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British Israel, 'Judeo Masonry', and the Catholic Church
Undermining America with anti-Catholicism

[Editor's Note: The Polish translation does not start at the beginning of this chapter, but picks up after a few paragraphs. You will see the English paragraph above and the Polish translation below, section by section. A reader named Zygi contacted me in August 2005 and offered to translate the Chapters from The Union Jack into Polish. He recently had a computer problem, however, and much of the data was lost or misplaced, but he did manage to find some portions of his translation on a CD and sent it to me. We will post more Polish translation as we receive them from Zygi...Ken]

By Helen Peters
Published ca. 1970, Posted August 12, 2005

From: The Union Jack, Chapter 5

Our discourse by now may have proved to the reader that the British Empire is not as mythical as the propaganda would have us believe. We quote from THE NATIONAL MESSAGE, of London, England, by James McWhirter; to identify the British Empire under its name of kingdom of God on earth:

"The history of the past two thousand years has been written in vain for those who cannot see that the success of the Church has largely been dependent on national factors. Contrast, for instance, the history of the Holy Roman Empire with that of the British Empire. Without the temporal power of this material Empire, which gives every facility for the spreading of the Gospel, we cannot imagine how limited that work would be in the world today. It is only the prestige of that power that keeps many doors open in the East. Mahatma Gandhi has said that he would not have one Christian missionary in India if he rose to power. And if the Zionist Jews became the governors of Palestine all missionary work there would come to an end."

"The French empire was one of the custodians of the Roman Catholic faith, and, like the Italian empire, supported the characteristic religious intolerance of the Roman Church, whose system has always been inimical to the preaching of the Gospel."

"The British Empire is not merely a prophetic hope or a theoretical ideal -it is a fact. Of it a statesman has said: 'They had demonstrated to the world in actual practice that difficulties could be resolved by discussion as they could not be resolved by force. Moreover, the British Commonwealth was founded on the conception that war between its component parts was unthinkable, impossible -- a conception as striking as it was new to political theory.'"

"The Archbishop of York said recently: 'We English Christians should constantly be asking ourselves for what purpose God has entrusted to us so great an influence in the affairs of the nations of the earth...It is surely an indication of some Providential call upon us. We ought never to take for granted such a great event as the uprising of the British Empire. But we have no right to this position of special and honorable responsibility unless we are determined to use it to the full, not for our own glory, but for the glory of God.' The Archbishop's question is answered in the words of Hugh Redwood: 'The true imperial import of Britain's world mission was the spread of God's eternal word.'"

"Here is a comparison in favor of Britain which has appreciated considerably since it was made in 1922 by the German Professor Dr. Dibelius. It was recently quoted in THE TIMES by the Canon of Westminster: 'Christian ideas of conduct have been realized in Anglo-Saxon lands with a fullness to which the whole rest of the world can show nothing equal or even comparable.'"

"Speaking of Britain's rule Earl Baldwin said: 'The Empire is not built upon trade agreements, nor can it be maintained solely by tariffs or preferences. It can only be maintained permanently by a clear conviction of its ultimate goal--the spiritual unity of the whole Empire--the Kingdom of Heaven on earth.' (THE TIMES, August 16th, 1932)."

"The claim is often made that the Bible is the source of Britain's greatness, but it is outside the scope of this article to prove that our Christian commonwealth of nations, whose ruler bows to the sovereignty of the Son of God, owes not only its greatness to the teaching of the Book, but that the same Book proclaims the Empire's origin and mission."

"Spiritually viewed, the Empire is the most gigantic force for good on earth. The ancient Israelitish commonwealth was negligible in its spiritual influence on the world when compared with the British commonwealth."

"Let us face the facts. The prime reason for the existence of the Israel nation was that it should reveal God to all mankind. It was when Britain underwent a spiritual change and was converted to Protestantism that the great worldwide missionary movement was born. Since then the King has been 'the defender of the Protestant reformed Faith.'" End of quotes.

We have shown also that if we are able to understand the technique of today's power politics as carried on by the unseen British Empire then we must look to its spiritual cloak of British Israel "Christianity."

The spiritual power of the British Empire which is carried out through the kingdom message (kingdom of God on earth) crosses national boundaries which are only imaginary to the Supra Invisible State. The mobility and universality of the kingdom message propaganda is proof that remaining political divisions have yielded to its sovereignty and exist only to fulfill their "prophetic" destruction. The remaining national governments are transitory awaiting the enactment of the British Israel prophetic time table which will permit and justify their gradual extinction. That this propaganda operates internally and externally on every continent oblivious and impervious to every political division is absolute proof of who controls the world. One will find the British Empire today with a new name -- THE KINGDOM OF GOD ON EARTH.

This third dimension of the Empire is spiritual and it is corralling humanity into a world state unabated. Its political and military power takes on the color and "patriotism" of any country it may find itself in. The people pledge their loyalty to the land of their birth but their faith to the kingdom of God. There is a dual allegiance and that of the spiritual is dominant.

If then we ply beneath this spiritual deception which now parades around the world as Christianity we begin to see the source of the inspiration that is spending billions on so-called world evangelism. Then if credibility permits we begin to realize that indeed Satan does appear as an angel of light and that the kingdom message propaganda has in the main (in this country) its base of operations in the American churches of nearly all denominations.

We have pointed out that as a whole the preachers and teachers of the kingdom message are totally unaware that they are victims of a plot that will spell their ruin if they don't find out about it and expose it. Needless to say the plot could never have succeeded to this point had it not been invisible to its servants and to the masses. Now in the same voice we are under no illusion that just because of what we say here in a few words we will undo decades of brainwash which has gradually changed the meaning of Christianity to a Pharisaic-Judaism while retaining the name of Christian. It is our intention however to point out a few truths that may be recognizable even to the most blind so that they might use what we say here as an hypothesis for investigation.

We feel that in the main the basis for embracing the doctrines of Judaism in the place of Christianity is a failure to recognize the change in Covenants at the Cross of Christ.

We see then that today's neo-Christianity is inconsistent with the change in economy at Calvary and consequently its adherents cling to the "race" and nation (long gone) of Judaism instead of the grace of Christ which has been extended to all people everywhere making salvation a matter of spirit (grace through faith) rather than the flesh of decadent Judais

Dzisiejsze Chrzescijanstwo (Neo-Christianity/Judeo-Christianity) rozni sie od Chrzescijanstwa Chrystusowego tym ze sklania sie do wartosci "rasy-narodu" zbawionego a nie tak jak chce Chrystus, zbawienie laska boska wszystkich ludzi,co robi zbawienie sprawa ducha (laska boska poprzez wiare) raczej a nie ciala,jak chce dekadentny Judaizm.

Now those who claim grace through faith on one hand and cling to race and nation (of Judaism) on the other are alternating Christianity with Judaism and they can never have the happiness and joy and understanding of the kingdom of God (Gospel) as long as they hold two antagonistic faiths. They are mutually exclusive and never will they be one.

Ci ktorzy uznaja laske boska z jednej strony, a przypisuja to do rasy-narodu,z drugiej strony, wymieniaja z soba Chrzescijanstwo i Judaizm,nigdy nie posiada zdolnosci zrozumienia Krolewstwa Boskiego,dokad wierza w dwa antagonistyczne poglady jednoczesnie.Dwie antagonistyczne wiary musza sie wzajemnie wykluczac.

That Jesus is not the Messiah spoken of by the prophets is the position of Judaism. These same Pharisees still look for the Messiah and an earthly kingdom and they are still in their sin of unbelief.

-Judaizm uwaza ze Jezus nie jest Mesjaszem obiecanym przez prophets.Poprzez to Faryzeusze wciaz czekaja na Mesjasza i jego Krolestwo Ziemskie.

Now the semi-Jewish position of mixing grace with race is the trump card of British Israel. While British Israel talks about grace and faith they deny it with race. Their plan of deception which calls for a future political messianic kingdom is the age long hope of Jew-Phariseeism and they are operating within the framework of the British Empire and delegating their dirty work to their cabalistic Masonry. Judeo-Christianity (British Israel) is the spirit of world revolution, the British Empire is its body and structure, Masonry is its servants working into every facet of political, military and religious control and the blueprint for world conquest is a scheme of "Bible Prophecy" which seeks to justify mass murder in the world as it enacts its prophecy on the way to its kingdom of God on earth.

-Semi-zydowska pozycja wymiany laski i rasy, jest atutem w rekach British Israel.Podczas gdy British Israel mowi o lasce i wierze zaprzecza to w odniesieniu do rasy.

Ich plan podstepu mowiacy o przyszlym krolewstwie mesjanistycznym, jest odwieczna nadzieja Zydo-Faryzeuszy dzialajacych w ramach Imperium Brytyjskiego, delegujac

do swojej brudnej roboty kabalistyczna Masonerie.Judeo-Chrzescijantwo (British Israel) jest duchem rewolucji swiatowej,Imperium Brytyjskie ich cialem i struktura,Masoneria

ich slugami dzialajacymi w kazdym aspekcie poltycznej,militarnej i religijnej kontroli i agenda podboju swiata jest schematem "Proroctwa Biblii" ktory stara sie usprawiedliwic

ich masowe morderstwa na swiecie nadajac moc prawna ich proroctwom na drodze do ich Krolewstwa Boskiego na Ziemi.

"Christian education" today is committed to the lie that God's kingdom is of this world and that we may expect to be "world servers" of it. This "Christian education" is a creature and creation of British Israel as a haven for those who begin to feel the jabs of integration and civil disorder of British Communism. The basis of this new Christian education is that the world must be under God's law in a legal sense in order to have peace and justice on earth. We recognize in this teaching suppression from the state in the name of-God's law.

-"Edukacja Chrzescijanska" oddaje sie dzisiaj klamstwu ze Krolewstwo Boskie jest tego swiata (ziemskie) i oczekuje sie od nas wszystkich bycia jego "ziemskimi slugami".

"Edukacja" ta jest tworem British Israel i przystania dla tych ktorzy zaczynaja odczuwac skutki integracji i publicznego nieporzadku brytyjskiego kommunizmu.

Podstawa tej nowej chrzescijanskiej edukacj jest nawolywanie do to tego ze swiat ma byc podporzadkowany prawu bozemu aby zapanowaly na swiecie pokoj i sprawiedliwosc.Tutaj mozemy rozpoznac "motywowane" zatajania i ucisk panstwa w imie prawa bozego.

British Israel always divides issues between two myths of its own creation -- one to represent "bad" and one to represent "good." Some recognizable examples of this double dealing are materialism versus the kingdom of God; separation of church and state versus the theocratic state; God is dead versus crypto-Christianity; paganism versus Millennialism, Americanism versus communism, Republicanism versus Democracy, communism versus the free world, National Socialism versus Communism, Heathenism versus Western Civilization, superstition versus religion, white Christian versus Negro, paganism versus Christian Civilization, totalitarian Communism versus the world under God's law and Godless atheism versus Judeo-Christianity. One can change ideologies and still be under the spiritual-political control of British Israel.

-British Israel dzieli zagadnienia na dwa,przez siebie wymyslone, mity-jedno reprezentujace "zlo", drugie "dobro". Niektore rozpoznane przyklady tego dualizmu to: materializm vs ziemskie krolewstwo boskie, oddzielone panstwo od kosciola vs panstwo teokratyczne, poganstwo vs Millenializm, Republikanie vs Demokraci, komunizm vs "wolny swiat", Nacjonalistyczny Socjalizm vs Komunizm, Barbarzynstwo vs Cywilizacja Zachodnia, zabobony vs religia, poganstwo vs Cywilizacja Chrzescijanstwo,

totalitarny komunizm vs swiat pod rzadami prawa boskiego i bezbozny ateizm vs Judeo-Chrzescijanstwo. Mozna wiec zmieniac ideologie i wciaz byc pod polityczno- duchowa kontrola British Israel.

To enlarge upon the spiritual aspects of international intrigue we see clearly that the aim of Jew-British Pax Brittanica is the removal of Pax Romanum as a spiritual force in the world. Since the reign of Queen Elizabeth I the British Empire has sought to wrest the political power and wealth of Catholic States through Machiavellian politics. The Empire has extended its control under many names and fronts from National Socialism to Communism to Republicanism and many times it has maneuvered these ideologies against itself and against each other to advance its cause. Its ace front is the "Christian State" and it is the ideology of the kingdom of God which has advanced the spiritual attacks of the Empire upon the Catholic Church both from without and from within. In this context it has been able to permeate its propaganda into the church and infiltrate the leadership almost completely undetected by the vast majority of Catholicism.

-Poprzez miedzynarodowe intrygi,wyraznym celem Zydowsko-Brytyjskiego Pax Brittanica is zniesienie Pax Romanum, jako duchowej sily na swiecie. Od panowania Krolowej Elzbiety I Imperium Brytyjskie stara sie pozbawic sily politycznej i majatku panstw katolickich.Imperium rozszerzylo swoja kontrole pod roznymi nazwami i frontami,od Nazi-Socjalizmu do Komunizmu,do Republikanstwa, wiele razy manipulujac te ideologie przeciw sobie,wiekszajac swoje wplywy..Ich glownym frontem jest

"Panstwo Chrzescijanskie" i jego ideologia "Krolewstwa Boskiego" awansujac w ten sposob duchowe ataki Imperium na Kosciol Katolicki,zarowno od srodka jak i od zewnatrz.W tym kontekscie bylo to w stanie wprowadzic swoja propagande do kosciola i zinfiltrowac jago przywodstwo,prawie niezauwazalnie dla olbrzymiej wiekszosci


Not until the Empire hid itself with the spiritual power of its kingdom of God Christian State propaganda did it realize its chance to finally destroy the Catholic Church. No longer is it necessary to carry on a frontal attack with political and military forces but through British Israel advances are secured through "toleration." True to the dual nature of the Empire, its also has a dual meaning.

-Nie wczesniej niz od momentu ukrycia swojej duchowej sily propagandy krolewstwa boskiego Chrzescijanskiego Panstwa,Imperium zdalo sobie sprawe na szanse calkowitego zniszczenia Kosciola Katolickiego.Nie ma juz potrzeby frontalnego ataku silami poltyczno-militarnymi, avans jest zapewniony przy uzyciu "tolerancji".

Zgodnie z dualistyczna natura Imperium,to tez ma podwojne znaczenie.

It is like the man who wanted a fur coat and volunteered to let a bear eat him. The man in this riddle is the Catholic Church. This peculiar toleration has a very definite purpose.

-Jest to analogiczne do tego ktory chcac niedzwiedzia skore dal sie dobrowolnie niedzwiedziowi zjesc.W takim przebraniu jest KK. Ta oto dziwna tolerancja ma podwojny cel.

The British Empire has changed its expression from one of venomous hatred to one of a spirit of "toleration." Under this guise it has concealed its plot and allayed suspicion and distrust of world Catholicism.

-Imperium zmienilo swoj wyraz z trujacej nienawisci na ducha "tolerancji" W tym przebraniu ukrylo swoj podstep i zawarlo przymierze niwelujac podejrzenie i niechec swiata katolickiego.

The British Empire is tolerant only as a barnacle and a parasite of the Church which has become paralyzed with the propaganda of British Israel. By now many in the Church have come to believe through the propagandism of "separation of church and state" that British Anglo-Masonry is indeed impartial and that if there be yet enemies of the Church the origin of such is based in Grand Orient Freemasonry or Continental Masonry. That Continental and Anglo-Saxon Masonry are one need only be realized in their oneness of spirit and political effort toward the establishment of the dominance of the British Empire - alias kingdom of God on earth.

-Imperium Brytyjskie jest tolerancyjne tylko jako pijawka i pasozyt KK ktory zostal sparalizowany propaganda BI.Do tej pory wielu w KK musialo uwierzyc poprzez propagowanie "separacji panstwa od kosciola" ze Brytyjska Anglo-Masoneria jest bezstronna i ze,jesli sa jeszcze wrogowie KK to musza byc tylko w Grand Orient Masonerii albo Masonerii Kontynentalnej.Jest tylko potrzeba zrozumienia ze Masoneria Kontynentalna i Anglosaska maja wspolnego ducha i poltyczne usilowanie w kierunku wprowadzenia dominacji BI, alias krolestwo Boskie na ziemi.

The domination of the British Empire in the spiritual realm (British Israel) necessitates the removal of Rome and its now diluted world influence. To this end the Roman Church is being manipulated into the role of "Mystery Babylon" to fit the arrangement of British Israel prophecy. The Church is being given the image of idolatry and decadence as it is maneuvered to destruction seemingly without motivation.

-Dominacja BI na polu duchowosci (przez BrIs) robi koniecznosc pozbycia sie Rzymu i jego juz rozrzedzonego wplywu na swiecie.Do osiagniecia tego KK jest manipulowany do roli "Misterii Babilonu" dopasowujac go do proroctw BRIS (British Israel). Nadaje mu (KK) sie wyglad kultu balbochwalczego i dekadencji manewrujac w ten sposob w kierunku destrukcji, pozornie bez motywacji.Patrz:Rome is the new Babylon condemned by God /

Hidden behind the roar of the "great tribulation" is a design of the British Empire to emerge as the only world political and military power and its crowning achievement would be the emergence of the fake Christianity of British Israel as the only Saviour of mankind.

-Ukryty na tylach "wielkiej proby" plan BI, ma na celu stworzenie jedynej politycznej i militarnej sily swiatowej a jego koronnym osiagnieciem ma byc powstanie falszywego Chrzescijanstwa pod nadzorem BRIS jako jedynego Zbawiciela ludzkosci.

The puritanical innocence of Protestantism which can only see the Catholic Church as their enemy must somehow gain a moment of honesty. The hogwash of British Israel has developed a self conceit in Protestantism that amounts to gross hypocrisy in regard to the Catholic Church. They have been beguiled into an ideology of anti-Catholicism which is only a cover for British Israel and which finally will claim Protestantism also as its victim. British Israel is allied now with Protestantism only in the same sense that it is with Catholicism. It aims at conflict between the churches on the one hand and identity with them on the other, all calculated to bring them to ruin out of which the new faith of the Judaic-Christian State in universal unity will emerge. This is indeed a union of church and state.

-Purytanska niewinnosc Protestantyzmu ktory moze tylko widziec KK jako wlasnego wroga musi w jakis sposob osiagniac moment ukazania prawdy.BRIS uknula juz zarozumialosc w sobie Protestantyzmu to poziomu hypokryzji w stosunku do KK.Podstepnie wprowadzono w ich ideologie anty-Katolicyzm jako ukryte plany BRIS, ktore w efekcie maja obrucic sie przeciw im samym,traktujac Protestantyzm jako nastepna ofiare (wroga).Dzisiejszy alians BRIS z Protestantyzmem jest tego samego sensu co z Katolicyzmem. Zmierza on do zasiania konfliktu miedzy kosciolami,z jednej strony, i identyfikacji sie z nimi,z drugiej, jako kalkulacji w celu ich zruinowania,efektem czego bedzie powstanie nowej wiary Judeo-Chrzescijanskiego panstwa w uniwersalnej unii.Taka jest rzeczywista unia panstwa z kosciolem.

All Christians must realize the technique of British politics which has successfully accomplished the mystical displacement of the Empire from a material and military power to spiritual power.

-Wszyscy chrzescijanie musza zdawac sobie sprawe z techniki brytyjskiej polityki ktora sukcesywnie osiagnela mistyczne zastapienie materialnej i militarnej sily Imperium,nowa sila na polu duchowym.

In order to look at the blueprint of conquest of the British Empire we look again at the Scofield Bible. We notice a development of a resurrected Roman Empire as a "prophesied" future event. This so-called beast system of ten nations is emblematic of the ten toes of the image in Nebuchadnezzar's dream according to British Israel. In alliance with this beast system of nations is the Catholic Church (Mystery Babylon) and this "unholy" union is destined to attack Israel (Anglo-Saxondom and the Jews) and in the final battle of Armageddon God will deliver His people whom he has allowed to suffer in the "great tribulation." The now complete political power of the Empire is setting the world stage to enact what it hopes will be the final drama to usher in the new spiritual-economic order. Though political and military power are under the control and direction of the Empire they must solidify these gains with the establishment of the "spiritual Christian State" with a show of "Divine deliverance" to an apparently besieged Israel. This enactment of prearranged "prophecy" is designed to unify the spirit of mankind.

-Aby poznac plan podboju BI trzeba zajrzec do biblii Scofield'a. Zobaczymy tam ze planowane "zmartwychwstanie" Imperium Rzymskiego jest tam "prorokowane" jako zajscie w przyszlosci.Tzw. system bestii sklada sie z dziesieciu panstw i KK (jako Misteria Babilonu) jest w aliansie z tym systemem.Ta "niecna" unia ma byc przeznaczona w celu ataku na BRIS (Anglosasi i Zydzi) i w koncowej bitwie Armageddon Bog ma dac Jego ludziom (wybranym), poddanym cierpieniom w "w wielkiej probie", to co obiacal.Ta,kompletna teraz, polityczna sila Imperium,organizuje arene swiatowa do urzeczywistnienia tego co maja nadzeje ma byc koncowym dramatem

prowadzacym do nowego duchowo-ekonomicznego porzadku (swiata).Mimo ze polityczna i militarna sila Imperium jest pod kontrola i dyrekcja tejze wymaga to jeszcze umocnienia tych zwyciestw stworzeniem "duchowego Panstwa Chrzescijanskiego" i doprowadzenia do "Boskiego przeznaczenia" wyraznie otoczonego (i zagrozonego) panstwa Izraela.Ten akt urzeczywistnienia wczesniej zaaranzowanego "proroctwa" ma na celu unifikacje ducha ludzkosci.

In order to work this fakery the British Empire has infiltrated the Church with its Cabalistic Jews and Masons in order to give the Church the prophetic appearance of the harlot of mystery Babylon so that it can be "prophetically" destroyed. The illumined minds of Masonry visualize the end of their last opposition to their universal Masonic Republic.

-W celu urzeczywistnienia tego falszu, BI zinfiltrowala Kosciol swoimi Kabalistycznymi Zydami i Masonami aby nadac Kosciolowi wyglad rozpusnej mistyki Babilonu ktora ma byc "proroczo" zniszczona.Oswiecone glowy Masonerii wizualizuja koniec ich ostatniej opozycji na drodze do uniwersalnej Republiki Masonskiej.

The United States of Europe and later the Common Market is the nucleus of the planned "resurrected" Roman Empire. Another rape of Europe is planned with a Neo-Nazi type Germany at the helm of leadership. The German Nation and all Europe should come to the reality of the meaning of another fake nationalism under the sign of the Eagle and the Cross. The blood bath of World War II was a vindication of the blood suckers of the British Empire whose agents directed the proverbial "Rise and Fall of the Third Reich."

-Stany Zjednoczone Europy a wczesniej Wspolny Rynek jest jadrem planowanego "zmartchwychstania" Imperium Rzymskiego.Innym gwaltem Europy jest neo-nazi przywodztwo Niemiec.Narod Niemiecki i cala Europa powinni zrozumiec znaczenie innego falszywego nacjonalizmu spod znaku Orla i Krzyza.Przelew krwi II Wojny Swiatowej "usprawiedliwil" krwiopijcow BI ktorych agenci dyrygowali przyslowiowy "Wzlot i upadek III Rzeszy"

While we are harassed with the memory of the evil deeds of a misled German people who killed a mythical six million Jews, nothing is said of the multimillions of dead and destitute Germans who were maneuvered into self destruction with the cliches of race and nation under the leadership of a Judas Goat front man Hitler who must have known that the source of the Aryan Race bunk originated in the British Empire. Nazi Germany is a living example that the scheme of race and divine national origin is an ideology of power politics to move whole nations to their death..

-Podczas gdy jestesmy torturowani pamiecia zlych czynow wprowadzonych w blad Niemcow,ktorzy zamordowali mityczne szesc milionow Zydow, nic sie nie mowi o smierci i wyniszczeniu Niemcow wymanewrowanymi do samo-destrukcji sloganami nacji i rasy, pod przywodztwem marionetki Judasza,Hitlera,ktory musial wiedziec ze zrodlem atrapy "Rasa Aryjska" bylo BI.Nazistowskie Niemcy sa zywym przykladem ze za ideologia rasy i boskiego pochodzenia nacji lezy ideologia polityki sily w celu wprowadzenia narodow na droge ich zaglady.

THE UNION JACK Close observation will reveal the Jewishness" of the British Israel jewbaiters as they concoct a myth of "good" and "bad" jews. The "bad" jews it is claimed are the Asiatic Jews or Khazars and the "good" ones are the Sephardim or white jews. Well, both have the religion of Satan, the Talmud, and both have the same political and religious aspirations of the British Israel-Jew World State which is against our way of life.

-Bliska obserwacja THE UNION JACK (flaga brytyjska) odslania "Zjudaizowanie" BRIS jako "przynete na Zyda" mityzujac pojecia "dobrego" i "zlego" Zyda. "Zlym" Zydem ma byc Zyd Azjatycki albo Kazar,dobrym zas Sefardim,albo Zyd bialy.Obaj maja religie Szatana,Talmud, i obaj maja te same polityczne i religijne aspiracje Swiatowego Panstwa na bazie BRIS,co jest przeciwne naszemu sposobowi zycia.

It is quite obvious that the jew-baiters use their anti-judaism in a very controlled manner which is designed to stir up race hatred, civil chaos and mass hysteria. In the main of course the overriding purpose is to establish the British Israel-Jew state under the mantle of Christianity. Likewise the pro-neo-Judeo-Christianity is striving for the same goal.

-Widac dosyc wyraznie ze "Zyd na przynete" sposob uzywa ich anty-judaizmu w bardzo kontrolowany sposob w celu prowokowania nienawisci rasowej, publicznego chaosu i histerii mass.Uzycie wlasnego autorytetu do przeciwdzialania zjawiskom ma na celu zawiazanie BRIS-Zydowskiego Panstwa pod plaszczykiem Chrzescijanstwa.

W podobny sposob pro-neo-Judeochrzescijanstwo dazy do tego samego celu.

The jew-baiters launch their attacks upon the political conspiracy of JewCommunism but not one word against their spiritual conspiracy called the Kingdom of God on Earth. In fact most of the jew-baiters exhaust themselves promoting the spiritual lie of the Kingdom Message. A search for the meaning of the jew propaganda will reveal that its hidden purpose is to establish the spirit of Judaism in the name of Christ. While they claim religious tolerance they seek to dethrone Christ and usurp His kingdom. "Religious toleration" and the idea of "separation of church and state" are blinds behind which there is no toleration and church and state merge. The spiritual state becomes a reality built upon the captive minds which are prisoners to the kingdom propaganda of the jew-baiters.

-"Jew-baiters" (ci co uzywaja Zyda na przynete) atakuja polityczna konspiracje Zydokomuny ale nie wspomna slowem o duchowej konspiracji Krolestwa Boskiego na Ziemi.De facto,wiekszosc z nich (Jew-baiters) wyczerpuje sie propagujac duchowe klamstwo BRIS. Szukanie zawartosci propagandy zydowskiej odslania ze ich ukrytym celem jest zaszczepienie ducha Judaizmu w imieniu Chrystusa.Podczas gdy glosza tolerancje religijna detronizuja Chrystusa uzurpujac sobie Jego Krolestwo."Tolerancja religijna" i idea "separcjii panstwa i kosciola" jest wybiegiem za ktorym nie ma zadnej tolerancji a jest mariaz panstwa z kosciolem.Stan duchowosci staje sie realny ale zbudowany w porwanych umyslach wiezniow propagandy imperialistycznej tzw. jew-baiters.

The very fact that the jew-baiters both pro and anti establish that a fleshly jew exists, let alone that he is a people of God is blasphemy according to Revelation as stated above. The kingdom of God is a present reality for those who believe that Jesus is the Christ and that He is both God and Lord and the saviour of man from sin and death.

-Sam fakt ze "jew-baiters" sa "za a nawet przeciw" jest dowodem ze cielesny (fleshy) zyd egzystuje,pomijajac fakt ze to ze "jest czlowiekiem Boga"jest bluznierstwem wg. Objawienia.Krolestwo Boskie jest realne dla tych ktorzy wierza ze Jezus jest Chrystusem i jest zarowno Bogiem jak i Synem Bozym i rowniez zbawicielem czlowieka od grzechu i smierci.

British Israel is only baptised paganism whose every breath is dependent upon its identification with true Christianity. The work of the jew-baiters is to hide this truth. We must know their spirit before we can identify their treason. Their spirit is the kingdom of God on earth and their politics are to its attainment.

-BRIS jest jedynie chrzczonym poganstwem ktorego kazdy oddech jest zalezny od identyfikacji z prawdziwym Chrzescijanstwem.Zadaniem "jew-biters" jest ukrycie tej prawdy.Musimy poznac ich ducha zeby zidentyfikowac ich podstep.Ich duchem jest "Krolestwo Boske na Ziemi" a ich poltyka to ziszczenie ich ducha.

Some one hundred sixty years ago Talleyrand said that diplomats and politicians are paid to lie until the truth suffices to mislead their listeners. This is indeed the epitome of the double-think brainwash of British Israel and its army of paid jew-baiters. The hard worked "jew-communism" is a decoy from the Jew Kingdom Message of the Jew-baiters. Jew Communism is a base of operations from which to hammer in the permanent phase of world revolution which is the triumph of the "Christian state." The focusing of attention on Communism leads to a misunderstanding of its temporary nature as a catalyst to build the kingdom of God. Communism is only a political instrument to prod and direct wars and revolutions in harmony with the master plan of the spiritual plot. Fighting Communism as such promotes the spiritual counterfeit kingdom. Hence the harangues of the jew-baiters against Communism serve very well this reverse psychology. Communism has been expanded and enlarged so that the final anti-communist reaction will usher in the kingdom of God on earth. "Atheistic Communism must be defeated by the kingdom of God" so says the propaganda of British Israel. (Every time we refer to British Israel we mean at the same time Anglo-Israel).

-Jakis sto lat temu Talleyrand powiedzial ze dyplomaci i politycy maja placone za klamstwa w celu dezorientacji slychaczy,dokad prawda sie nie wyloni.Jest to typowy przyklad dualistycznej mysli ktora indoktrynuje BRIS i ich armia agentow ,platnych "jew-baiters".Ciezko spracowana "zydokomuna" jest tylko atrapa idei Zydo-Krolestwa

"jew-baiters".Zydokomuna jest baza operacyjna gdzie jest kute permanentne stadium rewolucji swiatowej,triumf "Panstwa Chrzescijanskiego".Koncentracja uwagi na Komunizmie prowadzi do niezrozumienia jego przejsciowego charakteru jako katalizatora w budowie "Krolestwa Boskiego"Komunizm jest jedynie politycznym instrumentem w inspiracji i kierowaniu wojen i rewolucji w harmonii z glownym planem duchowej intrygi. Walka z Komunizmem,jako taka, zacheca do duchowego falszerstwa krolestwa.W ten sposob glosne krzyki "jew-baiters" przeciw Komunizmowi sluza bardzo tej odwroconej psychologii.Komunizm ekspandowal tak bardzo, ze koncowa anty-komunistyczna reakcja prowadzic bedzie do "Krolestwa Boskiego na Ziemi" "Ateistyczny Komunizm musi byc pokonane krolestwem Boskim" mowi propaganda BRIS.

In the jew-bait trickery we must understand that ideologies are divided between created or fabricated political issues with the combatants all of one spirit. To understand this spirit we must dissect the etymology of the extra Biblical Christian State Kingdom of God on Earth, for herein is the plan of conquest by the British Empire.

--W machinacjach "jew-baiters" musimy zrozumiec ze ich ideologie sa podzielone miedzy kreowane albo fabrykowane czesci ich politycznej agendy ze wszystkimi

walczacymi w jednym duchu.Aby zrozumiec tego ducha musimy rozebrac etymologicznie "Biblijne Chrzescijanskie Panstwowe Krolestwo na Ziemi" tutaj bowiem lezy plan podboju przez BI.

Here also is the explanation of Masonic anti-judaism (politically) and Masonic anti-communism (politically) which is a farce to cover the progressive advance of the spiritual unity of all races and nations.

-Tutaj zawarte jest rowniez wyjasnienie Masonskiego anty-judaizmu (politycznie) i Masonskiego anty-komunizmu co jest farsa zaslaniajaca progresyjny awans duchowej unii ras i narodow.

The idea of spiritual power as a weapon of power politics is an imposing reality when we see how it has held the unity of the Catholic Church for centuries. This unity through spiritual power has crossed national boundaries while maintaining its direction from Rome. Though Catholics live in many nations their spiritual allegiance (to God) is through the Vatican and it is from this source that flows the administration of the Church. The spiritual unity of Catholicism has expressed itself in political matters in harmony with Church views.

--Idea sily duchowej jako broni w sile politycznej jest narzucajaca sie rzeczywistoscia kiedy widzimy jak utrzymywalo jednosc KK przez stulecia.Jednosc przez sile duchowa pokonala wszystkie granice otrzymujac dyrektywy z Rzymu.Mimo ze katolicy zyja w wielu panstwach,ich duchowa przynaleznosc (do Boga) kierowana jest przez Watykan i z tego zrodla administrowany jest KK.Duchowa jednosc Katolicyzmu wyrazila sie w sferze polityki,w harmonii z przekonianiami KK.

This is the exact scheme of spiritual control of the British Empire through British Israel. Its counterfeit messiah (to come) is the pope of British Israel. Its domain is the unification of all nations under the control of the "Christian State" and its name is the kingdom of God.

--I taki jest dokladnie schemat duchowej kontroli BI poprzez BRIS.Jego falszywy (oczekiwany) Mesjasz jest papiezem BRIS.Jego domena jest zjednoczenie wszystkich narodow "Panstwa Chrzescijanskiego" a jego nazwa "Krolestwo Boskie".

The cliches of religious freedom and brotherhood are fronts for the most diabolical plot of all time.

--Mantra wolnosci religijnej i braterstwa jest tylko frontem najbardziej diabolicznego spisku wszystkich czasow.

While we have talked about the spirit of British Israel we have not described its nature in detail. It is Talmudic Judaism based upon the degenerate worship of sex.

--Podczas gdy mowilismy o duchu BRIS nie opisalismy jego prawdziwej natury. Jest to Judaizm Talmudyczny oparty na degeneracyjnym czczeniu seksu.

How crystal clear that the god of British Israel is the British Empire Kingdom and that the god of the New Order is the British Empire

--Jak widac wyraznie, bogiem BRIS jest BI i bogiem Nowego Ladu jest tez BI.

The continuing process toward the World State Kingdom of God British Empire is understood only in terms of its progressive unification and synthesis of the biological, social, and SPIRITUAL evolution. The natural reaction of unification into a cosmic unity (universal) is conflict rather than harmony as seen in the present world situation. We note that the Nazi swastika has the occult meaning of fire. Fire is the symbol of destruction on one hand and the symbol of the life principle of generation on the other; hence we have the pattern of revolution which must move through world chaos to the kingdom of God. The political puppets of National Socialism and Communism are the destroyers of this social order after which the world is "reborn" into the cosmic Christ kingdom.

--Zachodzacy proces tworzenia Swiatowego Panstwa Krolestwa przez Boga BI jest zrozumialy tylko w terminologii jego progresywnej unifikacji i syntezy jego biologicznej,

socjalnej i DUCHOWEJ ewolucji.Naturalna reakcja unifikacji w jednosc uniwersalna jest konflikt raczej, niz harmonia,wnioskujac z obecnej sytuacji swiatowej.Zauwazmy ze nazi-swastyka ma okultystyczne znaczenie ognia.Ogien jest symbolem destrukcji,z jednej strony,i symbolem zasady zycia generacji,z drugiej strony, w czym lezy shemat rewolucji ktora zachodzi przez swiatowy chaos az do powstania "Krolestwa Boskiego". Polityczne marionetki Nazi-socjalizmu i Komunizmu sa niszczycielami porzadku socjalnego,po czym swiat sie "odrodzi" w postaci kosmicznego Krolestwa Chrystusowego.

The ideological and political reality of the Communist state was created and designed to forge the unification of the world through conflict. Anticommunism under the guise of patriotism was a planned contribution to this necessary conflict. According to a quotation of Professor John MacMurray on page 161 of the book THROUGH WORLD CHAOS TO THE COSMIC CHRIST he says "The separation of Communism and Christianity into conscious antagonism means that the kingdom of heaven is at hand." We know that the definition of Christianity used here is the kingdom of God of British Israel with the opposite meaning to the New Testament Christianity of Jesus Christ.

--Ideologiczna i polityczna rzeczywistosc Panstwa Komunistycznego byla zaplanowana i stworzona w celu zaplanowanej unifikacji swiata poprzez konflikty.

Antykomunizm w przebraniu patriotyzmu byl planowanym wkladem do nieodzownego konfliktu.Professor John Mc Murray, w ksiazce POPRZEZ CHAOS SWIATOWY DO KOSMICZNEGO CHRYSTUSA (THROUGH WORLD CHAOS TO THE COSMIC CHRIST) mowi "Separacja Komunizmu i Chrzescijanstwa w swiadomy konflikt znaczy ze krolestwo niebianskie jest w zasiegu reki".Wiemy ze definicja Chrzescijanstwa uzyta w tym wypadku jest "Krolestwo Boskie BRIS" co stoi w opozycji do Nowotestamentowego Chrzescijanstwa Jezusa Chrystusa.

The defense of "Christian Civilization" as so often stated by Winston Churchill is in fact the advancement of the British Empire under the name of kingdom of God. Churchill knew whereof he spoke when he said that he did not become Prime Minister to preside over the dissolution of the British Empire.

--Obrona "Chrzescijanskiej Cywilizacji" tak czesto uzywana przez Churchilla jest w istocie awans BI po nazwa "Krolestwo Boskie".Churchill wiedzial co mowi kiedy powiedzial ze nie zostal wybrany na Premiera zeby przewodzic rozbiorowi BI.

We cling to a word system that has taken on a completely new meaning. What was once truth becomes respectable treason. This was the hidden treason behind the apparent ultra Nationalism of Nazi Germany. Naziism was Judaism in the form of National Socialism and it was no less Jew than the Communism it opposed. Hitler blinded the people with jew-bait and insulted them to a man by his establishment of his Nazi-Jew State. Propaganda taught the German people the word Jew but it did not teach them to recognize its political form as it gave them temporary glory while it led them to destruction. The people did not correlate the jew-bait with the jew-plot of the Aryan Race Myth.

--Zblizamy sie slownictwa ktore przybralo calkowicie inne znaczenie.Co bylo kiedys prawda stalo sie respektowana zdrada.To byla ukryta zdrada ktora stala za jawnym ultranacjonalizmem Nazistowskich Niemiec. Nazizm byl Judaizmem w formie Nacjonalistycznego Socjalizmu i byl nie mniej zydowski niz Komunizm ktory stal w opozycji.

Hitler zaslepil ludzi swoim "jew-bait" i obrazil kazdego z nich tworzac swoje Nazi-Zydowskie Panstwo.Propaganda nauczyla Niemcow slowa Zyd, ale nie nauczyla ich odrozniac jego poltycznej formy ktora dala im chwilowa glorie, wiodaca do destrukcji.Ludzie nie znali korrelacji "jew-bait" z "jew-intryga" poprzez Mit Rasy Aryjskiej.

White Supremacy is an ideological weapon of Judaism but it appears under the auspices of Christianity and patriotism. British Israelism is Judaism with the name of Christianity and therefore we see clearly how the Jew-baiters work their wrath with impunity from Christianity on the one hand and with financing from the Jews on the other. They may be identified by their attacks upon the Jew and their consistent proclamation and promotion of Judaism whether it be Communism, anti-communism or the kingdom message.

--Supremacja bialej rasy jest ideologiczna bronia Judaizmu ale znana jest pod auspicjami Chrzescijanstwa i Patriotyzmu.BRIS jest Judaizmem pod nazwa Chrzescijanstwo,dlatego wyraznie mozemy zobaczyc jak "jew-baiters" wyzywaja swoja nienawisc bezkarnie przez Chrzescijanstwo,z jednej strony, i finansowanie przez Zydow,z drugiej strony.Mozna ich zidentyfikowac przez ataki na Zydow i proklamacje i promocje Judaizmu w postaci Komunizmu,anty-Komunizmu czy imperialnej przeslanki.

The development and expansion of Judaism under the name of Christianity is the essence of British Israelism. This semantic trick has given respectability to world revolution, making Christ its leader. It has enlisted the American Churches to forge its propaganda upon the spirit of the people, changing their loyalty to the Supranational Kingdom of God, all in the name of Christianity. We must readopt the name Judaism to fit the substance of the World Kingdom religion, and we can do this by discerning the spirit of British Israel. If our concept of Christianity and patriotism is inconsistent with the origin of its meaning then we must expect betrayal. The Kingdom of God on Earth is Judaism, not Christianity nor patriotism.

--Rozwoj i ekspansja Judaizmu pod nazwa Chrzescijanstwa jest esencja BRIS.Ten semantyczny trick dal respektacje dla rewolucji swiatowej,robiac Chrystusa jej liderem.

Zaangazowal Kosciol Amerykanski do wkuwania ich propagandy w ducha jego ludzi,zmieniajac ich lojalnosc dla Supranacjonalistycznego Krolestwa Boskiego w imieniu Chrzescijanstwa.Musimy ponownie zaadoptowac nazwe Judaizm zeby pasowala substancja do religii Swiatowego Krolestwa i zrobic to mozemy wskazujac na prawdziwego ducha BRIS.Jesli nasz koncept Chrzescijanstwa i Patriotyzmu nie zgadza sie ze znaczeniem oryginalnym wtedy mozemy spodziewac sie zdrady.Krolestwo

Boskie na Ziemi jest Judaizmem, nie Chrzescijanstwem czy Patriotyzmem.

The conflict of nations and races is promoted in order to unify the exhausted society into a complete homogenization.

--Konflikt narodow i ras jest jest napedzany w celu jednoczenia wyczerpanego spoleczenstwa robiac go calkowicie homogennym.

"When world history is presented in the light of its ultimate reality it will appear as the record of the operation of a Divine Plan of Interference in the disastrous course of age-long human effort...Out of chaos cometh new order!" On page 19 he says, "The Divine Plan of Interference is revealed as operating according to a Special Law of Intrusion into the working of Natural Law in physical being, with the ultimate purpose that humanity should be 'shaken' into operative harmony with the perfection of God's Creation." We recognize this as an attempt to merge Heaven and earth in the minds of men, and we see that it is the task of the Kingdom Message propaganda to create the belief that such is the plan and purpose of God.

---W w/w ksiazce (THROUGH WORLD CHAOS TO COSMIC CHRIST) mozemy przeczytac:"Kiedy historie swiata zaprezentujemy w swietle jego koncowej rzeczywistosci,

ukaze sie zapis dzialania Planu Boskiej ingerencji w nieszczesliwy kurs tysiacletnich ludzkich wysilkow..Z chaosu wyloni sie nowy porzadek"; "Ten Boski Plan ingerencji

ukaze sie w akcji zgodnie ze Specjalnym Prawem Zaklucenia Naturalnego Prawa Fizyki, z koncowym celem dla ludzkosci ktora powinna sie otrzasnac do harmonii z perfekcja Boskiej Kreacji." Poznajemy wiec probe polaczenia Niebios z Ziemia w umyslach ludzi, widzac zadanie propagandy Krolewskiej Przeslanki to stworzenia wiary w to ze taki jest plan i cel Boga.

British Israel propaganda has changed the meaning of our language so that our thought patterns are inconsistent with our intentions. This is the strategy of dividing a man against himself and subverting a nation with the use of ultra nationalism and patriotism. This reverse pattern of subversion is an illusion which moves a nation backward toward internationalism at exactly the same speed as the apparent progression of nationalism (Constitutionalism)

--Propaganda BRIS zmienila znaczenie naszego jezyka tak ze nasze mysli nie zgadzaja sie z naszymi intencjami..Jest to strategia oddzielania czlowieka od samego siebie i obalania narodu przy uzyciu ultra-nacjonalizmu i patriotyzmu.Odwrocony charakter subwersji jest iluzja ktora pcha narod do tylu, w kierunku internacjonalizmu w doslownie takim samym takcie jak istotny progres nacjonalizmu (konstytucjonalizmu).

Civilization (through British Israel propaganda) has the hidden meaning of a collective world state or the so-called Christian State; therefore when the term Christian Civilization is used (even with the intent based upon individual salvation through Christ) it betrays its user to British Israel and the effect of his efforts is subversion.

--Cywilizacja (w/g propagandy BRIS) ma ukryte znaczenie kolektywnego panstwa swiatowego albo tzw. Panstwa Chrzescijanskiego; dlatego kiedy okreslenie Cywilizacja Chrzescijanska jest uzyte (nawet z zawartoscia oparta na indywidualnym zbawieniu przez Chrystusa) zdradza uzywajacego do BRIS i efekty jego usilowan sa subwersja.

Another example of this chicanery is the use of the word "Jew" as a basis to establish a racial theory as a Biblical concept of salvation. The Jew in a fleshly racial sense does not exist and never has from Old Testament times until the second appearance of Christ at the consummation of the final age of the Gospel (kingdom of God). The only true application of Jew should be Pharisee based upon the religion or belief of the tradition of Rabbinism and Talmudism. Therefore our use of Jew (and we use it thusly because the world would not otherwise understand) refers to a religious sect based upon Luciferianism. One is not born a fleshly Jew but he becomes a Jew by virtue of his beliefs. Jew as used in the Old Testament referred to the people of a nation of certain locality.

--Innym przykladem tego iluzjionizmu jest uzycie slowa ZYD jako podstawe do zawiazania teorii rasizmu jako biblijnego konceptu zbawienia. Zyd w cielesnym rasowym sensie nie egzystuje i nigdy nie egzystowal od czasu Starego Testamentu az do drugiego ukazania sie Chrystusa przy skompletowaniu konca ery Ewangelii (Krolestwa Boskiego),Jedynym prawdziwym uzyciem slowa Zyd winno byc slowo Faryzeusz,oparte na religii czy tradycyjnych wierzeniach Rabinizmu i Talmudyzmu.Dlatego tez nasze uzywanie slowa ZYD ( a uzywamy tylko dlatego ze swiat inaczej by nie zrozumial) nawiazuje do religijnej sekty opartej o Lucyferianizm. Zyd nie rodzi sie z krwi i kosci,ale staje sie nim z powodu wiary/przekonan. Zyd,jak uzyte w Starym Testamencie, nawiazuje do ludzi narodu/nacji o pewnej lokalizacji.

It was circumcision not race under the Mosaic Economy that constituted one a true Israelite (Genesis 17:9-14), and of the seed of Abraham but this fact is never revealed in the racial theories of British Israel. (Let us hurriedly inject that the myth of racial purity is more of this double dimension trickery to cause cleavages and sub groups and nations because the most emphatic aim of this hypocrisy is the amalgamation of all races, religions and creeds into a subservient collective zombie. Race purity is only bait to cause conflict.) To further explode the Jew-race myth we quote from Esther 8:17 ..."And many of the people of the land BECAME Jews: for the fear of the Jews fell upon them." Therefore a valid attack upon the fleshly "Jew" must be related to his Devil religion whereas conversely the sham racial attacks upon the so-called Jew by the propaganda of British Israel (alias National Socialism, alias Communism) contributes to the conflict of world revolution. A Jewish race never existed and any approach for or against this mythical Jew is political intrigue wrapped in Biblical language.

---Obzezanie nie rasa decydowalo o zaliczniu do grona prawdziwych Izraelitow (Geneza 17:9-14) i potomstwo Abrahama,fakt nigdy nie zdradzony w rasistowskich teoriach

BRIS. Mit czystosci rasy jest innym przykladem tego iluzjonizmu w celu spowodowania rozlamu,podgrup i pod-nacji,poniewaz godnym podkreslenia celem tej hipokryzji jest amalganizacja ras,religii i wiar w jeden poddanczy kolektywny zombi.Czystosc rasowa jest tylko "jew-bait" do spowodowania konfliktu. Inna zawartoscia podwazajaca

mit rasy zydowskiej jest zawartosc w Esther 8:17..."I wielu z ludzi narodu /land/ STALO SIE Zydami: strach przed Zydami pad na nich" A wiec, faktyczny atak na Zyda z krwi i kosci musi byc przypisany jego religii Diabla,podczas gdy falszywy rasistowski atak na tzw. Zyda trzeba przypisac propagandzie BRIS (alias Nazism,alias Komunizm) wszystko w celu konfliktow rewolucji swiatowej. Rasa zydowska nigdy nie istniala i kazde podejscie do lub przeciw mitycznemu zydowi jest polityczna intryga przybrana biblijnym jezykiem.

The millennial cult which promotes the chosen of God Jew heresy is promoting the religion of Satan and his aspiration of the fake messianic kingdom which has identified Rabbinism for ages and which originated the plot and crucifixion of our Saviour. The other side of this dual plot which accuses what it terms the Jew race of anti-Christ is promoting this very Talmudic rabbinical Millennialism which in both cases is the unification (through conflict) of mankind into a hoax Christian State.

--Kult millenijny ktory propaguje herezje "wybranego przez Boga zyda" propaguje religie Szatana i jego aspiracje falszywego mesjanistycznego krolestwa ktore zidentyfikowalo Rabinizm od wiekow i ktore zapoczatkowalo spisek i ukrzyzowanie naszego Zbawiciela.Druga strona tego podwojnego spisku ktory oskarza, jak to on nazywa rase zydowska anty-chrysta jest propagujaca Talmudyczny Rabinistyczny Millennializm, ktory w obu wypadkach jest unifikacja (poprzez konflikt) ludzkosci w

falszywe Chrzescijanskie Panstwo.

One must be outside of this pincers movement (toward unity) to see that it is not a divided effort against Christ's people. We have to know its spirit to see that it is "the blasphemy of them who say they are the Jews and are not."

--Trzeba byc poza tym ruchem (w kierunku unifikacji) zeby widziec ze nie jest on podzielony w zmaganiach przeciw ludziom Chrystusa.Musimy znac jego ducha zeby widziec ze jest to "bluznierstwo tych ktorzy mowia ze sa zydami,a nimi nie sa"

The Jew-race is a Jewish fable that turns men from the truth. St. Paul says in Galatians 1:13-14, "I profited in the Jew's religion above many my equals in mine own nation." He did not say he was of a Jew-race.

--Rasa zydowska jest zydowska bajka ktora odbiera ludziom prawde. Sw.Pawel mowi w Galatians 1:13-14, " Profitowalem na religii Zydow,ponad wieloma moimi rowiesnikami w moim wlasnym narodzie".Nie powiedzial ze byl rasy zydowskie

Another example of this paradox-harmony ideology may be clearly seen in the propaganda of Christ versus anti-Christ. What was once a legitimate concept of Christianity which referred to the spirit of Satan versus Christ has come to be understood through the brainmould of British Israel as two political rulers fighting over control of the nations. This is another example of dividing the same ideology into two fake opposites containing no truth in either. Propaganda competes against itself to control all thought.

--Inny przyklad "paradoks-harmonia" ideologii mozna zobaczyc w propagandzie Chrystus vs anty-Chryst.Co bylo kiedys poprawnym konceptem Chrzescijanstwa,w odniesieniu do ducha Szatana vs Chrystusowego,jest dzisiaj rozumiane przez BRIS jako dwie polityczne sily walczace o kontrole nad narodami.Jest to nastepnym przykladem podzialu tej samej ideologii na falszywe dwie opozycje,bez zadnej w nich zawartej prawdy.Propaganda konkuruje sama z soba w kontroli mysli.

The Christ of British Israel is the Cosmic Christ; the collective totality of the human race. Therefore the purpose of the anti-Christ propaganda is the force designed to solidify and unify the "Christ" and the "Christian State." We must see then that the use of the term antichrist versus Christ is the apostasy of British Israel and conveys its purpose and extends its domain wherever used without clarification. Therefore the myth of Christian Civilization is a front for the somewhat narrower concept of Western Civilization which in turn is the mantle for the plot to establish the "Christian State." We must know its spirit to understand its purpose which is the treason of British Israel.

--Chrystus w BRIS jest Chrystusem Kosmicznym; kolektywna totalnosc rasy ludzkiej.Dlatego celem propagandy anty-Chrysta jest sila zaplanowana dla umocnienia i zunifikowania pojecia "Chrystus" i "Panstwo Chrystusowe".Musimy zobaczyc ze pojecie Chrystus vs anty-Chryst jest apostazja (odstepstwem) BRIS niosacym wlasny cel i zwiekszajacym swoja domene tam gdzie uzyte bez wyjasnienia.Dlatego mit Cywilizacji Chrzescijanskiej jest frontem nieco wezszego konceptu Cywilizacji Zachodniej,

ktory,jako taki,jest plaszczykiem pod ktorym siedzi spisek zalozenia "Panstwa Chrzescijanskiego".Musimy poznac jego ducha aby zrozumiec jego cel,ktorym jest zdrada

(podstep) BRIS.

The social justice of the British Israel Kingdom of God is not the Gospel of Christ but its movement within the language and form of the decalogue has established a phony Christianity which in essence and in spirit is a genuine hate of Jesus Christ. It is Satanic in its deceit and has beguiled almost the whole of once Orthodox Christianity into its fold. All social and political phenomena is organized to bulldoze humanity into this ultimate triumph of Satan's Christian State.

---Socjalna sprawiedliwosc "Krolestwa Boskiego" w BRIS nie jest Ewangielia Chrystusa, a ruch, ze swoim jezykiem i forma dekalogu,zawiazal niby-Chrzescijanstwo,ktore esencja i duchem, niesie prawdziwa nienawisc do Chrystusa.Jest to Szatanskie w swoim podstepie i podstepem wciagnelo cale,kiedys Ortodoksyjne Chrzescijanstwo w

swoja calosc.Wszystkie spoleczne i polityczne zjawiska organizowane sa dla wepchniecia ludzkosci w koncowe Szatanskie Panstwo Chrzescijanskie.

All is set to appear as "Divine intervention" to save a butchered and bewildered world from itself.This occult theocracy is the aim and purpose of the propaganda that we hear so much about. It is the "Divine Plan" of Lucifer to merge Heaven and earth and it is the work of British Israel to establish this spirit.

---Wszystko jest robione zeby wygladalo na "Boska interwencje" ktora ma ocalic wykrwawiony i zdezorientowany swiat od siebie samego.Ta okultystyczna theokracja

jest celem i zamiarem,dlatego tak duzo o niej slyszymy.Jest to "Plan Boski" Szatana polaczenia Niebios z Ziemia a dzialalnoscia BRIS jest zaszczepienie tego ducha.

The internationalist-led United States Government has soaked the earth of foreign lands with American blood in what they describe as containment of Communism. We say this to demonstrate that all ideology, under whatever political name, is controlled. The alignment of an individual or nation under any version is captivity to the same.

---Miedzynarodowy Rzad Stanow Zjednoczonych skrwawil ziemie obcych panstw krwia Amerykanow, panstw obarczonych Komunizmem.Mowimy to zeby zademonstrowac ze wszystkie ideologie,baz wzgledu na polityczna nazwe, sa kontrolowane.Dopasowanie sie jednostki czy narodu do jakiejkolwiek wersji jest byc jej poddanym.

The political framework of the "Christian State" is now complete , providing the basis for the freedom of movement of the Supranational "Christian State" with its kingdom message propaganda. That politically independent nations exist in name only is proved in their absolute conformity to the blueprint of "prophecy" of British Israel. None are allowed to express themselves in opposition to the Supranational force which hangs over them like the sword of Damocles. They are powerless before the transcendent power of the British kingdom which insults them with its extra-legal existence and its intrusion into their internal affairs. It has forced its extra-legality upon all nations allowing no objections to its propaganda and no inquiries into its sovereignty. Its army of Masonry dedicated to the task of the "Christian State" carries out whatever act it is directed to do. They are dedicated to God and country: their God is collective humanity and their country is the world.

---Polityczne ramy "Panstwa Chrzescijanskiego" sa juz kompletne dostarczajac postaw dla wolnosci ruchu tego ponadnarodowego "Panstwa Chrzescijanskiego" z jego propaganda "krolewskiej przeslanki".Politycznie niezaleznie panstwa egzystuja tylko z nazwy,czego dowodem jest ich zgodnosc z agenda "proroctwa" BRIS.Zadne z nich nie ma prawa do wypowiedzenia sie opozycyjnie sile ponadnarodowej,ktora wisi nad nimi jak miecz Damoklesa.Sa bezsilne przed transcedentalna sila BI, ktore obraza je swoja ekstra-legalna obecnoscia i swoja ingerencja w ich wewnetrzne sprawy.Sila ta narzucila swoja ekstra-legalnosc na wszystkie narody nie zezwalajac na zadne objekcje ich propagandy i zadania suwerennosci.Jej masonska armia,poswiecona zadaniom "Panstwa Chrzescijanskiego" wciela w zycie wszystkie dyrektywy,jakie tylko dostaja.Sa oddani Bogu i narodowi:ich Bogiem jest ludzki kolektyw a panstwem caly swiat.

The God-State kingdom has a system of international law (intrigue) which regulates nations and populations while it exempts itself from punishment of its crimes of genocide. It is this extra-legal state of existence which removes the British kingdom outside the scope of national authority and proves in the same instance its state of being as a colossal world superstate.

---Te Boskie Panstwo-Krolestwo ma system prawa miedzynarodowego (intryg) ktora reguluje narody i populacje,podczs gdy samo nie podlega zadnej karze za swoje przestepstwa ludobojstwa.Wlasnie ten ekstra-legalny stan istnienia wyklucza BI poza sfere autorytetu narodowego i jednoczesnie dowodzi stan jej istnienia jako kolosalne swiatowe superpanstwo.

To investigate further the meaning and direction of the double think conflict-harmony language of revolution we look for a moment at the identical twin of materialism versus religion. Generally speaking we understand material as substance and religion as thought (belief in a God). In the case of British Israel, religion is a faith in materialism and not opposite to it at all.Materialism is the creation and the worship of the creation is the religion of the kingdom evangelism which is the deification of that creation through unification of the human race into harmony with the natural order. The blending of the race with nature is the pantheistic materialism of the kingdom of God religion. It is this aspect which unites all paganism against the Divine revelation of Christianity.

---Zeby zbadac dalej znaczenie i kierunek podwojnej mysli-konflikt vs harmonia, jezyka rewolucji,musimy spojrzec an moment na identyczna "dwojke",czyli na materializm vs religia.Generalnie mowiac pod pojeciem materialu (materii) rozumiemy substancje,a religii jako mysli (wiare w Boga). W pojeciu BRIS,religia jest wiara w materie

(materializm) i nic innego.Materializm jest kreacja (czlowieka) a czczenie tej kreacji jest religia ewangelii krolestwa (czym jest deifikacja kreacji przez unifikacje ludzkosci w harmonii z naturalnym porzadkiem).Zmieszanie rasy ludzkiej z natura jest panteistycznym materializmem religii "Krolestwa Boskiego".Ten wlasnie aspekt jednoczy cale poganstwo przeciw Boskiemu Objawieniu Chrzescijanstwa.

World plunder through thought control is the strategy of British Israel and it has accomplished most under the auspices of "Freedom of the Press" and "Freedom of Speech." These freedoms are peculiar only to the distributors of propaganda and no inquest is aired beyond the limits of thought control. The exchange of information among a very limited fraction of one percent of the population is of no consequence in its effect upon the movement of millions via the "free press."

---Plundrowanie swiata poprzez kontrole mysli jest strategia BRIS i jest dokonywane pod auspicjami "Wolnosci Prasy" i "Wolnosci Mowy".Wolnosci te sa szczegolne tylko dla dystrybutorow propagandy..Wymiana informacji w ramach bardzo ograniczonej frakcji (1% populacji) jest bez zadnej konsekwencji do efektu informacji milionow przez tzw."wolna prase".

The use of this control has enabled the British Empire to almost completely submerge its physical power from the eyes of the world as it has increased its spiritual power.

Such a conspiracy is not credible within the thought processes of even the most educated who have been told for three hundred years that theirs is a free country. There is simply no inner imperative to question that history just might not be a natural process, let alone that it is being forged and guided with definiteness.

---Uzycie tej kontroli umozliwilo BI do prawie calkowitego ukrycia ich fizycznej mozliwosci przed oczami swiata,zwiekszajac ich sile duchowa.Konspiracja ta nie moze byc zrozumiana procesem myslowym nawet najbardziej wyksztalconych ktorym wmawiano przez trzysta lat ze ich panstwa sa wolne.Nie ma zadnego waznego powodu zeby kwestionowac ze historia moze nie byla procesem naturalnym, nie mowiac juz ze byla kuta i kierowana ze zdecydowaniem.

The pretense of nationalism is like the fiction called history. Nationalism is nominal and the conflict between pretended nationalisms is the process of synthesis or unification. Prefabricated nationalisms do not serve their subjects; they serve the international chess game of "wars and rumors of wars" to grind the nations into amalgamation. "Out of chaos cometh the new order."

---Udawany nacjonalizm jest jak fikcja zwana historia.Nacjonalizm jest nominalny a konflikt miedzy artyficjalnymi nacjonalizmami jest procesem syntezy albo jednoczenia.

Prefabrykowane nacjonalizmy nie sluza swym podmiotom; sluza miedzynarodowej partii szachow pod nazwa "plotki o wojnie i wojny" mielace narody dla lepszej amalgamacji (laczenia). "Z chaosu wyloni sie nowy porzadek"

The interplay of events in the natural order are allowed but God has not ordained the deification of the state. The true kingdom of God shall never be the kingdom of earth.

---Wspoldzialanie wydarzen w naturalnym porzadku jest dozwolone, Bog nie rozkazal deifikacji panstwa.Prawdziwe "Krolestwo Boskie" nigdy nie bedzie ziemskim.

The true kingdom of God is not a "judgment of the nations"--it is happiness and joy in the Holy Spirit. It is God's revelation (not His creation) which leads man to salvation through Christ.There is no teaching in the Holy Scripture which supports or predicts a return to the materialism of British Israel-Judaism. This subtle heresy which parades as Christianity and evangelizes the world in preparation for a world state is an insulting repudiation of New Testament Christianity and it is the invisible and moving spirit of world revolution.

---Prawdziwe "Krolestwo Boskie" nie jest "sadzeniem narodow"- jest to szczescie i zadowolenie w Duchu Swietym.Jest to Boskie Objawienie-nie Jego twor-ktore prowadz czlowieka do zbawienia przez Chrystusa.Nie ma nauk w Pismie Swietym ktore by popieraly czy przewidywaly powrot do materializmu Judaizmu BRIS.Subtelna herezja paradujaca pod nazwa Chrzescijanstwo i ewangelizujaca swiat przygotowujac go do Panstwa Swiatowego uwlaczajacym zaprzeczeniem prawdy Chrzescijanstwa Nowego Testamentu i jest niewidocznym duchem rewolucji swiatowej.

Constant bombardment of British Israel propaganda changes the spirit and allegiance of a people from national to international without their being aware of it. It is a process of alienation which separates a people from their sense of values making it impossible for them to recognize any distinction in nationalism and internationalism.

---Stale bombardowanie propagandy BRIS zmienia ducha i przynaleznosc ludzi z narodowej do miedzynarodowej, bez ich swiadomosci.Jest to proces alienacji ktory separuje ludzi od ich pojecia wartosci robiac rozpoznanie dystynkcji nacjonalizmu i internacjonalizmu niemozliwym.

British Israel propaganda is maneuvering mental involuntary servitude to the World State under the guise of social justice.

---Propaganda BRIS manewruje mentalnie w kierunku nieswiadomej sluzby dla Panstwa Swiatowego pod pozorem sprawiedliwosci spolecznej.

British Israel has rehabilitated Rabbinical Judaism very successfully under the paraphernalia of Christianity so that Christianity as most Americans know it today is Judaism. The jew-baiters say that jew-communism is a threat to America. The threat is that Americans have become jews (Pharisees) through the spirit of British Israel. The danger has never been so much that jews become Americans as Americans become jews through the spiritual deceit of British Israel; the first is citizenship and the latter is the faith of Rabbinism. The changing of the faith through British Israel propaganda has changed the allegiance to the world state. The spirit of this world state is Rabbinical Talmudic Judaism, the instrumentality is Masonry, the framework of the world kingdom is the British Empire and the ultimate reality is the unification of body and spirit under the pseudo Christian Theocratic World Government.

---BRIS zrehabilitowal Rabinistyczny Judaizm z sukcesem pod ich "osobistym" Chrzescijanstwem,tak ze wiekszosc Amerykanow (tylko?) wie ze dzisiaj jest to Judaizm.

"Jew-baiters" glosza ze zydokomuna jest zagrozeniem dla Ameryki.Grozba jednak jest ze Amerykanie (tylko?) stali sie dzisiaj Zydami-Faryzeuszami,dzieki duchowi BRIS.Niebezpieczenstwo ze zydzi stana sie Amerykanami,nigdy nie bylo takie wielkie jak to ze Amerykanie stana sie zydami-przez duchowy postep BRIS; pierwsze jest obywatelstwo,nastepnie wiara rabinistyczna.Zmiana wiary przez propagande BRIS zmienila przynaleznosc do Panstwa Swiatowego.Duchem tego panstwa jest Rabinistyczny Talmudyczny Judaizm, narzedziem jest Masoneria,ramy krolestwa swiatowego BI a koncowa realnosc jest jednosc ducha i ciala pod pseudonimem Chrzescijansko-Teokratyczny Rzad Swiatowy.

The belief in the materialistic millennial kingdom of God-British Empire is a disease of the conscience and the Empire has used its British Israel propaganda to mould the mind of man to believe that "Christ is the answer." Who is the Christ of this seemingly innocent barbarism? It is the messiah of a Judaized world -- the deification of mankind collectively. The true spirit of British Israel is a materialistic paganism foisted and forced upon America and the world in the name of Jesus Christ.

---Wiara w materialistyczne milennijne krolestwo BI jest choroba swiadomosci i Imperium uzylo propagandy BRIS do uformowania umyslu ludzi zeby zrozumieli ze:

"Chrysus jest odpowiedzia". Kim jest Chrystus dla tego pozornie niewinnego barbarzynstwa? Jest mesjaszem Judaistycznego swiata,kolektywnym uswieceniem ludzkosci.Prawdziwym duchem BRIS jest materialistyczne poganstwo sila narzucone na Ameryke i swiat,w imieniu Chrystusa.

The kingdom message pseudo- Christianization is a cloud over the world which provides the spirit of the conflict and the spirit of the resulting synthesis of the Phariseeic kingdom of God. The kingdom of God millennial Phariseeism not only provides the spirit of world revolution, it provides the smoke to smother the truth that the synthetic kingdom of God of British Israel is the British Empire.

---Krolewska przeslanka pseudo-Chrzescijanstwa jest chmura nad swiatem ktora dostarcza ducha konfliktu i ducha syntetycznego Faryzeuszowego Krolestwa Boskiego.

Krolestwo to nie tylko dostarcza ducha rewolucji swiatowej,dostarcza rowniez dymu do wygladzania prawdy ze syntetyczne Krolestwo Boskie BRIS jest Imperium Brytyjskim (BI)

The work of British Israel is to Judaize the world by fabricating the belief that Heaven is here upon earth. The crystalization of this spirit increases in direct proportion to the amount of fake Christianization that is administered to the world. The more this neo-Christianity can be advertised and promoted the closer the world comes to benevolent despotism. The world is being moved away from Christ in His name -- this is the spirit of British Israel.

---Zadaniem BRIS jest judaizowac swiat przez febrykacje wierzenia ze Niebo jest tutaj na Ziemi.Krystalizacja tego ducha zwieksza sie wprost proporcjonalnie do ilosci podawanego swiatu falszywego Chrzescijanstwa.Im wiecej bedzie naglasniane i popierane to neo-Chrzescijanstwo tym swiat bedzie blizej "milego" despotyzmu.Swiat oddala sie od Chrystusa, w Jego imieniu-taki jest duch BRIS.

Russian Communism and American Democracy are allies in their efforts to crush any would be opponent of the kingdom of God-British Empire. The "patriotism" of the British Israel jew-baiters means allegiance to the kingdom of God-British Empire and counterfeit nationalisms are only a means to this end. Stalin said in his address at Sverdlov University in April, 1924 "The combination of the Russian revolutionary sweep with American efficiency is the essence of Leninism in Party and State work." (cf: Leninism by J. Stalin, Lawrence and Wishart, London. 1940, Authorized Trans; p 85). Of course he did not state that the puppet fight of Americanism versus Communism is designed to build the Pharisee-Christian State and that its intent is to purge the apostolic faith from the face of the earth.

---Komunizm rosyjski i amerykanska demokracja sa aliantami w wysilku zniszczenia kazdego ktory oponowal by sie Boskiemu Imperium Brytyjskiemu."Patriotyzm" BRIS

"jew-baiters" znaczy poddanstwo Krolestwu BI a pseudo-nacjonalizm jest tylko srodkiem do celu.W kwietniu 1924r, na Uniwersytecie Swierdlowa,nie kto inny jak Stalin,powiedzial: "Kombinacja czystki Rewolucji Pazdziernikowej i amerykanska wydajnosc jest esencja Leninizmu w dzialaniu Partii i Panstwa.Oczywiscie nie powiedzial ze niby walka Amerykanizmu z Komunizmem jest zaplanowana do budowania Panstwa Faryzeo-Chrzescijanskiego a jej zawartoscia jest oczyszczenie swiata z wiary apostolskiej.

The monotonous dogmatism of "Jesus is coming" is a shadow over the Jesus Christ Who has come. It is a constant bombardment of the idea that the mission of the Messiah is yet to be -- that the hope of the world is a paradise earth against salvation of man from sin and death.

---Monotoniczny dogmatyzm w "Jezus nadchodzi" jest cieniem na Jezusa, Ktory juz przyszedl.Jest to stale bombardowanie idea ze misja Mesjasza jest jeszcze przed nami, ze nadzieja tego swiata jest Ziemski Raj a nie wybawienie czlowieka od grzechu i smierci.

British Israel has the form of Christianity and the spirit of Satan; it exalts the name and denies the power. It is heresy and it is world revolution.

---BRIS ma forme Chrzescijanstwa i ducha Szatana; egzaltuje imie a zabiera sile.Jest to herezja i rewolucja swiatowa.

This drawing shows how the British Empire directs world revolution from America and Russia and how the pitched fight between Russia and America is designed to merge into the New Order or New Age. People will believe that it is a Christian Theocracy or Government of God. This is the World Government that Tom Anderson and Robert Welch and the whole phony conservative movement are working for and fronting for. Watch their tongue twisting. Robert Welch says he wouldn't be opposed to an honestly intended world federation of states. He is talking about the British Israel kingdom of God on earth.

---Ta broszurka pokazuje jak BI dyryguje rewolucja swiatowa z Ameryki i Rosji i jak ta niby walka miedzy Rosja i Ameryka zakonczyc ma sie stworzeniem Nowego Ladu,

Nowej Ery.Lud ma uwierzyc ze bedzie to Teokracja Chrzescijanska lub Rzady Boga.Jest to ten Rzad Swiatowy dla ktorego Tom Anderson i Robert Welch i pseudo-konserwatywny ruch pracuja,nadajac mu pozory wiarygodnosci.Robert Welch mowi ze nie oponowalby rzetelnemu zamiarowi stworzenia Federacji Panstw.Mowi wiec o "Krolestwie Boskim na Ziemi",projekcie BRIS.

The British Israel movement is Masonic and it is Communism.

---Ruch BRIS jest ruchem masonskim i komunistycznym.<

I hope it may be of any use for you.

Kind regards


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