

That was the most unusual encounter i have ever had with a Dolphin... but did not realize it at the time... I wonder if it was trying to communicate with me?... Please excuse my rambling on...

I was wondering if you might know where the music came from in that video... I tried to e-mail that person but it came back un-deliverable... Hope you will forgive my silly request.... the video was great and so was the music... I would like to find out what type of music that is called and where i might be able to buy some...

Here's a thought!... if there were a video available on "How To Make Your Own HHg's, TB and CB's "..... I would buy one... maybe there might be a market for a tape like that!... Would also like to know if possible... if there are ever any gatherings where people might be able to go a listen to folks like your self... and others like Don and Carol lecture?... I would bet that people would gladly pay something to be able to get informed... just a thought.

Thanks for reading this e-mail. Joe

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Sent: 11/3/2005 6:35:32 PM
Subject: Re: Got a question.....

Hi Joe,

Glad you were able to spot the Sylphs. The dolphin encounter is amazing. He was talking to you actually, but he was communicating with your subconscious mind. You got a message that day, trust me.

Yea, the date, very suspicious.

Zeph Daniel took the video.

I have his latest address:

That should work.

Yes, I need to make that video on making orgone generators, thanks for the reminder.

I don't do talks nor does Don, but you can read plenty of his stuff.

Keep me posted on what you notice.

Regards, Ken

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From: Joseph Derer
Sent: Friday, November 04, 2005 7:31 PM
Subject: Re: Got a question.....


Saw something pretty amazing today. 11:00 AM, we were pretty blanketed with thick clouds from the west. Around 1:30PM, it started to clear a little.

Clouds seemed to be stacked in layers from maybe 20 to 40,000 feet... (7 or 8 different 'types' of clouds seemed to be in the sky)... there were some blue holes. I saw one plane headed north that was trying to lay down some spew.... but it seemed to dissipate very quickly... several minutes later as if on cue... three planes were spraying in three different directions... as though they were attacking the "Sylphs" that seemed to be everywhere...

one plane made a 90 degree turn , had never seen that happen before... they always seem to fly in a straight path... the sky was just covered with them... (Sylphs).... this is in the same area that i think I saw my first "Sylph" yesterday. Seems like they were showing off for me today.



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