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Political Messianicism and the Right Wing
Undermining America With Americanism

"The continuous prophesying of wars and famine and confusion etc., is part of the scheme of British Israel to condition the people to the chaos they (the British Israelites) have created, falsely calling it Bible prophecy " ...Helen Peters

by Anonymous (mistakenly attributed to Helen Peters)
Published ca. 1970, Posted July 11, 2005

From: The Union Jack, Chapter 2

Advertising and magnifying revolution promotes it from any viewpoint either Communist or anti-Communist. For it is a single monster with two heads. It is the principle of dualism which is the combat of two apparently opposing ideologies; the end result being essentially that which is presumed to be opposed. Now any effort which exposes Communism as opposed to anti-Communism promotes it under the guise of exposing it. The conflict is necessary to carry on revolution just as two opposing teams are necessary to a football game and if this be true then the right wing is subversive as well as the left and even more deceptive because it, (the right wing) operates behind a Christian front. So it is to be exposed as one movement to establish world government after it has successfully destroyed national states. This so-called conflict of ideologies (communism versus capitalism) is the revolutionary force that destroys national states in preparation for world government.

Careful analysis of the front runners of the presumed opposition will reveal that their ideology is the same but is simply fed under different names. They carry on the stage play to keep the crisis boiling and growing which results NOT in the restitution of the "Constitutional Republic" but the complete destruction of it. Our participation in it magnifies it in direct proportion regardless of our good intentions. The solution is to demonstrate that all forces are manifestations of the same movement and the plot is to destroy that which they claim to defend. Confusion which is shown produces results that do not appear but promotes a more subtle conspiracy. We keep looking at the obvious produced only for the vain which is not the substance of revolution but only the shadow or decoy of it.

If it appears from time to time that in this text the spiritual is co-mingled or confused g with the political, the explanation is that to any Chtistian the spiritual is the brighter light which will unveil and expose the political conspiracy which is posing and presenting itself as spiritual Christianity. The very immunity which the political conspiracy enjoys is maintained only because they have identified with Christianity. So the gospel of Christ gives us the power to recognize the tares who have no part in the kingdom of God but only claim to.

Briefly stated British Israel or political Messianicism is synonymously used with the "Kingdom Message" which proclaims the coming kingdom of God on earth many times called the millennium. In decoded political jargon this means that when the British Empire has complete control of the world there will be enforced peace for a thousand years. According to Cecil Rhodes it is to be a world ruled by a benevolent despotic intelligentsia, and so to create "peace for all eternity." This enforced peace means first the destruction of the United States as a nation and second it means the exploitation of the conquered world for the good of the British Empire. The Empire builder Cecil Rhodes left particular provisions in his will designed to bring the United States among countries "possessed by Great Britain."

In support of this plan we notice the technique of modern Machiavellians in having their own stalking horses grasp the leadership of their real opponents, and then as their own veiled and hidden action is gradually unfolded, have their Pied Pipers oppose them on spurious and superficial pretexts in such a way as to obscure and conceal as far as possible the real reasons and ob jectives, thereby confusing and confounding the real opponents and leading them into a swamp of futility. Everybody remembers Alger Hiss, a Rhodes Scholar, and his defender Dean Acheson, an Anglophile and John Foster Dulles, another Rhodes Scholar. Today we have blood letting in Vietnam and elsewhere around the world due to the U. S. Foreign Policy headed by Dean Rusk, another Rhodes Scholar. The Commander of U.S. Forces in Vietnam is an agent of the British Empire-alias Rhodes Scholar-- namely General Westmoreland.

The operation of British Israel through the spiritual is their real power. It is their veil concealing their dual and political nature and consequent objectives. Their proclamation of a flesh and blood kingdom of God on earth is a heresy and a revival of ancient Phariseeism. This paganism of antiquity is being used in a tremendous effort to initiate the human race into the pure Luciferian doctrine. It is a direct contradiction to orthodox historic Christian faith which teaches that the gospel of Christ is the true kingdom and entrance is gained by grace through faith in Jesus Christ.

To suspect the presence of political Messianicism as an ideal of a sect is one thing but to see it develop into a universal presumption of Christianity is to witness a grotesque seditious monster which moves over America with respectability and with the silent consent of the United States Government.

The climate for revolution is set between the savage hands of anarchy who dutifully violate, plunder and murder and are without mercy or decency and the fake conservatives who say the solution to the whole thing is to be a happy Golden Age, when all things are common to all men, and men live in a paradise earth with neither property nor want, and all have equal rights and equal abundance. Abolish the greedy materialism of private property and replace it with a worldwide materialism where we can share the world in community. This is the religion of the right wing and it means darkness, desolation and death to America ending in human misery and oppression under the hoax of a Millennial Christian World Government. This is sedition and subversion which is "untouchable" because it operates within the limits of "freedom of religion." The spirit of World Government is being formed before the political reality becomes visible. This is false patriotism and Americanism using the law of the land to destroy America. The right wing and its "Fundamental Christianity" promotes a seditious world government religion which should be stamped out by laws of the land pertaining to the protection of the United States from her enemies both foreign and domestic.

The real purpose of British Israelism or Anglo Israelism as proclaimed in the Kingdom Message is least what they most say and most what they least say. It is a religio-political conspiracy to set up world government under the British Empire by calling it the Kingdom of God on earth. British-Anglo-lsraelism holds that the Anglo Saxons or the White Adamic Race is chosen of God and that they are modern Israel. They claim that Britain possesses the Throne of David now occupied by Queen Eiizabeth and that Christ will soon come back to earth to reign for a thousand years. The British Empire claims it is made up of the Covenant Nations and that it shall rule the world by divine right and divine might. In other words the United States must merge into a more noble New Order of the Ages to "serve humanity" under the domination of the British Empire. This is only an enlargement of the theme that the so-called Jews of Palestine are chosen of God and are flesh and blood descendants of Abraham and are destiny bound to rule the world in an earthly glory. Must we fall for this deception simply because it is called the Kingdom of God on earth instead of what it is -- namely British Israel propaganda designed to conquer the world by doing it in the name of Christ?

BritishAnglo-Israel is a religious movement and it is a political movement, and it is working to establish world government in the name of Christ. We shall try to identify British-Anglo-Israel, its method of operation and its intent to subvert this nation once again into the British Empire. In the spiritual sense British-Anglo-lsrael is unscriptural and anti-Christian but this is where it has its greatest power and has accomplished the most because it appeals to the carnal and natural mind of man. In the political sense it makes its greatest pins by appearing under the banner of Christian conservatism. Let us look first at the spiritual aspects of this fraud and then the political arm.

In the realm of the spiritual British-Anglo-lsrael or political messianicism has its whole school of prophets. It says little about the New Testament except the book of Revelation but confines itself to the Old Testament prophets. If the people who are deluded by this perversion of Scripture would read the New Covenant Of New Testament they would see that the birth of Christ, His ministry, crucifixion and resurrection, sending of the Holy Ghost at Pentecost, and destruction of Jerusalem and the temple, was the fulfillment of those prophecies. Then they would conclude that British-Anglo-Israel denies the Divinity of Christ and the gospel by:

1. Denying that Christ is reigning now. Rev. 1:5,6; 5-8. 2. Annuls this dispensation as last days. Heb. 1:1. 3. Makes God false to His promises. Mk. 1:14,15. 4. Alternates Judaism and Christianity. Heb. 8:5-7; 9:9,10. 5. Minimizes Gospel- belittles Church. Eph. 3:9-11. 6. Revokes the great commission. Matt. 28:19,20. 7. Nullifies salvation to Gentiles now. Acts 15:14-18. 8. Demotes Christ from throne in Heaven to the earth, His footstool. Heb. 1:3-13. 9. Makes first coming of Christ a failure. Gal. 4:4,5; Jn. 17:1-14.

Tons of propaganda are unloaded on Americans and the world daily which carry the kingdom message either openly or thinly veiled, propagandizing for the kingdom of God on earth to come. This kingdom theme is cleverly taught by nearly all organizations and churches including all the occult groups. Many false issues and myths are raised to create confusion and misunderstanding, but through this maze of double talk one can always see the "kingdom message." As the art has been improved upon and perfected it has grown more subtle and more powerful. British Israel seeks to capture the spirit by appearing as an angel of light. On the religious side the main weapon of propaganda of British Israel is their use of (or rather misuse of) prophecy. Here is something vital and the main points of prophecy to watch are the Great Tribulation or seven years tribulation, Millennium or 1,000 year reign of Christ on earth, Battle of Armageddon, Reign of the Anti-Christ, regathering of the Jews to the Holy Land with the reestablishment of their Mosaic Law and temple worship, and the final destruction of Romanism.

Of course to those who understand, the use being made of this peculiar interpretation of the Bible is only trickery to get the world to the abyss of this world government from which there is no return even if some of them realize, too late, that they have been tricked into world government in the name of Christ. Through the maze of secular and religious cults and organizations we see the malignant growth of this kingdom of God on earth idea. As stated, this idea is promoted with a scheme of Bible prophecy and may be equally seen and synonymous with the New Age cult of Masonry, and all of its illegitimate offspring whether they appear in the form of Comnmunism or Christianity.

In this connection it is sad to say that out of most of our churches come this pernicious doctrine of a kingdom of God on earth. Of course the preachers could not have accomplished so much without excellent training from the many pseudo Bible Colleges that have sprung up around the country. And naturally they have that most handy Scofield Bible. (See section on Scofield Bible).

Now prophecy is an intoxicating subject and people love to be told about the exact pattern of things to come and the many, many ministers are ever ready to oblige with this scheme of Phariseeism.

So what are we talking about? They take for the main example the Great Tribulation (which has already happened as a study of the seventy weeks of Daniel 9:24-27 will reveal) and project it in the future, stating there will be seven years of death and destruction in which the anti-Christ will reign and everyone will take the mark of the beast. The beast is the resurrected Roman Empire united with the Harlot or Catholic Church, according to these "prophets." The idea of a future "Great Tribulation" is used over and over and serves to terrorize people into believing that it is to be the wrath of God upon the nations. If people are lead to expect it and look upon it as Divine revelation then the coming destruction, which has already been planned, will not be resisted. So there will be a destruction or "judgment" of nations but it will be profane or manmade and it will not be according to Bible prophecy as they say, just as the manmade kingdom of God on earth will not be what they say it will be, but totally opposed to the kingdom of God that was established almost two thousand years ago and into which "flesh and blood cannot enter" and "which came (comes) not with observation."

Now it is that age-old race versus grace controversy and if we hadn't been so "blessed" by a despiritualized Christianity then we could lift the veil from these deceptions and frauds of the modern day Zeus Gods. We could tear away the cloak of the modern day Voltaires and Jean J. Rosseau's and cast them out of our country where they have devoured the flesh of the living dead (the de-Christianized churchites of America) and let them parasite on each other so that they may choke on their own venom. For these vain fools who call themselves patriots could not live by their own fruits but only upon Christians which they so desire to destroy.

If we are to recognize and expose the British Israel conspiracy then we must first stop serving it by being beguiled into fighting hocus pocus myths that they have set up for us. We should view the vulgar left wing in its true light and purpose and begin to center our attention as well on the British Israelites who are waving the American flag and preaching the coming kingdom of God on earth. This is why the so-called conservative or right wing movement is far more dangerous and it issues from and is controlled by that same occult cabal that finances and controls the radical left. In this connection it is well to recall that Karl Marx said that all things must be destroyed so all things can be made new. He was talking about world revolution which must be, so that out of the ashes a new society could be built. British Israel says all nations will be destroyed by "the Great Tribulation" so all things can be made new and that perfect peace can begin. Is there a similarity here? There definitely is because the goal of "Communism" is identical to that of British Israel and they emanate from the same source and serve the same masters. Capitalism finances Communism and Russian Communism is state capitalism. Communism promises a perfect society and British Israel promises a paradise on earth. Are they the same?

It should be mentioned that there is unlimited financing for the British Israel occult movement. Plenty of money comes from the privately owned Federal Reserve System, which holds us in economic bondage via our national debt, as well as the many public endowments including the very occult Carnegie, Rockefeller, Ford, Guggenheim and other foundations which work together to promote the Republic of Man united in the Fatherhood of the Grand Architect of the Universe (Satan). Be reminded here that the true God who is Jesus Christ is not a builder (architect) but the creator. His kingdom is not flesh and blood.

The kingdom of God on earth as promoted through the Kingdom Message is a spiritual lie designed to deceive the world into world government in the name of Christianity.

While Americans fight Communism to "save their nation" they are reeducated with the Kingdom Message to believe that world government is coming and that it is inevitable because it is a "work of God." Even those most zealous patriots who are doing their all to save their country have a latent feeling that all is in vain because Christ is coming back to set up His world government and "rule with a rod of iron." This is a result of the neutralizing and paralyzing effect of the Kingdom Message because people begin to believe that they are opposing God's will.

By now the reader may be able to identify the work of some of the important groups as to whether they are promoting the Kingdom Message. Now we do not accuse the followers of these cults of being aware but this does not lessen the damage. Are many of our churches mixing profanity with things sacred by promoting political messianicism and with it the destruction of our nation?

There are many visible organizations and "churches" which pour forth voluminous literature and carry on national and world-wide broadcasts propagandizing for the coming kingdom of God on earth. Many, many large and well financed organizations could be named such as the National Council of Churches, but it is needless to name the obvious ones, only those operating under the facade of Christianity and Americanism.

These pious advocates of an earthly kingdom never refer to Christ's statement that "My kingdom is not of this world." They project Christ's kingdom future, adding a "New Age" where none ought to be. In this they glorify race and diminish grace. Now is the day of salvation from Pentecost to Christ's second appearing and there is no other. We would remind the followers of these modern day Pharisees that they are denying God's grace by centering their attention and hope on a future political system which promises a glorified and earthly bliss which will never come anymore than it did when the Pharisees of old thought Christ was to be a political king ruling the world from Jerusalem.

Most of the evangelistic or church groups never mention the Anglo-Saxon tribal theories of British-Anglo-Israelism. In fact if they ever do mention British Israel at all they violently deny any affiliation with it and persistently deny that they teach it. They even attack each other but this does not change their unity of spirit in seeking and promoting an earthly kingdom. Most of them confine their racial theories to the so-called Jews, leaving out the larger British-Anglo-Israel tribal theories which includes all of the Anglo Saxons. Careful students observe, however, that the Kingdom Message or the kingdom of God on earth is peculiar to them all. In fact the presentation of disguised political messianicism is the common bond that makes them all a part of a political-religious conspiracy to capture control of the world for the British Empire and escape detection by calling their conspiratorial work the kingdom of God on earth.

Most of the religious groups specialize in what they call "Bible Prophecy," emphasizing the coming "Great Tribulation" to be followed by the 1,000 year kingdom of God on earth. If they are successful in their unprecedented attempt to deceive the people then we will have the hell on earth they are bringing about and falsely calling Bible Prophecy. In the layman's language all this simply means no peace on earth without world government. The idea is to torment the American people and the rest of the world so much that they will declare for this new peace on earth at any price. In British Israel terminology the confusion and war that we see is "God's judgment of the nations and the purpose is to chastise Israel in order to purify her and get her ready for rulership in the kingdom of God on earth."

So the revolution must go on and culminate in that "Great Tribulation" so that after this "system of things" has been destroyed then we can have and enjoy so they say, that "paradise on earth" bought with the blood of saints whose hope is not this world but eternity with Jesus Christ.

One may get the feeling that if every great reward comes in the Heavenly hereafter, why bother? It is the duty of every Christian to preach the gospel which is the only true kingdom of God on earth. It is the perfect kingdom which is a gift of God. We are resurrected or reborn into that kingdom by our faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and wherein there is happiness and joy in the Holy Spirit. But if the modern Pharisees can keep us out of that spiritual kingdom by causing us to center all hope and expectation on a future earthly carnal kingdom, then will we not also accept a false king? For the true king will not reign over a kingdom of this world in contradiction to His clear statement that "My kingdom is not of this world." So the Pharisees of today cannot enter the kingdom without faith anymore than their ancestors could and they are still trying to keep the saints out by building a kingdom of God on earth.

If the plot succeeds, and it will unless we have a spiritual awakening, and when and if we emerge out of this hell on earth holocaust which is prepared for us by these occult devils, the instruments of torment such as the United Nations, Communism and the Negro Revolution will be removed. Then the occult masters will point to the New World peace and remind us of how terrible things used to be. Also there will be no more local churches and no more United States of America for these too will have served their purpose as far as the British Empire is concerned. But there is that remnant according to grace and there will be that remnant which belongs to that universal church invisible and which Christ established with these words, ''Upon this rock I build my Church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it."

America is not dying. She is being murdered by Americans who have been deceived into fighting false issues. How many Americans would ever believe that they have been beguiled into destroying our great nation while believing that they are saving it? The answer is very few; and very few will endeavor to understand what we are talking about here. The spirit of Satan has deceived many.

Remember, if these cloak and dagger "saints" can steal your soul they can steal your country with no trouble at all. The British Empire holds India and China and many others in abject slavery because these nations are not free spiritually. God will not save or deny our America as a collective whole any more than China or India, but if a goodly number of her individual citizens cling to Bible truth they will be able to detect the machinations of this political intrigue operating in the name of Christ.

There are many artifices and deceptions used by phony pretenders of Christianity and patriotism to reeducate the American people to accept Communism under the pretense of Christianity. John R. Rice is a Protestant Jew whose front is called THE SWORD OF THE LORD. In one of his many writings called "Christ's Literal Reign on Earth," he states on the front, unequivocally, quote "that Israel, the Jews, are to return to Canaan and possess it forever -- that Christ, the seed of David, is to restore David's kingdom to Palestine and rule over the whole earth from Jerusalem -- that this coming kingdom of Christ according to the flesh is foretold in many, many Scriptures, in both the Old and New Testaments." End quote. This is crass immorality. It is deception. It is not Christianity. It is Zionism and it is subversive to the United States Constitution, because if a fleshly Christ rules over the whole earth from Jerusalem the United States will be only a component part of a World Government.

Americans must build their first line of defense against this pseudo Christianity which is most accurately called Spiritual Communism. This kingdom religion is power politics and revolution and should not be given sanctuary as the Christian religion or any other religion under the United States Constitution. Could it be possible that John R. Rice, along with the many other Jew Protestants, is not familiar with I Cor. 15:50 "Flesh and blood cannot inherit the kingdom of God." Christ's kingdom is not fleshly nor worldly nor is it to be localized in Jerusalem in any future Jewish Millennium. This is a false and malicious counterfeit of truth and deceives so-called Jews and professing Christians alike. It absolutely denies the Christian faith, replacing it with a universal materialism identical to that under the name of Russian Communism.

There is no fellowship in patriotism and Zionism and those phony patriots who persist are helping overthrow the United States Government in favor of British Israel.

British Israel builds its deceptions and control under Christian fronts and false patriotism but as Satan invariably reveals himself, British Israel reveals itself to be Communism. Its prophecies of a millennial kingdom is Communist propaganda. It is British Communism.

Once we understand this trickery it becomes a matter of right wing Communism versus left wing Communism. People are confused by false labels that camouflage treason.

British Israel actually builds a nation within a nation when it can deceive literally millions into a world government as God's kingdom on earth. There is no way to escape this treachery unless and until Americans can understand this religious propaganda for its true meaning and purpose. British imperialism is via spiritual or religious deceit. It is a stratagem of mind control and a design for American surrender once and for all. Will enough Americans understand in time? It is better to know our enemy and fight with honor than for our children to despise us for our ignorance, for some of them will surely know that we were hoodwinked into treason and self destruction when they see the shadow of the Union Jack behind the hammer and sickle.

Almost everyone has heard the cliché of "divide and conquer." This has never been more used than against Americans in their churches. The money power of the British Empire has created innumerable cults and groups including every kind of heresy imaginable - something for everybody technique. Let us emphasize here again that no matter how different they appear, from Mormonism to Jehovah Witnesses, their modus operandi is the "Kingdom Message" under whatever name or pretense. They have divided the "churches" physically but have united them spiritually and we hasten to say not according to the grace of God, but according to the race of British Israel. Among the many groups, the most ardent of the devil's advocates have never heard of their master British Israel, but they build its ramparts diligently thinking they serve the true and living Christ. "All who say Lord Lord will not enter the kingdom of heaven."

Christian Americans, if you doubt this, investigate for yourself. Search the literature and publications that are raining upon us. You will find that no matter the color, design or name of the church, association or group, their most exaggerated efforts are toward dissemination of political propaganda cloaked in Bible prophecy, sugar coated with Bible terminology advocating World Government alias 'kingdom of God on earth'. At this point we yield to the vanity of Satan and his vampires of intrigue. They are Satanically clever. They will deceive many into believing that they have merged the kingdoms of this world with the kingdom of God. The elect will not be deceived but will continue to serve their Lord and Saviour Who is the living Jesus Christ. He has already established His kingdom and His children of His kingdom of grace will occupy until His second appearing without sin unto salvation. He bought them with His blood and has redeemed them forever. He is sovereign today and He reigns over His sovereign kingdom. His kingdom is not defiled by flesh and blood and never shall be. He is the door of light and the door of life. We have abiding with us the Holy Spirit teaching us all things concerning the kingdom of God which we occupy till His second appearing by teaching and preaching the grace of God.

Remember the story of Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf and also the story of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, for here is the parable of British Israel. It has been most successful because it has been able with its dual personality to make war with the true kingdom of God while at the same time appearing to embrace it. The true kingdom of God on earth is the kingdom of grace, its citizens being bought by the blood of Christ. The false kingdom of God on earth is a political system, its citizens being bought by the money of international finance aspiring to world domination of the British Empire.

Christians must beware of a sham fight of those who "fight" Communism and Socialism and seek-to establish the same thing under the name of the kingdom of God on earth. Satan's ministers say they believe that Jesus is the Christ but they preach another gospel and therefore another kingdom. No wonder Christ said to the Pharisees "Ye neither go in the kingdom nor suffer them to go in." If they can persuade you to look for another, you have not been reborn into the present true kingdom which flesh and blood cannot enter. Not only that, they cause you to deny the very existence of God's kingdom now and attempt to make Christ's mission a failure and make all the prophets liars. Such is the blasphemy of British Israel and death to Americans and America if we believe it.

The purpose of political Messianicism is to prepare the minds of people for eventual destruction of this social order, and more particularly the destruction of the national sovereignty of the United States of America. The continuous prophesying of wars and famine and confusion etc., is part of the scheme of British Israel to condition the people to the chaos they (the British Israelites) have created, falsely calling it Bible prophecy. They mix things sacred with things profane and in this way they do through the churches what they could not do with their armies. Old Testament prophecies, that Christians know have already been fulfilled in Christ, are fed to the people as future events of things to come. Then on the world stage they re-enact these prophecies and propagandize the people into believing it is God enacting His kingdom on earth as foretold by the prophets of old. As they continue to prophesy and continue to fulfill politically more and more people will believe it. Being preoccupied with making a living and entertaining themselves, they accept it at face value not knowing that the purpose and intent is to destroy a nation -- namely ours; the United States of America.

The consequence of the dastardly plot is the creation within the people a state of mind which will cause them to be the major participants of their own destruction. If they are brought to believe that prevalent conditions are "God's judgment upon the nations," as British Israel propaganda says, then they will not only accept it as fact they are imbued with this same spirit of deception causing them to propagate the heresy themselves. It seems the bigger the lie the more zealous its adherents; We say the power of the enemy is the subtlety of identifying with truth. Thus Satan appears as an angel of light.

In order to keep this subject in focus we reiterate that the British Israel kingdom of God on earth means the domination of the world by the British Empire with a corresponding subjection of the United States of America. This "Kingdom Message" gives lip service to salvation by grace but in the main perpetuates itself on a national and racial fiction it says is salvation. It is a concoction distinctly inferior to our way of life under the United States Constitution let alone the GRACE of Christ. Many honest people have come under the spell of this Luciferian attraction and they have become participants of their own destruction while under the illusion and deception that they defend their nation and their faith. National Salvation and Divine National Origin decoded means the rulership of the world by the Covenant nation which is Britain, and only is the United States included to disarm and allay suspicion of the American arm of the movement. Through this chicanery and deceit the "Mother Country" seeks to bring the American colony back into the fold, not as an equal partner to dominate the world, but as a humiliated stepchild to be exploited and used to serve the Mother Country. This revolutionary scheme or blueprint is carried on under the veil of Bible prophecy and in the name of Christ.

We are told repeatedly that we are in a life and death struggle between Soviet Communism and Western Democracy (Western Civilization), the latter representing God's nations. Both are ideologies of man and represent the kingdoms of this world and neither (they are dual forces of the same plot) is of God. The true kingdom of God is not represented by the kingdoms of this world. The true kingdom of God is the kingdom of Grace and is not flesh and blood. It is the gospel of salvation of individuals and not nations.

We are told that the United Nations and Communism is an attempt of man at world government in rebellion to God and His Divine law. But the New Testament says, "We are not under the law but grace"... Then we are told that the only solution to the hopeless confusion is the uniting of all nations under the government of God ruling the world from Jerusalem. You may have your choice but take world government under whatever name. Karl Marx said production for use and not for profit. British Israel says production for use and not for profit. Now we ask, is it Communism or British Imperialism? Either route you take, the left wing or right wing, you wind up under the Union Jack.

Let us stop this discussion in its tracks and add parenthetically that if the reader is remaining aloof believing that this accusation does not apply to his church or his preacher, he should apply the test according to our discussion. We shall give a specific outline, though not complete, for the reader to follow. Does your preacher teach that a physical Jew and a physical Israel has a peculiar place of prominence in New Testament Christianity? Does he take Old Testament prophecies, all already fulfilled, saying they are yet to be fulfilled?

Does he believe in the national salvation of physical Israel or any nation by any name? Does he teach and preach a millennial kingdom on earth to come after this age or allow other preachers to do so in his church? Does he teach that the visible confusion in the world is a result of God's judgment of the nations? Does he teach that we are faced with a seven years tribulation and a literal battle of Armageddon? Does he teach that we are under the law (Mosaic Law) or that we will be under the law in a future kingdom of God on earth? Does he teach the social gospel including the brotherhood of man under the fatherhood of God? Does your preacher try to explain events in the world in terms of Bible prophecy? In short, does he try to make the Bible a history book instead of a plan of salvation? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then you and your church and your pastor have not escaped the intrigue of British Israel deceit.

We do not accuse your pastor of knowingly serving this scheme, which will eventually destroy him and your church, but this does not lessen the damage being done. In the first place it is not the gospel of grace and in the second place it is subversion of the United States Constitution and our way of life contained therein. Remember it is not only those who tell a lie that are guilty but also those who believe a lie. It is our INDIVIDUAL responsibility to know the truth of Christ regardless of how it may conflict with our preacher, our church and our fellow man. And if what we are saying does not fit your preconceived patterns of thought and notions of what is or is not truth, then the burden to prove or disprove our contentions (by divine revelation and historical fact) is upon you. If your ineptness or indifference has tranquilized you to no challenge then your defense is lost by default and your plight is worse than if you had never heard these facts at all.

British Israel is blasphemy which seeks to make Christianity a legal system enforceable by an all-powerful political government alias "one world under God's law."

The effect of a political theocracy operating and controlling society with "God's Law" causes its subjects to believe that their salvation comes through obedience to this legal system instead of through Christ. The consequent result is man's dependence upon the state for salvation instead of upon God. What's more a political theocracy is only paganism which calls itself Christianity and exempts itself from the scheme it uses to control the mind of man by controlling his spirit.

The Revelation of Jesus Christ cannot be codified upon tablets of stone -- only upon the hearts of those who believe it. Moses received codified law upon tablets of stone and gave it to his people. Christ glorified the law upon the conscience of the believers. One is external and one is internal - one is flesh and blood and one is spirit - one is national and one is individual - one is bondage and one is freedom - one is condemnation and one is salvation and never shall the twain be one.

We call your attention to the fact that the most powerful weapon of British Israel is not the H bomb but the Holy Bible. This is Satan appearing as an angel of light perverting the truth of God into a scheme with which he expects to capture the spirit of man and thereby control his mind and body. It is your faith- your spiritual allegiance toward this non-Biblical prophetic hoax which is aimed at and if one believes it he is first an enemy of Christ and secondly an enemy of his country. This system of political intrigue called Bible prophecy seeks to destroy the United States and all national states through a planned and prophesied "Great Tribulation" to be followed by a New Age World State under the Union Jack. Down pax Romanum, up Pax Brittanicia to a complete British world.

It is a noteworthy fact that the many ardent fake nationalist British Israelites who are selling the Protocols never mention the fact that early editions of the same were censored which revealed the complicity of "Jews" (they are not true Jews, only modern Pharisees) with the British Empire to control the world and the fact that England is home base and authority for all Grand Orient and Anglo-Saxon Freemasonry. The intention of these fakers is to Jew bait honest seekers of the truth away from British Israel. These so-called right wing patriots are shock troops of the British Empire and aliens in our midst. Remember, Hitler deceived Germany with this Jew bait. Fake nationalism is a danger to avert and is not to be confused with true patriotism. This militant nationalism is calculated to destroy the United States, not to conserve constitutional government independent of foreign alliances and confederations of any sort.

If our reader is still foggy about what is British Israel we repeat by stating that it is a political scheme clothed in spiritual language fed to Americans and the world through "Bible prophecy." Its weapon is the Bible, misuse of truth, and its symbol is the Cross and its mission is world evangelism with this Phariseeism which they call Christianity, and its main base of operations in the United States is the American churches. It accomplishes most when parading under Christianity, Patriotism and Americanism. It is the same as its illegitimate offspring's of Fascism and Communism. British Israel promises world order and peace after this one is destroyed. Communism also promises paradise on earth. Both are anti-Christian and both are anti-American. Both are one.

Confusion, revolution, famine, disease and destruction of this "Gentile System" (including the U.S.A.) are necessary to fulfill the British Israel system of political messianicism, which they falsely call Bible prophecy. We promise the reader that through every cloud of confusion from the left or right he can detect the "Kingdom Message" if he will look for it. The world must suffer so much that it will be glad to get relief under the Union Jack, alias kingdom of God on earth. British Israel says everything in this worldly system must be destroyed because it represents the "Gentile System" or "Babylonian System." This means in decoded language that our country, our money, and our freedom must be exchanged for the New Age British world. The British Empire and its Rhodes Scholar agents who run our government promise us no peace without world government. We are being punished by so-called Communism in order to drive us into this One World Superstate Empire Imperium. The Soviet system of Russian Communism is simply a tool in the scheme.

The question arises why is the right wing, for the most part, subversive? The answer is, because it serves as a decoy to cover up the real enemy and secondly to propagate British Israel itself, by creating antagonisms against the American Government so as to get the people to distrust the constitutional system instead of the Judas goats who are steering the ship of state to destruction. The right wing serves as the framework of the back lash against the evils of the left wing. They claim they are saving us from Communism while delivering us to British Israelism. The net result is no different in either case. The key issue in this context is that the right wing is not patriotic at all, but escapes detection because they hide behind the American Flag and meet in churches. Their slogan is God and Country. We ask, what God and what country?

The right wing is a necessary part of revolution as well as the left. Their fight against Communism causes people to believe in Communism in a negative sense, as many of them do. Russian Communism is the straw, the fake bogey, to take the attention of the American people off of the British Empire. America is in danger - the gravest in her history but the sources of that danger are not what the anti-Communist crusaders say it is. Why do they never point to the fact that this country is being undermined by Rhodes Scholar agents and Anglomaniacs? These are the real "Fifth Columnists" in our land and they despise America. They want us to look at Russian Communism as the enemy instead of such things as "Union Now" with Britain schemes whereby we would be a subject of the British Empire. The right wing, as well as the rabble of the left, is an instrument of British Israel and they have the audacity to quote our Patriot Fathers and pledge allegiance to the American Flag to bless their treason to this nation. Their treason is to cover up the real enemy until it is too late by blaming everything on Communism. Communism and Soviet Russia is only a pawn and has no power or direction except as dictated by the British Empire and their agents in this country. The "prophecies" of British Israel say Russia will never attack the United States. This is fair indication of who controls Russia.

Why do the prophecies of British Israel say that America will never be attacked by Russia? Do they know? Yes, they know that current events and the future are being skillfully guided along the lines of the false prophecies which are being taught in American churches throughout the land. This is a scheme of using religion to get mind control. The "Wonderful World of Tomorrow" that Herbert Armstrong promotes through his Zionist British Israel church is world domination under the British throne. Armstrong and all the Judaized Millennialists are preparing humanity for this pretense they call God's government over the earth. if you think it's funny, ask your neighbor if he believes in the millennial reign or earthly kingdom. Of course he would not ever believe that he has a World Government religion but would say he is a Christian. This is a blight over America. If the whole nation is literally praying for World Government, they think under Christ, how shall we survive?

They are unwittingly aliens because of their religion, which is nothing more than a political scheme to get the world united under Britain. British Israel is clever deception. It is completely hidden within the whole of Christianity and it is a perfect and complete disguise to hide the British Empire. How many Americans who believe in the coming kingdom could possibly believe that that kingdom is to be a British kingdom? Not one! To them, it is a divine kingdom and so the deception is complete. Pseudo Christian allegiance to a world state is ending this once Republic. Atheism is no threat but false Christianity is. When the founders made freedom of religion inviolate under the Constitution, surely they did not know that religion would be used by Britain to destroy us and get us back into the British Empire. Maybe they thought such would be impossible. Such is incomprehensible to millions of deceived Americans. God help us! Revolution has become the religion of the land and religion has become revolution.

We are terrorized with Russian Communism and at the same time we are told through British Israel "prophecies" that America will never be attacked by Russian Communism. This points up the forked tongue of the dual conspiracy -- destroy us with Russian Communism on one hand and "save" us with British Israel Communism on the other.

Few would-be patriots know that the effect of their good intentions in fighting Communism makes them renegades and revolutionists, and they are destroying the very thing which they think they save. Because of their sham fight they are serving to create antagonisms which will not bring back Constitutional government, but will tread the Constitution under foot in order to set up a New Order over the dead body of American independence and economic freedom. The so-called patriots are the cats paw to scare us to death with the bugaboo Communism so that British Israel can "save us," -- save what's left for the British Empire.

For students of history, and especially revolution, this is not a new trick but is classical demagoguery which has been used since the heyday of the Greeks. By far it is more sophisticated than ever, and by far it is harder to detect.

British Israel alias Fundamental Christianity is as grotesque as it is sinful and we are striving to give the sternest warning concerning the peril of pretended anti-communism. This mysterious "anti-Communist" avalanche is the pretext to milk millions of debt dollars out of a confused America. It is the nemesis who extracts the blood from American sons under the phobia of a counterfeit patriotism and Divine Destiny. All nations are involved in this idolatry and its historical catastrophe but they need not be implicated in the final debacle which will seduce the world from the worship of the Triune God and subject their tribute to the vampires of moral degeneracy who appropriate and establish their rulership of the physical and spiritual world as Divine authority.

There is no separating so called anti-communism and political messianicism because it is the created conflict of Communism versus anti-communism which is to bring about a world fusion under a political Messiah. This world millennium trick is predicated upon the myth that the people of God's covenant kingdom are the Adamic race and the Jews who are being besieged by an atheistic Communism. The outcome, say the anti-Communists, is Divine intervention of Christ into history with the annihilation of Communism and the establishment of His earthly kingdom.

The identity of this false patriotism is hidden from its instruments of action by appropriating multiple meanings to expressions of Americanism and raising fake issues to fight. It has a seductive appeal which it keeps alive with endless "Christian anti-Communist" propaganda, always keeping its people under control by confusing cause and effect. Therefore, through the use of anti-Russian Communism, one is led right into Communism. What is a moneyless Kingdom of God World State but a communal society? Betrayal is the design of this double headed Communism versus anti-communism.

Who commissioned the right wing and its religious cult which always predicts world conflict to the end of our present civilization, after which comes the New Age of world "Christianity?" Is it not logical and reasonable to see that anyone promoting such a gigantic movement as Communism is presumed to be, would also be wicked enough to take precautions for controlling any opposition that might arise? They could not hope for success if they did not. So, as Marx and Engels were commissioned to launch social and political Communism from London, it was London also where pretended anti-communism or Spiritual Communism originated for world consumption. As we have shown, the propaganda of the right wing champions the cause of Spiritual Communism, which they say is the "real Christianity" but which is only a world communal society.

Communism and anti-communism are racially oriented not unlike the racism of the propaganda ministry of Adolph Hitler. Must we draw a minute analogy to demonstrate that America is in the same grip that brought devastation to Germany? Hitler had a goat he called Communism and another one he called the Jew, and with these pretentious lead the German people wholeheartedly into self destruction. Always both ends are played toward the middle or central purpose. The right wing in America always presumes to include all faiths and races but as we shall show it uses Biblical expressions and sanctions to hide its "anti-Semitism," its anti-Catholicism, and anti-Negroism. What is the central purpose of the pretended conflict of Communism versus anti-Communism? The conflict of races, on one hand or the pretension to amalgamate them on the other, is only a ruse to bring about a mongrel Christianity.

It is indeed the amalgamated race, the mulatto race, the hybrid race or the mongrel race which torments the world stage. But the central purpose is to fuse an amalgamated spirit, a mulatto spirit, a hybrid spirit or a mongrel spirit. What is this spirit? It is a social, communal, legalized Christianity which is Communism in all but name. The kingdom of God on earth is moral and spiritual degeneracy which originates in hate, suspicion, violence and strife and leads its victims into the enemy camp. Those honest Americans who have come under the anti-Communist cult must come to know that they are being led right into Communism under the cloak of Christianity. They must not dissipate themselves in fighting one Communism only to be led into another Communism called the kingdom of God on earth. They must at all costs come to the conscious reality that the division of truth from a lie is as distinct as Heaven and earth, and that until the people of America and the world can come to understand the real issue their future is in jeopardy.

The line of separation is quick and sharp. It has on one side those Christians who believe that Christ's kingdom is spiritual and that Heaven after death is the hope and reward of the faithful, and on the other side it has those "Fundamental Christians" who believe that the messianic kingdom is earthly and fleshly. There is no equivocation on this issue and no amount of twisting or lying can hide the traitors. One must be on one side or the other with no identity or fellowship with the advocates of the World Government religion called the kingdom of God on earth. There is no true patriotism to be found in political messianicism. It is treason and dedicated to the destruction of this Constitutional government.

The right wing has its symbolism to support its nationalist religion. The scheme is to build up the idea of divine intervention under the cloak of Christianity. Historic Christian symbolism is mixed with national symbols and paganism. All this reminds one of the "Jews" under the Roman Empire and their religion which gave them hope of national deliverance under an all powerful political Messiah. Well, what we are witnessing today is the same old Jew's religion being used to control and direct the people of America into Communism via a nationalistic religion. Some or them have even called it Christian Communism.

This represents Dr. Fred Schwarz's national religion in his booklet "The Christian Answer to Communism." On page 20 and 21 his British Israel "Christianity" shows up clearly, and we quote: "God will now hear and answer prayer to those of other praying Christians that God will bring to pass a mighty revival that repentance may bring divine intervention and national salvation from the Communist threat. Evangelism is a vital part of any effective anti-Communist Crusade." End quote. Anyone not under the control of the kingdom cults can see his deceit of mixing Christianity with nationalism. And those expecting divine intervention and national salvation are under the worst despotism ever to plague men's minds

Some of the main church groups such as Jehovah Witnesses and the Mormons have little symbolism but they play a major part in preparing millions for the advent of a political Messiah and a political kingdom of God on earth They cover their kingdom religion with spiritual language. They of course believe they are true Christians and would never believe that their kingdom to come is to be ruled from the throne of Britain. It is a system of controlling people and nations with religion. As we shall show British Israel can control a diversity of cults, all being tied with the kingdom religion. This is a clever scheme of religious integration without the various churches being aware of the kingdom theme that binds them all together. Below is a wagon wheel demonstration showing how the Jewish Kingdom religion is cleverly worked in all the religious groups, and ties them together in a nationalistic religion.

True Christianity is not to be confused with these kingdom on earth cults. Christ's kingdom is a kingdom of faith in the Triune God. (Holy Trinity). Theirs is the Heavenly hope not an earthly kingdom. The earthly kingdom heresy is truly anti-Christ. Christ's mission was the bringing in of salvation to individual souls and not to save nations or destroy them.

It is a curious fact that the zealous "patriots" do not observe the connections between their leaders and their clandestine schemes to defeat what they call the Communist conspiracy. Nor do they recognize that their literature never tells them of the connections of the traitors of this country to the British Empire.

Concerned Americans who are honest do not understand the perverse inner strategy of modern revolution. Even so one should eventually realize that this brand of patriotism is not carrying the American nation back to Constitutional government but further away from it. The rank and file right winner is a victim of subterfuge which deludes the unthinking, though ostensibly extolling the very traditions and institutions which are dear to the hearts of patriotic Americans. It would seem in this connection that the would-be patriots could see this in action objectively when Earl Browder in the thirties heaped praise upon Lincoln and Jefferson as great "liberals."

Americans do not understand how truth misused or half truths are totally misleading them. Don Bell said in his May 18, 1962 report, quote: "This practice of telling only a part of the truth in order to gain popular support for a scheme which would be immediately denounced if all the truth were known, is a scheme as old as the devil himself." End quote. We agree with this and that Don Bell knows more than he tells. Mr. Bell well knows the sinister and seditious purpose of the John Birch Society, yet he supports and promotes almost as if a religion, such things as T. Robert Ingram's WORLD UNDER GOD'S LAW which he says "is a must for every Christian library.' Well this book is sold in John Birch Society American Opinion bookstores in America. Mr. Bell would say they (John Birch Society) simply hold the truth in unrighteousness.

The John Birch Society is a well financed society for deception and reeducation and they know as Don Bell surely must, that the above book teaches a legal Christianity and supports a national religion. Such duplicity can only be detected when one knows as much about the spiritual plot as Don Bell does. Here is another example of his half truth twist on the subject of Freemasonry discussed in his February 2, 1962 Report. We quote the context in whole so as to get his full intention: "It is important to note that the Freemasonry that is here being condemned is not the original British Blue Lodge Masonry, but the Grand Orient Freemasonry, as it developed on the Continent of Europe, then extended itself to include all types of Masonry in Asia, Africa and the Americas.

The Grand Orient was created in 1772, formed a coalition with the Grand Chapter (England) in 1786, and was Illuminized in 1789, just prior to the outbreak of the French Revolution. After the Grand Orient bad been found responsible for fomenting a series of revolutions Ñ beginning with the second French Revolution of 1848 - the Grand Chapter of England became alarmed at the long record of subversions and international intrigues, and officially severed relations with the Grand Orient in March, 1878." End quote. Mr. Bell does as Nesta Webster does (Nesta Webster's books are promoted by the right wing) in making Grand Orient Masonry the goat, thus cleverly twisting the truth so that it completely misleads. The Grand Lodge of England may well have severed relations above the table but under the table there is no change. Relations or official connections mean nothing in Freemasonry; no more than a church building controls the religion of the congregation. It is religion which ties and makes Freemasonry a universal brotherhood.

As the American people are bewildered, confused and over-awed by the magnitude of the Russian bear, we are put in shackles by the Union Jack with the use of equivocations and perversions of the historic pronouncements of Washington and Jefferson. Truth is twisted until it furnishes sanctions for destruction of our American way of life. Such is the chicanery and hypocrisy of British Israel. Their prostitute "prophecy" says Communism will fail because of divine "intervention into history" but we will have the kingdom of God instead. Take your choice but take world government under the British Empire.

Why is it so easy for Americans to be confused about the source of Communism? And why can Americans not believe that the British Empire is more powerful today than ever in history? Do they think that Rhodes Scholar internationalists who have key positions in United States institutions and government are made in Russia? Certainly they come from Oxford, England. In the year 1951 there were some interesting articles printed by the Chicago Tribune on Rhodes Scholars. The Tribune of course would not do so again nor would any big newspaper. Instead they have all been assigned the job of playing down the importance and strength of the British Empire. In the July 15, ~1951 article in the Tribune entitled "Rhodes Ideals Slant State Dept. Policies," subtitled "Key Posts Held by Oxford Scholars," by William Fulton, we quote:

"New York, July 15 - Key positions in the United States department of state are held by a network of American Rhodes scholars. Rhodes scholars are men who obtained supplemental education and indoctrination at Oxford University in England with the bills paid by the estate of Cecil John Rhodes, British empire builder.

"Rhodes wrote about his ambition to cause 'the ultimate recovery of the United States of America as an integral part of the British empire.' The late diamond and gold mining tycoon aimed at a world federation dominated by Anglo-Saxons. His intimates have admitted the scholarships were established for the primary purpose of instilling 'political Bias' rather than providing education." End quote. Then on July 15, 1951, under the title "Rhodes' Ideas Find Fertile Ground in U. N." subtitled " 'Scholars' Advance British Schemes," by William Fulton, we quote; "New York, July 16 - American Rhodes scholars, men who have received education and indoctrination at Oxford University, England,- are prominent in the affairs of the United Nations. The U.N. is an outgrowth of schemes developed by the scholars' patron, Cecil Rhodes, the British empire builder.

"Rhodes dreamed of an Anglo-Saxon federation with the British dominating, an organization powerful enough to police the world and preserve the peace. In his writings the diamond despot of South Africa showed he hoped the scholarships would promote his grandiose idea. Thirty-two American collegians go to Oxford each year under terms of Rhodes' will." End quote. On July 17, 1951, under the title "Scholars Help British Cash In On U.S. Billions," subtitled "Rhodes Men Hold Key Dole Jobs," by William Fulton, we quote; "New York, July 17-'Diamonds are a girl's best friend,' the popular song goes, and diamonds also are a Rhodes scholar's best friend. Approximately 1,400 Americans have gone to Oxford University, England, since 1904 with the way paid from the estate of Cecil Rhodes, diamond magnate and British empire builder.

"Today numerous Rhodes scholars are in a position to repay their educational benefactor in dollars for the sparklers dug up in their behalf from the diamond lands seized by the British in South Africa during the last century.

"Rhodes scholars dominate the United States department of state, which directs the doling out of billions in foreign aid, with the United Kingdom getting the major share. The savants also hold down important positions in the economic cooperation administration, mutual defense assistance program, and other foreign handout setups.

"This is all in keeping with Rhodes' overweening ambitions for a world federation dominated by Anglo-Saxons for the purpose of enforcing peace and the status quo. He also aimed at 'the ultimate recovery of the United States of America as an integral part of the British Empire.'

"With the Oxford-indoctrinated Rhodes scholars holding key positions in the Washington administration, Britain obtained 31 billion dollars from Uncle Sam in the form of 'lend lease' outlays during the war. That was followed by the 3.75 billion dollar 'gift loan' to Britain in 1946.

During the first three years of the Marshall plan ECA largesse, the United Kingdom received 2 billion 706 million dollars, by far the largest allotment. A bill providing 8% billion dollars for the military and economic aid program abroad is pending before congress." End quote. On July 19, 1951, in the Tribune under the title "Rhodes' Wards Hawk Global Scheme In U.S.," subtitled "Peddle Propaganda for 'One World," by William Fulton, we quote: "New York, July l9 - Rhodes scholars, returning from schooling and indoctrination at Oxford university, England, are the principal hawkers of globalist propaganda in the United States.

"The American scholars obtain their education abroad through terms of the will left by the late Cecil Rhodes, British empire builder and South African despot. Rhodes aimed at the return of the United States to the British empire and a world federation dominated by Anglo-Saxons. He hoped his scholars would be instilled with 'political bias' toward these ends, according to his intimate friends.

"Previous articles in this series have disclosed that many of the 1,185 living American Rhodes scholars have obtained key positions in the state department, the United Nations, the economic cooperation administration, the mutual defense assistance program, and other government agencies where they have worked toward fulfillment of the schemes of their imperial patron." End quote. On July 20, 1951, under the title "Rhodes' Wards Head Global Foundations," subtitled "Dole Out Cash for One Worlders," by William Fulton, we quote: "New York, July 20 - American Rhodes scholars, who are spoon-fed doses of internationalism a la mode British imperialism at Oxford University, England, are prominent back home in the affairs of the big foundations doling out funds toward globalist schemes and one world propaganda.

"Higher echelon offices in Carnegie, Rockefeller and other privately-endowed foundations are held by Rhodes scholars. This is in keeping with the aims of the late Cecil Rhodes, British empire builder. He left his fortune for the conversion of scholars who would promote his dream of an Anglo-Saxon federation to dominate the world. In this way Rhodes hoped to return the United States to the empire.

"So far the Rhodes will has underwritten the education and indoctrination of 1,400 Americans at the English university since 1904. The annual output is 32. They have fastened onto key positions in the state department and other governmental agencies, just as Rhodes hoped it would happen.

Funds Further U. N.

"Both-the Carnegie and Rockefeller institutions have contributed heavily toward 'international' studies to further the United Nations and other supra-governmental plans designed at chipping away American sovereignty. They have also financed organizations and students which according to congressional sources, smack of communism, in itself a form of internationalism.

"The foundations have been the big moneybags for globalist propaganda through the Woodrow Wilson Foundation, World Peace Foundation, Foreign Policy Association, Council on Foreign Relations, and Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. Former president for the last-named, it will be recalled, was Alger Hiss, the state department adviser for Roosevelt at the Yalta conference. Hiss is now serving sentence in a federal prison for perjury involving war time espionage for the Russians.

"Two Carnegie top executives are Rhodes scholars. They are Whitney H. Shepardson, director of the Carnegie Corporation British and Colonies fund, and O. C. Carmichael, president of the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching." End quote.

On July 21, 1951, under the title "Rhodes Grads Influential In Eastern Press," subtitled "Aid British, Global Propaganda," by William Fulton, we quote: "New York, July 21 The picture of the American Rhodes scholars network in the United States - a rabid movement toward internationalism - is completed and glued together by their numbers in the field of molding public opinion. They are highly influential in the eastern press, magazines and radio chains.

"Rhodes scholars in this country represent 32 campus leaders carefully selected each year to go to Oxford University, England, for supplemental schooling. Their patron, the late Cecil Rhodes, British empire builder and diamond tycoon, aimed at instilling in his protégés 'political bias' rather than education, according to his intimates.

"This bias, as revealed by the Rhodes seven wills and writings, was to recover the United States for the British empire in the form of an Anglo-Saxon federation. The federation would be powerful enough to dominate the world and enforce the 'peace.'

"Time Follows Rhodes' Line

"Closely following the Rhodes' line of propaganda is the Time, Inc., magazine group headed by Henry Luce. Luce was not a Rhodes scholar but he did spend a year at Oxford where he sponged up some of the imperialistic doctrines carried later in his magazines. Several of his top brass editors have been Rhodes Scholars.

"From the start Luce followed the Anglophile trail, whooping it up for American intervention in war when the British were in trouble and damning pro-Americans as 'isolationists.' He is a charter member of the 'Eisenhower-for-President' cult, favors entrapment of Republicans by Truman's so-called bipartisan foreign policy, and the Marshall plan, which has paid off his magazines.

"In addition to pushing the British concept of policing the world with American soldiers and economic aid, the Luce publications have been infiltrated by another form of globalism. Whittaker Chambers, devotee of world communism and confessed courier for a soviet spy ring, was a senior editor ($30,000 a year) for Time magazine. Chambers informed on Alger Hiss, Roosevelt adviser at Yalta. Hiss is now in a federal penitentiary for perjury in a case involving soviet espionage.

"Rhodes Men on N. Y. Times

"The New York Times, which has been pro-British since the first World war, also has its share of Rhodes scholars on the staff. An interesting footnote in journalistic history is that at the time Rhodes' final will was published in 1902, the New York Times condemned the idea of American scholarships.

" 'Why should an American youth go to Oxford when he can get a better education at home in respect of those attainments which chiefly make for national greatness?' inquired the Times in 1902." End quote.

Can anyone deny the widespread influence, or should we say control, by Rhodes scholars over America? This is in truth the "iron curtain over America" that is undermining American sovereignty. Do the paid patriots inform us about British Communism via Rhodes Scholars?

Do the "patriots" tell Americans about Masonic Communism? Do they think that Masonry was made in Moscow? Certainly not! It was made in England and every Masonic politician and federal judge in America has given allegiance to Masonry over the United States Constitution. They cannot be Americans and true to the global scheme of Masonry at the same time. Why is this so difficult to understand? The big red five pointed star that rules over Russia and China was made in England and still gives allegiance to the same. Do the "anti-Communists" know this, or are they Masons too?

Russia is a menace to be sure, but the British Empire originated the Russian system of Communism to exploit the world as a front for British Imperialism while they use religion from the churches to set up their scheme as a divine kingdom. Confusion comes from everywhere but always the "poor" British Empire continues to crumble, so says the propaganda.

A further analogy of the double dealing of British Israel is recalling the devotion of the American people to the Declaration of Independence of 1776. So the conspirators use 1776 and place the label on the very betrayal of free America "The Spirit of '76." But this time it will not be an American Declaration, but a move to put us back into the Empire we left in 1776 -- this time interdependence. Union with Great Britain means destruction of our national sovereignty and our individual freedom.

Some of our citizens who most sincerely and most loudly warn against Communism are proclaiming the kingdom message from coast to coast, propagandizing for the coming kingdom of God on earth. Never was there a better example of straining at a gnat and swallowing a camel. This kingdom message is a farce to allow the British Empire to dominate the world and subject all but her nobility to slavery. We emphasize that Communism is not separate from British Israel. Communism is an instrument of British Israel, held up for us to fight until we can be totally "saved" (destroyed) by British Israel. Communism is called the antichrist by the patriots while British Israel is called Christ. The world is to be punished by anti-Christ forces and saved from it all by a "Christ" sitting on Queen Elizabeth's throne (removed to Jerusalem) and ruling the New Earth under the Union Jack.

Americans, we challenge you to take an honest and objective look at the many pseudo patriotic organizations and their charlatan leaders. Who are these pied pipers who are getting paid so much to "save" America from Communism? Much information that is put out by the many organizations is factual in itself. Here is the sophistry. It is not the thing itself, but the USE made of it, which is the determining factor. The line of demarcation is very thin, when cleverly used, between facts as facts, and the subtle USE of them for propaganda.

It is the USE of anything which determines the effect that it has, and no force on earth utilizes this concept more than British Israel. This is the web that has snared the patriots because they have failed to realize the negative effect of their attacks on the United States government. Though their facts in most cases may be 100 per cent true, their method of USE produces an effect contrary to that supposed by the user, and his constant harangues on "what's wrong in Washington" builds a revolutionary state of mind in the American people and creates false antagonisms and loss of confidence, the effect of which will destroy the American government instead of restoring constitutional guarantees. So the patriots gain respect for their vast knowledge of facts while they use them to mold "American opinion" against America. This is British Israel at work, and it multiplies its strength by turning Americans against America by turning the truth into a lie, and at the same time reserves to itself respectability under the cloak of Christian terminology and the American Flag. It conceals itself within the very thing that it seeks to destroy.

The use of facts to serve the truth is directly opposite to the use of facts as propaganda and it is this two-edged sword with which British Israel is stabbing America. It is a parasite and a malignancy and it feeds upon and hides within its victim while it subdues it to death. The concept may better be understood when one thinks, as poison under certain uses is medication, and with other uses the same poison is deadly. There again it is not the poison, it is the use made of it which determines its effect.

This concept we call self alienation, in that British Israel cleverly turns one unwittingly against his own country. This is the why of the many books and publications which may contain a great deal of truth supported by an impressive array of facts, which have swamped the land. The critical thing is that these so called exposes never contain all of the facts, and if one does not have all of the facts, he does not have a whole truth. Half truths are lies but most people cannot extend their credibility to understand the reverse effect which these widely distributed publications have on their thinking. They are designed to bring down the United States government and the fragment of constitutional government that we have left. Cannot the patriots see the dead end street, hopeless and without solution that all this deluge of queer patriotism has led them to? The only purpose of magnifying the ills of our country is to cause total loss of confidence by the people, who in turn will seek the New Order for relief from the one they help destroy.

The issues are fictitious and do not relate to the master force of British Israel. Therefore, insofar as we peddle these frauds, we are promoting a cover-up while causing hatred and dissension in the land. This is the predicament of those who want to save their country but do not understand the enemy. All political issues culminate in exhaustion for the would-be patriot, unless he can understand their relationship as a destroyer and a cover for the spiritual revolution that is unifying the people in the belief of the coming kingdom. It makes not one whit how much people fight each other over civil rights, urban renewal, foreign policy, United Nations, National Council of Churches, monetary policy, scandals in government, use of LSD, states rights, race relations or any other concoction real or imagined (the stirring of these shams helps British Israel) unless they can see how these things are used to confuse and dumbfound the people while they are enshrouded, overcome and unified with the spiritual lie of British Israel, called the kingdom of God on earth.

This same principle is true in the use of 'exposes' about individuals, such as "A Texan Looks at Lyndon," "The Politician," and "None Dare Call It Treason." These things are foolishness to keep us looking the other way while we are being propagandized with the Kingdom Message. The plot is to tear us asunder with political issues of every description and divide the United States into every faction and dissension imaginable while we are united spiritually through British Israel to believe in the coming kingdom. The book "None Dare Call It Treason" is a prime example of right wing treason. The book condemns Russian Communism in about the first two thirds and then the author, in the last part of the book, gives Spiritual Communism as a cure to Russian Communism. No, he does not call his religious deception Spiritual Communism. He calls it interpretation of Bible prophecy, as do all Protestant Jews. He talks about divine intervention and the establishment of a universal peace via Christ. This is indeed Spiritual Communism, and little do Americans know that any earthly kingdom is only the cloak for world rulership of the Jew-Masonic British Empire.

The earthly kingdom anti-Communist cult that operates freely within Christianity and under the laws of the land is promoting a universal despotism under the British Empire all in the name of religion, or worse, in the name of Christ. Using religion to control people is an essential fact of World Revolution. The trusting American people would do well to read "The Prince" by Niccolo Machiavelli, and they would not be so quick to take the false patriots at face value. In those pages is a revelation of the cloak and dagger technique that is used to gain power through deception. It is an excellent portrayal of how myths or crises are created and counter-myths or anti-crises are used to confuse and control whole nations and the world.

If one's acumen is sharp, he can readily see how the anti-Communists are promoting revolution by causing general dissatisfaction with the American government without giving proper cause and effect of our general chaos. Men are much more impressed by political matters and social disturbances than detecting a subtle plot that controls their minds with religion. Machiavelli says that humanity is controlled by a principle that the human mind cannot fathom -religion. On page seven he says, regarding ethics and politics,

"According to this classical conception, which was of Greek origin, refined and elevated by contact and fusion with the Christian gospel, politics had been conceived as a science subordinate to ethics."

And the British Israel plot that has engulfed America to the point of a terminal cancer is nothing more than Machiavelli is describing as politics fused with Christianity, or in other words, a political religion under the mantle of Christianity. It is a concealed instrument of despotism generally misunderstood to be Russian Communism.

All this leads concerned Americans to one simple task, that being to inquire as to why we are sedated with a gospel of a social millennium instead of being revived with the gospel of grace and a kingdom of salvation. What then must we do to be saved as a nation? Take the politics out of Christianity. Recognize and condemn millennial Zionism and any form of spiritual deception that uses Christianity to build a so-called paradise earth. Is it not simple to conclude that if we have a political religion that feeds in us hope of a worldly kingdom, then our loyalty to the universal king automatically downs the American flag? -The political religion calls the New Age Christ and his kingdom - few there be who know and who will know that this political theocracy is none other than the British Empire. This fact becomes truth only as we are able to penetrate the veil of false Christianity that Britain is using to establish universal Communism.

Just as religion is the motor in man, political messianicism is the religion of the right wing and Communism via "Christianity" is their subtle plot so subtle that most of the anti-Communist cult are completely and blindly dedicated to self destruction. Betrayal of one's country sometimes brings temporary fortune and esteem among traitors, but self betrayal comes from a twisted mind, with death the only refuge. What greater deceit than revolution via religion? Is religion more than a jot or tittle? Let us see what Martin L. Wagner says - in his Interpretation of Freemasonry. I quote:

"Religion has ever been and is even now the most powerful factor in human activities. In some form it has been the motor back of the commanders of the armies, and of statesmen that founded the great world empires of the past, that animated and upheld the most despotic governments that fomented the bloodiest revolutions, that precipitated nations into sanguinary conflicts and that united alien peoples into almost indissoluble unions; that established the most arbitrary and despotic priest craft, enforced intellectual thralldom, and the tyranny of rulers. It has instigated, sustained and justified the most dastardly, atrocious, barbarous, and licentious acts in human annals, as well as the most liberal, just and pure. It has inspired the erection of the most stupendous, most elaborate, and the most costly structures as monuments to its power, and as shrines for its gods. It has produced the finest specimens of art, voiced the sweetest and holiest of song and inspired the loftiest flights of the intellect in all the realms of human knowledge. It has transformed human perverts into saints, and changed moral creatures into demons of lust, fury and crime. It has enabled timid women and children to defy the threats of tyrants, and smile upon the terrors of dungeons flames, and death. It has cemented brotherhoods and cults into unions which detest the sagacity of statesmen, the erudition of jurists, the skill of marshals, the power of kings and the anathema's of popes, to destroy. Religion is without doubt the most powerful motor in man, and religion is the motor in Freemasonry." Endquote. Pages 13 and 14.

So there we have it. Religion is the motor in false patriotism and it insidiously undermines the good intentions of the would be patriots. Embodied in their efforts is treason via religion. Surely there has never been so many that have done so much for self destruction.

We are disintegrated politically and nationally while we are unified spiritually and internationally with the kingdom message. This is the clear and consistent pattern which may be seen through the chaotic situation in America today, and this is why all issues are spurious when unrelated to the mammoth spiritual deception that has permeated every phase of our lives in this once free country. While Americans engage every visible malfunction of our society and pay their tithes to the fright peddlers of a nebulous disease called Communism, the giant shadow of British Israel moves over the land invisible, unabated and all powerful, devouring its victim that it now has drugged on the kingdom message. This fictitious Christianity has enveloped the nation with its tentacles, awaiting only for its prey to exhaust itself in agony so that it can be delivered into the World Superstate built upon the shattered faith of fictitious Christians. It needs only to perform the acts which it has been telling the world is the Biblical climax of this age.

Can we now unmask the villain's who cooperate to dominate the world? Can we identify them personally so the people of the world can behold their masters? No! Even if it could be done, it would not change the chaotic world one fraction. In this text we are dealing with the only concept that can bring an understanding out of confusion. This concept is called "Fundamental Christianity," which is a Christian front for Zionism. Its spirit is the kingdom of God on earth. All false fabrics have been woven upon the idea that Jesus Christ is the Messiah of a terrestrial kingdom. The idea of a future kingdom age on earth is the root cause of all deceit. It is the refuse of rascals and the only lie that can distinguish Satan from an angel of light. It is the aim of big business to thoroughly intoxicate the world with its anti-Communist world evangelism and bring the world to believe that only a millennial world government can bring peace on earth. This is a religion.

It is the religion of the right wing and its fake conservatism. It is the subversive political religion of political messianicism. It is a world government religion and it is Spiritual Communism. What does it matter if we lose our country through something called Russian Communism or a Communism called the kingdom of God on earth? And why could not Communism originate from the right wing also under the pretext of Christianity? There is no understanding of left wing Communism without understanding right wing Communism. Right wing Communism is a world despotism called the kingdom of God on earth. The kingdom of God on earth is the "Fundamental Christianity" of American patriotism, and with this "Christian" Communism the "anti-Communists" are leading us into world government. We shall see that the social order of the Judaic kingdom of God is identical to that of Karl Marx. Wake up, America, before you die thinking you are a "Christian Nation."

How do the patriots who are fighting for what they believe to be true American nationalism justify their beliefs in the kingdom message which is internationalism disguised as something Biblical? If they could understand British Israel trickery they could understand their contradictory and hopeless situation. One does not truly oppose a political world government if he believes in a spiritual world government under any name or pretext.

It is by using the truth to tell a lie that most people are mislead. This concept of revolution defies military science and tactics making the British Israel movement the most deceptive, clever and difficult to detect in the world. Deception, pretense and confusion make detection almost impossible. The activities of the right wing are in the realm of religion, education, patriotism and politics. And be sure of one thing, anyone engaging in this subversive movement would be the last one to admit British Israel, though there are few of the rank and file who have ever heard of it.

The effect of the activities of these Christian fronts is to create counteraction against the United States government, which in turn builds the revolution to a point where the people themselves overthrow their own government, thinking all the time that they are patriots. The purpose of the right wing as used by British Israel is to create and encourage a revolutionary state of mind and then the people will bring down their own government. The anti-Communist movement as it exists in the United States is peculiarly anti-American; while parading with the American Flag it is developing a pseudo nationalism to wreck the American government, just as Hitler did in Germany. Of course the claim of these people is that they want to get back to constitutional government and most of them sincerely want to, but they do not realize that the EFFECT of their actions is to destroy that which they believe they save. If they could understand the esoteric (hidden) purpose of their organizations, they would not be so anxious to be led to the slaughter. They should realize that as revolution increases constitutional government decreases. Government by crisis is a dictatorship.

So called non-profit anti-Communist organizations get mail service for a fraction of what it costs American taxpayers. For example, Billy James Hargis and Fred Swartz send first class mail anywhere in the United States for one cent, at this writing. This is favoritism to subversion.

Many have heard the right wing Communists such as Billy James Hargis, scream about tax persecution from the government. Anyone can observe that he has unlimited funds and has every advantage of "non-profit" mail service and tax status. His voluminous mail and that of other crypto Jews goes out all over America. Why are these British Israel Communists getting such favored treatment for their treason? It is because they are promoting world government through a false Christianity and receiving funds and tax exemptions because they carry on their sedition under the pretense of freedom of religion. Also it is a well known fact that Billy James Hargis gives his pseudo patriotic pitch many times from Masonic Lodges and Temples.

And why, they ask, should we not expose the frauds in government? The answer is that they do not expose -- they cover up- The proof of this is in the fact that after hundreds of books and mountains of "anti-Communist' literature, things get worse and worse. This should be obvious even to the asinine - Americans are too anxious to echo what someone tells them or believe what they read. and consequently they do not suspect the hidden implications of this reverse psychology type revolution which has engulfed the world. If a man keeps going to the doctor and the doctor keeps telling him that he is sick, then pretty soon he will be sick in truth, and a nation is no different - We are told that America cannot last, that she is going the way of ancient Rome - But America will not die if her beguiled and befuddled citizens don't kill her regardless of what the prophets of doom say.

America has an acute disease which is aggravated with treatment called confusion. Americans run to a quack doctor called anti-communism, who keeps building the disease by attacking the symptoms. Americans are going to suffer so much that a few of her people are going to finally realize that the mass produced "anti-communism" offers no promise to restored national health.

It is therefore axiomatic that we reorient and bring in a totally new comprehension of the term Communism. Understanding the disease certainly will give the maximum advantage toward cure.

This text is shock treatment for most Americans, who have an incurable anti-Russian Communism sickness which has come about by a gigantic build up of propaganda from organizations and churches, all of whom are carefully guided into Communism under the pretense of exposing it.

What cure and what solution does all this upsurge of 'patriotism" offer? Is it the return of Christ and His earthly reign? Or is it world brotherhood? Or is it the Adamic Race? Is it a legal system called "the world under God's law?" Is it a new moral order? Is it a restored paradise earth? Is it the world state of Zionism? Is it a World Commonwealth? All these enigmas merge into one concept - the universal world state under the name kingdom of God on earth. All these have a common mode and goal, and you may take one to suit your fancy and still arrive in a blasphemous God-State World Empire. All these ideologies are identical and all are Communism.

Can we not reason then that the "patriotism" and "Americanism" of the right wing is not conservatism at all, but is indeed the disease which brought on our deadly sickness? Is not the above named world government the opposite to patriotism? Are we not relying upon a doctor who keeps giving us the disease under the pretense of building up an immunity?

The hard and conclusive results of this injected trauma is not seen because time and again we are drugged and tranquilized to such an extent that we either feel that we are being cured, or at least unable to detect that we are being destroyed with our "anti-Communist" -medicine.

Life and property demand that we find a new direction - a new and true anti-communism. Will the treatment and recovery from this fake Communism be worse than the disease? No indeed; not if we are honest and sincere and are willing to spend a fraction of the time getting out of the trap which so much skill and time has lead us into. Let us realize one principle. If we are infected with an anti-American ideological disease, we are certainly carriers of it no matter our noble intentions.

Conspiracy always has a DUAL nature. It has the right wing and the left wing. It has the peace groups and the war groups. It has the religious and the atheist. It has the white race and the black race. It has those in power and those out, it has those at the top and those at the bottom.

Those in power such as in America today inaugurate socialistic programs and protect the street rioters thus creating the revolution from the top. Then the right wing dutifully calls it Communism and proceeds to heat up the sham. The dilemma is that the real issue and the real power is never revealed and this is the dilemma that puts those at the top and those on the bottom on the same side -- the wrong side of constitutional government. The effect of this fictitious confrontation is confusion and deception which is fuel for the revolutionary fire, and the result of it is the destruction of constitutional government and not the preservation of it. A bewildered people is the desire of world revolution and constructive criticism of government can come only when the people know fact from fantasy. British Israel is a cancer which controls the mind through confusion. With control of the mind the control of the body is automatic. If one has a basis for truth which is the true gospel and God's redemptive purpose, then he can see that there is a clear pattern to be seen through British Anglo Israel confusion which can be recognized through their consistent goal which is world government, under whatever name. Their strength is in twisting truth into a lie.

The whole structure of British Israel is one of many fronts, complications and devices for misleading the people and they seem to have no trouble at all concealing their identity with their use of semantics. They want people to believe that they are opposed to Communism so they name their pursuit kingdom of God on earth, thus accomplishing the same goal of world government, which will shackle the world into a more complete bondage than it is now SPIRITUAL BONDAGE. If you have a man's spirit you have his body at your command. If you have a nation's spirit you have its body at your command. If you have a nation's spirit you have the country regardless of the flag they fly. The thing that makes spiritual bondage complete is that the people don't know it, and if they don't know it they will not resist it, but will embrace it. This is the revolution that has entangled America and it is no different from that of St. Paul on the road to Damascus to kill Christians, thinking he was doing good.

The whole system of British Anglo Israel substitutes confidence in the flesh for faith in Jesus Christ. It is in this light that we identify the work of the many Christian fronts who claim that they are Christians and patriots when they are neither. While they claim to fight Communism they substitute a counterfeit Messiah and a worldly British Empire in the name of kingdom of God on earth.

This cult comes to us in many colors and fashions. Many organizations and individuals adhere to politics, patriotism. and education while others engage in politics and religion. Then there are the mammoth religious organizations and church groups which operate strictly on the religious with their main emphasis on "prophecy." As already stated it is not primarily within the scope of this work to name such obvious evils as the National Council of Churches. That the National Council of Churches is a subversive and Satan inspired organization is beyond question. Our main concern is that the ideology and theology of the right wing forces closely (as contrasted to the left wing) identify with the acceptable precepts of the average American whose thinking has been diluted by all manner of modern theology and Churchianity. It is because of this identification that they are able to get honest Americans to fall for their deception, not realizing the false political messianicism that they are helping to foster.

British Israel conceals itself by habitual use of the American Flag and by constantly using and hiding behind such terms as

Americanism, American Opinion,

Freedom of Enslaved Peoples, Constitution,

Anti-communism, Fundamental Christianity,

Christian Heritage, Judeo-Christian,

American Heritage, Anti-Christ,

Liberty, Equality,

Fraternity, Justice,

Identity, Progress,

White Adamic Race, White Christians or White Race,

Anglo-Saxon, Destiny, For God and Country,

Kingdom, Western Civilization and Western Destiny,

Christian Civilization, Israel Message,

Throne of David, Prophecy,

Prophecies of the Great Pyramid, Lost Tribes of Israel or Twelve Tribes of Israel, and

World Evangelism as well as many others.

Now these words and phrases are harmless of themselves but it is the USE of them that identifies the work of British Israel.

It is also the use of these terms that neutralizes resistance against British Israel. They are concepts twisted to fit British Israel political theology and the use and effect of them is to turn Americans against themselves by changing the truth into a lie. Most people look objectively at a thing rather than its effect upon them. This reverse use of propaganda has permeated every phase of American life and yet it has remained invisible and imperceptible to most. Hence the ostensible purpose of the anti-Communist crusades are to restore constitutional government and it is within this framework that gives them respectability but the constant attacks on the United States government has the effect of causing mass loss of confidence of the people in the American governmental system, and so it is with this idea that the people are beguiled into destroying their own form of government while they think they are patriots. True patriotism is not divided against itself because it is based upon truth and not the improper relationship of facts which is indeed the very opposite.

Oh! You say you have no religion but you are a right wing anti-Communist. And maybe you are not even a "Fundamentalist' or a Fraternal brother of the New Age cult. So no one has tricked you into a hoax and deceived you into treason. So you think for yourself. Maybe you are Dr. I.Q. or a smart lawyer or an intellectual giant. Well, have you attacked left wing Communism and right wing Communism? If you are only an anti-Russian Communist and are not getting paid for it, you are indeed dumb because billions are being spent to keep it going. With this deceit you can earn a fortune as thousands are doing, and if you have political aspirations you might become a U.S. Senator or perhaps President if you are especially skilled in creating fear hysteria of an imminent Communist invasion of our shores. But if you have not attacked and exposed right wing Communism called the kingdom of God on earth, then you are not anti-Communist as you pretend or believe. It is the kingdom of God British Empire World Order that is to survive and this is where the bets are because this is where the money is being spent also by the bale. Oh, you don't believe it? See if your local radio station will sell you time to expose it, as they do Herbert W. Armstrong to propose it.

All the good "Fundamentalists" and "anti-Communists" are against what they believe is Russian Communism but they are only a smoke screen to hide the real Communism, which is veiled under the Christian name 'kingdom of God on earth.' The more smoke is made the better the cover-up. If you are not anti " Fundamental Christianity" you are not anti-Communist regardless of what you think. "Fundamental Christianity" is Communism of the most devilish sort and its goal is the most absolute despotism the human mind can imagine. A World State Communion which the "Fundamentalists" call the kingdom of God on earth is the very opposite of the moral and spiritual kingdom of Christianity. It is only those who know that God's kingdom is not flesh and blood (but salvation) who will recognize this age old earthly kingdom Phariseeism which is now on the world stage under the guise of Christianity. Christianity is a moral government and a spiritual kingdom not of this world. Communism, alias "Fundamental Christianity," is a political and social government (world federation) and an earthly world state. The desire of the Jews for a natural Messiah caused them to murder Jesus Christ. I Thess. 2:14. Will Christ now set up a kingdom of this world? It is the Jew's religion, which is syruped with the name "Fundamental Christianity," which turns Divine Revelation into a lie to support the earthly kingdom heresy. It is blasphemy. It is treason.

In our presentation of word usage to demonstrate their propaganda value, let us dwell for a minute upon the term "Judeo-Christian". To most Americans this is a high sounding brotherly love term. Its real implication is that Judaism is being promoted at the expense of Christianity in the so-called Christian Churches. Judaism or political messianicism today is being fed to the American people in the form of Christianity, in Christian terms and expressions and as we said, in "Christian churches." The essential hope and the essential identity of Judeo-Christianity is its drive to establish a kingdom of earthly dominion which is opposite and opposed to the spiritual dominion of Jesus Christ. Hence we have our tax exempt "Christian Anti-communism."

British Israel (the teaching of an earthly theocracy or kingdom of God) is Judaism. Yes, it is Judaism pure and simple and Judaism or the Jew's religion, as St. Paul refers to it, is poison to the soul of man and has been the enemy of Christianity before and since the coming of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. After the fulfillment of Daniel's seventieth week or the Great Tribulation, national Israel came to an end and with it its dream of a political Messiah to establish national Israel in universal sovereignty in an earthly kingdom. But the agents of Satan have never given up in their attempt to deceive mankind about the kingdom of grace already established and made complete through the atoning blood of our Lord.

Many and various fronts have been used to advance the use of the Jew's religion to control the spirit and mind of humanity. We have se n it rear its head in the so-called Christian Crusades, it was used in European wars and promoted under such terms as Divine Destiny. Certainly we recognize Adolf Hitler and his National Socialism as a front and pseudonym for the Jew's religion. Hitler's propaganda led the German people to believe that they were a kind of super nation and race with a supranational and Divine purpose. Then National Communism came on the world stage with deification of its national leaders.

Today the ultimate in deceit has arrived but nevertheless the same old Jew's religion. Proselyte Jews and religious prostitutes of every cult imaginable have united under the name of Christianity to cause the greatest mind control apparatus in the history of man. They use Holy Writ to destroy it. They promote Christianity to pervert it and they acclaim Christ as Lord to deny His Lordship. They accomplish their deceit with an evil mixture of innuendo and misrepresentation, always under the sanctity of Christianity. They misuse the whole Bible to turn it from the gospel of salvation to the gospel of materialism or as they term it, an earthly kingdom of God. With an admixture of Christianity and heathen Judaism they have imposed upon professing Christianity the belief that God's purpose for man will be a paradise millennium in which National Israel shall become International Israel and Christ shall be the political as well as Divine Sovereign of the universe. Further depravity is added to this lie through the teaching that Anglo Saxondom is chosen of God to help establish this Novus Ordo Seclorum (New Order of the Ages) through the throne of Britain, which is they say, to be finally removed to Jerusalem and become the throne of Christ on earth. The Jewish State is the British Empire.

Americans have become entangled in the semantics of their own language which has made of them slaves which first made them free. As a man thinks in his heart, so is he, and if he believes right is wrong and wrong is right he is nonetheless zealous in it. It is this peculiar trickery of British Israel which causes a man to turn against himself and it is from this basis which the most vain unwittingly despise themselves. Ego fights self unto death when free men are not free. It is in this predicament that men are ever learning but never able to come to the knowledge of the truth.

Again we emphasize that perhaps the greatest concentration of this propaganda is on the religious with the constantly quoting of the Scriptures to explain everything past, present and future through Biblical prophecies. It is this seemingly harmless and invisible force that makes the British Israel movement so dangerous to our national independence. The idea of using the churches to conquer a nation is indeed a study in sophistry. We are confused politically while enchained spiritually. This is the subtlety of Satan who has appeared as an angel of light.

America is being destroyed under the facade of Christianity and Americanism by people who call themselves patriots. They are not patriots but aliens in our midst tearing out the very heart of the greatest nation on earth.

We point out a few of the many political and so-called educational organizations whose activities we identify as anti-Christian and/or subversive to the American nation. Remember many of them have at one time or another at least mentioned British Israel as their opposition. This takes the heat off of them when they are accused of Bl but this does not take away the truth that they are, in fact, British Israel and their consuming purpose is British Israel. As stated before the last thing they will do is admit that they are British Israel, and as such are agents of the British Empire seeking to abolish our government in favor of (to quote Robert Welch in the John Birch Society Blue Book, tenth printing 1961 copyright) page 163:

"an honestly intended federation of nations...", ostensibly to increased individual freedom. Fellow Americans you don't increase freedom under world government, least of all a British World, and this is only the double talk of a Judas goat leading the sheep to slaughter. In this regard let us look at other anti-Communist Christian fronts. The land is overrun with fictitious patriotism as seen in the Conservative Society of America, Christian Crusade, Twentieth Century Reformation Hour, Soldiers of the Cross, Freedom Foundation, American Council of Christian Churches, Christian Nationalist Crusade, Minutemen, Nazi Party, Ku Klux Klan, National States Rights Party, Masonic Order, Christian Anti-Communism Crusade, occult groups and many others. In the minds of the people these organizations represent different ideologies but they do not. It is simply a something for everybody scheme and all of them are feverishly keeping the revolutionary fire in America burning by blaming everything on Russian Communism. Some of them Jew bait along the way while others harp on the White Race. Anything to fan the fire and cover up the truth is their purpose. Some of the above dwell on the "Jewish Menace" and their supporters do not realize they are instruments of these same Pharisees which they falsely call Jews. Further identification of these fakers with the object of their attacks is their acclamations of the precepts of British Israel. They attack on one hand and propagate the same heresy on the other under a different name. The art of creating fictitious antagonisms against the powers that be has nowhere excelled as in the United States. Further, the direct connections of these Luciferians to the Fraternal Organization which advocates the NEW AGE reveals their identity and true purpose.

Communism does not fight Communism and we cannot fight Communism with more Communism. We are burdened with the task of a determination of what Communism is and then we can properly come to understand the concept of patriotic subversion or conservative treason. Are all these "non-profit churches" and Christian fronts carrying on legal treason? Yes, they are, with special tax privileges which Americans who are paying the bill do not have. These "patriotic" and Christian fronts simply make themselves legal by operating under the pretext of Constitutional guarantees such as freedom of religion and freedom of speech, and receive tax subsidies by organizing church fronts. This trick of treason to a lawyer would be an extra legality. This extra legality is the idea of being outside the law and therefore exempt from the law. This gives the right wing as well as the left wing a haven or sanctuary to use the laws of the land to destroy this country without fear of prosecution under the National Defense Provision of the Constitution. The only solution to this chicanery is to place the proper definition or identification upon their presumptions of Americanism, thereby laying them open for prosecution for sedition under the United States Constitution. It is our purpose here to define their activities and let them defend their treason to the American people. Many newspapers and magazines promote the Kingdom Message. Some of them keep up racial friction against the Negro while others Jew bait and still others stick to anti-communism and pro-Jew bait. They work all areas in order to keep confusion at a peak and at the same time conceal British Israel until it is too late for any recovery of the true national independence of the United States. In this group of publications we call your attention to a few of the many thousands and many of them are free for the asking. The Councilor, Common Sense, Cross and Flag, Pilgrim Torch, Intelligence Digest, Human Events, Thunderbolt, . . . Fiery Cross, Conservative Viewpoint, American Opinion, National Chronicle, Destiny, Plain Truth , The Watch Tower, Christian Beacon, Prophetic Newsletter, Dan Smoot Report, the New Age, Candour, Capsule News, Task Force, Christian Crusade, and many others one way or another promote revolution in the name of Patriotism, Americanism and Christianity. Most of our daily newspapers and more sophisticated publications such as United States News and World Report are not exempt. United States News and World Report does a mammoth job of magnifying America's problems without ever revealing the source of those problems. At the same time this publication regularly plays down the power and influence of the British Empire.

If it is beginning to appear that British Israel has enshrouded us with its poison then we are beginning to make our point. British Israel propaganda reaches into every phase of our national and local affairs. There is no escape unless we are armed with the truth to combat and expose it. First we must recognize this powerful and invisible force and then we must destroy it and banish the traitors in our country who would sell us out to the British Empire World Superstate in the name of Christ.

How do we separate the bad guys from the good guys? It is by understanding the religion of "patriotism," or shall we say the Judaism of the right wing. First a fictitious anti-communism can be spotted if it does not include an expose of the Kingdom Message which is "pure" Communism. Then by an understanding of "Fundamental Christianity" and its scheme to establish a ghost Christianity as a vehicle to control the minds of humanity by cleverly twisting Scripture to sanction a World Brotherhood commune, we can unmix those Christians and true patriots from all others. Then with the Sword of the Spirit we can abolish the deceit of a carnal "Christian" kingdom and reestablish conservative battle lines absolutely without fear of infiltration. There is only one thing that will pull pseudo patriotism out in the open. This is forcing them to expose the kingdom of God Communism. Try it!

We despise the vulgar revolution in the guise of Civil Rights and so on, but the most dangerous traitors are the sophisticated and well dressed preachers, teachers, and Americanism speakers who are stabbing the American people to death with British Israel propaganda sugarcoated with Christian terminology. Yes, this Satanic concept of revolution is at its best to destroy the very people who have shed their blood and shared their substance for the British Empire. It is this monster called the British Empire, which has floated the world in blood to attain its ends. The agents of this colossus are of many variations ranging from so-called Communist agents to Rhodes Scholars including modern day Pharisees who call themselves Jews. Though they appear different they may be identified by this goal which is a New World under the Union Jack, erected upon the ashes of National States. According to William Allen White, a noted British propagandist, "It is the destiny of the pure Aryan Anglo-Saxon race to dominate the world and kill off or else reduce to a servile status all other inferior races." Who says it was Hitler who started the bunkum of the "Master Race?"

There have been thousands of books written which purport to expose Communism and other fictions related thereto. Almost in every case one can detect the advocacy of world government while presuming to fight Communism. Careful analogy reveals that all angles lead to world government as a solution to a crisis ridden world. The plot is to tear down this social order and give a solution of world government of "righteousness" to replace it. In prophetic terms after the "Great Tribulation" a new world alias kingdom of God on earth is to come.

We name a few books which cleverly misuse truth and outright advocate or promote the very thing they claim they oppose. They are: Iron Curtain Over America, New Unhappy Lords, as well as other books by the same author; The Plot Against the Church, The Plot Against Christianity, as well as the other Jew bait of Elizabeth Dilling; The International Jew by Henry Ford, World Revolution by Nesta Webster, None Dare Call it Treason and Death of A Nation by John Stormer, The Politician, Imperium, Race and Reason, Race and Heredity and Civilization, Race and Social Revolution, Red Fog Over America; all the race books of Lothrop Stoddard; The Protocols, The Rulers of Russia, The Zionist Network; Trail of the Serpent, World Aflame, and A Choice Not an Echo.

That civil disorder which is called Communism and its counterpart Anti-communism magnifies and advertises discontent while concealing its own true nature and source. This is the dual purpose of its existence--to first create confusion as to what is what, and secondly to hide the real conspiracy. Simple logic requires that we look at the result of this sham in order to determine its validity and genuineness, and it cannot be said that we have not had enough time. Billions have been spent in so-called wars against Communism and the cotton candy patriots have imposed their anti-Communist rot on the American people for half a century and the result is confusion compounded and a complete cover up of the real conspiracy. Of course the mass of participants do not understand the implications of their own actions but this does not lessen the harm done. They have been foxed into a double dimension plot against themselves in which they are the major participants.

To fill up the measure of this irony the patriot cannot advance nor retreat from his own encirclement and any move he makes or contemplates is calculated to deter him from true patriotism. Like a dog chasing his tail he runs himself ragged to destroy his country. He never stops to penetrate the effective reality of his self extinction. Like the victim of an hallucination he fights his way into prison to gain his freedom and he has the gall and ignorance to call the beguiled Uncle Toms a conspiracy. Is the right wing anti-Negro? Very! Christian colored people in America should investigate how they, too, are being worked against themselves both from the left and the right. On the left he is the front man and the cannon fodder for civil disturbances. On the right he will find his ultimate reward if he can decipher British Israel "Fundamental Christianity." He is not only designated a servant race in the New Order, he is a beast, not being subject to the grace of Christ.

The Negro can find no refuge in the American catastrophe except with true Christians who will give him what he earns and deserves, and will not deceive him in his salvation by a perversion of the Gospel which gives him a beast role in a paradise earth. Christianity is not racially concerned as is false Christianity. Only the hypocrisy of Satan with his "Fundamental" Zionism would pretend to befriend the Negro and damn his soul at the same time. We find this racism in "In The Image of God" by Destiny Publishers, Merrimac, Massachusetts, on page 5. I quote: "Professor Charles Carroll engaged in profound and copious research to discover the truth about the 'beast of the earth,' or 'beast of the field,' and found this 'beast' to be of the ape order, or family, but not an ape. He is not human, but an animal order after his own kind Ñ he is black Ñ he is the Negro." End of quote. On page 15 we find under a caption "Biblical Proof," this: "From the Bible itself we have presented proof that the 'beast d the field' (or earth) are a high order of animal life who are vocal, intelligent, who can sin and repent, as well as pray. They are the pure stock of the Negro, a servant order." End of quote. Notice the author did not say they could be saved.

The imprudence of men leads them to take up something because at the moment it seems good, and they do not detect the poison which it conceals within. This is the cause of made in England patriotism and it hides within it treason and once men grasp for it, it undoes them before they can regain their understanding of what happened. If Americans, who have been tantalized into this fake patriotism, could but take one step backward in order to see the subjective aspect of this trap, they could see how in reality they have unwittingly jumped into the ridiculous situation of self-negation. They are debased and deceived creatures, prostrate before the altar of a monstrous falsehood simply because it calls itself "Divine Truth." Spiritual blindness has caused Americans to grab every straw in the wind which is stamped with Christianity and patriotism. What fools we mortals be! Can we not force ourselves to believe that Satan appears as an angel of light, that the American churches are being used as a base of operations to destroy our faith and our nation?

According to the prophetic scheme of British Israel or "Fundamental Christianity we are approaching the time of Jacob's Trouble which will bring the Great Tribulation down upon the earth with the reign of anti-Christ. One might wonder if this is according to the Bible, why would the "patriots" waste their substance supporting anti-Communism? Why would they delay the hand of God? After all, according to British Israel the Millennium is to follow, and why delay a paradise earth when we need it so badly?

We concede perhaps that they believe they are doing good works by warning the world of the great events to come according to Bible prophecy. Here again their spiritual blindness causes them to activate those forces which will bring their own ruin. Their "tithes and offerings" to such political intrigue is helping to advertise and promote a conspiracy against the true Gospel and the tragedy of it all is that this scheme calls for world government. Communism calls for world government. British Israel calls for world government under the alias of kingdom of God on earth. If one has come to believe in the Kingdom Message he is a Communist. World government is world government under any name and in any case it necessitates the destruction of the sovereignty and national independence of the United States of America.

This pincers thrust of Communism on one side and Millennialism on the other is calculated to destroy our freedom and society while it prepares the people of America and the world for the New Order of the Ages in the kingdom of God on earth. The idea is to drive the people to such desperation (through civil disorder, inflation, famine and war), that they will gladly see the "end of the age" come. What they do not suspect is that this order would be replaced with a dark age both spiritual and physical which may well last a thousand years. It could not happen except its victims help prepare the way. Mankind is beguiled into bearing its own cross not to a celestial glory but to terrestrial ruin because they love darkness more than they love light. Could man despise himself and his country so much except he be spiritually blind?

The crusaders say "I know that the Bible is God's Word, and I can prove it by what is happening today." What they do not know is that the Bible is not a history book to justify British Israelism. The Bible is a plan of salvation and does not foretell events to justify the evil intent of British Israel and its prostitute theologians who parade under the name of Christian. The Bible does not set forth a plan of world government on this earth, centered from Jerusalem, except as men twist the Scriptures into a lie. Events are enacted on the world stage such as those in Palestine and evil men pervert the Word of God and change the truth into a lie so that man will believe that those events are of God. How can Americans believe such nonsense is Biblical when Christ said "My kingdom is not of this world," and that flesh and blood cannot enter His kingdom? How shall these modern Pharisees escape the judgments of God?

In this text we have condemned Communism as an ideology and base of operations which is being used to drive America and the world into the greatest spiritual trap since the dark ages, which in turn guarantees physical domination by the force that wields this spiritual power. Then we have demonstrated that this spiritual trap is a political messianicism which is an attempt to establish a world government in the name of Christ, and that it is the right wing and Christian fronts that are carrying out this Satanic plot while they siphon huge sums of money from the bewildered American people. British Israel is right wing Communism and is being foisted on the people with the churches and patriots through the spiritual.

This movement, as has been stated, has its peculiarities, phrases, books, publications and activities, which identify it as against Christianity (when one understands its dual purpose) and true patriotism, but is most successful operating under these veneers. This political intrigue is no different from its supposed enemy Communism, as its goal is identical. We have pointed out that this British Israel movement is synonymous with Millennialism, the kingdom of God on earth, Political Messianicism, the New Age, Communism, Phariseeism under the name of Judaism, Anglo Israelism, and the movement manifests itself and is given to the people in terms of Bible prophecy and brotherhood.

The plot is ages old and it seeks to establish in the minds of men that they shall inherit the blessings of Abraham as his physical seed. If men can be persuaded that the New Israel is not spiritual (Israel is spiritual ) (Israel is spiritual as taught in the New Testament) but that it is national and fleshly as in the Old Testament, then they have made the Gospel of none effect and with this spiritual bondage they are subdued politically and nationally into a world super state. We do not intend to confuse things spiritual with things physical or things earthly with things heavenly or things sacred with things profane, but evil men have done this to accomplish worldly glory and power.

This is the power of darkness that seeks to dethrone Christ in Heaven and demote Him to earth to satisfy their age old demand of an earthly paradise. They rob us of the Gospel and turn us again to spiritual bondage so that they may impose a political theocracy upon the earth in the name of Christ. The true "Beast System" of the earth is British Israel and with this deceit they seek the allegiance of God's people by leading them to believe in an earthly kingdom and an earthly king. God's people are not earth people. With the sword of the spirit Christians shall fight this heresy and they may lose their nation but they will keep the faith once delivered to the saints. They shall continue in the truth of the Lord Jesus Christ and they shall remain a part of Christ's kingdom. He promised that the gates of Hell should not prevail against His kingdom. This is a concept of total war between truth and a lie and it must be in this spiritual battle that we shall fight. Then we can truly sing "Onward Christian Soldiers."

1985 UPDATE:

Nine out of ten people in America today believe in some form of racial and/or national religion. America is therefore more Nazi than Germany ever was. No we do not have the goose steppers nor the torchlight parades but we do have the same racial and national religion. It is only a question of who is the Master Race.

We have identity cults of every description (Christianity, Identity, Israel Identity, etc., etc.) who are tooting racial and national salvation. They are nothing but neo-Nazis under a Christian cloak.

Now turn on your radio to any station and you will hear the propaganda of the Kingdom Message. This is World Government propaganda in Biblical language about how Jesus Christ will set up His government and reign for a thousand years on a paradise earth. You hear it from all the religious prostitutes of Baal.

And the "patriots" are involved in this treason. This is their practicing religion.

Finally, can the ''patriots" oppose their own religion?

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