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Prologue to The Union Jack

by Anonymous (mistakenly attributed to Helen Peters)
Published ca. 1970, Posted June 19, 2006

From The Union Jack

Will it be said by future generations that this nation died without suspecting the cause of its mortal sickness?

It requires approximately one thousand minutes to read this volume, after which the reader will reject or accept it, as it is no haven for neutrals and no camouflage for treason. It is intended that this revelation will force upon the reader an unequivocal division of the issues pertaining to a suffering world; that he may penetrate the deeper meaning of world revolution from which he will find himself on one side or the other. It will, it is hoped, remove the veil of imaginary patriotism and catapult the reader from his state of euphoria into the conscious reality of the spiritual power that has moulded him into a mental zombie.

This is not a justification for the preconditioning of the American people but a challenge to it. It is most definitely not an essay on the social evils of a collective world state but is an analysis of its spirit of subterfuge.

Seeing that Christianity could not be consumed by so many and great persecutions, but from them instead the impetus to "fill the whole earth," the workers of wrath have attacked the conscience of the world by fabricating a counterfeit Christianity. More deceptively however, they have added the dimension of feigned persecution to their stratagem of "Fundamental Christianity," the reaction to which is to deceive humanity into a world social state in the name of Jesus Christ. Americans will be surprised to learn that America is being used as the major incubator of this neo-orthodox Christianity which is not antagonistic to Marxian Communism at all, but is indeed the spirit of it.

It is this spiritual Communism in the guise of Christianity that is to emerge as the crowning achievement of world revolution.


This book is solemnly dedicated to two great women, Helen P. Lasell and Catherine P. Baldwin. Their research and writings lead to the hidden architect of the American captivity--the British Empire.

This is a time of treason when men rise up as patriots so as to become traitors. Nothing has been left undone to hide the truth from the American people. The work of these two patriots is little known and every effort to discredit and destroy their invaluable work has been carried out.

The worth to American freedom of these women cannot be measured but it has only come to the attention of a precious few. The time is already come that bears positive proof that their appraisal of conspiracy, its sources and trends are accurate and any honest contender for knowledge can only come to the same conclusions if the vital link of their efforts can be supplied. This is an humble effort toward that end. May they rest in peace.


In this discourse we shall demonstrate the incredibility that the British Empire is the source of the world's agony and that it has disguised this fact to the millions of humanity that it controls. While the Empire has advanced what Americans understand as international Communism with increased momentum since World War II, it has for over one hundred years been preparing the people of America through their churches for what would appear as a spontaneous reaction to the threatened evil of a world Communist slave state.

Through a long process of religious re-education, British propaganda (called British Israel in this context because of its self identity with Christianity) has solidified the thinking of the American people to an unshakeable Phariseeism which has led them to expect divine deliverance from Communism into the universal kingdom of God on earth.

To recognize the gangster perpetrators of this stratagem all that is necessary is to recognize the veiled identity of the British Empire. It is given to us as the kingdom of God on earth. It is the kingdom of God British Empire that has sown world chaos in the name of Russian Communism. It is through the established conflict of Russian Communism versus the fiction of Christian Civilization that is planned to deceive the world into the most absolute tyranny under the sanctimonious pretense of God's kingdom on earth.

Of course it seems ridiculous to suggest that the international villain is the British Empire to the American people, who have been told a million times over that the Empire is nigh extinction and only through the grace of Uncle Sam remains even a semblance of political and economic stability. Of course we Americans do not think in terms of Machiavellian power politics and therefore we cannot understand what we cannot see. We emphasize that the British Empire today is hidden beneath its pseudonym, kingdom of God on earth. Unless one can translate in his mind this fact he cannot be convinced of the yet universal power of the British Empire, nor recognize its propaganda.

To make truth of the accusation that the British Empire is all powerful and is working intrigue through the spiritual deceit of a synthetic Christianity, we shall decode the meaning of the kingdom message propaganda that has swamped America like the black plague, completely oblivious to a people preoccupied with the decoy of Russian Communism.

The overthrow of the American nation appears to the American people to fit their logic of dividing war and chaos between the bad guys and the good guys. But the thought processes of Satan do not cater to the ideal and the conventional. The American people are entangled in myth and countermyth which has brought them to a planned state of confusion. They are in, what seems to them, an ideological split between Christianity and Communism.

We make it our task to prove that this pretended Christianity is as materialistic and Communistic as its supposed adversary. Then we shall show the essential ingredient of this Christian-Communism and establish for it a common denominator which will demonstrate many times over that it is inseparable from what Americans have been propagandized to believe is a world despotism with the name Communism.

The norm of revolution does not allow for human understanding and reason. Revolution and the overthrow of national governments does not transpire at the ideal level. What cannot be measured by a ruler does not exist to most Americans and their inclination to choose between those ideals that appear stands in opposition to the fact of revolution which has no ideal but parasites upon ideal. Satan builds synthetic truth and proceeds to persecute it the more to make it flourish. The so-called freedom of the American people today is a monument to despotism and unless we come to an awareness hitherto unknown for a century our legacy to posterity shall be disgraceful.

Americans are controlled through confusion and as they separate in their thinking what they believe to be different ideologies, they gravitate mentally, socially, and politically to that arena which has been defined for them as conservatism or liberalism, not realizing or understanding the certain analogy between that which they are and that which they presume to oppose. "Free" Americans who "think for themselves" cannot originate the mental initiative to break through the preplanned stratagem within which there is no alternative to treason.

Communism versus Americanism (Fundamental Christianity) is a Siamese twin sired by the same serpent to block all outlets to spiritual and mental freedom. They must eject their inquiry outside the sphere of "Christianity versus Communism" in order to see the twin conflict strategy which is working Americans against themselves to a state of total destruction. Then they can view those yet within and observe that the minds that planned revolution planned the issues and the battles to be fought.

If Americans can comprehend the subversive spiritual force of "Fundamental Christianity" they can understand that which is forbidden to be known - that is that the conflict which is being promoted between Communism and "Christianity" is intended to produce a unified world political-religious state. To apply this world state to the language of today's Christianity, it means universal salvation for every creature.

As the objective mind moves outside the whirlpool of created conflict he sees that antagonisms which once seemed like life or death become for him unrelated to the underlying cause and he begins to see the analogy of the substance of supposedly different ideologies. The combatants dim in distinction and they become essential allies, unaware of course, to the outcome of their war.

It is a matter of recognizing that there is one evil with two heads.

One head has the hammer and sickle of social and political Communism and one has the cross of spiritual Communism and as they "fight" they unite into universal despotism frocked with "Christianity."

The hydra of "Fundamental Christianity" is built upon a hybrid and mongrel faith. It is the epitome of blasphemous pretension and its deception has been accomplished by its juxtaposition (use) of Christian symbols and a parallelism of Bible language.

It is a desecrating horror with a seductive appeal based on prophecy. It is the spirit of world-wide carnage which has reached crescendo proportions. It appropriates Christ's kingdom of salvation to a world political state under the veil of Biblical language and expressions. It is power politics operating to control humanity with a world government religion. It is Zionism.

Americans must cast off the straight jacket of Communism versus "Christianity" in order to escape entrapment of this action-counteraction power play that means certain annihilation.

"Fundamental Christianity, " or as some would have it Judeo-Christianity, is a multifarious evil characterized, as we shall show, by many names and fronts. Our understanding of it for its true meaning and purpose will depend upon our faith --- that is, whether or not we believe the kingdom of God is spiritual and not of this world, or if it is flesh and blood and is of this world. Regardless of what pretense or name "Fundamental Christianity" may assume, its spirit is millennial Zionism which says that God's kingdom shall come upon the earth. And no matter its proclamations of salvation in Christ, it is striving for a material and physical world state and imputing it as God's kingdom on earth

We need not look for consistency in the hypocrisy of "Fundamental Christianity" for, as we have stated, it is a hydra with many heads and as one is exposed it sprouts two more in its place. It appears to support Americanism but it educates for world government. It appears to be pro-jew but it is "anti-semitic" for it discriminates against those in Judaism, misleading them to political Zionism instead of the grace of Christ.

It preaches peace on earth but it prophecies "wars and rumors of wars" and ascribes chaos and confusion to God and His Divine Revelation. It predicts a paradise earth to come but promotes, with its erroneous prophecies, famine and world calamity. Where then is the consistency in this Phariseeic Christianity? It is its spirit of an earthly kingdom. "Fundamental Christianity" is a supposition of truth and a faked allegiance to Jesus Christ.

To move from the smugness of our self-conceit and our preconditioning we must see that the progress of revolution works within the confines of the natural or five senses but it is motivated by the invisible force of spiritual power (complete thought control). This thought control rests with a subversive and extra-legal Christianity which is immune from prosecution and invisible to its subjects. It is sedition and treason that seems innocent and patriotic.

The practicability and power of this "Christian" cancer can only make sense if we can somehow bring that which is above the threshold of consciousness and convey it to the objective intelligence of the world. To do this we must find a key to the door or a bridge to span the gap from that which is not seen to that which can be seen. The unchanging key that puts the light on the Communism of "Fundamental Christianity" is its undying spirit to bring Christ back to earth to reign over a unified humanity in a world state.

This plot must be exposed to the world in the exact same manner that it is imposed upon them. As Americans are overwhelmed with the political-theology which says the Divine Plan of God is to build a flesh and blood kingdom with or without social government, they must fight back with the Sword of the Spirit that will identify this moral evil that operates essentially within the limits of the Christian faith in order to divert the moral sense of the populace away from the Supernatural kingdom of grace of Jesus Christ. Christians must tell other Christians how the Bible is being misused as an instrument of mind control to lead the nations into a world state under the veil that it is God's kingdom on earth.

Due to the universal expansion of this "new Christianity" and its many many fronts it is nigh impossible to defend against its every tentacle. We can however move to the offensive quickly and avoid frustration and confusion by discerning in every utterance of "Fundamental Christianity" its goal of a kingdom on earth. Through an analogy of its terms, definitions, and use of a futuristic scheme of Bible Prophecy, we can expose the plot of Zionism and its Communist Millennial World Government.

We must show how the "Fundamental Christians" appropriate the name of Jesus Christ to their World Government religion in which they fully expect to receive the paradise earth. Their deception could not be more complete and their damnation more certain. They are pagans with a mission - World Government in the name of Christ. They are imbued with blind hypocrisy not knowing that they have the name of Christianity without the faith.

It is time that Christian Americans discern their spirit and designate them orthodox heathens. With their religion they serve a foreign power and they are building a spirit that will bring anarchy and destruction to the land that so freely gave them "freedom of religion." Too bad they cannot have a small preview of the commune world nightmare which they believe is heaven on earth. Is it unthinkable that Christianity is actually being promoted so as to carry deadly and subversive propaganda along with Christian truth?

It is true and we shall demonstrate that Christianity is the pretense and excuse to fulfill the New World Order of Millennial Zionism.

To teach the world through Christianity that the mission of the Messiah is to unify the world in a material and political sense is the false hope of Jew-Phariseeism and is as much to their own damnation as it is to that of professing Christians whom they have deceived. The only difference in the Jew's religion (kingdom of God on earth) today and of antiquity is that the Jew's religion today is generally believed to be Christianity. Fundamentalism or Millennialism are fronts for this pseudo-Christianity. They lead one's faith to the opposite of orthodox and historic Christianity into a carnal naturalism which appeals to the natural man.

Promoting the Jew's religion of an earthly Zionist state as Christianity is no half cocked scheme. It is a subtle aberration which has had the effect of neutralizing and paralyzing the rank and file members of the churches to such an extent that they do not recognize that the great promotion of Christianity today has for its concealed purpose spiritual deceit unrivaled for two thousand years. Who would ever believe that Satan would further World Evangelism so as to conceal within it a cancer that intends to destroy it? This is an illusion which the unthinking cannot understand.

First, we must recognize the complete saturation of our land with this veiled propaganda. Secondly, we must decipher its hidden meaning as the advancement of the World State British Empire under the alias kingdom of God on earth. Thirdly, we can test the validity of this conspiracy by attempting to expose it, and finally we can face the reality that the political, economic and military force symbolized by the hammer and sickle is the front for the most organized plot of all time to control the spirit of humanity which in turn is hidden behind Christian symbolism, and conceals itself within its expressions of Biblical language in order to move the world away from Jesus Christ in His name.

So that the reader can quickly grasp the subject of British Israel it is imperative that we define the term at the outset. To give an accurate definition of British Israel including all of its fronts and disguises would require more than a volume the size of the combined Encyclopedias Britannica. But this would be an impossible approach leading to a swamp of confusion and frustration not unlike that of the American people today. So we shall therefore approach British Israel from the opposite direction, giving instead a definition of its spiritual dogma so that with a brief and precise understanding the reader can readily apply this definition as a key to understanding this book. Then he can use the same brief principle to test any presumption of Christianity or patriotism that may come to his attention.

Let us warn our reader of one very important thing before we go on with our definition. The fronts, names, terminology, cliches, and etc. may or may not be consistent. They are many times contradictory. But British Israel, like anything else, must have a common denominator or an unchanging foundation upon which to build its deceptions. It is from this basic substance or common element which gives British Israel its life blood and which simultaneously gives us the necessary knowledge to understand it and combat it.


This is the only consistency it has and must have to continue operative as a mind control force. Therefore this simple test can be used to search out truth from propaganda whether it be in the form of conservatism or radicalism, or however it may appear.

British Israel can make a perfect front for patriotism except it must rear its head sooner or later to turn patriotism to treason by twisting it to World Government under the pretense of Bible sanction Unclad of its Biblical and Christian cloak, British Israel is a world government religion. Need we spend time here proving the seriousness of a world government religion which is now rampant over America and the world parading as "Fundamental Christianity"?

Though "Fundamental Christianity'' came along in recent years with the buildup of the right wing in America, the earthly kingdom religion has held the "Jews" in spiritual and social bondage since before Christ. It was this very deceit that caused their rejection of the Messiah and it is this same deceit carried over to "Fundamental Christianity" today.

The ideology, or religion of the earthly kingdom is a Jewish notion in the sense that it has been directed from the Rabbis and Synagogues for centuries, not for the purpose of exalting their people but for the purpose of keeping them in subjection dooming their souls against the kingdom of Christ's grace.

As we shall show later this is how the Jewish earthly kingdom, or what St. Paul called the Jew's religion, is as "anti-semitic"' as it is anti-Christian and anti-American. If the religion of the "Jews" is dangerous to Christians it is no less dangerous to the "Jews" who have been held out of the kingdom of God's grace because of it. The idea of the earthly world kingdom is not according to Moses and the Prophets but according to the Pharisees and the Rabbis. It is not essential that we locate the world Sanhedrin today but that we identify its pernicious and Satanic spirit. It is the task of British Israel to get its Jew's religion or earthly kingdom imprinted upon the consciousness of the world as Christianity.

So one can say he is a Fundamentalist or a Premillennialist or a Jehovah Witness and so on but he is essentially and necessarily of the Jew's religion for all of the above require for their substance or faith an earthly kingdom. This is how British Israel can infect and infiltrate everything, adapting itself to any church, organization, or name - always skillfully insinuating and indoctrinating the earthly kingdom message.

The earthly kingdom versus the Heavenly kingdom or the kingdom of grace is the arena upon which all issues hang. There is no mixing or mingling to get a mongrel faith or compromise. It is either one or the other. The idea of an earthly estate whether we call it a millennium, a restored earth, a paradise, or by any other name, is Judaism. It does not matter when it comes or if it is a social and political government or whether it is just a peaceful earth "where there is no sin" and only saints dwell. The hope or faith in any kind of future earthly existence is Judaism and the very opposite of Christianity. The Christian hope after death is Heaven and there is as much difference in the Heavenly hope and the earthly hope as there is difference between Christianity and Judaism. This is not a new axiom but the only valid one.

The kingdom of Heaven versus the kingdoms of this world has been the battle of Armageddon since the Cross. No amount of twisting or perverting Scripture can blur or compromise this truism. You are on one side or the other regardless of the name you assume.

This is the total concept of Christianity and the day we recognize this truth is the day we regain mental freedom. This is the day we gain moral integrity. This is the day we recognize the machinations of the synagogue of Satan under any pretext or front.

We hear often that "one can get any interpretation from the Bible." This is the confusion of Satan. These are only two concepts of understanding. One gives Heaven to Christians. One gives the earth to all others. There is only grace in this Gospel Age and no race in a future age even a sinless one. There is no such thing as grace and race at the same time as a Christian dogma. It is either the kingdom of grace or the kingdom of race. It is either one or the other. It is NOT both.

At this point it is good to explain why we use the word anti-semite in quotations. The word semitic comes from the root semite which refers to a specific racial lineage from Shem to 70 A.D. when all genealogical records were destroyed. Therefore there can be no proof of any racial purity. Consequently the term anti-semitic is a completely false term when used, as it commonly is, to refer to a present day race whether they be so-called Jews or Arabs or Anglo-Saxons.

British Israel propaganda promotes the idea of racial identity or racial heritage and fuses it with nationality to get an ad-mixture or Jewish Christianity which is blasphemous and totally misleading. Sometimes the jew baiters will apply the term semitic to the Arabs only to promote the same confusion as does those who say the "Jews" are semites.

The idea of race in any sense is not Christian anymore than nationality or sex is. This does not, in the Christian mind, lend support to the Masonic crime of integrating the races to mongrelize them. Any Christian should strive to preserve his color and integrity but never to confuse race with grace. British Israel is a religion of race the same as was its previous front of National Socialism under Adolph Hitler.

The term British Israel is the combination of nationality (British) and Israel (Biblical identity of nationality in the Old Testament.) Of course the purpose is to confuse the Christian faith by mixing in its place a heterodoxy (heretical) of race and religion. Actually the term British Israel is used less than any other term to describe its own subversion because of the desire of the perpetrators to hide their crime of sedition. Therefore if one looks for these traitors under their formal name as we refer to it, he will mostly miss them for they appear under many names. They have in many cases dropped one identity and changed to another to keep up a constant smoke screen over their true identity and true purpose.

Some call themselves Covenant people. Some say they are Anglo Israel and drop the word British. Some say they are of the Israel Identity, even teaching that they are of certain of the twelve tribes or sub-tribes. To understand British Israel it is NOT necessary to learn a hundred different foolish names or fronts because they can add more daily.

The dogma of the cult is the important thing as we have said. This dogma or religion is the building of a unified humanity in a paradise earth. With this earthly kingdom idea sifted from the mixture of cults we at once see a panoramic view of the whole British Israel system including Mormonism, Jehovah Witnesses, Seventh Day Adventism, Herbert W. Armstrong's Church of God, and most of Protestantism. With this vast network of kingdom religionists, America has become a Jewish nation because the kingdom on earth (millennial reign of Christ) is the Jew's religion.

An interesting observation here is the fact that the above named cults each have an organizational entity and members move within their own church organization. All move from seemingly different directions toward the same faith. They are in many cases antagonistic and even harsh toward one another while they all have essentially the same religion, namely the pursuit of the paradise earth.

The old Arian heresy has been used to lead men away from the Divinity of Christ and the Holy Trinity. In some cases denial of the Trinity is direct, as in the case of the Jehovah Witnesses and Mormonism. In others it is indirect in that the Trinity is espoused but denied with millennial Zionism, disguised as Christianity; this is true because any earthly kingdom idea is opposed to the supernatural kingdom of Christ.

So one can deny the Trinity indirectly by having faith in an anti-Trinity doctrine. Satan works in devious ways to control men's minds, hence we see them opposed by church affiliation yet united in faith against Christ, thinking they are Christians. Millions are controlled by a vast network of pseudo Christian cults.

Little do they know that they are working under the direful direction of a political religion which will in the end unite them in the name of Christianity against Jesus Christ.

They know not that they serve a kingdom of this world, a kingdom whose state religion is Judaism and whose throne is the throne of Britain. This is the worst spiritual plague on earth, to use the truth to destroy it. This is the trail of the serpent but it can be found out and we shall pursue it herein.

To the members of American churches of all faiths, if this is an attack upon what you have been led to believe is the truth, then the challenge is yours to refute it. To the non church member, if it sounds like religious fanaticism, it is absolute mind control which as a general object of scientific experiment has been proven. To the pseudo patriots who have done more to destroy their country than to save it, unless your vanity hides your cowardice, you may be ready to challenge the force that has controlled your thinking and beguiled you to treason under the pretense of Americanism and Christianity.

If this writing is to have any meaning then it must have one requirement - honesty. If the reader has notions of what is the truth about America and his knowledge is well grounded he will not fear this revelation. Truth has no fear and it has withstood the conflict of the ages reinforced and untarnished, waiting for whosoever will.

Our responsibility is primarily to expose the spiritual plot as conceived and carried out through the forces of the British Empire. No matter the form name or outward appearance we hope to prove the unity of spirit and united purpose of political propaganda clothed in Biblical language and fed to our nation and the world. Only secondary do we bring in the physical forces in terms of organizations, churches and individuals and then only to make clear the harmony of the political revolution to the spiritual as promoted through the kingdom message. -- end --

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