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Citizen Drafts Bill to Prohibit Chemtrail Poisonings & Inhumane Weaponry
(Requires Urgent Delivery to Treasonous Weasels Occupying U.S. Congress)

By R. Michael Castle
March 4, 2008

Citizen Drafts Bill to Prohibit Chemtrail Poisonings & Inhumane Weaponry (May 9, 2008)

The Unified Atmospheric Preservation Act

Revised March 4, 2008

Author: R. Michael Castle

Written in Plain, understandable English


“ We the People, Demanding this Civil Law, Prohibiting the utilization of aerial deployments regarding aerosolized chemicals or biological agents and/or Bio-Chemical Mutations banning for any purpose in the North American Continent Airspaces, as has been used for United States Global Warming Mitigation, Climate Change and/or Weather Modification Programs which are deployed into the unified atmosphere over the United States or Canada.

Continued ChemTrails Spraying will result in irreparable, long term, toxic and heavy-metal poisoning of the populace. This Preservation and Protection extends to prevention of contamination via toxic fall-out onto the infinite environment of the United States and Canada, which includes our Air-Column, Land masses, rivers, lakes, and Ground- waters, forests and seas and all Foods. There are NO current Laws or Rules protecting our atmosphere and upper-atmosphere from these forms of toxic contamination, ChemTrails, Aerosolized Contaminants, Weapons all. This Environmental Terrorism must and Will End.”

Attention Congress People and Elected Officials. This Draft-Law Document has been written, ‘By the People’ that will stop and halt all ChemTrails bombardment and the literal poisoning of the Earth’s Breathable Air Column. This subject shall not be debated, UAPA8 is a Civil Complaint and Demand to the United States Congress for Protection of all Life Form’s Breathable Air Column, Life and Liberty.

Written By the People in ‘plain-Civil and simple, understandable English language so all can understand exactly of what is expected of the US Congress in this Air Emergency-matter. There will be zero- respect given to any official protocols of preparation for this Document, or Submittal(s) thereof; This Document fully states Our Demands.


A proposed Law that effectively bans and forever prohibits the deployment or otherwise released, into or onto the Earth’s Natural Atmospheric/Stratospheric column:

This Law will prohibit-the-forming or Act as an Instrument for dissolution targeting the US Weather Control Board or Agency; Weather Manipulation is a part of identified function and purpose of the toxic chemicals and biological mutation agents, therefore, Weather Modification and Control will be prohibited due to the absolute toxicity profile of the agents used for manipulation, management or controls.

Congress Shall Make and Pass This Law that will:

    1. Banning mixtures (any Organic or Inorganic chemicals or compounds, elements of the Periodic Table, gases, solids or plasmas) of chemical materials known as “chaff” from military training operations. Ceasing the operation of Chemical trails (ChemTrails) that occlude sunlight. Weather
    2. modifications or any combination of chemical biological mixtures used for any purpose are expressly prohibited;
  1. “Cloud Seeding” and Atmospheric/Stratospheric “seeding” technology that utilizes chemicals, gases, synthetic filament carriers or biological substances such as pseudomonas strain germ or mutations thereof, or any sort for the purpose of weather manipulation/modification, such as precipitation, drought, cyclonic, ultra-violet, infra-red heat or cosmic storm managements.
  2. Electro-Magnetic radiation/radio and SCALAR or plasmic energy waves generated, HAARP’s Array, Cell-Tower transmitted, propagated, reflected or otherwise articulated into a focused beam or pattern that has the intended purpose of manipulating Weather-systems, causing Droughts, heating Weather-systems or otherwise energizing, or utilized in a mixed waveform of Mind-Control, experimental or operational.
a. These banned Weapons wave form shall include: Microwave spectrum, Acoustic and Sonic spectrum, including Infra spectra to lowest base-sonic range and all in between, Extreme- Low Frequency (ELF) to magnitude Extreme High Frequency spectrum, all energies Waveform between these EMF points of magnitude, all energies traveling through any portion of Atmosphere, Bedrock or Waters, or reflected back to the planet’s surface for intent and purposes described herein.
b. Focused or spatial-bleed of radiations would result in total and cumulative radiation dosages resultant in cellular damages to Humans and the Environment of Plant and Animal Kingdoms. The use of such technologies exceeds pre-set EMR thresholds and limitations and is therefore, banned from use.
c. Specifically banned are SCALAR-ELF Energies used for Psychotronicweaponry for Mind-Control, Behaviors-manipulation, Brain-dimming or other forms of ‘classified’ Weaponry used experimentally or Operationally, anywhere on the Earth.

4. Vaccines of any types are banned, deployed into or unto the Atmospheric/Stratospheric Air Column. Bio-controls deployed aerially are expressly banned and prohibited from usage that has any mixtures of chemicals or biological materials. Bio-controls containing genetically engineered microbes or biological life forms, natural or genetically engineered are banned and prohibited, expressly banned are any Nano-technologies and devices, genetically mutated, self-replicating, synthetic propagation and/or attached to fungal-forms, bacterium’s or any combinations thereof, for any reason or purposes.

Prohibition of Aerial-dispensed Pesticides, Herbicides, Fungicides, Pheromones, Hormones, Pollens or seeds of GMO’s (Genetically Mutated Organisms)-Banning ‘all’ aerially deployed or dispensed pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, artificial pheromones, hormones, Animal or Human intended vaccines. An independent Environmental Impact Study must be conducted prior to considerations of Agricultural spraying of any sort and which must include all negative effects of Genetically Mutated species on all Life Forms within a 100 Mile radius of the potentially effected area. Due to previous and widespread misuse and mis-management by Governmental Agencies, USDA and rampant abuse of Aerial-spraying of these chemical and biological toxins, here-to-fore, all rights or authority is herein rescinded. >a.) All Prohibitions and Bans herein described are expressly focused at any

a) State or Federally- Approved Contractor of the United States Government, Military


Agencies Corporate-Military Partnerships, International Contractors or New World Order Contractors or Agencies of Government(s) are hereby prohibited and shall be fully enforceable under Criminal Prosecution by a State’s or Federal Court and will be subject to ‘War-Crimes Against Humanity charges and Indictments.

5. Emergency Investigation Funding-$8.0 Million to commence an Investigation to access the magnitude of Environmental damages that have already occurred by the criminal and illegal spraying, deployment or otherwise released toxic materials described herein, into and onto the North American Continental Air Column and the entire Earth’s Air Column. This Emergency investigation will have far-reaching effects with intent to hold all Government, Military, Federally Approved Contractors, Corporate-Military Partnerships, all Foreign entities, US Agencies and personnel, accountable for the purposeful and Criminal release of extremely toxic agents into the Unified Air Column. Probable Criminal prosecution by a Civil United States Court of Law or future Authority, or a Special Prosecutor assigned by the Ranking Congressional Authority. This is an integral part of the Unified Atmospheric Preservation Act of 2008.

7. International Coordination and Treaty by the Directives of this Bill,

the Ranking United States Congressperson shall seek International cooperation through the coordination of all bans and prohibitions set forth in this Legislation, serving as the model and primer for Global Protection of the precious Unified Atmosphere/Stratosphere surrounding this Earth.

a.)The Congress shall engage, through the US State Department, in International discussions for the enjoinment of the Protections and Preservations set forth in the Unified Atmospheric Preservation Act of 2008 as Model for an International Treaty for the prohibition and banning of ‘all’ aerosolized chemicals or biological agents

and/or genetically engineered life-forms contaminations of Earth, released into the Unified Atmosphere or Stratosphere of the entire planet.


Emergency-level Cessation, prohibition and banning of‘ ‘all’ aerial dispensement of any chemical/biological/electromagnetic treatments, deployments, managements, modification or manipulation of the Unified Atmosphere/Stratosphere and Air-Column above the North American Continent or any Global portion thereof, via any artificial means, for any and all purposes.

Scope: A vote by the citizens of the United States of America through our elected United States House of Representatives, the US Congress and the United States Senate, with the signature of the President of the United States, this legal and binding authorization would put a ban and prohibit the purposeful release of any organic/inorganic chemicals, compounds, elements such as heavy metal aerosol particulates, polymer filaments, dipoles of metallized glass or crystalline compositions. This would include vaccines; bio-controls of genetically altered biological life forms. This Law will effectively abate all fallout (back-toearth), aerial-released chemicals, biological materials, extraneous and spatial reflected electromagnetic radiation.

Section 1. This Law shall ban and prohibit the intentional and purposeful release of all chemical and biological substances into the Unified Atmosphere including the upper atmosphere/stratosphere. Current laws and International treaties do NOT recognize, prohibit or regulate atmospheric/stratospheric releases of chemicals, elements, Focused Radiant-Energies or biological materials which are used in Global Warming Mitigation/Climate Change schemes, all clandestine, Weather-Modification(s), Climate change or other biosphere mitigation strategies OR Vaccines, secret-operations carried out by Corporate-Military Contractors, Foreign Governments or entities of any of the above. This specifically includes the U.S. Government, Branches of the recognized US Military or any Agency Appointee.

These substances and agents currently fall back to Earth, mostly as ‘spentwastes’ from Illegal ChemTrails Operations with results of widespread chemical and heavy-metal contamination of breathable air, food, water supplies (including groundwaters), foliage and fauna as well as Humans suffering toxic effects, infestations of Humans and animals via an aberrant, Black-Op Self-Replicating Nano-Technologies. The release of toxic substances will be causative of chemical poisoning and toxicity to the infinite environment and humankind as a whole.

This Law is intended to interrupt and impede current and all future practices of artificial/man-made aerial releases or deployment(s) of various chemicals, which cause residual “fall-out” of pollutants that will descend to the earth’s surface, will be absorbed, inhaled or systemically be causative of genetic and cellular damages, heretofore not regulated nor managed and conducted illegally and clandestine.

Section 2. This Law is designed to intercede and bring to immediate cessation any and all current and future operations. To also ban and prohibit deploying of aerosolized polymer filaments, chemical technologies, climate changing/weather modification/manipulation chemicals, and EMR energy-excited operations for the further cause of Global Warming Mitigation. To declare an immediate national moratorium on the deployment or use of Global Warming Mitigation technologies that are intended to artificially shield the Earth’s surface from ultra-violet and cosmic radiation or in-situ reparations of the ozone or ionospheric layers in the unified atmosphere/stratosphere.

i) United Nations General Assembly Resolution 31/72, TIAS 9614 Convention on the Prohibition of Military or Any Other Hostile Use of Environmental Modification Techniques"

ii) Federal statute 15 USC § 330 (enacted 1971) requires reporting of weather modification to the Secretary of Commerce.

Section 3. Vaccine Prohibition - Prohibits the aerial release of any artificial vaccine en-masse onto segments of the human or animal species. This encompasses chemical or biological experimentation on humans until such a time when exacting, exhaustive public, civil and private-sector medical/scientific studies can prove the overall benefit(s) to humans and the environment. To also inform the Public of the acute/chronic effects that the vaccines will have on humanity and Mother Earth.

No Agency of the United States, including the U.S. Military shall have the authority or official capacity to dispense, deploy or otherwise released into any Natural or synthetic medium, of any mass-vaccine(s) onto/into the Civil-Military or Animal/Creature kingdoms, populaces. Specifically, the President of neither the United States nor the Secretary of Defense may order mass aerial vaccines be deployed unless a Declaration of War has been declared by the United States Congress upon the targets of the Vaccines.

Section 4. Document Languages/Vectors/Modalities and Standards

Human Health Risk Assessments, Environmental Impact Statements, Public and Civil Disclosures shall be written in languages, statistics, data and vocabularies that common people, educated and uneducated and citizens of the United States of America may read, hear or otherwise be informed of; to understand any transmitted communication on the subject(s) of this Law.

All information pertaining to the Unified Atmospheric Preservation Law shall be the responsibility and duty of the U.S. Congress and/or the County Sherriff of each County within the United States, for collection and transmittal or disbursement of this Law to the public, State Elected Officials, Municipal or Township Officials. The public notification(s) will commence upon this becoming a Law of the Land and Air. Public observations of ChemTrails being sprayed into our Atmosphere will set forth Enforcement and Interdiction to have the County Sheriff arrest the violators for future Criminal Prosecutions.

The CountySheriff is the only Elected Law Enforcement Official as referenced by the United States Constitution. The Government of the United States , Agency and Military have demonstrated hostile actions upon the Populace and the Environment and therefore cannot be Trusted in any aspects of compliance with this Law.

This Law will ensure that pre-deployment knowledge, derived from toxicological and integrative research of Earth’s Bio-spherical/Geo-spherical system sciences with disclosure(s) of all Human Health Risks and Environmental Impact factors, be in compliance with the prohibitions and directives contained herein, for any current or future countermeasure technology considerations.

These Standards will prohibit the utilization of HAARPS (Tesla/Eastlund), High-Energy technologies and plasmas transmissions to orbiting geo-stationary satellite receivers and re-transmitting to the Earth's surface. Also prohibits reflected high dosage sources of microwave, Extreme Low Frequency (ELF), Ultra-Low Frequency (ULF) and Electromagnetic Radar/Airborne Chemical synergism Interface via the ionosphere.

I, Richard M Castle do hereby Waive any benefits or assistances.

I, _______________

"We, the People, shall prevail"


Prepared and authored by Richard M. Castle, Columbus, Ohio, USA

December 7, 2003 Revised May 2005
Revised March 14, 2008

To all Recipients of this DRAFT Law ‘The Unified Atmospheric Preservation Act of 2008’, Copy and take to City Councils, Township, Counties Officials, the elected County Sheriff, States Representatives, Congresspersons and Senators. Always send Certified US MAIL.

Sign your Legal Name on all copies you receive as this will suffice the same as a Petition.

I, the Author of this Document, Richard Michael Castle hereby Sign this Draft of UAPA8 and do hereby, Swear that I am a Citizen of these United States of America.

“I Pray These Protections of Life Will Be Forged’


Richard M, Castle March 15, 2008


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