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Night Faces: UFO Photo Reveals Nightscape Filled with Etheric Images

By Ken Adachi <Editor>
June 27, 2008

Night Faces: UFO Photo Reveals Nightscape Filled with Etheric Images (June 28, 2008)

I've written articles from time to time that broach unusual phenomena. I often hear from skeptics who scoff at unrecognized phenomena because the subject presented is outside of their acquired knowledge base and consequently they respond with denial and derision. An intelligent person understands that it's the height of conceit and arrogance to reactively dismiss something before one has even acquired a rudimentary knowledge of that subject under discussion. If you depend on the education you've received from schools, parents, or your upbringing to frame your reality, then you might react to strange phenomena with blind skepticism. However, you might be the sort of person who reacts to new and un-chartered vistas with amazement and delight. Let's hope your disposition is of the latter, as this article will stretch your credulity 'vistas' to the max (hint: the photos get extremely interesting in the latter half of this article; stick around). .

UK UFOs photographed May 10, 2008, Gravesend, Kent 9:40PM, Benjamin Gaut photoIt all began with a UFO headline I found at Jeff Rense's web site that linked to a May 16 article from a UK newspaper which published a photo of two UFO saucers ( The photo seen on the right was taken at night by 16 year old Benjamin Gaut using his step-father's cell (mobile) phone camera on Saturday, May 10, 2008 at 9:40 PM in Gravesend, Kent (the town of "Gravesend" might hold greater irony for you a bit later on. I'll let you visit the link to read the article itself, as we have more 'important' matters to discuss). The UK article also displayed an enlargement, shown below, of this photo with the caption: "Mystery ... images taken on a digital camera"

Published enlargement of Benjamin Gaut's photo (Copyright 2008 News Group Newspapers Ltd )

UFOS May 10, 2008, Gravesend, Kent UK 9:40PM, Benjamin Gaut photo

I imported the (smaller) original photo into Photoshop and applied varied enlargements and contrast adjustments to see what might show up. It wasn't difficult to enlarge the UFOs and extract much more definition of the two spacecraft and the unusual "ramp" of light that seems to bridge from one ship to the other (seen below). To draw out more detail, I cropped the saucers close, adjusted the contrast/brightness, and increased the red. This brought out more detail on the crafts and made the "light ramp" easier to see.

UK UFOs May 10, 2008 Gravewsend, Kent 9:40PM from Benjamin Gaut photo
One thing that became immediately apparent with enlargement and contrast adjustment is that the outer perimeter of the saucers are not continuous. It almost looks like a "pie wedge" is missing from a section of both crafts and, to deepen the mystery even more, these missing wedge sections appear to show a cross-sectional view of the craft itself. Applying "Auto Level" and "Equalize" in Photoshop can often bring out hidden detail and we seem to see more detail of the cross-sectional areas. Also note the dark colored, perfectly round, sphere-like objects sitting on the upper surface of both saucers in the photo seen below

 from Benjamin Gaut photo
In the next photo below, you will notice what looks like window ports on the upper central dome of the saucer in the rear and angled support buttress members evenly spaced around the central dome of the saucer in the foreground. By removing the color component (below), you can see the lower and upper portion of the central shaft of the foreground saucer in sharper relief.

UK UFOs May 10, 2008, Gravesend, Kent 9:40PM from Benjamin Gaut photo
Now here's where it gets really interesting: While working on these photos two nights ago, I get a call from Don Nicoloff, with whom I often chat after he finishes his nightly radio show over BBS Radio. After first telling me about some really astounding things (that will have to wait for another article), I mentioned to him the detail that I was discovering in these photos and sent him a few crops so he could see them for himself.

While I had been focused on the details of the saucers, Don asked me almost immediately: "What's going on with the night sky around the ships?" I told him, " yea, it should be solid black or even speckled if it's just noise, but this looks like a sort of connected, vine-like matrix of something". Don took one of the photos I had sent him and lowered the gamma setting and then e-mailed it back to me. Don said he could see entities in the night sky around the ships, so I cranked up the enlargement and ran the night sky through Equalize and Auto Level and up pops a veritable tableau of faces, some human, some animal, some ghost-like, and some alien-looking .

I began isolating images from this tableau by first cropping out and then enlarging separate clusters of 3 or 4 faces. I would further crop out each individual face and then run it through various filters and adjustments in an attempt to draw out as much detail as possible (I simply assigned a letter of the alphabet to each cropped image so I would have some way to distinguish between them. I've isolated a number of faces in the photos shown below, but there are probably HUNDREDS of faces or partial body and face scenes to be recovered from this single photo).

I've uploaded a 3000 pixel wide photo in a link provided below to which I've already applied Equalize and Auto Level so you can more easily see the faces in the night sky background. Assuming you have some sort of photo editing program, you can crop out faces and enlarge them to your heart's content. You need to always keep the contrast and brightness adjusted just right in order to retain as much detail as possible as you make bigger enlargements. I usually end up with cropped faces that are either 200, 300 or 400 pixels wide. If you go any higher, you lose too much detail as the limits of the captured pixels in the original photo are reached. .

Here's the gamma-reduced photo e-mailed back to me from Don Nicoloff after telling me that he could see etheric images in the night sky around the ships. .

UK UFOs May 10, 2008, Gravesend, Kent 9:40PM

When I apply Equalize in Photoshop to the photo below, the saucers wash out to white, but the "night sky" now becomes alive with a tableau of mostly black & white faces, but some areas are tinged with green in a very specific and focused way. The green areas are NOT random colorings. The energy field of the etheric entity is radiating (or resonating with) the green frequency band.

Another fascinating aspect of these etheric images is that most of them seem to be located within their own square "frame", which is REALLY bizarre. The green tinged man in Crop J shown below, for example, is precisely limited to the boundaries of his own "frame" and doesn't bleed out into the surrounding area. Mind you, this photo was obtained from supposedly empty, black space in the vicinity surrounding these two saucers.

With some group face clusters, however, the parts of some "faces" seem to merge into some aspect of an adjoining "face", so that relative to your perspective, you may see either face "A" or face "B". Don Nicoloff and I have talked about this 'overlapping' aspect of etheric images on many occasions. It seems to go with the territory.

The photo below is 900 pixels wide, but you can download a 3000 pixel wide version at this link (2.6megs) from which you can hunt for faces to crop and enlarge in order to put together your own "album".


"Equalize" and "Auto Level" applied to above gamma-reduced photo

UK UFOs May 10, 2008, Gravesend, Kent 9:40PM

Here are some of the more striking images that I isolated and enlarged from the above photo.

  Crop J Green tinged man--group cluster                      Closer, tight crop                                              With green color removed (desaturated)

  UK UFO May 10, 2008 Crop J group  Crop J green from UK UFO  Photo May 10, 2008  UK UFO photo May 10, 2008 Crop J Blk/Wht

  Crop P group cluster                                            Crop P, Face #1                              Crop P, Face #2

  UK UFO Photo Crop P group May 10 2008 Crop P face #1 UK photo May 10, 2008  Crop P #2 face UK photo May 10, 2008

   Crop P, Face #3 (profile view)                        Crop P, Face #4 (3/4 profile)                                         Crop P Face #5 ( "merge" face with #1 face)

  Crop P face #3 UK photo May 10, 2008  Crop P face #4 UK photo May 10, 2008 Crop P Face #5 UK photo May 10, 2008

   Crop K  (mouth & lower jaw obscured)                            Crop L (green tinge)                                             Crop L (desaturated)

  Crop K UK photo May 10, 2008  Crop L green tinge UK photo May 10, 2008  Crop L desaturated face UK pohoto May 10, 2008

   Crop R group cluster                                                Crop R Face (".doggy in the window"?)        Crop Z (man with mustache, suit and tie?)

  Crop R group cluster UK photo May 10, 2008 Crop R face #1 UK photo May 10, 2008 Crop Z UK photo May 10, 2008

  Crop G ('GhostBusters' extra)                                 Crop M                                           Crop V

  Crop G UK photo May 10, 2008 Crop M UK photo May 10, 2008  Crop V UK photo May 10 2008

    Crop B  (hand on right cheek?)          Crop BB  (sitting long haired dog?)                          Crop AA

  Crop B UK photo May 10, 2008  Crop BB Uk photo May 10, 2008  Crop AA UK photo May 10, 2008


  Crop NN (double merge dog images, upper or lower)    Crop CC (left profile)                           Crop LL Face #2

  Crop  NN rotated UK photo May 10, 2008 Crop CC rotated Crop LL #2 face UK photo May 10, 2008

  Crop AB group cluster                                               Crop AB Face #1                                                              Crop II

  Crop AB group cluster UK photo May 10, 2008Crop AB Face #1 UK photo May 10, 2008Crop II UK photo May 10, 2008

    Crop JJ cluster                                                                                      Crop JJ Face #1

  Crop JJ cluster  Crop JJ face #1

   Crop Z                                                                   Crop BBB

 Crop Z Crop BBB 

While Don and I stumbled upon these etheric images in this photo, it's not the first time that we've collaborated in insolating etheric images from other photos and have turned up some fabulous pictures (I won't tip our hand here, but greater things are yet to come).

I didn't invent these photo enhancing techniques, but rather was inspired by the pioneering efforts of Barbara Crouse-Brown of for leading the way in enlarging photos and pulling out etheric images. This technique would never have occurred to me if it wasn't for her remarkable discoveries. She once posted an article at her web site defending Ted Gunderson against CIA smear artisans. In that story, photographed near Area 51, she posted many etheric gremlins which are seen in the brush once you enlarge and crop the images. Barbara's photos of reptilian government shape shifters is without equal. She "owns" that department.

I also have to give recognition to Jane Tripp. She's an artist who lives in British Colombia, Canada and has posted some of the most amazing photos in existence of etheric beings, elementals, aliens, etc. This lady has the ability to open dimensional portals wherever she aims a camera. You must see her photos; they are simply astounding.

Ken Adachi


----- Original Message -----
From: Joel S
Sent: Saturday, June 28, 2008
Subject: RE:: Night Faces: UFO Photo Reveals Nightscape Filled with Etheric Images

Hi Ken,

Regarding the etheric facial images.

When I first looked at it, it seemed kind of odd, but the more I looked at it, I thought that it looked like “windows”, where the “windows” are light or image ‘pipes’ which transmit visual/optical data to the viewers/watchers.

What would a bug under a microscope see if it looked up? Probably a big eye looking through a porthole!

Well, it might be the same in this case—only we are are in the petri dish so to speak and the extra-terrestrial beings/watchers are having their entertainment ‘piped’ to them via their allotted optical space to watch the progress of humanity!

It’s almost as if they might be using a ‘one way’ type mirror or a ‘spectrum translator’ to watch with, but with the technique you presented, it seems to ‘crack’ the method or detect leakage being used by ‘them’.

Let me know your thoughts on this Ken!


PS—This ‘blocking’ may be an example of digital in the aspect of an electrical analog universe theory!


Hi Joel,

I can only speculate and make educated guesses about what is taking place here. I stumbled into cropping these etheric images because Don Nicoloff tipped me off to their presence. This is an IMPORTANT discovery though. While etheric images have been posted on the Internet seen among vegatations, trees, smoke, or fire, I think this might be the first instance of etheric images being isolated in empty space.

Many theories will be offered I'm sure as more people understand what has taken place here.

Regards, Ken

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