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World Evangelism and The Scofield Bible
Undermining America With Anti-Communism And "Patriotism"

by Anonymous (mistakenly attributed to Helen Peters)
Published ca. 1970, Posted August 12, 2005

From: The Union Jack, Chapter 4

World Evangelism to most Americans means telling the world about the Gospel through foreign missionaries and huge Evangelistic and literature campaigns. This movement has individuals from one end of the world to the other teaching and preaching the coming kingdom of God on earth and that Christ is soon to come and deliver the world from the yoke of bondage and then the Anglo Saxons and the Jews (a racial and national system of religion) will administer "justice" in God's kingdom.

This is simply an extension of the hopes of the Pharisees before Christ came to extend His grace to all believers. The only difference now is that the world through British Israel deception has been brought to believe that this flesh and blood kingdom is Christ's kingdom. This is only a veiled commercial enterprise to dominate the world with this spiritual lie. This foolishness does not apply personally to the disseminators of world revolution. It is only the bait to move the people into world government under the British Empire. Because the language of this propaganda is hidden in Christian terminology and Biblical "prophecy" (man made) few people can imagine that they are being cleverly educated toward world government.

When enough people have been reeducated to believe that this Pharisaic scheme is Divine, then we will have reached the point of no return to a true independence as Americans have known it under the Constitution. The goal of the British Empire through British Israel is a world wide British world state allowing no independent nations such as the United States. This is the real meaning and significance of the kingdom message propaganda that is now universal, unopposed and unabated to rethink our spiritual values to conform to this political world state with the throne of Britain becoming the throne of Christ.

Communism in a political and military sense is to be the destructive force of the world system of independent states. It is also the catalyst to terrorize the world into the British Israel spiritual trap. So torment comes via Anglo Saxon exported to Russia Communism, and "salvation" and unification comes through Anglo Saxon British Israel.

So as Americans are overcome with Communism they go to church and pray that God will send His kingdom to deliver them from their anguish. As their "Bible College" preachers and professors condemn Communism they promote it through the kingdom message. It is from our churches, for the most part, that people have come to believe in this spiritual communism as they did not get it from God's Word.

World Evangelism has been literally poured over the world under the symbols of the Cross and the globe. This fake Christianity even undergoes planned persecution so as to milk the churches of America out of every emotional dollar. When they tell how the "Communists" persecute these kingdom message Christians the tithes and offerings pour in. It is only a veneer of Christianity and conceals within it the destruction of the Apostolic faith as well as a hidden political conspiracy. It has drugged the spirit of the world and the world like a dope addict is craving this fake Christianity which is sealing its doom in the name of truth. To the victims of this blasphemy truth is sacrificial for relief from their frustration which was caused in the first place because truth is sacrificed.

British Israel Evangelism has made of the world a spiritual paralytic which can now only get satisfaction from more British Israelism. It feeds on truth (misused) and multiplies its cancerous disease to destroy its victims whom it has deceived. It deceives most those who believe it most and neutralizes them against British Israel while it deprives them of truth which alone can give them freedom. This is why people who once become infected with this spiritual disease cannot return from it and this is why they cannot put political issues in proper perspective. British Israel causes people to constantly fight against their own best interest and more often than not they are in the midst of their enemies thinking they are among friends. Man does not fight against that which he believes. He can dissipate himself trying to be a patriot but it is impossible if his spirit is overcome with British Israel.

British Israel World Evangelism is stalking the earth unseen and untaxed, eating the vitals out of the remnants of national states and would-be opposition to the cloak and dagger British Empire. British Israel is universal and versatile and aligns itself with truth whatever men consider it to be. It has through world evangelism become the ghost of Christianity and like a locust that has left its shell, it has only the form of Godliness.

If a man scoffs at this spiritual conflict he belittles his own beliefs. His beliefs determine his actions and if he does not have beliefs he is relegated to the animal kingdom. Therefore our beliefs emanate from our convictions and we act accordingly. If we have become imbued with the spirit of British Israel we are its ecclesiastical prisoners and soldiers in its army. The power of British Israel is its enlisting men unwittingly in its vast army by cleverly superimposing its spiritual power to conform to man's concept of what is good. Then the "new creature" is guided to destruction, with his own concepts and within the framework of his own thinking. He never realizes that British Israel has given him a new meaning for his vocabulary and he is hexed with semantics which tricks him against himself and his country. He is bewitched and under the spell of spiritual darkness which he now believes is light and he is zealous in it.

Communism is used to bombard us externally while silently and skillfully we are overcome internally with British Israel. The consequence of this "new faith" is world citizenship and this world citizenship spiritual is a prelude to world citizenship physical and world evangelism is the advance guard.

We make no apologies for the true Christian missionaries who are preaching the kingdom of grace, but by and large the driving force and purpose of World Evangelism is British Israel.

British Israel is a parasite that feeds on the natural man and it is for this same reason that the natural man succumbs to this deception.

The natural man cannot see through the cloak of British Israel and decipher its language to see that it is only Communism under another name. Even if men suspect British Israel, they cannot bring themselves to comprehend its power as a concealed political-spiritual force that has now spread its tentacles over the earth. Its pious appearance decorated with the Christian Cross shields it from its most persistent adversaries and world evangelism with this fake Christianity has made detection of British Israel as a plot against humanity undetectable and if detected, invulnerable. To point out that this enigma has hidden itself within our churches and is using them for a base to destroy the United States is to invite ridicule and charges of insanity to anyone who dares utter such a fantastic concept.

Do not the church goers of America expect Satan to appear as an angel of light? Do not the people wonder that this new Christianity is rampant in the land and yet no one seems to be able to detect that the kingdom message of British Israel is not according to God's Word? Churchianity is literally flourishing in the land and yet the people are plagued with confusion and spiritual darkness. People are so busy going to church that they do not have time to study their Bibles. The magnificent structures with air-conditioned comfort of these modern day synagogues are spiritually dead and their people have lost contact with the universal church invisible and the living Jesus Christ Who established it.

Where are God's people? Have they returned again to bondage after having received the Gospel? Have they given their very souls and their country too in exchange for the promises of a commune world built upon the blood and despoiled property of humanity? Are people foxed into believing that the very deception that is destroying them now will save them again?

Our Lord warned that if they speak not according to His Word there is no light in them. If our people seek Christ through this worldwide artificial Christianity they will not find Him as He is no more popular than He has ever been but His name is on the lips of the world. "All who say Lord Lord will not enter the kingdom of heaven..." That is, all do not understand that God is spirit, that His kingdom is spiritual and that His consuming purpose for man is spiritual regeneration.

The kingdom of British Israel is flesh and blood but the kingdom of our Lord is happiness and joy in the Holy Spirit. Never shall the two be one. That they are one is the lie of British Israel.

Throughout the ages men have been enslaved and killed for their beliefs. Today the world believes British Israel and it is being put in slavery as a consequence of it. Truth makes man free but this same truth misused can enslave him again. All that is necessary that British Israel succeed is that people believe that God's kingdom is to come in the form of a political theocracy upon the earth. It is not essential that one be a Jehovah's Witness or a Southern Baptist or a member of any church -- only that he believe that the kingdom will come upon the earth. In this they are all united. They may despise each other but they are unified in their hope for the earthly kingdom of "righteousness."

What British Israel divides physically it unites spiritually through the kingdom message. Some of the most ardent advocates of the kingdom of God on earth call themselves "fundamental Christians. In this they have emphasized their name to hide their identity; nevertheless they are identified in their belief of the millennial kingdom on earth, and they are brother Pharisees to all other cults of this deception. Through the apparent maze of churches in the land the consistency of the kingdom message overshadows the inconsistency of the multiple doctrines and creeds. This unity in belief of the kingdom on earth is the work of British Israel and its world evangelism. As innocent as it sounds this kingdom belief is the tie that binds and blinds them.

As people become dissatisfied with their particular brand of Christianity they break away and form new churches and carry their Scofield Bibles with them. They change their location and perhaps the name of their church but they retain their beliefs in the kingdom of God on earth to come. Families are divided, politicians are divided, nations are divided and the world is divided but all are united in the spirit of British Israel and its coming kingdom. It is amazing how British Israel causes dissension and confusion and yet causes men to strive together in spiritual blindness.

This British Israel Luciferian degeneracy is now butchering the world while it prepares it for the New Age with the kingdom message. It has prepared its advances so well with its propaganda that its victims are perpetuating their own destruction in their haste to spread this contagious disease. The adherents of this deception are anxious to inoculate the world with this newfound "Christianity" which promises heaven on earth. People spend their money and erect beautiful churches that their "good works" may help spread darkness over the land.

All this upsurge in "Christianity" seems good to men and they do not discern its spirit. Through its outward appearance and form they deem it good and glorify their father who is Satan. They are callous, indifferent and hostile with self righteousness. Their emotions are charged only when threatened with physical annihilation not caring one whit about spiritual truth. The only spirit that makes sense to the vain is the deceit of British Israel that promises them peace and plenty on earth.

America has literally been corrupted with this fake Christianity so that they can be cleverly despoiled of their faith and their country. Never will they believe that the source of their deception is their churches and brave is the man that tries to tell them. Betrayal is wrapped in the thing that people trust most -- their teachers, preachers and churches, and they compromise their faith with apathy. People are intellectually lazy and spoon-fed Christianity suits their pace of living and gives them a certain satisfaction that they have served their God with their inanimate appearance at church. While they are indifferent to the Gospel, they are indoctrinated with another Gospel -- the Gospel of British Israel.

All of the armies in the world could not do to America what British Israel is doing at this moment -- annihilating our country in the name of Christianity and we lift not a finger to prevent it. We amass armies around the world while we are poisoned with the propaganda of the kingdom message on every radio station in the land educating people for World Government in which at most our lot will be "World Service." Our "fortune" is world service to the British Empire even now, but we are still allowed to fly our flag. We are policing the world as we help prepare the stage for the last finale in which the real jackals of the British Empire intend to bury us.

Can one observe that we are being swamped with the kingdom message and then doubt the power of its perpetrators? Does not the invisible Empire become at once visible and in fact a colossus monster stealing the commerce of the world through British Israel? While it uses every trick to hide its identity it imposes its spiritual power over the country dulling its senses while it saps its wealth and destroys its economy. The British Empire is actually destroying this country and taking its people prisoners and justifying it Biblically. If our dead soldiers could come back would they die again for such a depraved people?

The only true racial issue today is that the American race, black and white, should declare that the British race stop its vengeance and forget its ambition of a World Empire. The only new laws that we need are those forbidding Kingdom Message Communism and those forbidding Rhodes Scholars in the United States Government. The only thing we have in common with the British world is our language and we should use it to expose their plot and drive their agents from this country.

There are many Christian Americans who would help reestablish our independence if they could understand that the kingdom message is British propaganda which is preparing the world for another blood bath. And most especially would they be mad if they understood how their churches are being used in this Satanic plot.

To any reasonable American the idea of destroying our country and giving up our freedom and property is not in his thinking. Yet we are being prepared for this very thing through British Israel and we do not object because we are hoodwinked into believing that it is God's will and plan instead of that of the British Empire.

We need not exhaust ourselves documenting facts that this organized conspiracy exists. This propaganda is the biggest fact of all ages. All that is necessary is that we look at its essence and its substance and identify its purpose. British Israel cannot hide its goals and all that is important is that we penetrate its lies to see that it is a plan of World Government and a British World Government at that. British Israel is Satanic and it must continue to advocate the earthly kingdom and if we look closer we see that this kingdom is British.

Like the proverbial octopus, the British Empire and its British Israel has many tentacles and equally as many names and colors. If one tentacle is recognized the dupe is simply ensnared with another. It is a monster with many faces. It has Masonry for the vain, it has political parties for the power seekers, it has Americanism for the patriots, it has soothsayers for the superstitious, it has religion for the religious, it has Nazism for one country, it has Communism for another, it has Socialism for still another, and it has World Evangelism for the world and the world is its domain. It recognizes no nationalism but creates them and destroys them at will. It causes wars and finances them and wanton murder and slaughter are its only expediency.

On the other hand it gives a penance to philanthropy and gives lip service to good works. British Israel cannot be traced as it leaves no tracks because it identifies with and hides within its victim of the moment and when one victim dies its ghost moves to another. It cannot be seen under its own banner and if someone begins to recognize its course it attacks itself until it becomes ridiculous to its would-be enemies. It divides nations, it divides families, and it divides man against himself. It divides all so that it can unite all again with one spirit and One World in the name of Christ. It must first destroy and then synthesize the unity of man in a world state and this is how we recognize it. British Israel is the chaos of this age and the kingdom of God in the next, but it admits only the latter. It is a seducer of man's spirit because it conceals itself within his values to do it. British Israel is the perfect crime and we cannot fingerprint it but those who have eyes to see and hearts to understand recognize its goal of World Government and see its havoc now to that end.

The work of World Evangelism is to advertise the form of Christianity while it denies its spirit. It is in truth a legal system which has the appearance of good works. It is the degeneration of British Israel and not the regeneration of the Holy Spirit and the power of truth separates them in the hearts of men. True to the nature of British Israel, World Evangelism knows no boundaries or nations as it builds the kingdom of humanity under the sign of the Cross. This international crusade is educating the world for the New Order on the foundation of this one that it has corrupted.

As the stress and strain of political confusion drives the people to desperation, World Evangelism fills the air with the good news of the coming kingdom on earth to give us rest. The world unknowingly is being forced into this British Empire kingdom through British Israel-spiritual, and as Communism the destroyer is built up World Evangelism the "Saviour" becomes universal salvation for a torn world. World Evangelism is a tax exempt colossus which has engulfed the world with its innocence as it piously and skillfully educates the world for its kingdom of God on earth. It gives lip service and mention of Bible truths which it cleverly fits into its scheme of World Government. It parades and overruns like a Trojan horse with its kingdom message as it condemns the world for its sins. It is impervious to its lies and its victims whose spirit it tramples. It knows no one will attack a saint as it yells "Jesus is coming."

British Israel and its World Evangelism is wearing out God's people and the very elect would be deceived if it were possible. Christians must see through its veil and discern its spirit that it is fictitious and artificial. At the same time they must recognize its power that it has derived from its adaptation to Christianity. It does not deceive with a lie, it deceives with the truth, misused. Its power is seen in that it has the world looking for the establishment of the kingdom of God upon earth. Those who deny it believe it, and those who believe it deny it. Truth becomes a lie and a lie becomes the truth -- to those who believe it, a lie has become the truth and to those who deny it, truth has become a lie.

The real aim of World Evangelism is to rotate the conscience of man so that evil becomes good and good becomes evil. This must be done with truth and this is why British Israel World Evangelism parades under the cloak of Christianity and operates within the framework of its terminology so as to change the meaning of Christianity without changing its name. Few there be who understand this concept of power as it is invisible, undetectable, indefensible (with armies) and all powerful.

In this new Christianity the hope of the world has become the kingdom of God on earth and by this same analogy this is how America has again become a part of the British Empire while it still flies its own flag. It is not the Christianity one acclaims, it is what are his beliefs? It is not the flag we fly, it is where is our allegiance?

British Israel has changed the meaning of our language so that our thoughts and actions betray us. As we strive for Americanism betrayal is concealed within it. As we seek Christianity it unites us against Christ. The values that once made us free are now making us slaves and this is the meaning of the giant expansion of this new Christianity and the buildup of patriotism. On them is the stamp of betrayal if we could but penetrate its spirit we could see its purpose.

British Israel is aloof from the petty issues that it has given us to fight and if we win, lose or draw we are still within the limits of our bondage. It is callous to its creations, immune from its intrigue and suspended from attack. It could write itself across the sky and the world could read it, but it could not perceive its meaning.

Any presumed expose of British Israel is absurd to the Pharisaic world that believes this new Christianity. This is why the Jew Baiters can scream that Communism is a Jewish plot as they promote British Israel which is the same Anglo-Jew plot. The real Jewish plot is British Israel, which is to be the fulfillment of their Messianic dreams and any attempt to limit them to the Jew-communist conspiracy supports the Anglo-Jew British Israel conspiracy by hiding it. Jew-communism is the bait -- Jew British Israel is the plot. The heartbeat of British Israel is Jew Phariseeism with the name of Christianity.

Our Lord did not oppose the Jews on their put-up myths like Communism. He opposed them because they wanted an earthly kingdom in His name and for this He was crucified by them, but today this same earthly kingdom is the hope of the world through British Israel World Evangelism. The world does not know that this new Christianity has become Jew Phariseeism in all but name. Christianity through British Israel has become an enemy to its own faith. This alienation of man from the true faith is the work of World Evangelism. It builds its altars in the far ends of the earth; its missionaries live in squalor and suffer persecution, it fights Holy Wars to gain political control of the world so that it can expand evangelism with the theme "Jesus is coming." Little do its faithful servants know that they are part of a commercial enterprise that has sheltered itself in World Evangelism and that they are the screen for the greatest deception of the ages.

The world writhes in agony and confusion as the big finance of AngloSaxondom promotes World Evangelism as a front for its world grab. Tax exempt foundations do not finance "Bible Colleges" and "Christian Schools" to promote Christ, but to promote the British scheme of world domination through the spiritual. They want the kingdom message imprinted upon the world and they will spill every drop of blood of every goy to attain this end. They kill our faith and take our country in the name of righteousness and our spiritual blindness has made of us its most faithful servants.

Most people who get a glimpse of British Israel cannot imagine that such a seemingly harmless thing as the kingdom message is power politics. Its disguise as Christianity has disarmed suspicion and made it subtle and it is this subtleties that enhances its power and lessens it delectability. It is so subtle and so powerful that it manipulates the world both politically and religiously and it is not suspected by one in one million. It is so subtle and so powerful that it has the world prepared for World Government and the world believes that it is Christian. What must be done to prove to the patriots that ridiculous political issues, race antagonisms, and biographies of who did it are a waste of time and remove one from the best interest of patriotism unless he can see and exploit the over-all British plot to take the world through British Israel?

To overlook the use of the Scofield Bible in the explosion of this world wide fake Christianity would be to pass over an important link in our effort to identify British Israel. We say that it is Scofield's Bible, as it is not God's. The text of the Scofield Bible is King James Version, but the critical thing is that C. I. Scofield and a group of "Bible Scholars" of the Millennial Kingdom Cult have inserted their notes and peculiar interpretation throughout the Bible in most cases at the bottom of the pages in note form. The consequence of this is that through the Scofield Bible notes millions have learned the kingdom message of British Israel, thinking it is the Word of God.

This Bible has been in circulation for about sixty years and it is the favorite of so-called fundamental Christianity and now there is of late a new edition which emphasizes even more the legal system of Jew-Phariseeism under the pretext of Christianity, of course.

The Scofield Bible sets out a scheme of interpretation which exactly supports and teaches the British Israel kingdom message. It seeks to conceal its objective as does all British Israel by giving lip service to spiritual truth, but it cleverly guides its reader to the Kingdom Age. We perceive that our reader by now will have no trouble identifying Scofield's Millennialism as being the same as the kingdom of God on earth of British Israel, the same as the Communism of Karl Marx, the same as the New Age of Masonry, and the same as the Messianic Age of Judaism. The building of the kingdom age is the object of all of them and the kingdom age makes them all one, and needless to say their flesh and blood earthly kingdom is not God's kingdom, only that they say it is.

The preachers and teachers who carry the Scofield disease do not know the Lord Jesus Christ nor do they understand His plan of salvation. Theirs is a system of national and racial religion geared to the legalism of the Jews (we use the word Jew in the physical sense because the world does it but it is not Biblical to do so as the correct word is Pharisee) and with it they are fronting for the Jew British Empire in its seizure of the wealth and domination of the world. In this blasphemy they neither go in the kingdom of God nor suffer others to do so and they keep others out of God's spiritual and ONLY kingdom now by causing them to look for another yet future. This is a denial of the Gospel Age which is the only age for salvation and a denial that the great commission has given Christ all power in Heaven and earth. Christ's power is not petty political power according to British Israel. It is Divine power according to God and its purpose is to save men from their sins, not to glorify their flesh on earth.

Now the Scofield Bible is a versatile book as it is used by nearly all of Protestantism and their many offshoot churches. They disagree and feud over everything imaginable but they are all bound to the Kingdom Message and they quickly harmonize on this common foundation. These modern Pharisees would crucify Christ again if He were to appear in the flesh and repeat that "My kingdom is not of this world." His kingdom will never be of this world, only British Israel says it is to hide their global plot to enslave the world spiritually and physically.

The kingdom age of Scofield is a subtle heresy that denies basic Christianity as the Bible does not teach any historical procedure or train of events that ends with the kingdom of British Israel. This kingdom age of British Israel annuls the Gospel Dispensation now by making it yet future and in this they confuse the Heavenly hope of Christians with the rank materialism of the carnal kingdom of Jew-British Israel. British Israel is full of glaring inconsistencies and prophetic perversions but it is promoting the world state as planned. The camouflaged Phariseeism of Scofield gives no light to Christians but it does great wonders promoting the Kingdom Message as the "only hope of the world." The Scofield Bible is the chief promoter of the Kingdom Message and it admits of spirituality but it emphatically denies it with its carnalistic kingdom of God on earth.

It is perfectly amazing how people can see how the Negroes are being used through their churches but yet they are under the same influence through the Scofield Bible and its kingdom message. This text book on Millennialism is leading the people to the same Communism taught in the Negro churches and yet we are beguiled into a constant race war. The perpetrators of race war use it to get us to destroy each other physically while we are overcome spiritually with the Kingdom Message.

We are dealing with the Scofield Bible in this text to demonstrate its use (as British Israel spiritual deception) in changing spiritual Israel back to physical Israel and changing the spiritual seed of Abraham back to the flesh and blood race of Jew-Phariseeism. The Scofield Bible is an instrument of this spiritual lie as it changes the Heavenly hope to a future theocratic earthly kingdom and the belief of this earthly kingdom to come is the mask that is being used to blind the people of the world to the machination of the British Empire to gain complete domination over the physical world by controlling the beliefs or spirit of its people. And as stated before they are identifying with and misusing the truth of the Gospel in our churches to carry on this political-spiritual takeover of our country.

The Scofield Bible is only another dimension in this Satanic plot albeit a very important one. In our study of British Israel we are revolving it three hundred sixty degrees in order that it might be seen from every angle with its many coloration's, names, characteristics and uses many of which seemed opposed to and antagonistic to each other but all united in their efforts to cause the people to believe that the Spiritual Israel of Christianity is physical Israel of British Israel. Changing Spiritual Israel into national or more correctly stated, International Israel, in the minds of the people is the work of British Israel to hide the scheme of its masters to establish their world state.

We see the world rocked with "wars and rumors of wars" which is only an enactment of the religio-political scheme which seeks to destroy the flesh and then save it again with a natural Messiah. If we follow the notes of the Scofield Bible we see in them a teaching that physical punishment is the judgment of God on the nations so that the future kingdom of peace on earth will be seen as deliverance. This is clearly salvation of the flesh and naturally appeals to a war torn world and the ultimate aim is to remove all faith in the Supernatural Messiahship of Jesus Christ and replace it with the carnal state of British Israel. People do not understand that this hidden political plot which offers an earthly paradise in the name of Christ is the same British Israel Masonic power that is causing their misery now and justifying it with perversions of the Gospel such as the Scofield Bible.

It is through the teaching of the Scofield Bible that people have come to believe that the chaos in the world is actually the "judgments of God upon a sinful world." God is not the author of confusion and His kingdom is spiritual and is happiness and joy and is in no way a part of the mess we witness to today that this new Christianity believes is God's wrath. It is only wrath justified and explained under the cover of Christianity and the Scofield Bible is its handiwork.

The Scofield Bible like its British Israel designers alludes to Spiritual Israel but with its forked tongue and double talk it cleverly mixes physical Israel in so that physical Israel emerges over spiritual Israel and becomes the final purpose of God in a future millennial age. This is a doctrine of race and is the exact opposite of grace and the mixing of things sacred with things profane has caused the world to believe that physical Israel and Spiritual Israel are one.

With this trickery the world is being put through the fires of hell under the guise that all is God's woes and judgments upon the nations. People are neutralized and will not resist or even try to understand their anxiety that their churches have told them is God's judgments. God only allows this spiritual deception to separate the believers from the unbelievers and not to confiscate their nations and property because the worlds are His and He has all power in Heaven and earth. The plan of God is salvation of man from his sin of unbelief that Jesus is the Christ and not to enchain him again with the yoke of bondage called national Israel.

The world has been literally doped with British Israel and it is going to the slaughter like a tranquilized lamb not knowing the source of its agony. The British Israel kingdom message says in essence that the British Empire is God and the most the rest of the world can hope for is "world service" in this Jew-British World State. The kingdom of God on earth is only the bait of British Israel to move the world spiritually and physically into this world empire under the Union Jack.

The only reason the Scofield Bible refers to spiritual Israel is to conceal its physical Israel and make it palatable to today's diluted Christianity. The proof of this is its scheme of interpretation which gradually diminishes spiritual Israel as it increases physical Israel into a world political state. This religio-political state which the Scofield Bible notes calls the kingdom of God, is clothed in spiritual terms and sanctioned with Biblical contradictions but when it is defrocked and laid bare it is the British Empire Superstate.

The Scofield Bible is the script and the confused political situation is the act to prove the script so that people will believe it. Things are confused only to the people who have been overcome with the spirit of the Kingdom Message. Nothing political makes sense until we understand that the prophetic perversions of the Scofield Bible are being enacted on the world stage. Therefore America is to win no more wars and it cannot be saved from economic collapse as "prophecy" says it must give way to God's coming kingdom on earth according to British Israel. America cannot win any wars in its own behalf as long as the agents of the "beast system" British Empire control us. The most we can do is police the world until we are exhausted of our blood and money.

That the Scofield Bible supports British Israel heresy is beyond question and in order to demonstrate the usefulness of this "Bible" to the Kingdom Message, we quote from THE TRIUMPH OF BRITISH-ISRAEL, a book published by Covenant Publishing Company, Ltd., which publishes the books of the British Israel World Federation with headquarters in London, England. This book, by Rev. James Mountain, D.D., page 44, states as follows: "It will be observed that we make frequent quotations from 'THE SPEAKERS COMMENTARY,' one of the most learned of its day, and prepared largely by Bishops of the Church of England; also from 'SCOFIELD REFERENCE BIBLE' which was prepared by eight of the most learned and eminent American Divines, including the Rev. Arthur T. Pierson, D.D., who for many years was a regular Speaker at the Keswick Convention. When the name of Dr. Scofield only is given, SCOFIELD'S REFERENCE BIBLE is to be understood."

"So far as we know, none of the Authors of these valuable Commentaries has given any direct endorsement of British-Israel teaching. But our readers will perceive that their interpretations of many important parts of Holy Scripture furnish valuable indirect support to the fundamental statements of British-Israel advocates." End of quote.

The scheme of millennial interpretation that the notes of the Scofield Bible puts on the Scripture has caused the development of a spiritual stratum which excludes any objective analysis of the relationship of the Kingdom Age Millennium and Communism. This spiritual power changes the meaning of the facts so that when these facts of the Kingdom Message come face to face with Communism they seem to be in conflict, when in fact it is a superficial conflict between aspects of the same ideology under different names. This illusory spiritual force wedges an individual's beliefs so that he can no longer see or understand objectively his predicament. This spiritual deception changes a person's relationship to his culture by changing the form of his facts and when he tries to apply his concepts in an effort to free himself he always ends up with a result just the opposite to that which he presupposes because he does not realize that his new spiritual values have changed the meaning of his concepts. This is precisely what we mean when we say a man is divided against himself and anything he does works to his detriment until he can recognize his subjection to this spiritual force and extricate himself from it. This is why true patriotism becomes subversive once the meaning of basic concepts such as Americanism change.

Therefore we have concluded that all revolutionary activity is incidental, secondary and subordinate to this spiritual force which changes the basic relationship of a people to its national culture by changing the meaning of their language. Once this inner conflict is established then the acts of the people to save themselves are inconsistent with their best interest and any future would-be patriot is inhibited within the bounds of his bondage. What we are saying to the reader is that America cannot keep her independence if her people come to believe that the Kingdom Message is the Gospel because the Kingdom Message means World Government and World Government is antithetical to the independence of any state or nation.

The very purpose of the Scofield Bible is to change the spirit of the people so that it is impossible for them to be objective. We can see in this how a set of facts mean truth to one man and a terrible untruth to another. These facts need not necessarily be rearranged to cause this conflict, only that they mean one thing to one person and something else to another. This is how the Gospel can mean an earthly world state to some, and salvation to others while both believe that the Bible is truth. British Israel has changed the meaning of the Bible in the case of the former and failed of its purpose in the case of the latter.

If the meaning of our language and concepts change then we cannot use them with the same intent lest they betray us. Therefore if British Israel changes our beliefs from Heaven to earth, from spirit to flesh, we can no longer oppose World Government without promoting it. We cannot fight that which we believe regardless of the form it takes or the name it adopts. Such is the deceit of British Israel.

All can agree on a set of facts but they must agree on their meaning before understanding is reached, and the facts must mean truth to be consistent with the best interest and use of the people. We see how "Christianity" and World Evangelism is a religio-spiritual plot to deceive the people into world government rather than teach them salvation through Christ.

As the Americanist screams about the materialism of the Godless Communist he flounders like a soulless idiot in the depravity of the Kingdom Message which is rank materialism

in its most pious form. What they condemn with their lips they establish with their hearts which have been overcome with a crude caricature having only the name of Christianity.

World Evangelism and the Scofield Bible are unifying the people with the spirit of the Kingdom Message. It is a new faith which multiplies itself upon the conflicts that it inspires for its victims. This spiritual power that the patriots do not even know exists is the chain that binds them and while they strain at a gnat they swallow an elephant. They are grabbing at a straw while the wind blows them away. They must heal themselves before they can heal the land.

World Evangelism and the teaching of the Scofield Bible is esoteric Communism veiled under the sign of the Christian Cross and concealed within the terminology of the Christian language. This is understood by a few but imposed on hundreds of millions. Political feuds and even world wars heretofore are novel in comparison to the religio-political power politics of British Israel. Engaging the political shams and the Negro revolution is immense naiveté compared to British Israel. The United Nations, race war, urban renewal, Vietnam and Korea are only casual events and mere waste products of the spiritual power of British Israel.

The Scofield Bible and World Evangelism spreads a system of predictive prophecy which has as its purpose to conceal within Biblical terms a plot to debauch the world with a depraved fleshly Judaism so that it can later present its Christ and a synthetic Christianity as the only "hope of the world." This imitation Christianity has justified the destruction of nations and millions of people and made the people of the world believe it is God's judgment. It is in truth the blood suckers of Judeo-Masonic-British Imperialism and their Satanic deeds of the past will only be exceeded by their last grand act of World War III, which their Scofield Bible teaches is the "Great Tribulation." In this they debase the Word of God to hide their evil deeds.

No one could appreciate the fantastic nature of this revelation more than the writer, nor is he oblivious to the fact that Americans are at least one hundred years removed from the truth of reality. The universal and complete dissemination of the Kingdom Message through the Scofield Bible and World Evangelism has insulated the people of the world against any penetration of reality and locked them within the limits of this spiritual power. This is true to such an extent that most are completely incapacitated as far as any objective analysis of power politics is concerned because British Israel propaganda has reeducated them so completely that they are like a gyroscope spinning in all directions but unable to move in any direction. The most the victims of this deceit can do is develop a sense of negative hopelessness which causes them to honestly seek the hope of British Israel which they believe is the kingdom of God on earth.

The most any would-be patriot does is pounce upon the inequities of American society and blame the imbalance on Communism and few there be who recognize that these pitched battles were made in England and woe unto those who cast questions at the "Christian" synagogues who are blasting the people with the spiritual deception of the Kingdom Message.

The promoters of the Kingdom Message do not care how much truth the churches teach as long as they teach the lie that Christ will come again to rule the world for a thousand years. This made-in-England heresy is a camouflage of the greatest political intrigue of the ages and we say it is exported from England because the seat of the American Government has moved back across the Atlantic to London and the so-called "fallen British Empire" now includes the United States of America. That this is true is believed and understood only by those who know the real meaning of the Kingdom of God on Earth propaganda.

World Evangelism has created an imitation of Christianity and with it captured the allegiance of the people whom it has deceived. It cleverly diminishes the power and mission of Christ by constantly repeating the theme that "Jesus is coming." World Evangelism parasites and dwells on the form of Christianity while it denies its spirit and its truth. As it makes Christ's Mission a failure, it changes the hope of the world to a new salvation yet future. The work of British Israel through its World Evangelism is to cut the world off from the spirit of God after which the physical control of the world gives way to spiritual control, making armies of occupation unnecessary. Seen in this light America is occupied with its own army which in turn is controlled by the British Empire, which is the wielder of the spiritual power through British Israel.

We call British Israel spiritual power because it controls the minds of men through the Kingdom Message propaganda. It is educating the people of the world for World Government under the guise and deception that it is Christianity. More particularly it is teaching that the Jews and the British Commonwealth of Nations represents the national basis of God's kingdom on earth.

British Israel teaches through the churches that we are bound for spiritual, moral and intellectual bankruptcy of our day because we are in the time of "Jacob's Trouble" according to Bible prophecy. In this so-called modern-day "Jacob's Trouble" is the front and excuse for the present chaotic condition which is leading to disintegration preceding reconstruction into the new order of God's kingdom. This "Jacob's Trouble," which will end with the "Great Tribulation" (according to the scheme of British Israel), is the pious and religious justification for the destruction of our Constitution, racial strife, political disintegration, ecclesiastical disintegration, financial, economic and institutional disintegration. This great climax called in Biblical terms the "Great Tribulation" is calculated to "Biblically" destroy independent nations with their institutions in preparation for reorganization into the new British World Superstate. But according to British Israel prophecy we need have no worry as we shall only lose our nation in exchange for the New Age Millennial Righteousness and peace.

The erroneous scheme of prophetic interpretation set forth in the Scofield Bible has as its purpose to hide the political intrigue to bring about World Government. This error begins with the Abrahamic Covenant in Genesis 15:18 which sets forth God's promises to the seed of Abraham according to the flesh. The Scofield notes strive to convey that this physical promise has never been fulfilled in its final stage and that it will be so fulfilled in the kingdom age.

In the first instance this is a disregard of the new seed of Abraham according to the faith. These spiritual seed are the only seed of Abraham in the New Testament. Galatians 3:26 states "For ye are all the children of God by FAITH in Christ Jesus" and verse 29 states "And if ye be Christ's then are ye Abraham's seed and heirs according to the promise."

In the second instance Scofield makes God false to His promises when he states that the land promises of the Abrahamic Covenant have not been fulfilled. This is blasphemy especially when he omits to mention the Scripture which infallibly proves that the physical aspects (land etc.) of the Covenant have been fulfilled exactly according to the Word of God. We are referring to Joshua 21:43-45 where Scofield has not a single note. "And the Lord gave unto Israel all the land which he sware to give unto their fathers; and they possessed, and dwelt therein. And the Lord gave them rest round about, according all that he sware unto their fathers; and there stood not a man of all their enemies before them; the Lord delivered all their enemies into their hands. There failed not ought of any good thing which the Lord had spoken unto the house of Israel; all came to pass."

This passage for which Scofield had no notes fulfills the physical promise unequivocally leaving the "everlasting blessings" to the spiritual believers in Christ in the Gospel Age which we are in today.

Though Scofield mixes and mingles and confuses spiritual Israel with natural Israel his intent is to teach that the Hope of Israel today is the land of Abraham instead of the faith of Abraham. After having once received freedom in Christ he would turn Christians back to the beggarly elements of Judaism in a veiled attempt at the political theocracy of British Israel. The originators of Jew-British Israel heresy know that as long as people believe in the spirit of Christ they will never accept the flesh of British Israel, so they strive to exchange spiritual Israel for National, or more correctly International, Israel in the hearts of men. This is the work and purpose of the kingdom of God on earth propaganda taught in the Scofield Bible.

According to the teaching of the Scofield Bible the purpose of this judgment is to destroy the last phase of "Gentile Power" and elevate to world rule a "corrected, purified and restored Israel." Our understanding of this veiled language means the destruction of the Christian Church and the United States Constitution in favor of Talmudic Judaism in alliance with the British Empire with the seat of its World Zionist State in Jerusalem. (Israel is part of the British Empire).

The "Time of Jacob's Trouble" which is heralding the "judgment of the nations" and ending with a "Great Tribulation" is the camouflage to hide the machination of war and revolution out of which the British Empire is to "providentially" become the Theocratic State of the New World Order. The New Order or New Age is to be a joint function of church and state. These British Israel Jew Masonic Satanists are the loudmouths who have yelled separation of church and state for three hundred years while they simultaneously worked feverishly for the spiritual state of World Brotherhood under the universal Masonic paradise alias Kingdom of God on Earth.

That the Scofield Bible notes teaches and promotes the religio-political scheme of British Israel can be seen by the frequent references to the Scofield Bible in the many writings which advocate the Kingdom Message. In a book entitled THE JUDGMENT OF THE NATIONS IN THE GREAT PYRAMID'S PROPHECY circulated by the British Israel World Federation in London, we find on page 25 a recommendation of the Scofield Bible in which we read "We are now, obviously, at the beginning of the period of prophecy known as the time of 'Jacob's trouble' (Jer. XXX). The best guide to the significance of that 'trouble,' in relation to our own history, is the life of Jacob, particularly when 'mystically' interpreted under the helpful guidance of the annotations and headings in The Holy Bible: WITH SCOFIELD REFERENCES (Genesis XXXII to XXXV)."

The author (David Davidson) of this same book on page 26 states "Dr. Scofield's marginal annotations to Genesis XXXIII are instructive as to the successive steps of Jacob." Of course the Scofield Bible develops a World Israelite political state which he says is promised to the seed of Abraham. He teaches the coming of a new Judaic Heaven on earth within Christian concepts and Biblical jargon and this exactly fits the fictitious Christianity of British Israel.

Author Davidson says that the period of the calling out of God's people (Anglo-Saxons and the Jews) and of their humiliation, sacrifice and purification means the deliverance of His people from their bondage and that Divine intervention is upon the world and is employing the forces of destruction in such a manner and sequence of evolution as will bring the nations of the world under the dominion of the kingdom of Christ (British Empire). Denuded of hypocrisy this means that the world stage of nations are being dangled like puppets so as to fit the predictions of British Israel propaganda.

In regard to this context of "the judgment of the nations" the author is almost honest at least for those who know his propaganda. He states on page 34 "This is the message of prophecy for us concerning our own time! Would it not, therefore, be a grand thing if we could all look upon this

from the viewpoint of the Will of God, suffer our set-backs gladly as the steppingstones to deliverance, and praise God for the sure signs of the imminent redemption of all Israel?" Of course this is exactly the brainwash that this propaganda is striving for. The British Expire is hiding its crimes on humanity by saying that it (the British Empire) has fallen to pieces only to show itself again after it has established the new, British World under the aegis or concealment of kingdom of God on earth.

And listen to the role of America at the hands of the so-called collapsed British Empire in Davidson's book on page 37: "The most that we can say is that America has for the present a twofold destiny to fulfill in a failing world. It is her destiny to support the weak and supply the needy, and at the same time to uphold, by successive and temporal proppings, all that is best in the sagging and crumpling old world order, until the new and better world order is ready to take its place." This is our "world service" as delegated by the direction of the New Age and can anyone look around and deny it is happening? Our substance and wealth is being spoiled in paying the expense of our future slavery and poverty which is planned for us as world servers of the New Age.

The British Empire will stay submerged beneath the propaganda of the kingdom of God on earth until it can emerge ("providentially" of course) after its final act of genocide to dominate the fragments of a bewildered people long before George Orwell's 1984, maybe. Already the preachers of the kingdom message are smarting and sneering at the misery created by the British Empire as it manipulates world events to fulfill its "Divine" mission.

One peculiar and definite sentiment developed by the Scofield Bible is the building of the anti-Catholic spirit. This unification of the anti-Catholic spirit is to play a key role in the passing of events preparatory to World War III. And as always this deceit has a dual meaning in that it is building against real Christianity both Catholic and Protestant. Therefore the pied pipers of this anti-Catholic spirit should take note of the meaning of this plot for them. There is no alignment with Satan that endures beyond his purpose.

Another act of blasphemy of the Scofield Bible is its twisting of Scripture to establish a future "great tribulation" which again is only a screen to hide the identity of the force that is planning the death of millions in the name of Bible Prophecy. In the lingo of British Israelite W. C. Nabors in his book PROPHECY ON PARADE published by Destiny, Haverhill, Massachusetts, we quote his reference to the final "great tribulation." "It simply means the final period in the judgment of the nations during which the various movements within the human family under Divine Guidance and the intercession of Christ will be guided to clean up this world mess and begin the restoration of the nations of the world to a peaceful government under Israel. This restoration is to be initiated at Armageddon in the destruction of the seed of desolation (he refers here to the revived Roman Empire united with the Catholic Church) and the return of Israel (Anglo-Saxondom and the Jews) to world government after she is punished (this means self inflicted punishment to disguise the source of the conspiracy) and after the experience of going through this world fire will remove from her all of the dross and impurities (his 'dross and impurities' is our profit system and Constitution) and refine her into a true national representative of God's elect." End quote.

The source of this futurist interpretation of "the great tribulation," which serves so well to conceal planned mass murder of unparalleled proportions, is the seventy weeks of Daniel (Daniel 9:24-27).

The seventy weeks which the angel Gabriel mentions in talking to Daniel refers to seventy weeks of years or four hundred ninety years. That this is true is agreed upon even by the British Israel millennial cult. The critical thing is that they make an unnatural and unscriptural division of the first sixty-nine weeks (483 years) and the last week (seven years). The Scofield Bible notes say that there is a gap between the sixty-ninth and seventieth week which is a period not fixed and not foreseen or foretold by the prophets. This "unknown" period according to Scofield is the Church Age (now) which is indefinite but that it will end with the final seven years which is called the great tribulation.

We quote the Scripture so that the reader who is not brainwashed on Millennialism may wonder how such a perversion could be except that it fits a prophetic scheme that moves the fulfillment of this prophecy of the past to the future in order to justify and hide slaughter on a grand scale. Daniel 9:24 reads "Seventy weeks (not 69 - church age + 1) are determined upon thy people and upon thy Holy city, to finish the transgression, and make an end of sins, and to make reconciliation for iniquity, and to bring in everlasting righteousness, and to seal up the vision and prophecy and to anoint the most Holy." End of quote.

We might add here that not one of the Reformers believed or taught such an adulteration of Daniel (separation of sixty-ninth from the seventieth week) and not one of them believed or taught the coming of a millennial age after this Gospel Age. Luther, Calvin, Knox, Wesley nor any others believed or taught such Jewish hypocrisy.

The seriousness of this unscriptural doctrine cannot be over estimated as Scofield and the whole school of British Israel Millennial cultists puts, not Christ--but a future anti-Christ at the center of the last seven years, which they say is yet future. This is no little thing and is not merely a difference in doctrine or interpretation as the Cross of Christ is involved. The Jews object to Calvary and their attempt at an unscriptural division to establish a future "great tribulation" is true to their hate of the living Christ. This is skipping over Calvary and in essence and in fact it is a denial that Jesus is the Messiah and the living God by saying that the seventieth week (which was the time of Christ's ministry, death and resurrection), is yet future. This is to say that Christ never came in fulfillment of prophecy, and shed His atoning blood for the sins of the world. Such is the blasphemy of Jew-British Israel and one would wonder what more could they do to add to the fullness of their transgression that they did not do in crucifying God. They go on today to fill up the measure of their sins by keeping others from the truth of the Gospel with their wicked minds. Not only do they keep the world from the truth, they twist it to establish themselves in the place of God by replacing in the hearts of men British Israel on earth for the Israel of God which is above and free.

In the woes Christ pronounced upon the Jews, "Fill ye up then the measure of your fathers...that upon you may come all the righteous blood shed on the earth...Verily I say unto you, all these things shall came upon THIS generation (meaning them at that time and not future)."

Saint Paul did not equivocate about who were the enemies of Christ when he said in I Thessolonians 2:14-16 "For ye, brethren, become followers of the churches of God which in Judea are in Christ Jesus: for ye also have suffered like things of your own countrymen, even as they have of the JEWS WHO both killed the Lord Jesus and their own prophets, and have persecuted us, and they please not God, and are contrary to all men, forbidding us to speak to the Gentiles that they might be saved, to fill up their sins alway: for the wrath is come upon them to the uttermost."

This doesn't sound as though Paul thought that the fleshly "Jews" are "God's chosen people" and that they would receive future blessings because of it. But people today believe that a fleshly "Jew" is a special people with a special place in God's plan and this belief has been largely derived from the Scofield Bible.

Why cannot anyone see the inconsistency of this Zionist scheme to the plan of salvation taught in the New Testament? Galatians 3:26-29 "For ye are all the children of God by FAITH in Christ Jesus. For as many of you as have been baptized into Christ have put on Christ. There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female, for ye are all one in Christ Jesus. And if ye be Christ's then are ye Abraham's seed, and heirs according to the promise." In fact there is no "flesh and blood" in the kingdom of God and therefore any teaching which contradicts this is not according to the word of God.

In our discussion of the seventy weeks of Daniel and the "great tribulation" it is surprising to find that those who say that the words of Scripture should be taken in their natural, literal meaning are the very ones who insist that there are already nearly two thousand years between the sixty-ninth and seventieth weeks! What is the sense to this inconsistency except to serve as the blueprint of a most sinister plot to build a religio-political commercial world state in the name of Christ?

If the grammar of Daniel 9:24 means what it says, the seventieth week immediately followed the sixty-ninth. The word translated "determined" means to cut off, or to divide. It is of no little matter to note that while the subject of the sentence (seventy weeks) is plural, the verb determined is singular. This can only mean that seventy weeks must be considered collectively as denoting an uninterrupted period of time. Did Gabriel know that a Judaic cult would try to stick a nondescript two thousand or so years where none ought to be? Could he have known that men would misuse Scripture to make liars of the prophets, to deny the crucifixion of Christ and to build a kingdom in the name of Christ? We think he knew and we know the blasphemy of British Israel.

The crowning achievement of the Scofield Bible in behalf of British Israel Judaic Phariseeism is the attempt at deriving from Revelation 20:4 a teaching that there is to be a kingdom age on earth yet future for a thousand years. Here again we find those who claim truth is based on literalism very hypothetical and non literal.

The angel is talking to John who is in the spirit as he sees the development of the triumph of Christ in Revelation. Revelation 20:4 reads: "And I saw thrones, and they sat upon them, and judgment was given unto them, and I saw the souls of them that were beheaded for the witness of Jesus, (John saw headless bodies -- is this literal or spiritual?)-and for the word of God and they lived and reigned with Christ a thousand years."

Of course to those who understand that the seventy weeks of Daniel 9:24-27 is already fulfilled exactly according to the prophets also know and believe that the kingdom of God followed the manifestation, ministry, death and resurrection of our Lord. They know according to the Scripture that the kingdom (spiritual) began with the coming of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost and that if any other kingdom or any other form of this same kingdom was to be then the Apostles of Christ were duty bound to reveal it as they were commanded to go into the world and preach the Gospel. They failed not of their mission and they mentioned not an earthly kingdom to come because none is to be according to the Scripture.

What then is the meaning of a future millennium or one thousand year reign of a Christ on earth? We recognize in this the exact expectations of the Jews before the appearance of Christ. They had been taught in their synagogues as is taught today in the neo-Christian synagogues that a Messiah would (will) come and satisfy their fleshly desires for an earthly bliss. This is a doctrine of the flesh, Satanic in its inception and full of meaning in our understanding of the religio-political plot today which calls itself Christian.

As has been stated the real meaning of this new Judeo-Christianity is the emergence of the British Empire as the only surviving power, after the smoke of World War III and the effect of planned worldwide famine passes, to dominate the commerce of the world. Already this planned spiritual deception has far exceeded the wildest dreams of any past dictator who exhausted himself trying to conquer the world with military and political power. With this new concept conquest comes through spiritual control, control of the beliefs of man, relegating political and military power almost insignificant. It is a simple matter of reeducating the masses to believe that spiritual Israel has merged with physical Israel and that the new state is God.

The American people would do well to understand the full significance and import of the kingdom message. As the Prophets of the kingdom message quote from Jeremiah they predict famine and disease and war that is to ravish the land of America and there is being planned just these things through which the British Empire expects to pour out its vengeance on the hated Yankees and in the same stroke bring them back to the humble status of a vassal satellite. All that is necessary that the plan be successful is that the minds of the people be indoctrinated with the kingdom message and then they are exploited with impunity as they cannot discern the source of their misery.

As we discuss the great tribulation and decipher its meaning it is not amiss to dwell for a moment on economic tribulation which is directly related to the Great Tribulation which Scofield says (at least twenty-three times in his notes to the New Testament) is yet future.

We presume at this point that almost everyone in America has recognized the continuing inflation of our money but we grant that there may be fewer who are ready to believe that there is indeed an organized conspiracy to destroy our economic system.

British Israel economics has already made the dollar fiat money and there is a concerted effort to attack their own established system of national banks such as the Bank of England and the Federal Reserve Bank in the United States. Caution must prevail among those who attack the unconstitutional Federal Reserve Bank because as we have demonstrated, the intent behind these attacks is entirely different from that supposed by would-be patriots. Upon inquiry into the dual purpose of the feud over the Federal Reserve's unconstitutional system of private banking we see a subtle plot to manipulate the so-called expose of the Federal Reserve into a complete destruction of our profit system under the guise of Constitutionality. We must remember that betrayal more often appears beneath respectability and there is no exception in the money conspiracy.

If we study the effect that the privately owned Federal Reserve System has had upon the stability of the dollar not to speak of the ups and downs of the economy and attendant world wars since its inception in 1913, we must conclude that the very intent of the Reserve Banking System was to destroy the dollar and consequently our profit system. If we can see then that the purpose of the "Fed" was a phase out plan of our economic system then we immediately see that it was temporary and that a concerted attack upon the system, without full knowledge, only accelerates the phase out of our dollar economy.

Now true patriots visualize a return to a sound Constitutional money system but the implications of their efforts are betraying their good intentions.

We go to British Israel for the clarification and explanation of what we are trying to say as it only exposes itself (the "attacks" on the Fed were planned just as the system was planned) when it is about to change colors or form. The scheme was and is to move the dollar from a hard currency to a fiat money via the "Fed" then to extinction wherein there is no exchange medium at all. This is all "justified" because the New Order of the coming kingdom calls for a return to the "Mosaic Economy." An understanding of this so-called Mosaic Economy will tell us very accurately the direction of our profit system and its meaning for Americans. The Federal Reserve is insignificant when we begin to see international finance operating under the spiritual deception of British Israel to establish a world monopoly with the pseudonym of Mosaic Economy.

With the passing of the dollar which we are told is "the economic system of Mystery Babylon" we enter the New Age under an economic system which is production for use and not for profit. If this sounds strikingly like that of Karl Marx it is, because it is exactly the economic system of communism.

The new economic system is to be one of national credit which serves each according to his needs and extracts work from each according to his ability. Very quickly we see the complete control of our lives and as the profit system goes so goes our wealth and savings. Under this system of credit we can accumulate no savings and we move to total dependence upon the state. In the vernacular this is serfdom.

The intent and purpose of the fictitious Mosaic Economy of British Israel is the confiscation of our wealth.

We quote from W. C. Nabors in his PROPHECY ON PARADE, page 142. "Interwoven within the pattern through trial and error are our experiences dealing with taxation, inflation, etc., but always we work in the economic direction and on the chronological time chart outlined by Bible Prophecy. All things are interrelated and all things work together for the good to them (nations) that love the Lord and are called to set their economic house in order to conform with the purpose of God." End of quote.

His statement that "all things are interrelated..." may well be taken seriously as all things are interrelated when seen as a British-Jew-Masonic plot. (We use British-Jew-Masonic in this hyphenated form because they originate and are controlled from the same source, they are all of one spirit and have one purpose, and they work in complete harmony toward the world superstate alias kingdom of God on earth).

The once sound dollar (hard currency backed by gold) was the envy of the world until the Federal Reserve began to manipulate our supply of money by juggling the interest rate up and down to regulate the new controlled economy. The Fed with the control of money began to steer America to destruction through planned "economic tribulation" and world wars which were financed with a debt money system from which the privately owned Federal Reserve System is collecting over ten percent of the national income of the United States Government for interest alone at this time. The "Fed" has regulated the supply of money not according to the needs of the free enterprise American system but according to a planned scheme of destruction of the free economic system to one of a world monolithic monopoly centered in and controlled by the British Empire.

To give credibility, in the minds of the unsuspecting, to the fact that the Federal Reserve has manipulated the American Nation to economic chaos we quote from U. S. NEWS AND WORLD REPORT, December 20, 1965 issue, page


BOOM OF 1919-20:

Drastic steps were taken to restrain credit. Discount rate was raised in 3 jumps from 4 to 7 per cent.

Boom ended, depression took hold. Stock prices dropped 47 per cent. Industry's output fell by a third. Employment declined sharply.

BOOM OF 1928-29:

Another crackdown on credit. Discount rate raised in 4 steps to 6 per cent.

Depression that followed was the worst ever. Stock market, after crash in October, 1929, fell 90 per cent. Banking system collapsed. Unemployment rose to 13 million, one fourth of labor force.

BOOM OF 1936-37:

Credit was tightened by squeezing bank reserves. A short, sharp recession went on from mid-1937 to mid-1938. Stock prices declined 48 per cent. Production fell. Employment dropped.

BOOM OF 1948:

In 10 months, discount rate was raised twice, reserve requirement 3 times. Recession began in December, 1948, lasted 11 months. Stock prices declined 16 per cent, industry's output 8 per cent. Employment dropped.

BOOM OF 1952-53:

Restraint on credit was mild. Discount rate was raised from 1 3/4 to 2 per cent. Recession of 1953-54, also was mild, and was due largely to military cutbacks following Korean War. Industry's output fell 10 per cent.

BOOM OF 1955-57:

Repeated moves to restrain credit. Discount rate raised 7 times in 29 months from 1 1/2 to 3 1/2 per cent. Stock market credit restricted. Mild recession followed. Stocks dropped 19 per cent, industrial output 14 per cent. Prices kept creeping upward.

BOOM OF 1958-60:

Credit was tightened over 13-month period, discount rate raised 5 times, from 1 3/4 to 4 per cent. Interest rose to highest rates in a generation.

Business decline began in mid-1960, 9 months after discount rate was raised for fifth time. Downturn was mild, ended in spring of 1961.

BOOM OF 1961-65:

Credit policy has been generally expansive since early 1961. Since mid-1963, however, discount rate has been raised 3 times, now 4 1/2 per cent. Record prosperity still going on. Boom now 58 months old." End of quotes from U. S. NEWS AND WORLD REPORT.

Of course the article did not tell the whole truth as it failed to state that the American people have been shouldered with over three hundred billions of dollars of interest bearing debt since the beginning of the Federal Reserve chartered under the pretense of stabilizing the economy. Well, the above information shows that our economy has been anything but stable, Americans have been disallowed private ownership of gold money, the gold backing is being removed and the staggering truth is that the dollar is inflating to nothing.

There has been a deluge of books printed to "expose" the Federal Reserve System and many of them are the product of English writers who attack our economic system under the Fed as being ruled by a "Babylon dollar backed by gold" which is destined to go to destruction with the "gentile economic system of Mystery Babylon" to be replaced with the "economy of the kingdom."

American patriots attack the Federal Reserve System for an entirely different reason which they do not often make plain. In the first place they do not want the profit system of free enterprise replaced with the kingdom economy trickery of British Israel. In the second place they do not want to remove our gold backing which made the dollar the most sought after money in the world. Furthermore, they are not interested in so-called "free trade" which is designed to dump the fiat paid labor and goods of the world on the American market. The reason for the continuing howl over United States loss of gold is to prepare (educate) the American people for total collapse of the dollar.

There is nothing wrong with our economic system that constitutional money wouldn't solve and not a single American is ready to give up his property, his savings and his freedom for the kingdom economy of British Israel. None would give up to this trickery if they understood that the private banking system of the United States was designed to serve alien interests (and now that it has almost served its purpose) and that most of the attacks now going on against this system are equally serving alien interests. Reasonable and prudent men do not act until they calculate the effect of their acts.

To point out the hidden meaning of the disappearing dollar we quote from a booklet distributed by the British Israel World Federation in London entitled ECONOMICS A PHASE OF DIVINE LAW. The author, D. S. Milne, states on page 11 'Then, to obey the principles of God's law, the surplus should be given to those who are in need. Let us begin with the aged, the invalids, the children and the mothers." (the fathers will be all dead, killed in foreign wars to build the kingdom of God). "Let the Government issue credit and give it, sufficient for the need. As the tide of production rises, let the Government issue credit, as a national dividend, to all the people, sufficient to distribute the surplus."

"The Divine laws of distribution depend upon individual love. As Jesus said, the chief law is to love God, 'and the second is like unto it. Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself. On these two laws hang all the law and the prophets.' That is why the Kingdom of God can be attained only by its citizens being born again. Selfishness and greed have no place in a Christian order."

"But in those days the means of production were in the hands of individuals with the power to disburse the products. Now, that power is limited to sharing a few vegetables with neighbors. The means of production belong more and more to the community. Manufactures are financed by companies. Even farmers are little more than cogs in the wheel. Their production depends also upon makers of farm machinery and clothing. The interlocking of effort is so complete that in effect we are all units in the scheme of production by the community."

"The result of this is to remove the responsibility of distributive justice from the individual to the community. The individual conscience becomes the community conscience. The aged and the sick are less a family responsibility and more a social responsibility. A community of loving individuals would see that pensions are adequate. Indeed, we all have the will to increase pensions, and they would be increased had the Government the power to apply the Divine law and issue credit according to need. The hindrance is the debt and interest system of finance which restricts the power of creating credit to the trading banks. Let Government take the sovereign power of issuing currency and credit, and then it would be able to carry out the wishes of a benevolent people."

On page 13 he says "The obvious and sensible remedy is to issue more credit to equate with the increased amount of the harvest. Applied as a national dividend {credit), the bounty of the apple crop or the wheat harvest would be immediately distributed to an appreciative people."

On page 16 Dr. Milne states: "We have seen that in God's law human need must be freely and gladly supplied, without usury, and without perpetual debt. God's law enjoins lending for consumption, protects the consumer, and promises prosperity to the forgiving creditor. God's law obeyed would provide ample for all, freedom from debt and crushing taxation. Therefore 'Seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you.'"

"It is sometimes objected that the Social Credit idea of issuing credit and distributing it as pensions and national dividends would encourage laziness - 'money for nothing.' But it is not money for nothing. It is credit issued to represent something that has already been produced in excess of available purchasing power. Whereas it is evil for a trading bank to issue credit out of what the bank does not possess, it is right and proper for the people through their Government to issue credit to distribute that which they have already produced. Should the people forget that their standard of living depends upon their work, and should they be tempted to sit back and enjoy the national dividend without pulling their weight, a rude awakening would be in store. With decreasing effort, the production would fall, and the national dividend would disappear."

"But we have seen that new era, or the Kingdom of God, must be a Christian order and that Christ's standards must prevail. Worldly standards, the lust of the flesh, the desire of the eyes, and the pride of life, lead only to self-seeking, greed, and discord. Jesus set a new standard. 'Whosoever will be great among you, let him be your minister; and whosoever will be chief among you, let him be your servant: even as the Son of Man came not to be ministered unto, but to minister, and to give his life a ransom for many.'"

"Imbued with the spirit of service, every citizen will be eager to give the best to the common weal. There will be no longer the spur of fear to grab and hoard. There will be no longer competition to gain selfish advantage, but rather there will be competition to render service, and added joy and pride of the skillful craftsman, or husbandman. 'And whatsoever ye do, do it heartily, as to the Lord, and not unto men...' (Col. 3:23)." End of quotes.

Now if the honest reader cannot see the true nature of this coming kingdom from the above quotation he is far removed from reality. It is an absolute world tyranny hidden under the sanctity of the pious name - kingdom of God on earth. The author says there is no hoarding (savings) and that social credit is the economy of this new kingdom. This is positively opposed to the independent spirit of Americans both white and black and they would not fall for this deception if they knew its meaning.

To further give us understanding of the meaning and direction of the British Empire through its British Israel (spiritual) propaganda we quote from THE ECONOMIC CRISIS, a booklet distributed by the British Israel World Federation in London. "We are building for Eternity. The Empire can only be maintained permanently by a clear conviction of its ultimate goal -- the spiritual entity of the whole British Empire -- THE KINGDOM OF GOD ON EARTH." End of quote.

This quote makes it quite clear that the political conspiracy is being promoted under the guise of spiritual truth and it comes more from our "Christian" churches than from the marchers in the streets.

The following quotation by David Davidson in his booklet THROUGH DARKNESS TO LIGHT, page 5, put out by the British Israel World Federation with headquarters in London, England; makes it quite clear as to the sacrifices that we must make in order to receive "Divine" protection from the British Empire: "Upon emerging from tribulation and before their initiation into the mysteries of the new world order, the English-speaking peoples will be required to give up in sacrifice the doctrines and ideals which constitute the materialistic basis of the present world order. Upon submission to this requirement the English-speaking peoples in succession will receive divine protection during the divine assessment and judgment and will be sustained by divine providence until the economic system of the Kingdom of Heaven has been established on earth. Guidance in making the great sacrifice is indicated as operating through the regenerated Body Politic of the English-speaking peoples."

We ask Christian Americans to look beneath the spell of the Billy Grahams, the John R. Rices, the L. R. Sheltons, the Carl McIntires, the Richard Dehaans, the Oral Roberts and the Herbert W. Armstrongs, all of whom voice the kingdom message. Their mammoth national and international evangelism is a propaganda campaign to prepare the faith of Americans for their servitude in the coming British World Kingdom of God on earth.

As they take the tithes and gifts of deceived Americans, they instill them with guilt and hopelessness on one hand and threaten them with God's judgment on the other. Their lies and their hypocrisy are veiled with their expression "Jesus is coming."

Americans need to get back to the Bible and Divine revelation individually and independent of the spirit of the kingdom message of world evangelism.

1985 UPDATE:

This chapter certainly would not be complete without the inclusion of Rev. Jerry Falwell.

Why does Jerry Falwell, friend and consultant to President Reagan, have such clout and honor among the "Jews"?

Does it all support the picture of fulfilling the perverted prophecies of premillennialism and British Israelism?

Nominal Christians have been taken again by the Judaizers and their system of racial and national salvation. Jerry Falwell and Menachem Begin would act appalled if you accused them of Nazism. But once again, it is only a question of who is the master race and who is the chosen.

Many alert Christians noted that President Reagan used British Israel words and phrases such as "Armageddon' in the recent election campaign.

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