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Gigantic UFO Objects Photographed in Sun's Center

From Ken Adachi, Editor
Jan. 12, 2011

Gigantic UFO Objects Photographed in Sun's Center (Jan. 12, 2011)

I received an e-mail tonight from a man named Julian which included a link to two photos he had taken with his cell phone camera on either December 20 or 21 (he can't remember exactly), at approximately 1:15 pm Eastern standard time in Auburn Hills, Michigan. Julian thought he was just taking photos of the chemtrail being sprayed, but some friends pointed out to him that there seemed to be UFOs seen in the center area of the sun in his photos. After sending me the full sized jpegs of both photos, I enlarged them and ran them through the "solarize" filter using PhotoShop. The solarize filter sometimes allows objects against a white background to stand out better. Sure enough, after solarizing and enlarging the crops in the central region of the sun, a ring of different shaped UFO-type objects appeared in both photos A and B. Some of the objects look round, but others appear cylindrical in shape, and one very large, reddish colored object had something of a "dumbbell" shape. with a round, bulbous expansion at one end and a rectangular shape at the opposite end.

After cropping and enlarging these objects, I was amazed at the relative sharpness and clarity of what was captured on photos taken with a tiny cell phone camera. These objects are either relatively close to earth, OR they are really humongous in size.

Here are the original photos as they were sent to me. I've labeled them Photo A and Photo B for convenience. There's a single chemtrail line being sprayed and a secondary colored "beam" of some sort rising from the earth or from the distant horizon. The first crop I made in both photos was of the sun and its entire corona. Then, after solarizing those crops, I zoomed in on the central region of the sun and cropped the ring of objects seen in what appears to be the exact center of the sun.

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Photo A                                                                                            Photo B

Photo A           Photo B

Below are the solarized crops of the sun in Photos A and B. You can see how distinctly the objects in the center portion of the sun stand out. There is no way to know how far from earth and how close to the sun these objects may be, but judging from the relative size of the objects and the sun, these objects have to be incredibly large.

Photo A                                                                                              Photo B

   Photo A solarized and cropped   Photo B solarized and cropped

In the photos seen below, I cropped out the ring of objects seen in each sun crop and further enlarged them. The time interval between taking each photo is relatively short. The objects seem to be moving in a circle judging from their changed positions in each photo.


Photo A  Enlarged crop central area of sun                                                             Photo B

UFO Objects Dec 21, 2010 Michingan UFO objects Dec 21 2010 Michigan

Individual enlargements from Photo A

       Tee shape crop Dumbbell crop  Crop 3 Round     


   Crop 4 Crop 5 cylinder shape Crop 6

I talked with Julian a bit on the phone after he sent me his photos. I sent him back one of the enlarged crops. He was as surprised and excited as I in the clarity and sharpness of these objects. We're getting a lot of these UFO type space objects showing up in the past year or two. I wonder how these displays play into the government's soon-to-be-announced The Aliens Are Here! The Aliens Are Here! scenario?

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Ken Adachi

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