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Extraterrestrial Contact: Don Nicoloff's 50 Minute On-Air Conversation with
the United Galactic Federation from 26,000 Miles in Space on Friday, May 29, 2009

From Ken Adachi, Editor
June 7, 2009

Extraterrestrial Contact ~ Don Nicoloff's 50 Minute On-Air Conversation with the United Galactic Federation from 26,000 Miles in Space on Friday, May 29, 2009 (June 7, 2009)

Something of extraordinary importance and significance occurred during Don Nicoloff's radio show, Evident Footprints (more info below), on Friday, May 29, 2009. A phone call came in near the end of Don's regular Friday night interview with researcher, inventor, and scientist, Jim Murray. The caller said his name was General Jeremiah from the United Galactic Federation and that he was calling Don from a large spacecraft called the Alliance, located 26,000 miles above earth.

It's not the first time that Don has been in communication with General Jeremiah, but it is the first time that the General has ever gone public by formally introducing himself on the air and talking about the United Galactic Federation, explaining that their members come from a federation of 574 planets. He said the Federation was overseen by a group of wise men, 21 elders, who typically lived a life span of more than 500 years. The General said that his group began to visit earth on a regular basis about 33 years ago (ca. 1976).

General Jeremiah is not of extraterrestrial origin. He was born right here on planet Earth, as his southern accent will quickly attest. For reasons unknown to me, he was chosen to be part of the United Galactic Federation, and after a period of training, was given a high position of command and given the title of General within the Federation.

A couple of days after the radio show call-in, the General sent Don a number of photos that show outdoor scenes from a planet called Balqui. The scenery appears very similar to what we might see on earth, but with some slight differences in the atmospheric light hues and in an unusual species of tree, not seen on earth. Many of the scenes are taken in winter time in the northern hemisphere of that planet and show Ansel Adam-esque like landscapes and sea coast scenes. The photos are remarkably beautiful, with some photos looking much like the scenery you would see in Switzerland. You can view the photos form the link given below.

Don told me about the call-in from General Jeremiah the next day, May 30, but I had to wait until Monday before I could download the mp3 audio file from the BBS radio archives. I had planned to post the mp3 file alone, but Don told me that he wanted to fold the audio portion with the General's call into a video presentation using some of the photos which I've described above. So I held off until Don had a chance to put together his video presentation, which he now has posted to his web site (linked below). I'll still post the mp3 audio from the entire show with Don Murray and the General on this page for those of you who have slower Internet connections and can't download large video files quickly. You can also download the mp3 file into your MP3 players and make copies for your friends if you wish.

I realize that a certain percentage of people react to this sort of information with skepticism and disbelief. It's OK if you feel that way. You are not required to believe anything. Everyone is at a different stage of awareness and a lifetime of Illuminati-sponsored conditioning will keep many people locked down in rigid skepticism and perhaps cynicism. However, I think the time has arrived where the NWO crowd is moving so fast these days to install their Nazi / Stalinist police state, that the time for disclosure of the alien presence-of both the negative groups and the positive groups-has arrived and I can only surmise that the General's on-air introduction was part of that disclosure. Somehow, I think we expect that a public, on-air communication from an extraterrestrial spacecraft far above the earth is suppose to be something that comes across as strange and perhaps grave in character, like so many of those movies that we've all seen over the decades, but recall that General Jeremiah is a human being who was born and raised in a southern state right here in America, so naturally he's going to sound like any other average American calling into a radio show. He also explained during his call, that the other members of the crew and the members of the United Galactic Federation's 574 planets are also humans, just like you and I.

Planet Balqui Photos
Don posted the remarkable photos he was sent from General Jeremiah of Nature scenes in the northern and southern hemispheres of Planet Balqui. You'll notice one photo (photo 10) contains a species of tree in a winter scene that has a short, but very wide trunk. I've never seen an earth tree with such a wide girth, yet so short in height. Another photo is that of a village or town on the edge of a body of water. You'll notice that the style of the houses are almost identical to what you might see here on earth. There's an absence of roads seen in any of these photos, as Don was told by the General that the locals use anti-gravity cars that fly, rather than cars that drive on the surface. You can view and download the Balqui photos from this direct link: on a road. com/donnicoloff/

Click the link below to go to directly to Don's web page containing the link to the video.

Don Nicoloff's Video and audio of the 50 minute call-in from General Jeremiah of the United Galactic Federation

(after going to the link above, click on the "read more" link in the lower left of the screen and you will begin to download the file as a QuickTime video. The video file will take some time to fully load. Then hit the "play "button after the video has fully loaded to view it)

Click the link below to download the mp3 audio file of the entire May 29, 2009 Evident Footprints show with Jim Murray and General Jeremiah
May 29, 2009 Evident Footprints Radio show with Jim Murray and General Jeremiah in mp3 audio format Murray and the General May 29 Evident_Footprints_2009-05-29.mp3 (28mb file)

Sincerely, Ken Adachi

Below is the description of the May 29 call-in from General Jeremiah posted by Don Nicoloff at the above mentioned link:

On May 29, 2009, during the “Evident Footprints” radio show on BBS Radio, a call was received by an individual identifying himself as “General Jeremiah, a commanding general with The United Galactic Federation, Galaxy of Hendon.” Because his call was so interesting — not to mention revealing, informative, and inspirational — the show was extended by an additional hour.

Gen. Jeremiah described his involvement with the Federation as an ambassador for Planet Earth, and he answered a multitude of questions during his 45-minute impromptu interview. Describing the organization as “an alliance of 574 planets throughout our galaxy,” he phoned into the show to extend support and encouragement for the ‘message’ being broadcast Monday-Friday nights on BBS Radio.

Before discounting this important interview, consider that a few people have already had contact with people from other parts of the galaxy. After all, we fly in outer space, do we not? And though the government consistently lies to the public about the realities of outer space, we have been and are being ‘visited’ by entities from all parts of the universe.

In fact, the general described “thousands of ships that are continuously landing on Planet Earth ,” beyond the 2,000 or so flown by the Federation. Earth has become a sitting duck for entities that wish to take over the planet — and its people.

Certain government leaders have been contacted and offered the opportunity to join the United Galactic Federation, though there are definite, precursory requirements and stipulations that must be fulfilled before that can occur. Gen. Jeremiah states that our planet is “not quite ready, yet.”

[If in doubt, ask George W. Bush, Vladimir Putin, Dmitri Medvedev, and now, Barack Obama. This list is by no means exhaustive, but representative of what has already occured.]

What must we do to become a permanent member of the United Galactic Federation?

• We must refrain from ‘making war’, especially those that enrich the international banking cartels and corporations.

• We must stop the systematic exploitation of Earth’s natural resources, its environment, and its people.

• Governments will be required to end the systematic  extermination of the people through war, disease, pharmaceutical drugs, illegal drugs, intentional toxification, and starvation.

• We must begin to accept individual/collective responsibility for what we create/co-create while here on Earth.

• We must put an end to the rampant corruption that has taken over this planet.

• We must end the intentional impoverishment of the masses, for the benefit of a few, self-appointed controllers of the world’s resources, including food, water, and alternative-energy technologies.

• We must honor the Creator’s Laws. Only then can we begin to see the fallacies of our own ‘legal system’.

• We must end the use of nuclear weapons and other dangerous technologies.

• We must end religious oppression, racial genocide, and the ‘dumbing down’ of the masses.

• We must honor Truth and recognize the endless stream of lies and propaganda for what they are.

• We must honor and respect all life throughout the Universe and our God-given sovereignty.

• We must learn to love one another.

[These are but a few of the most rational stupulations offered to our leaders, but have they really heard what was proposed? So far, they have not heard one word.]

As promised, Gen. Jeremiah forwarded some photos taken on Planet Balqui, one of the members within the United Galactic Federation. True to his description, these photos demonstrate that there exist other planets in our galaxy that resemble our Earth. It is evident that Balqui’s atmosphere and water are clean. As a result, trees, plants, and other vegetation thrive, and so do its inhabitants.

As you watch this video and listen to the radio interview, pay close attention to the ‘nature’ photos which appear from time to time. Balqui is remarkably similar to Earth in appearance, yet there is something surreal — even sacred — about its topography. You will see some interesting phenomena occuring in the wintertime photos of Balqui’s northern hemisphere. I challenge anyone to designate the location of the volcano seen in one photo, or the location of the mountainside community in the first photo. For that matter, the locations of any of these beautiful photos.

General Jeremiah asserts that he will again contact the “Evident Footprints” radio show. We trust that will come to pass. In the meantime, we would do well to consider what he says and trust that we are being watched. The insanity, chaos, and corruption has run its course. There is no other place to look now but ‘upwards’ toward the heavens — or, should I say, “toward Heaven.”

I hope you enjoy this unique presentation. There will be many more to come!

[Special thanks are extended to General Jeremiah and the United Galactic Federation, Galaxy of Hendon for supplying the photos of Planet Balqui.]

This video will soon be available in high-resolution format  on CD through this web site. The complete 2-hour audio archive will be available for listening or download on the “Evident Footprints” page or on iTunes (under “Evident Footprints” or the “Subscribe” button.

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