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British Israel Propaganda And Deceit

[Editor's Note: Update, June 19, 2006. When I first posted these introductory remarks in July of 2005, I was under the impression that Helen Peters was the 'Anonymous' author behind The Union Jack. However, Dave Wilbur has assured me that Helen Peters was not the author, but rather a heralding Christian patriot who promoted the book through her Newsletter. Dave told me that he thinks he knows who the true author of The Union Jack is and that he is still alive, but he could not reveal his name. I understood this completely as anonymity is likely the only reason the author is still alive, considering the power of the book. I removed Helen's name from the notes below and substituted the words "the author" in its place .


This is the first chapter of a very important book which I only recently stumbled upon thanks to an article written by Barbara Aho. The role of British elites in the creation of the state of Israel and their manipulation of Christian fundamentalists to set the stage for an utterly bogus and fabricated Armageddon/End Times scenario in order to usher in the satanic one world government is a lesson in Machiavellian deception without parallel. The anonymous author lays out the plot and the plotters, step by step, with stunning clarity and insight; an amazing job of research and investigation. Even more synchronistic, this was written back in the late 1960s, soon after Israel's remarkable defeat of Egyptian forces in the 1967 six-day Arab-Israeli War.

At the time, communism (and communist Russia- the Soviet Union) was the prevailing Bogeyman. Communism was going to take over the world and "crush" us as Nikita Kruchev promised, pounding his shoe on the desk of the Russian delegation at United Nations. The whole story was a propaganda front of course. The Soviet Union needed to be dismantled in order for the Illuminated British Oligarchs to set in motion the next phase of their world depopulation and one world government enslavement agenda, so, on cue and as planned, the Berlin Wall 'falls' in 1989, thanks to the persistence and dogged 'freedom-loving' efforts of President Ronald Reagan (thank you Ronnie). Today, we have another fabricated Bogeyman called Al-Qaeda to serve as the seeding crystal for a series of phony 'terrorists' attacks in order to legislate the US Constitution out of existence ( the 'Patriot' Acts) and provide the excuse for imposing martial law (a militarily controlled police state-identical to Nazi Germany in every sense of the word).

Chapter two of  The Union Jack book, Political Messianicism and the Right Wing, puts to rest any fanciful notion that the Armageddon 'prophesy', the End Times 'prophesy', The Great Tribulation, the Reign of the Anti-Christ, the Rapture, or the 'Kingdom of God on earth' are anything BUT messages and prophecies from God (unless you prefer to think of the British Round Table as "God")...Ken]

by Anonymous (mistakenly attributed to Helen Peters)
Written ca. 1970, Posted July 10, 2005

British Israel Propaganda And Deceit , Chapter 1, The Union Jack 1970)

From: The Union Jack, Chapter 1

When we say that the British Empire is all powerful, we say that we must understand this fact in terms of its alias, 'kingdom of God on earth', and furthermore the extent of this power over America is nationwide. It is in almost every church. It is in every newspaper. It is on every radio station. It is in every phase of American life, either in the form of a political antagonism called Communism, or in the form of a spiritual antagonism called 'the kingdom of God on earth'.

When we speak of power here we must examine it. This power is mind control which has come about as a result of a constant bombardment of religious propaganda. This religious propaganda is a skillfully organized world government religion which gives every appearance of orthodox Christianity. It gradually carries millions to a completely false Christianity without any knowledge on the part of its victims of its evil intent. It crosses every church affiliation or denomination and is radiated out from each as if it had started within. Christianity is only the veil of this deceit.

The British Empire does not have to operate in its own name anymore than a series of conglomerate corporations operate under the name of the parent company. Anyone knows if he will think for a moment that many things which are, such as corporations, operate under a different name from that of the owner. Almost every store or business in America has a name other than that of the owners. Therefore why is it impossible to believe that the British Empire can carry on world revolution under a name or front other than the British Empire?

Certainly it is not desirable that anyone should know that the kingdom of God on earth means world government via the British Empire, so the propaganda says it is to be a kingdom of Christ. This is quite simple, but devastating in its effect. An examination of this scheme will prove that British Israel propaganda is not Christianity, but a political religion and an instrument of power politics to unify the nations through religious deception under the British Empire. The propaganda is never expanded in political terms and can never be recognized as a political plot unless and until we can see that it is coded with spiritual or Biblical language. Those it controls are absolutely helpless to break its spiritual deceit until they gain a proper knowledge of the true kingdom of God. This deceit is so absolute that those who believe it think that the earthly kingdom religion originates in Holy Writ. They cannot honestly believe that the kingdom of God on earth is a bastard Jewish religion to control humanity under a World Government British Empire. It is a devil religion which appeals to a chaotic world.

Most people who believe this kingdom religion have never heard it under the term British Israel or Anglo Israel. They believe it to be Christianity and deny any connection with British Israel. It is the age old Arian [Aryan] heresy, as we shall see.

Since British propaganda gains mind control through spiritual deceit it needs no political organization and organizational structure of any kind. It simply operates through existing churches and evangelistic organizations. So we cannot defeat British Israel by attacking political organizations, church groups or denominations, or evangelistic associations, etc. We must expose the British Israel kingdom religion which they teach. From this approach, all be exposed upon the basis of their unanimous perversion of the kingdom of God. This is the basis upon which the world is being deceived into the New Order of the Ages.

Let us examine in this light the worldwide radio ministry of Herbert W. Armstrong. Herbert W. Armstrong's propaganda organization is British Israel and he is accused of it many times, which he, of course, consistently denies. Many of the people who accuse him of it believe it themselves under another name or through another church organization. So nothing is gained here, only self contradiction by two people with the same religion. The minute both are condemned for their kingdom religion they promptly become allies and all other differences fade away. It is the essential and necessary earthly kingdom religion which unites them all, regardless of what church name they assume or how much they believe they are opposed to each other. As long as they have the kingdom religion in common nothing else matters. A Jehovah Witness has more in common with a "Fundamentalist" Baptist than either of them believe.

Both have a world kingdom religion and this is all that is necessary to unite them against Christ's spiritual kingdom. This also is how the Jew-baiters get wealthy under the pretense of Christianity. They condemn the so-called Jew and promote Judaism (kingdom of God on earth) under the name of Christianity. They get away with millions of dollars and no one recognizes that their earthly kingdom religion is only Judaism and a world government religion. The reason this is termed Jew-bait is because Jew is the bait to deceive one into Judaism disguised. We will discuss later British Israel in the form of Jew-bait as promoted by such traitors as Gerald L.K. Smith and as was promoted by the late Elizabeth Dilling.

British propaganda is advanced on two seemingly opposite fronts. Political Communism is its left wing front and tactical phase. "Fundamental Christianity" or Spiritual Communism (the British Israel kingdom of God on earth) is its right wing front and ultimate world order.

The designed polarity of Communism versus the coming world kingdom of God is a prepared action-counter action process. As the anti-Communist tempo gains strength, the world is moved closer to one global crystallization with complete inhibition of national initiative.

In order to turn the anti-Communist movement from treason to true patriotism, we must remove the spirit of Communism from our land.

It is difficult to enter into this debate without warning the reader that his own thoughts and words have been cleverly twisted in order to move him in the opposite direction to that which he intends and to do so without his knowing. For instance, if a man has known North from South since childhood and he comes upon a crossroads where the north-south signs have been switched, certainly he does not ponder but pursues the wrong direction to a destination opposite to that intended. A confused mind can quickly reach a state of total break down simply by reversing word meanings. A whole nation can be motivated along a certain course of action inimical to its vital interest by manipulating high sounding principles and ideals to implicit inconsistencies or self contradictions.

This concept, cleverly used, can openly operate sedition in any country and within the law of the land. It is possible, and is in fact being done, that the United States Constitution is being used to help overthrow the American government. Does not the Constitution guarantee freedom of speech and are not "free" speakers today advocating World Government while at the same time shouting for the preservation of Constitutional rights? This is legal, but it is treason.

We intend to prove here that the concealed object of Conservatism, Americanism and Patriotism is the promotion of what is termed Fundamental Christianity. "Fundamental Christianity" is educating the American people for World Government which of course means the sacrifice of America as an independent nation. Now their religion is as legal as any other under the United States Constitution, but it is treason and subversion and no more pro-American than would be an invading army. Simply by changing the meaning of Christianity to the opposite of truth they are able to carry on a well organized and highly respectful sedition with immunity from prosecution and every advantage for protection. They have every advantage of the law without fear of prosecution. They are in a quasi or extra legal haven. They are engaging in what can accurately be termed legal treason.

For purpose of this discussion we many times use quotation marks around a word or phrase to designate it as the common usage today but that the same word in conventional usage meant just the reverse. We use regular quotations when making a direct quote from a source of information but in most cases quotes around words and phrases are intended to convey that such word or phrase has been manipulated to disguise betrayal.

In order to clear up the confusion that has been imposed upon us, we must understand the original meaning of our own language as well as how it is being misused against us. This is vital and we cannot hope to pursue correct action unless our thinking fits our language and our language communicates our thinking. So badly have Americans been bewitched by their own language, we have in this text invented terms and ideas to help unscramble the confusion by reversing the double-think language. For example we have used the term "Christian" Communism to show the essential unity of the beliefs of the "Fundamentalists" and those of their supposed enemies. A word or phrase can be placed in a different context and through a process of repetition will change its meaning in short order.

After the new usage becomes dominant and we use it based on its root or original meaning, it not only will deceive the listener, it will deceive the user unless he understands. Twenty years ago the term Fundamental Christianity meant basic or orthodox Christianity as derived from Apostolic teaching. Today, through improper application intended to hide deceit, 'Fundamental Christianity' means Premillennialism and a world social state supposedly headed by Christ. It is hard to imagine how very unfundamental to Christianity a worldly and material kingdom would be. Nevertheless, the Fundamentalists term their hope for a natural Messiah, Christianity. Therefore "Fundamental" when in quotations refers to the British Israel Kingdom religion and not original Christianity.

Definitions and concepts are all important. It is not the words and expressions we use, but their meaning and common usage and it is not always what we believe, but why do we believe it. So critical is this idea that our whole thought process turns either one direction or the other upon it. For example, Christians believe Christ has a kingdom and professing Christians believe also that Christ has a kingdom. While both have the name Christian both do not have the Christian faith. Christians believe that Christ's kingdom is grace and salvation - a spiritual kingdom. Professing or as stated above, "Fundamental Christians" believe that Christ's kingdom is yet to be in the form of a material earthly paradise which they call 'the kingdom of God on earth'. Although the Fundamentalists or Premillennialists talk about grace they only do so to achieve a closer identity to Christianity. They have a hybrid or mongrel faith which deceives them away from Christ to a Judaic Phariseeism which is antithetical and opposite to Christianity. So here we have two people called "Christians". The world believes they are both Christians and they themselves believe they are Christians, but when we get at an understanding of why, or a definition of what they believe, we come to a polarity or a positive and a negative.

Furthermore "Fundamentalists" believe one must obey God's law for fear of physical punishment. Christians believe one must obey God's law because they love their Saviour Both concepts are based on obedience, but it is why should we obey, that turns us either to legalism or to Christianity.

Another enlargement of this concept in regard to our study of legal sedition or legal treason is the mass promotion in America today of literature, radio broadcasts and books which are preparing the American people for a gigantic famine or mass starvation. When we inquire into the exact meaning and use of this propaganda we see that it is two dimensional and is designed to develop a certain thought process no matter which initiative or from what angle we approach it. The "Fundamentalists" believe and promote the idea that a future famine is a judgment of God according to their interpretation of the Book of Revelation. As we shall see, Christ's kingdom has nothing to do with famine on earth only as imputed to do so by fake Christians.

The "anti-Communists" or "patriots" believe that planned famine is a Communist plot, meaning political Communism in this sense. There is a tactic of famine scare and hysteria which may in fact be brought to occur to fulfill the expectations of twisted prophecies - in other words, the Scriptures are twisted to furnish the climate and sanction to lead America into world government under the fear hysteria that it is Divine judgment. The air is saturated with these perverted prophecies of things to come and when they are performed or enacted on the world stage, the deception is compounded many times. A "prophesied" famine is not so much to starve the physical body of food, but to control humanity spiritually. Here again it is NOT the idea of whether or not there will be famine, but what is its meaning is the important thing. Understanding the USE being made of famine propaganda gives us at the same time the know how to expose it.

Now there are books such as *Ill Fares the Land* by Dan P. Van Garder which make no use of "prophecy" in itself to promote the idea of famine but this does not change the concept of propaganda USE at all. Predictions of famine based upon a Communist plot or mismanagement in government has the double effect of misapplying cause and effect. It is like creating a problem or a crisis and purporting to expose the crisis, instead of the perpetrators of it, or if perpetrators are exposed they are fronts or stalking horses.

For example on page VIII of the above named book is this statement

"The American government, for the past forty years, has done more to help Communism succeed than have all the non-Communist nations of the world combined."

Now this statement is accurate, but its use serves the seditious cause of the author. It is the intention of the author to confuse the definition of Communism by using a half truth to build an erroneous conception. As he has it, Communism is the enemy instead of the instrument of the enemy and of course his presumption to any "anti-Communist' would mean that Communism is synonymous with Russia. Except for his desire to mislead why would not the author reveal that Russia, as it exists, is a Jew-Masonic achievement used as a base of operations and decoy for Anglo American finance. Communism as he implies it means nothing only as a dummy state from which to operate wars to kill American troops and to serve as a catch-all for the blame of what ails us, which must be put on somebody. If the author of this book oriented planned famine to the proper cause, the book would not be mass produced by Western Islands and he would be lucky to exist. So we say again that such propaganda on a secular level is not designed to starve the body, but to control the mind by confusing cause and effect and word meaning, thereby gaining mental control. The only absolute tyranny is mind control which gives the tyrants the power to create the will of the people to their own enslavement.

Has the meaning of the English language been reversed to serve the masters of thought control? We believe it has and we believe we can reveal how it is controlling 200 million Americans who believe they live in a free country.

The propaganda mills grind constantly to instill fear and confusion. Every angle is worked up to bring on a desperate air of imminent chaos. Hardly a day passes without at least a hundred different publications and radio programs teaching the myth that over population is adding pressure by the minute to imminent mass famine and disease. The peril of hydrogen war and mutual annihilation goes out constantly. What is the solution to it all? They always have one. It is the World Government of God. Only God can save us now by taking all political authority says the religious propaganda. One British Israel publication stated that only

"with the inauguration of this New Order, poverty, oppression and distress will vanish from this earth. Divine Laws and the perfect economic system of the kingdom will take the place of the old and ensure the equitable distribution of the blessings of life to all men."

So we solve our problems with the kingdom of God Communism but they of course don't call its Communism.

There are many propaganda tricks. Alger Hiss was called a Communist, the inference being that he was some kind of Russian agent. This is misapplication of cause and effect and leads all suspicion away from the fact that Alger Hiss was a British Communist Rhodes Scholar.

We understand that Karl Marx was a Communist. Did he not come from London --- if he existed?

There is the term "Christ or Chaos" and "Christ is the only hope." What do these terms mean and how are they used? They imply and teach that a political Christ, a worldly Caesar, can save us from Communism by Russia to be exchanged for Communism by 'the kingdom of God on earth'. The idea behind this propaganda is to drive people to expect and accept a worldly Christ and a political world government as the alternative to absolute anarchy.

Then we hear the term "This is a Christian Nation" and we are therefore God's people. How much explanation does it take to demonstrate that this repetitive statement teaches a national religion? A nation is a political and geographical entity - a kingdom of this world. To apply the word Christian to any nation is to apply Christianity to Phariseeism and British Israelism. Even if the Supreme Court says America is a Christian Nation, it is not. Then the "patriots" say "For God and Country." This again promotes British Israel, suggesting and teaching that God will condemn and then bless this country. The word 'God' when used with country could only mean God of this world, who is Satan. Where is our wisdom?

What about the idea of "One World Under God's Law?" What is a world under God's law? Law refers to something legal, to ordinances and political governments. This is only a trick to lead away from a world under God's grace. "The World Under God's Law" applies to national or international Israel and the world under God's grace applies to spiritual Israel, the faithful of Christ. The first promotes British Israel and the second promotes Christianity.

British Israel promotes its kingdom religion within organized Christianity. It is also very much active as a political force. But it never promotes Communism in its own name, neither spiritual Communism nor political Communism.

Like a boomerang! If the Communists are traced they become British Communists. If the C.F.R..[Council on Foreign Relations] members are traced they are interlocked with the Pilgrims Society, whose source and representation is in England. If political action runs constantly against the American people we will find that the Masons in power are under the direction of the Grand Lodge of England, and all of them are united in their subversive World Brotherhood Religion. If Socialism is in the vogue and the street rioters are rampant, we find no justice in the Masonic courts whose Masonic judges are dedicated to the destruction of the National Sovereignty of the United States of America. If the Christian churches who once taught the Trinity and Deity of Jesus Christ, now teach that peace will come via an earthly kingdom, we find that it is British Israel which is promoting the Jewish kingdom religion as Christianity. If the American people are driven to insanity with so-called Russian Communism they of course have to accept "Christ or Chaos"Ñ"Christ" being the Messiah of a nearly foolproof false Christianity. If supplies to the Viet Cong are traced they come not via bugaboo Russia, but via Her Majesty's ships of the United Kingdom, who go in and out of the Port of Haipong unbombed and unexposed in the American press.

Like a boomerang, if the United Nations Charter is traced, it was spawned upon British Communism - yes! British trained Rhodes Scholars and Masons!

One of the main propaganda performances of British Israel is to establish Judas goat fronts and phony opposition. Almost all students of revolution have heard of the terms Zionism, Illuminati, Capitalist conspiracy, Communist Conspiracy, Socialism, and the Talmud. These terms are fronts for British Israel. The American press is directed against Communism but always with attacks upon the effect rather than the cause. Never do they mention British Communism directed under a spiritual or Christian cloak.

The Zionists, the Communists, the Socialists and the Illuminati are said to be anti-Christ opposed to the Christian nations. It is a struggle between "Christ versus Anti-Christ" says their mass propaganda. Jesus Christ is not concerned about who controls the United States government, whether they be Zionists or Bolsheviks. Even if every individual in America was a Christian, America would not be a Christian nation in a national and collective sense.

The confusion in America today might be termed anti-Christ versus antichrist, as it has nothing to do with the supernatural and Divine kingdom of Jesus Christ.

Inequities such as Social Security, Income Tax, skyrocketing property taxes, etc., are created to redistribute and confiscate the wealth of the American people. The political prostitutes of Masonry perpetuate themselves in power with the money of the people they suppress. In the main however, the effect calculated to take hold is the final rebellion of the people in a blind revolution to destroy their own freedom by destroying their Constitution and the American government. When the people are finally driven to revolt they do not distinguish between their institutions of freedom and the vermin that have corrupted them. They attack enmasse and with one fell swoop commit national suicide and few of them will ever know that they were tricked into it. Constructive criticism and blind revolution are two entirely different things but the dissatisfied and depressed people do not know the difference as they grasp for the freedom they once had when freedom meant freedom and free men were not equal.

We are dealing in the main with the source and inspiration of blind revolution so as to make clear the difference in the overthrow of a government on one hand and a purifying of it on the other. The way the people react to the injustices and propaganda that are thrust upon them determines the effect of their efforts to save themselves politically. The only way a rebellion can misfire on its incendiaries is for the people to properly understand the goal and techniques of revolution.

The very weapons of propaganda which have whipped the American people to a state of disparity can be turned against their creators instead of the United States Government if the people can break the code of the spiritual revolution of British Israel and its pseudonym Fundamental Christianity. In so doing they can understand the past and predict the future. They can identify the Masonic arms and legs which carry into effect the political realities of British Israel prophecy. They can remove the veil of spiritual power and lay bare the goal of Judeo-Masonry to crucify America and resurrect her into the world state British Empire under the alias kingdom of God on earth.

We insist that the revolution is over and was won at the point when the American people became sufficiently imbued and indoctrinated with the kingdom message (the idea that there will be a new order called the kingdom of God on earth). All that remains is the final destruction of the form and outward structure of the American government. The mental condition of the American people has already been adequately prepared and they are now drugged to such an extent that they are witnessing the collapse of the United States, both politically and economically, and they cannot discern its meaning nor understand its reality.

The American Flag still flies over the shell of a depraved and confused people as they unknowingly await final obliteration. Our military might is impressive, our standard of living is at an all time high but we are spiritually dead, diseased and overcome with the kingdom message of British Israel which has paralyzed our military machine and turned our material prosperity to bitterness.

Like the perfect balance of a gyro the American people whirl and revolve in all directions as they are moved to the consummation of their destruction, concealed within an aura of British Israel propaganda which is preparing and educating the people for a "New Heaven On Earth" World State Empire.

The American people not only do not know their enemy, they are fighting his battles both foreign and domestic and they are solidifying their own final ruin all in the name of Christianity, Americanism and Patriotism. British propaganda has reeducated the people to such an extent and removed them so far from the truth that their almost every utterance and action betrays their best interest. To further the deceit, a "hard core" patriotism has been developed which conceals within it betrayal and promotes revolution by exploding and enlarging upon every injustice imaginable while never understanding their reason for being nor the source of their inspiration. They only echo the propaganda of the "suppressed books" which were prepared especially for them. These "suppressed books" which cause "persecuted" patriots are the same dusty relics which prepared the rise of Nazi Germany on the myth that it would free itself from the Jews. This Jew bait only freed the Germans of their freedom and their nation as the "Jews" made off with their wealth, with which to finance the same thing again on a world wide scale which is designed to bring birth to a Jew British World State.

Judeo-Masonry has worked this Jew bait Messianic Arian white race scheme since Napoleon to raise up false nationalism's, which are guided to destruction under the banner "For God and Country." People have not been able to recognize this Jew-Masonic chicanery which creates fictitious Nazi-like attacks upon itself while it establishes its domination and power under other forms and names. It attacks Communism and promotes it under the pseudonym of kingdom of God on earth and if we unveil it we discern its spirit so as to see its miscegenation under whatever form or name it may appear.

It is the spiritual power of British Israel Judeo-Masonry which causes the "hard core" patriots to attack its visible forms as they embrace its spirit. The Adamic Race of Anglo Saxondom is only the bait to cast the revolution into seemingly conflicting ideologies. Race wars are financed and directed from both directions as a destroyer of political states, as the same finance promotes the kingdom message to establish the spiritual (religio-political) state universal.

It is our purpose to demonstrate the latent meaning of our now total confusion and to show that what seems like confusion and contradiction to us is perfectly ordered and guided by the invisible power of British Israel. To conquer the world and then hold it in subjection, its spirit must first be overcome and this is the purpose of the kingdom message of British propaganda. We hope to show its true nature and scope and to what extent it has made us a vassal state, as surely as if we were bound with chains.

We wish to make it unequivocally clear that if a people is imbued with the spirit of the kingdom message (the belief that there is to be a millennial paradise), it is hopeless futility to fight the political intrigue, as they cannot fight that which they believe in their hearts.

Emphasis is NOT on political British Jew Masonic Communism, but upon the spiritual British Jew Masonic kingdom of God on earth. Our concern is the attempt of the Jew British cartel and their Masonic stooges throughout the world to build the world state in the name of Christ. It is not their politics, it is their spirit that has overwhelmed us.

They would remove our faith from God's Supernatural kingdom and relegate us to the natural order based upon the degeneracy of a Luciferian sex cult given to us in the pious name of kingdom of God on earth.

It is our spirit which determines if our faith is in the Alpha and Omega of the living Christ or the kingdom of God on earth of the fallen angel.

British Israel is the mask for a commercial enterprise the likes of which the world has never known. This mask is spiritual propaganda through which it is educating the people for world government. It is fed to us in Biblical language, building its blue print of action with a predictive and futuristic scheme of Bible prophecy. When we unmask and remove the cloak of self-righteousness we find that the spiritual deception of British Israel is laying the foundation for world domination by the British Empire.

The mantle of the British Empire is British Israel, a Phariseeic Christianity, which is a spiritual lie that says Anglo Saxondom and the Jews make up God's people on earth and that as the physical seed of Abraham, they are to form the theocratic world government to enforce peace on earth under the rulership of Christ. World Jewry and its cabalistic Masonry are working the political and economic intrigue to fit the scheme of British Israel prophecy. World events are manipulated so as to merge with the predictions of British Israel and the very elect will be deceived - - - - - - - if it were possible.

The curtain is about to be raised for the final act of World War III.

Absolute control of the world propaganda apparatus has successfully made the people of the world believe that as a military and economic power the British Empire is gone. Therefore we must decipher its propaganda and penetrate the myth of a bygone Empire and recognize that only its name and outward appearance has changed hiding the same world confederation of political and economic power and progressing forward toward its goal of a world state in which it seeks the control of the wealth and governments of all nations. Paramount in this struggle is the battle for the spirit of the world, making political and military considerations only complementary. Therefore it is the building of the spiritual-political state through which the British Empire seeks absolute domination and we must now recognize the neo British Empire in terms of this spiritual power, which we identify as a crypto-Christianity. This power is hammering away at the five senses of the world, instilling the people with a revived Judaic Phariseeism that the Commonwealth of Israel of God is the British Israel Commonwealth of the World. We perceive in this "New Christianity" which has enveloped the globe the absolute power of the supposedly dead British Empire, which is silently and skillfully closing its stranglehold on a people deluded with this fictitious fundamental Christianity.

If we expect to understand the power struggle in the world, which is prescribed only by the British Empire, we must recognize its might under its new symbols of the Christian Cross and the Christian flag. As the military and political significance of the Union Jack is lowered from sight, the spiritual power is increased under the now universal Christian Cross and Flag. The power is the same and the struggle is the same. It is only that the political and military and economic aspects of the Empire have been concealed with the spiritual power of British Israel "Christianity" It is only Satan appearing as an angel of light.

If seekers of the truth would understand the political forces they must see the spiritual power that is guiding them to harmonize toward the world state in the name of Christ.

American politics, economy and military posture is being carefully guided to fit the propaganda of the kingdom message. We are being betrayed and ravished in the name of an unbiblical scheme of Bible prophecy which is preparing us for final ruin under the guise of a synthetic hogwash called Christianity. The excuse for our agony and coming destruction is j our "national sins" which are justified with quotations from Old Testament prophets.

Americans have been lied to so much by the prophets of Jew-Masonic-British Israel that even now the truth is stranger than fiction.

Our purpose is to make known that the treachery and betrayal of the American people is covered with the pious prophecies of the coming kingdom of God on earth. We shall analyze the meaning of this very efficient propaganda and reveal its extra-biblical attempt at merging Bible prophecy and secular history to advance the plan of world domination by the British Empire.

The kingdom of God on earth that Christ established is the kingdom of GRACE. It filled the whole earth yet it came not with observation. It is a kingdom of the election according to GRACE from all nations and generations. Christ through His atoning blood is our personal Saviour individually, sad not collectively in a racial or national sense.

In these pages there are many repetitions but we offer no apology for them. When, as in this discourse, basic causes are persistently ignored and basic principles persistently forgotten, it is necessary that they be patiently reiterated until they are understood by at least a few. If this sounds like contempt for the average reader, it is only to say that because the object of our revelation is so subtle it appears to be unreal and even ridiculous to the unsuspecting John Q. Public. We hurriedly inject that it is this subtle nature that has caused the malignant growth of the most gigantic fraud the world has ever endured. Then too, if our theme is not repeated over and over again it cannot in any way overcome years of propaganda which has instilled into the American people a conditioned response when approached with information not in harmony with their limited credibility- a response that blots out all attempts to pierce the set notions of what is or is not the truth concerning the chaotic world we live in. Even some of the ones who claim that they believe what is here set out almost in the same breath declare the exact opposite by their words and deeds as if they had never been exposed to the facts at all.

Not being able to grasp the new concept which is the most Satanic ever used to destroy a nation and which defies all deceit as the biggest lie in the name of truth of every age, they tenaciously (even if completely honest) hold on to what has already made an indelible impression upon their minds. For example the facts contend that so-called Communism is only an instrument of British Israel, that it is fed and bred as a coercive force to channel the people in the desired direction. To use the language of British Israel, "Russia is God's battle ax to hammer (hammer and sickle) in the kingdom of God on earth." The nature of this decoy of so-called Communism, which is being used by the British Empire to destroy national states and leaving them in absolute control of the world, precludes even honest people with their one track minds or mundane mentalities from reverting inevitably back to an "anti-Communist" stance as if this sham fiction is a physical law of the universe. They cannot see this Communist versus anti-Communist hoax as a visible and physical agent provocateur of a much greater invisible power. Not understanding this, the masses of Americans who are alerted to the chaos in today's world naturally attack the obvious straw man, not realizing or believing that all their efforts toward or against the so-called Communist conspiracy with its attendant evils including the Negro revolution, only adds to the deception by leading others to believe that the ills of the world are caused by Russian Communism when they are not. Let us add that any interpretation that the writer is pro-Communist is asinine. Our purpose is to show the true nature of Communism.

Social customs, as Americans have been "educated" to understand it, is a social and political phenomenon dedicated to an enforced world slave state. But Communism has a dual nature as we shall show. It has its left wing so-called atheistic God hating side and it has its right wing so-called Fundamental Christianity side. We propose to prove in this text that any true understanding of Communism must include not only the social-political but also the religio-political. Reduced for clarity, there is a Social Communism and there is a Spiritual Communism, and when the proper analogy is shown they are one force. Americans are unaware of the existence of this spiritual or "Christian" Communism and that it is the invisible and permanent phase of world revolution. This spiritual or right wing Communism, or "Christian" Communism, will be shown as we go on in terms of Judeo-Christianity, Fundamental Christianity, World Brotherhood, Millennialism, Zionism and other terms which require for their existence what they term a paradise earth with a political theocracy and a natural messiah. Therefore "Christianity" is political Zionism as expressed by so-called conservatism hence our term "Christian" Communism when referring to the "anti-Communist patriots."

We are primarily concerned with right wing or "Christian" Communism in this text because of its power and deception to beguile Americans into self destruction totally within and under the guise of true Christianity. We use quotation marks around the word Christian and many other words and phrases to convey to the reader that said word or phrase has been perverted from its original and true meaning, to mean the very opposite. For example, Christian Communism is an inherent contradiction but "Christian" Communism is not and applies to the fakery of the conservative movement in America. How then, can "Christianity" be Communism? "Christianity" or "Fundamental Christianity" is promoting a world wide millennial government of Christ. Since this idea is opposite to Christ, Who said my kingdom is not of this world, then "Fundamental Christianity" is a political religion designed to deceive Americans into world government at the expense of the national sovereignty of the United States. Communism is a world state, "Fundamental Christianity" is a world state, therefore our term "Christian" Communism. Of course the term Christian Communism without the quotes is self contradictory, but no less so than the millions of Americans who are under the spell of false patriotism.

For the first time in the history of the world has an empire of men sought to make itself God. The British Empire has successfully acquired the world, which it runs via Masonry and Rhodes Scholars. At one and the same time, it has completely hidden this power behind the materialistic Jew's religion under the false notion of Christianity and God's kingdom on earth. Through the use of religious deception which we refer to herein as spiritual power, the British Empire holds in bondage men's souls the world over. They have harnessed their mad drive to dominate the world to the Jew's religion of an earthly kingdom and a natural Messiah. Therefore their World Empire is consolidating itself upon a World Government religion which compels allegiance from the heart, shutting out faith in the only true God -- Jesus Christ.

Russian Communism is specifically a visible revolutionary force of a greater and more sinister invisible spiritual revolutionary force, namely British Israel and the British Empire. Our contention as the facts will show, that to fight Communism the agent instead of British Imperialism the master, is an exercise in futility and needless to say, "it was planned that way." Since Russian Communism is only a decoy for treason in temporary use, a few finally come to see that anti-Communism, which is also a decoy for treason, promotes the same goals of Communists simply by being hoodwinked into the mythical fraud. It causes honest people, by their zealousness, to center their attention on Russian Communism instead of on British Imperialism, which is the source and foundation of Communism, both political and spiritual. Therefore we cannot kill the supposed monster by continuing to revive it. We cannot condemn it and yet embrace it. We must understand it, for we cannot destroy with one hand what the other hand continues to build. So goes the Communist versus anti-Communist hoax.

We are concerned that Americans be alerted to the dominion over their minds which has been brought about under the auspices of the gospel of Jesus Christ, but which is in reality a crude barbarism. So uniform and irresistible is this force that its victims promote its success and obey all its commands to their uttermost ruination.

Why should it be unthinkable that in a space age technology, that mind control propaganda is also a technological advancement? The control of whole populations through propaganda is a present reality and the extent of this control has no relationship to the formal education of the people. Most Americans will laugh you down if you attempt to explain how they are controlled, and to suggest that they are controlled through their churches is the most fantastic thing they could imagine and the last thing most of them would ever believe. What we advise here is that the churches have been slowly saturated with anti-Christian doctrines which are in effect leading the people away from the historic Christian faith without their being aware. Could Satan find a better place than within the churches to instill his heresies? People sort of think of their churches as untouchable and incorruptible ivory towers where evil fears to enter. Evil has entered.

Further, Communism and Socialism, as social and political ideals, are relics of past idealists and their greater value is that of a vehicle to expansion of the British Empire. The other side of this coin, and we hasten to add by far the most deceptive, is the instrument of British Israel which most accurately named is called political Messianicism. Political Messianicism is supposedly opposed to Marxian Communism. Parenthetically Communism appears as left wing and its fake opposite comes to us as political Messianicism or right wing. An analogy of the ingredients of the two and their purpose will show them to be identical, though they appear opposite, and working as a pincers movement toward a synthesis of complete and universal control of the world by the British Empire.

The scheme of British Israel is not a ludicrous speculation. It is not child's play and it is not just another road to world government. It is THE road to world government, and the most Satanic betrayal of humanity to come upon the face of the earth. The result of this madness is incredible mind control with almost no probabilities of escape.

The network of varied revolutionary forces are working toward a perfect fusion under the carefully guided plan of British Israel. The total effort is to cause universal mind control through confusion. The people of the world are not supposed to know that world government is to come through a false Christianity. We say it is false but it appears in almost every respect to be the true faith. British Israel "Christianity" is promoted with the rationale and semantics of true Christianity on one hand and the rationale and semantics of Americanism and Conservatism on the other. It applies Christianity to its national religion. British Israel is Spiritual Communism. If is treason.

One of the key methods of concealing the source of British Israel is the raising of many false issues and counter issues and getting the people involved in effect rather than cause. Millions of printed words are put out attacking this or that as un-American or blaming revolution on Russian Communism. All this "educates" the people to an incredible ignorance concerning the cause and ultimate objective of international strife.

Non profit Christian fronts are promoting false world evangelism at the expense of the American people. The word is constantly that we must accept "Christ or Communism." The Christ of the Christian fronts is of course a political Christ, a worldly Christ and a natural Messiah.

First class mail from these non profit Christian fronts goes from coast to coast for one cent while private mail costs six cents at the present rate.

Right Wing Communism has much to say about the coming of the "Anti-Christ" and the end of the age. According to the plan of British Israel there is to be a Christ and an Antichrist. When we come to understand their spiritual deception, we immediately know that the Christ of the Christian fronts is only another anti-Christ. Historic and orthodox Christianity does not interpret the Bible to instruct t that there is to be a Christ versus anti-Christ end of the age showdown in any political or military confrontation. This Christ versus anti-Christ" and "The Battle of Armageddon" is a notion derived from Jewish perversions of Holy Writ, and teaches a completely erroneous Christianity.

A very important consideration in the study of British Israel propaganda is symbolism. The Cross of Christ in one form or another is the main symbol for the world crusade to bring in a new order of "Christianity." Through the ages deceptive appeals have quickly grasped and utilized ancient Christian symbols to gain a closer identity to the true faith. One of the symbols which are used most frequently is the symbol of the fish Go to next chapter

In placing the blame of this one world superstate plot upon the British Empire, the fact of history will support that the Machiavellian intrigue of the British Empire and their international finance has inaugurated every major war in modern history. Contrary to popular belief the British Empire is not defunct. It is not as they have made Americans believe, a diseased body bound to oblivion. This is a fiction and deception unparalleled in the annals of modern propaganda. The fact is that the character of the British Empire is different from any of the great empires that have preceded it, and that because of this nature it must dominate to survive. Just the visible part of the British Empire consists of rulership of over five hundred million people, over one fourth of the land surface of the world, and the suzerainty of five seas. Then the British Empire owns or controls other vast areas of the world by the control of vital port cities. The massive might of Red China that we hear so much about is a mere possession of the British Empire, which has a noose around the throat of China through the control of Hong Kong. China, like any other nation, would die without commerce and this lifeline is through Hong Kong controlled by the British Empire.

Few Americans believe or understand the immensity of the British Empire. It is not confined to the little island of England and Scotland, but was around 17,000,000 square miles before World War II; an area six times greater than the United States. This vast Empire since has acquired the colonial areas of Germany and Italy. The hypocrisy of the British is enough to make any American sick. While they keep over 500,000,000 colored subjects in absolute control and subjection they support the Negro revolution in the United States. Why, you ask? To destroy this nation and subject it to the humiliating status of a crown colony.

The policy of the British Empire is to establish naval bases around the world to control the sea and commerce lanes, so as to blockade and starve into submission any nation or group of nations which oppose the Empire. Of major importance and a must for the success of the scheme is the reacquisition of a lost possession Ñ the United States of America.

The British are masters at creating disturbances against themselves (such as Communism, always under full control) to keep the world from the truth. The most recent example of this hide and seek is the Rhodesian affair. Of course the deluded rank and file right wingers in this country took up the echo.

The Empire has floated the world in blood to gain its goal of world control and it may shock many to know that the vast wealth of American business, including the tax-free foundations , has helped realize the dreams of Cecil Rhodes and Andrew Carnegie to control the world for the British Empire. with the control of the United States economy via the Federal Reserve System and the infiltration of British spies under the pseudonym of Rhodes Scholars, the Empire has used American boys to fight its wars and police the world and it has had no difficulty in guiding our foreign policy for the last seventy years. Every excuse for the sell out is a part of a general scheme to create confusion and contradiction in the minds of the people, and to avoid disclosure of the British Empire intrigue to use its control of international finance to attain its planned objective of world domination.

As remote as it might seem to to unthinking observers, the chicanery and deceit of power politics extends its control over Russia, using it as a base and decoy to serve world revolution. It is common knowledge that the Russian takeover could not have happened without the millions of the financial oligarchy of international finance. And if these Investors of Satan bought the Russian takeover, who have they since sold it to? The truth is that they have not sold it and do not intend to let anyone take it away. It is a very useful investment as a base of operations for world intrigue. We are always terrorized with the bugaboo Russian Communism. Witness the non-interference of Russia in the recent Arab-Israeli sham. The British, who control Israel, had a propaganda timetable to fulfill so they created the war and made it very successful in order to fit the scheme of British Israel political Messianicism. Why did not powerful Russia intervene directly? The only answer is that they were not allowed to by the British Empire. Now in a reverse situation the British Empire turned the Red Chinese loose on American boys in Korea after they (the reds) had been defiantly beaten. The British Empire has had secret control of China for over a hundred years and they keep that control by utilizing controlled revolutionists against their own secret government

As we pursue this discourse it is necessary, if we are to understand the real enemy of this Republic, to see the concealed dual nature of the British government. This dual and doubleheader Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde structure of government, known to Americans simply as the British government, hides the answers as to why the turbulent world today and the dim outlook to the future. The fact that American school textbooks and works of popular reference, and the books of thousands of pseudo history experts have woven a fabric of deceit and created popular acceptance of an illusion and a fallacy by the cumulative force of constant repetition, does not change the facts one iota. There is a distinction between the government of Great Britain, which is largely confined to the internal government of the British Isles, and the British government which controls the British Empire.

To those who are bewildered by the turn of events in this country and the world, an explanation that it is just a Communist plot, will not stand up. We must explore further if we are to survive.

If this attempt pierces the armor of British Israel propaganda given to us as Communism and anti-Communism and "prophecy," then it will be because there are a few Christian Americans left who can see with the heart as well as with the eye. Christians know that their personal salvation is through the sovereign grace of our Lord Jesus Christ and that now is the day of salvation and there is no other. The salvation of degenerate man in this life is the grace of God through Christ. This at once eliminates all Arian heresies of racial and national salvation and the hoax of divine national origin. There are no physical and material blessings promised us in the gospel of Christ. If there are, all rich men are Christians and all poor men are lost. In this last and final age the gospel of the kingdom, or gospel of grace, applies to regenerate spiritual Israel and not degenerate physical Israel, under whatever name. The Israel of God coming from the Heavenly city of Jerusalem which is above, is all those born again Christians from all nations of the earth and is not the "Jews" (those who say they are the Jews) and Anglo Saxondom. The sovereign Lord Jesus has established His sovereign and complete reign in the hearts of believers of His gospel. The kingdom of God on earth is the gospel of salvation and is extended through the grace of Christ. The kingdom of grace has filled the whole earth of every nation and every tongue. (Col. 1:23). The peculiar people and the Holy nation of God are the elect, according to grace, from all nations and races and not limited to any one nation or group of nations, or one race.

If Americans are content with the deteriorating condition of our beloved country, then, they will deserve their fate which will be subjection and humiliation far exceeding anything our forefathers knew as a colony of the British Empire. We must take our country back today. We must breach the veil of propaganda and expose the plot to our fellow Americans no matter how unpleasant or unpopular it might be. Remember, it is no more promising today than it was when a handful of early American patriots declared independence the first time, and shed their blood for it and us.

This writing will not be a profit item to the Right Wing and their Christian fronts. It will be either loved or hated. It is not intended to further the deception of honest Americans, but to deliver them from it. It proposes to rise above the confusion and propaganda of pretended patriotism and bring before the reader the real issue in world conflict. This issue is whether or not Christ's kingdom is of this world. Those who believe that Christ's kingdom is an earthly hope in this age or any future age are herein designated to Judaic Zionism regardless their acclaims of Christianity or the Christian name they assume. Over against this are those Christians today and throughout the centuries who have seen the Cross as the final act of God to redeem humanity. These are they who shun the pseudo Christians when they mix of spirit of God with the political governments of this world.

World revolution moves above the mentality of the man on the street. So far removed is the cause of revolution from the present chaos and confusion that any suggestion that that British Empire is the "nigger in the wood pile" is laughable even to most intelligent people. Of course this state of mental incredibility is no accident. All available evidence point students of world unrest in the opposite direction from the point of origin. In the front rank of social and political strife are the vague "Communists " who are sometimes Negroes and sometimes agent provocateurs. Behind them and not so visible is the court system on whose benches sit Masonic judges who day after day give socialistic and permissive interpretation which continues the aggravated situation toward social and political breakdown. In the government are even less visible Rhodes Scholars and Masons who turn every action against the American people, all in the name of human liberty. Then in the background and almost imperceptible to the majority of the people, is British Israel power politics and propaganda. Even most of the people who believe in the coming of a worldwide kingdom of God refuse to believe that this is a ruse to cover the domination of the world by the British Empire. The British Empire has simply cloaked itself in the Jew's religion of an earthly kingdom and named itself the Kingdom of God on earth. And all the church talk about Christ returning to set up His millennial reign compounds this deceit. What better way is there to build a world empire than through a world government religion? People will fight Holy Wars in defense of their earthly kingdom religion and bleed white without knowing they serve the cause of British Imperialism. Holy Wars and Crusades of history have been fought in the name of God and with the excuse that it is divine will. That God intervenes in behalf of His people, has been used to lead men to slaughter for hundreds of years. Today, events have moved the American people to such a state of confusion that they have grown cynical and desperate, while the kingdom cults and evangelists shout that divine intervention is imminent and the world kingdom of peace for a thousand years is about to begin. All is only another Christian pretense to hide the biggest international crime in history.

Americans who believe that Christ's kingdom is of this world are ushering in world government. They have a sickness called Communism of the heart or spiritual Communism. Spiritual Communism is a political religion. It is a religion dedicated to a world government kingdom in which national states vanish under the central authority of the political theocracy. This is the plot and behind the Jewish kingdom religion is the Jewish State, which is the British Empire.

The sacrifice of truth is a science peculiar to revolution which is in essence, the very perversion of truth. Revolution has repeatedly disguised itself in the cloak of Christianity in order to pervert the mind and enslave the body of mankind. Therefore it is the duty of all Christians to expose the abominable lies on which all movements pretending to be Christian Conservatism are founded and follow the example of our Lord Who denounced evil under whatever wrap it appeared. Left Wing activity is obvious, even to the vain, so our main concern is to reveal the anti-Christian and subversive efforts of the Christian fronts because their part in the American revolution is not suspected nor understood. We call them Christian fronts because they present themselves as Christian to disguise themselves and their revolutionary activity. If we would know the truth about the leaders and direction and about the nature and essence of the Right Wing or "patriotic movement," we should as upright men and Christian Americans, investigate the religious and unethical principles of the Luciferians who are providing the leadership for us to follow. In the name of Jesus Christ and the Christian faith we are duty bound to look beneath their expressions and beyond their external forms and penetrate the veils which they have thrown around themselves and their followers. We dare not continue to follow them into hell simply because they express themselves in terms of Christian ideas and thoughts and give their activities a Christian coloring, the more effectively to deceive, mislead and hoodwink us into active participation of our own destruction. Satan has appeared as the angel of light.

So-called Christian Conservatism identifies the work of all the organized anti-Communist groups in America and like their mythical enemy Communism, conceals within itself a false messianic idea. It is only for Christians to recognize that it, like Communism, is rotten fruit from the same corrupt tree. Communism is world Socialism and World Government say the "patriots," and we agree, but anti-Communism in its many forms says the same thing under a different name. That name is world government alias the kingdom of God on earth. Which is more deceptive? The anti-Communist patriots condemn while embracing and only a deceived person cannot recognize the inconsistency.

The parable of the story of Communism versus anti-Communism is the same as Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Only the do-gooders do not recognize it is the same man.

We know the "patriots" will disagree, saying that they are not for world government in any form but they do not know where their leaders seek to lead them.

They should realize that after the months and years of crusading against Communism that the United States is worse off than ever, and there is more confusion than ever. One should logically realize that anti-communism and pro-communism is a myth and participation from either side perpetuates a fraud against America by keeping the truth from the people. The "patriots" are stabbing this nation to death in the name of Christianity and Americanism. We shall try to explain.

The British Empire, unlike any aspirant to world domination heretofore, has foregone its external vanity in order to accomplish its purpose. It has hauled down the Union Jack time and time again in order to impress upon the world the idea of a dead Empire. It has subjected and exploited its own people, extracting their consent based upon the fiction that austerity means survival be it ever so rigid. They have devaluated the pound and inflated (devaluated) the dollar, but only to contain the people in economic bondage, while the Empire uses another system of international finance to dominate and manipulate the world. Money is for the exploitation of the dumb people. It has no effect upon the people who print it, or else they would hold the value up. Instead they are preparing the people for the final removal of their only individual means of independence and accumulation of wealth. The purpose of the many books on the "money conspiracy" is to destroy money and not to conserve it. When money is gone it will then be credit which one cannot hoard or save. Then the economics of Karl Marx has been accomplished in the name of Conservatism and the Constitution. It will then be production for use and not for profit Ñ- hence every man a slave. The destruction of our money is justified with the twisting of Biblical language, such as the economics of this "Gentile System" or "Babylonian System" must be destroyed by God to make ready for the New Age wherein there is no greed or selfishness because of the "love of money." With the removal of this "evil," all then can be brotherhood. They condemn the use of gold while they use it themselves to subject the people and consolidate their power of the One World Superstate British Empire in the name of Christ, and ironically enough with the use of the Cross and the Christian Flag the people are led to believe that Heaven will come down to earth and we will have the kingdom of God on earth millennium.

The British Empire is a vampire of jackals who have used Machiavellian intrigue to conceal their identity and by perverting Scripture from grace to race they have sought to replace confidence in the spirit of Christ for confidence in the flesh, and upon this basis have led men to believe that the kingdom of God is carnal and temporal. It is with the revival of this ancient Phariseeism, popularized and evangelized worldwide, which is used to manipulate history and nations in the name of Christ. The plot is to destroy political nationalism and totally integrate the nations into an organic unity. This process is attained and held through the SPIRITUAL. In this instance we mean spiritual darkness. The substitution of flesh for spirit or the kingdoms of this world for the kingdom of God is spiritual darkness and certain bondage to those who believe it. And the Pharisees said to Christ, "We be Abraham's seed, and were never in bondage to any man." Christ spoke of their spiritual bondage and they thought He spoke of chains. Bondage of the spirit renders unnecessary bondage with chains, and it is out of this truth which determines if man is divided against himself. And it is with this principle that the world is being put into chains politically. It must first be evangelized against itself then it will not rebel from that which it believes, nor indeed can it. After this SPIRITUAL UNITY is accomplished, the organic unity is sure to follow. In this is the power of British Israel and it does not even fly the Union Jack nor need it ever, lest it be overcome with the containment of its vanity and glory. Nations of the world need not apparently give up their sovereignty, their flag and their false security for this is like a child with his toys surrounded by a fence. For though a nation may have its government, its flag and its Constitution (as the patriots fight for), it is its spirit, the beliefs of the people, that determines its freedom. It is upon this plane that we have become justly called the bondage of the free. It is spiritual darkness which causes us to do evil thinking that we do good. It is spiritual bondage which causes us to become victims of our own frustrations when we condemn evil under one name and promote it under another. It is spiritual bondage which causes us to fight against ourselves and stir up revolution based on shams, for the main ally of British Israel is the blindness of those on whom it feeds.

If spiritual unity or the world is attained, physical unity is a certainty and individual sovereignties, such as the United States once was, only become a link in the chain that binds them. A house divided against itself cannot stand and no matter what kind of convulsions it goes into to save itself, it only adds to the dilemma of its disease. Go to next chapter.

If the spirit of the citizens of a nation is in truth, the good health of the body politic is a natural consequence and no physical power on earth can destroy it.

The central theme of capturing the world through British Israel (spiritual) is to dominate with the CONSENT of the subjects. This is unlike any world empire before that has held its power with a superior military machine against the will of the people. World evangelism with British Israel is bringing about just such a colossus through SPIRITUAL UNITY.

And what is Spiritual unity? Spiritual unity is a belief or beliefs held in common. For example, the people who make up the Methodist Church have certain spiritual unity, in that they believe alike. Likewise the people of the Catholic Church or any other church have spiritual unity or beliefs in common. When we speak of spiritual unity this could mean united in truth or united in error, and it is the latter which applies to the fake Christianity which covers the deceit of the Right Wing. It is the work of British Israel to carry spiritual unity across denominational lines and establishes in each church wherever possible, the common belief or common Bible interpretation that Jesus Christ will unify the world in peace under His personal rule. Of course when they say that Christ will personally put down all rebellion and establish world government, they mean in a material and political sense. Therefore this materialism is just as Communist as that of Karl Marx. Because one thinks that a materialistic and earthly kingdom interpretation of the Bible is Christianity does not make it so, but it does put him in spiritual unity with the Communists whom he wishes to oppose. Hence he is himself a spiritual Communist because his faith in a world government on this earth will lead to the same inhuman slavery as Russian Communism. We say then that the building up of Spiritual Communism (carnal or materialistic Christianity) within the church and in the form of Christianity is the plot planned from the start to finally overcome Russian Communism and establish in its place a Christian Communism or Spiritual Communism. But as long as the world is in the conflict stage of world revolution, Russian Communism must be made to appear the mortal enemy to "Fundamental Christianity," or as we have termed it, Spiritual Communism. The "Christian" or Spiritual Communist and their Right Wing patriotism and conservatism will win over imported Russian Communism, but it will be done in the name of Christianity. It will be made to appear that world government came in through the victory of Christianity over evil Communism. What could be more deceptive than to use Christianity to establish a world Communist state? It is so, and it is being done with this materialistic, futuristic interpretation of the Bible. The scheme is to get this earthly kingdom belief into every church so that spiritual unity can be established upon the belief that world government is to come and that it is to be Divine.

Now it is impossible to understand Spiritual Communism by looking at Marxism or at Russia. The idea of spiritual unity as an instrument of power politics is a gradual Biblical re-educational process leading people away from their national identity and merging them into a world government through religion. The British Empire could not be successful with their world grab unless they could be removed from the blame that would be sure to come if they operated in their own name. This they have done by operating in the name of Christianity. World government under the Empire would be opposed but world government of Christ would not. Therefore spiritual unity is established at that point where we desire a material world government (supposedly of Christ) to replace the Constitution of the United States. Is it not easy to see how sedition can be worked through religion without so much as a fraction of 200 million people ever suspecting it?

The effort to get people into this common belief or spiritual unity of the coming world kingdom is the most determined and organized deceit that has ever been. It would be infantile to attempt to prove this truism when it is the most obvious thing in the world. Every significant endeavor of patriotism or Christianity carries this kingdom message. Every patriotic group in America is promoting deceit when they attempt to teach that Russian Communism is the real Communism. Russian Communism is bad enough but it pales into insignificance when almost every church in America is teaching their people spiritual Communism under cover of Christianity.

Spiritual Communism cannot be fought with foreign aid and foreign wars for it is of the heart. Spiritual Communism cannot be attacked by super weapons of war nor is it attacked by the fictitious anti-Communists, for it is their belief and their faith. World government will not be established by Russian Communists but it may be brought about through spiritual unity in the form of Christianity. This is a plan well designed to use America for its own destruction, but it need not succeed if we can be alerted to the propaganda of the kingdom message

The established conflict of "Christian Communism" versus Russian Communism and appropriating the outcome to Divine Will is the confusion of British Israel. The question of Divine Will intervening to establish a socialistic kingdom of God on earth is blasphemy to the Christian faith. Jesus Christ is not the God of this world and His kingdom is not a kingdom of this world.

This is indeed conquest with consent. It is Satanic. It is invisible. It is indefensible with military force. It is all powerful. It is a world super state in complete control of mind and body.

If the people know the truth in Christ they can use their would-be chains to beat off the synagogue of Satan who would imprison the world by twisting the Scriptures to fit a scheme of political messianicism alias world government in the name of Christ.

Our patriots are fighting Communism in every strata of our society, only to be infected with the same disease in our churches under the pseudonym of the kingdom of God on earth. They are overjoyed and docile as a lamb as they are given wholesale doses of this same ideology which they believe they fight. They are victims of a scheme of predictive prophecy and political messianicism which is not in the Bible at all. It has never been the purpose of God to glorify the body but to redeem man from his sin.

If the citizens of this nation can be motivated by British Israel to give up their freedom and their country, they have become aliens in their own land while spending billions for defense. British Israel is brainwashing the people to believe that the chaos in the world is foretold in the Bible, and further that a New World under God's Law is coming after this one is destroyed, and that this world government is to be directed by Christ himself. Students of the Bible should recognize that this is only the extension of the hopes of the Pharisees who killed Christ because He refused to satisfy their demands for a worldly glory. So they seek to demote Christ from His throne in Heaven and dishonor Him with a filthy throne in Jerusalem in contradiction to His statement that "My kingdom is not of this world." John 18:36. On this perversion billions are being spent and many are being deceived while the prophets of Baal work overtime to make the people believe that God is intervening in history to establish world government and to oppose it is to dishonor God. The world is literally being put through the fires of revolution so that the people will work toward the establishment of this spiritual world superstate in the name of Christ and at the expense of their own freedom. If we fall for this deceit we are no better off than the people in India who starve while they worship a cow.

While we brandish the most sophisticated weapons in history we are not even master in our own house. These very weapons with the blood of American soldiers are being used to bolster the ramparts of the only real enemy the United States ever had; the British Empire. We are using our substance to set the stage for World War III, which event is to fulfill the perverted prophecies of British Israel and solidify the new British World. While Americans are taxed to death to support this military machine, they are bombarded with British Israel propaganda which is more powerful than the H bomb. When one commits suicide he at least knows his fate. Americans are adding insult to injury not being content with just suicide. They are digging their own grave. Only a victim of deceit could destroy himself with such deliberateness. This indeed is the chicanery of British Israel, and it is given to us through our churches and great evangelistic movements In the name of Christianity. When unveiled it is nothing more than political intrigue to capture this nation by fast capturing its spirit. Laid bare it is Phariseeism clothed in Christian terminology, built on a system of Bible interpretation which is designed to cause the people to give up their country, thinking they will inherit the earth in a glorified theocratic world state called the kingdom of God on earth.

Against this heresy there is no military defense but the success of it is a guarantee to the victors beyond any of the wildest imaginations of past dictators. The difference is in conquest by consent.

The attack is two-pronged as a pincers movement, in the form of the political on the one hand and the religious or spiritual on the other. The purpose of the political is to create confusion, war and general chaos and it is the purpose of the religious to explain it all in Biblical terminology, thereby giving justification to the plan of British Israel. When man needs justification for what he does not understand he will generally accept any scheme of Biblical interpretation.

It is from this viewpoint that we are both captive and captors of our own debauchery for we are not political or military prisoners of war. We are ecclesiastical victims which causes us to perpetuate the disease that has made us sick. We keep those in public office because they utter for God and country, no matter how they conduct themselves or what kind of life they live. We are ecclesiastical prisoners of British Israel and the undefended subjects of the Empire, which is thought to be defunct. We are subdued to an ideology from which we do not conspire against. That power which holds us need not govern us or fear us as the people of this nation are ruled by a principle (spiritual deception) which the human mind cannot fathom. People think in terms of military power and massive forces, not understanding that a tiny island can control the world for a thousand years through spiritual deception. China and India are controlled with this weapon of spiritual darkness. All developments are calculated to drive men into this spiritual trap from which they cannot escape. This is a concept which defies military strategy by decreasing the physical object of attack while it increases its spiritual power. Like LSD it paralyzes the senses to all true perspective and encounters no obstacles neutralizing its adversaries. This is the enigma of British Israel and by nature it must not be a visible physical power which can be attacked by men and machines. For those who consider that the British Empire is dead, they should take another look at its dual nature.

What force pays the bill for this country and the world to be soaked twenty-four hours a day with this peculiar kingdom of God on earth British Anglo-Israel theology? The British Empire has been made to appear dead physically while it extends its power spiritually through American churches and mammoth evangelistic movements. Unless we grasp this concept of war we cannot begin to undo the havoc before our eyes which the patriots believe to be Russian Communism. Communism is simply a hammer to drive us into this SPIRITUAL trap. If the Empire is gone, whence comes this blanket of political theology which exalts Britain as the "Covenant" nation prophesied to rule by 'Divine Right" and "Divine Might"? The measure of this deception is seen in how the people are beguiled into helping finance this hoax to their own enslavement.

The prophets of British Israel promise us no peace without world government and they have a plan to make us beg for "salvation." We shall he more enslaved than the Egyptians, more oppressed than the Chinese, our unity more shattered than Germany's, our independence crushed, our property despoiled, our people lacerated and overrun. We shall be made to bear every sort of desolation in the name of the "Beast" and "False Prophet" (see section on the Catholic Church) and then we shall be "redeemed" by British Israel for Britain and her dominions are ordained of God to rule the earth under Christ "for the good of the world" for a thousand years -- so says British Israel and death to Americans if they believe it. If a people suffer enough hardship they will jump at any opportunity to extricate themselves from their misery, especially if they have been prepared for years to believe that it is the Divine Plan of the Ages.

If our credibility will permit we shall show that the real power of the British Empire is to be found underneath its cloak of "Fundamental Christianity" and World Evangelism. It is not necessary and indeed an illusion that the political and military power of a nation exists in terms of military might. Mind control propaganda is far more powerful and it is self-perpetuating upon a tax exempt status and non profit church and evangelistic organizations who operate "constitutionally" under the guise of freedom of religion. The criterion for measuring myth and counter-myth, such as Rhodesia versus the British Empire, is not upon racial, social, economical, or military considerations per se, but upon the motivating spirit of the alleged adversaries. Has Rhodesia stopped the kingdom message propaganda from being broadcast within her borders? Not at all. Then the people of Rhodesia and the world are being manipulated on fictitious pretensions or a created crisis. The overshadowing power of any international juggling of nations is the constant bombardment of the kingdom message.

To recognize power it must be understood in all of its manifestations and ramifications. Complete power opposes itself even to humiliation in the eyes of its subjects, so that it emerges from this camouflage to the apex of absolute domination. The Union Jack is in suspense until it can be raised in complete power.

We insist that the reader test our revelations here given and prove it or disprove it according to the reality of the situation in America today as well as according to Bible truth.

In order for this subject to convince the reader of its validity he must do that thing which is the farthest from his thinking. He must investigate the teachings in his own church and/or conservative appeal which seem to him to be truth. If he discovers in the "church of his choice" a teaching that God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit can be found outside of Divine Revelation, and in the speculation of men, then he has become infected with the pantheistic teaching of the worldly church. And furthermore if he is being taught a political theology that promises universal salvation and brotherhood in a unified material world state, he will find this antithetical to the teaching of Jesus Christ, to the Roman Catholic Church, and to the Protestant Reformers. There is no salvation to be in a restored earth. It must be through the grace of Christ or not at all

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